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NHL Bitty, Part II - Bitty v. Jack: Chirping

They live apart three-quarters of the year, their physical sex life is basically nonexistent, so Jack and Bitty have a lot of pent up energy and bring all of their problems to the ice because where else are they going to hash things out? It’s a good thing they don’t play each other often, because every Falconers v. Schooners game is a nightmare of awkward chirps, agressive hugging and sexual innuendo. It’s like the worst form of couples therapy imaginable. ESPN stops putting mics on them because they can’t edit enough out to make it appropriate.


Bitty skates by, obviously furious at the call, but instead of turning on the linesman he hones in on Jack, snarling, “Seriously, a Ferrari? Trying to score some 80s side-action? I thought your whole thing was proving you aren’t your father.”

Bitty gets right up against him, pressing in tight but not moving to drop his gloves or grab at Jack’s jersey. They both know exactly what this is, and Jack pushes down the reflexive spike of want, grinning around his mouth guard.

“That’s rich coming from you – could you have purchased larger truck? Compensating for something, Itty Bitty?”

Bitty spits out his mouth guard. “After we kick your fucking ass, I’m going to take you home and remind you how ‘itty bitty’ I am.”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time–”

“Enough. Save foreplay for bedroom.” Tater groans, yanking Jack away from his husband. 

Jack yells, “Are we still fighting?”

“Yes!” Bitty shouts, skating backwards to his own bench. “I hate your new publicist and fuck you for approving that photo where it looks like I have two chins.”

“Fight or fuck. You do neither and ruin both.” Tater mutters over the roar of the crowd. “How you married I do not understand.”

“We only play each other a few times a year. If we get all the tough shit out when we play, we can leave it on the ice.”

From across the ice, Bitty mouths ‘love you’ and Jack blows a kiss in return. Tater gags loudly. 

“That is not what ‘leave it on the ice’ supposed to mean, Zimmboni.”


I love Dreamworks and their red-blue couples.

For anyone confused as to why I put Miguel and Tulio: In the original script, Miguel and Tulio were a legitimate couple, with pet-names and everything. Their relationship was cut out of the final movie, but the pet-names are still in the subtitles of some DVDs. (XXX)

And I put Keith and Lance because they’re an extremely popular ship from a Dreamworks series with loads of chemistry and the audience’s interest has even been acknowledged by the creators (who also happen to have a history of lgbt rep in the things they’ve worked on).

if you love me LET ME


Love withers when one stops deciding to put an effort on making it grow.
—  Things I realized when I was talking to my friend, part III
  • Send me a pairing/group and pick a type of laughter from below, and I'll pull together a short drabble where one character tickles the other in a spot that elicits that kind of laughter!
  • 💖 -Giggle
  • 💜 -Chuckle
  • 💗 -Squeal
  • ❣ -Cackle
  • 😊 -Snicker
  • 🙊 -Shriek
  • 😝 -Belly-Laughter
  • ✨ -Chortle
  • 🐷 -Snort
  • 💘 -Plead
  • 🤐 -Silent Laughter
  • 🙈 -'Tickled Silly' Laughter

can yall believe malec is literally the best couple out every other relationship ever in the entire history of television pales in comparison to them? i cant believe we get to witness their love like that someone hand me the tissues


best of greys - winning a battle, losing the war
     I’ve been wondering to myself, why are you so hell bent on getting me to go out with you? You know you’re my boss, you know it’s against the rules, you know I keep saying no. It’s the chase.

Got7 reaction to you being best friends and your mom thinks you're dating

Anon asked Oooh I love your reactions ❤️❤️ can you make a Got7 reaction if you two being best friends (and crush) and meeting their mom for the first time, and her freaking out because they think you two are dating! Thanks

Aw thank you for loving my reactions 😘❤️ I’m sorry you had to wait a while for this reaction and I hope you love this one as well 💞 

 Mark: He would be excited to meet your mother. He would have it all planned out how he was going to make her love him so he can ask you out. What he didn’t account for was her already loving the idea of you two together. Your mother went on and on about how cute you two were and she couldn’t wait for grandchildren. This would just make him even happier. You had to explain you two were just friends to your mother’s disappointment. Mark would then take this chance to ask you out. 

 “Why don’t we make your mother’s wishes come true and start dating?” 

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JB: He would low key be nervous. He tried not to show it but inside he was freaking out. He wanted your mom to like him. He wanted your family’s blessing to be your boyfriend but that couldn’t happen if they didn’t like him. When he walked into your front door, your mother pulled him in and start gushing about what a handsome boyfriend you managed to get and you better keep him. He would probably turn red not expecting this kind of reaction from her. But then he would turn smug and start teasing you about it and watch you turn into a stuttering mess.   

"Did you hear that (Y/n)? You better not lose me to any other woman. How about you be my girlfriend so that doesn’t happen?" 

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 Jackson: He knew your mother would like him. I mean who doesn’t like Jackson? He’s funny, handsome, and well Jackson. He would be happy about finally meeting your mother and getting to spend time with your family. When he walked into your house, your mother would squeal and start talking about you two dating and how adorable that was. Before you even had a chance to explain, Jackson was telling her all about your supposed dating life. He figured this was his chance to tell you how he felt by just saying you were already his girlfriend. 

 "Aren’t we a cute couple? We just started dating but I think we are the best couple out there." 

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Jinyoung: He is someone all mothers would love so even though he doesn’t have to worry he does. He wanted to present himself properly and show your mother she can trust you with him. He would nonstop ask you if he should bring your mother a gift or what she likes and doesn’t. You would have to calm him down and reassure him your mother would love him. When you two get to your house, your mother would immediately fall in love with him and went on about how lucky she was to get him as a son in law. You two would be blushing and tried telling her you were just friends but she wouldn’t hear it. Jinyoung took this as his chance to just ask you out. 

"Well I guess I should just you ask you to be my girlfriend already if people think we look this cute together.”

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Youngjae: This boy would probably be the most nervous. He didn’t know what type of woman your mother was. He could say or do something to anger her and she would forbide you from being friends with him. He liked you too much to let that happen. Before you two even reached your house, he would have gone through so many scenarios through his head of what could happen. He already braced himself for the worse when he walked through your door. Upon seeing him your mother straightaway pulled him in for a hug. She talked about how she thinks Youngjae is perfect for you and she would be completely fine with you two dating. Relief would washed through him. He know longer had to worry about your mother liking him if she was this okay with you dating him.

“Oh my god I was worried for nothing. It looks like we could date without any worries.”

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Bambam: He would be like Jackson and be confident that your mother would like him. He knew he wasn’t a bad person and was someone parents could trust with their children. He would go to your house with that confidence. As expected your mother did like him but her thinking you were dating caught him off guard. He never intended to do anything with his crush on you since you two were close and he didn’t want to ruin a good relantionship on something that could go away. It was until he saw you blushing and trying to stutter out you were just friends did he figure you probably felt the same way. He decided he would try his luck and take this as his cue to ask you out.

“You know we could just start dating. Your mother likes us together and I have to admit I like the idea too.”

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Yugyeom: He figured since you two were so close that you had to have told your mother about him so he knew she didn’t have any problems with him. He had no problem meeting your mother with that fact in mind. He went into your house completely fine until your mother started saying things like oh I finally get to met your boyfriend and look how cute he is (Y/N), you did right by choosing him. That would completely throw him off. He never thought your mother would think you were dating. It made him wonder what you were telling her that would make her think that. That thought made him ecstatic. You had to have told your mother you liked him too and what he was feeling was mutual.

“What have you been telling your mother (Y/N)? I didn’t even get a chance to ask you out but it seems I don’t have to worry since we are already dating.”

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Fanfictions, yay!!

If you’re interested in reading another fanfic, why not check out @applepiesforfree‘s fanfiction? It’s a rather old fanfic, but I refurbished (edited) it again and now it’s borderline readable! :D

It’s only 8,000+ words long, but it’s a pretty wholesome fanfic, if you ask me! (I might be a tad biased here but you get my point XD)

Please check it out if you want a short but sweet story about WIldeHopps! :D

There are some rather emotionally intense scenes, too, so maaaaaybe get a tissue ready or two. ^^;;

Leave a favorite if you liked it, and we’d deeply appreciate it if you’d just take your time and leave a comment after reading it! It really helps :D


Love Unintentional (Part 2)

Word Count: 2842

A/M: So this is Part Two of my story *Love Unintentional (Part 1). The first one went extremely well and I’m so happy for it, thank you! :) There will be more parts to this story, look for them the next coming fridays! I hope you like it! Tell me if you do! Xx

*Other Parts: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

The driver pulled up to the curb on your side as a red carpet welcomed you to the premiere. Suddenly you felt butterflies in your stomach as you looked out the window to the crowd of people, fans and cameras. With the thoughts of your boyfriend and relationship in peril still in your mind, you began to feel sick. 


“Hey.” You heard Harry call your attention, “It’ll be okay. You’ll do fine." 

"But what if they ask a question that I don’t know how to answer? What if something slips and this huge lie is out there? If that happens we’re both screwed.” You frowned now feeling more anxious than ever.

He just simply smiled, “Just stay with me when doing interviews. I’ll handle it." 

"What are you going to say then?" 

"We’ll tell them the truth." You raised an eyebrow not understanding what the hell he meant by that. But he just shrugged it off, "If you’re ever feeing anxious or nervous, just come over to me. I’ve got you.” He assured which made you feel a lot better. 

He smiled, “Now stay right here. I’ll get the door for you.” It was then that you realized that he had held your hand the whole drive as he finally let it go. 

You felt yourself blush, until he finally showed up as he opened the door to your side and smiled, “It’s now or never love.” He said as he reached his hand out to you. 

You smiled and took it as you stepped out of the car with him arm in arm. 

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To All Long Distance Relationship Couples

I know being in a long distance relationship is not easy
and sometimes things may seem complicated,
and just gets the best out of us that we feel like giving up,
but it’s just a test of patience and endurance.
Don’t give up! Hold on! Have faith!
Remember, if others can, then you guys can also make it.

Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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