best couple ever ok


anyway, yeah, so. they hold hands a couple times

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What's your top 3 favourite Robron kisses? Mine are: forest kiss during super soap week, hospital kiss after Aaron asks Robert to marry him and their first kiss back in December 2014 - it'll always stand out for me because you knew then that this wasn't going to be some quick fling. The chemistry between Danny and Ryan sizzled off the screen and still does to this day. Best couple ever.

oh wow ok that’s a hard question, I literally love all of them for so many reasons and my answer would probably change daily but..

  • home farm kiss - boyfriends before they were boyfriends. honestly it was just so soft and basically them pretending this is what they were cos they wanted it so badly even though robert couldn’t admit it. they’re having this affair that’s supposed to be based on sex and nothing else and they were being BOYFRIENDS

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  • reunion kiss - this is definitely my number one always (maybe the wedding kiss is gonna beat it??) it just meant SO much more than their previous ones, they’d finally reached a place where they’d both accepted they want to be together and decided that they were going to have a solid, real future together

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  • first kiss - honestly will any kiss ever be as iconic?? the chemistry and passion was unreal, it’s been more than 2 years and I still haven’t calmed down

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