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Never, Never

“You just gonna stare at me all night?” In the midnight quiet of Monmouth Manufacturing, Ronan’s voice is heinously loud. Curled into a tight ball at the end of his bed, Noah just sighs. He’s looking more and more dead these days.

Noah.” It’s half a command.

“Probably.” Noah doesn’t even have the grace to sound apologetic. It’s not surprising.

Pushing up onto his elbows, Ronan asks, his voice still rough with sleep, “How long you been there?” In the corner of the room, Chainsaw flutters her wings.

Noah ignores her, shrugging as best he can. “Couple hours, I think.”

Ronan shivers, though whether it’s from the chill of Noah’s presence or the strange tonelessness of Noah’s voice, he isn’t sure. Noah is approaching his end, Ronan is sure of it.


When Ronan glances up again, his eyes still sleep fogged, Noah is mere inches away, his eyes wide and curious.

“What are you thinking about?” Noah’s voice is wispy, nearly drowned out by a night breeze just outside, in the rustle of Chainsaw’s wings and the rustle of the sheets as he straddles Ronan’s hips. There’s nothing sensual about the closeness, really. The dead seem to often crave contact, and it’s chilling in every sense of the word.

The dead.

When had Ronan started considering Noah one of the dead?

“You’re fading,” is all the answer Ronan gives, and Noah gives him a sad smile in return. It’s inevitable, really. That, of course, makes it no less painful.

I’m dead.” The sorrowful little smile doesn’t fade, and Noah leans closer, pressing his cheek to Ronan’s bare chest and murmuring, “What’s it feel like to have a heartbeat?”

Carefully, holding his silence, Ronan lifts one hand, settling it upon the small of Noah’s back. The touch sends chills up his spine.

Looking rather shy, Noah pulls back, glancing up through his eyelashes to catch Ronan’s gaze. He can only hold it for a few seconds before he’s hiding his face against Ronan’s neck, Ronan’s calloused fingers in his hair and on his back, Ronan’s chapped lips at the telling smudge over his cheek. Noah’s voice is soft when he murmurs against Ronan’s skin, “Will you forget me?”


“Do you promise?”

The hand Ronan has tangled into the chilled fabric of Noah’s ever-present Aglionby sweater tightens. Lips brushing Noah’s ear, he replies with a question of his own: “Have I ever lied to you?”

And then Noah is smiling, cuddling closer and breathing against Ronan’s stubbled cheek, “Never.”

Evak is my softest ship ???? Like, i love banter couples where they call each other loser and constantly tease on how much the other sucks but with heart eyes, and i feel like Evak is not too different from that but at the same time they totally are because their love is so pure, in the eyes of the other they’re both perfec and flawless and the best person to ever exist, and they’re just so happy they met they even talk about how in other universes they are together forever, how in other universes they love each other as deeply, how in e v e r y p o s s i b l e u n i e v e r s e they are soulmates, they are so pure and authentical, literally one of the best couples to ever appeared on a TV show, they’re amazing, and i can’t stop crying.

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Opinion on daensa? 😃

LIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!! THE BEST SHIP!!! I THINK ABOUT IT EVER MOMENT OF MY DAY AND NIGHT. legit tho as time goes on and i think about it more i just realise they’re so perfect for each other and would be the best couple. they aren’t the childhood sweetness of sansaery, they’re a couple that would form in adulthood and survive the ages. 

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