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Monsta X reaction to your best friend getting on your butt just to tease them

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Shownu; Shownu would be so flushed by the moment he decided to look at you and your best friend, who literally got on your butt and gave Shownu a sly smirk. He’d look away immediately and grunted. He wouldn’t talk to your best friend for a couple of minutes or maybe an hour to be honest since he’s too embarrassed to look at them.


“*looks at your best friend* *looks away while chuckling*”

Omo, [y/n], look at how red Shownu is!!”

“[b/n], aish stop teasing him.”

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Wonho; Wonho was just passing by to get some water from the kitchen when he saw your best friend getting on your butt, making him stop and look at your best friend with a shocked look. He’d look at them in disbelief and would stay shocked for a couple of minutes until he notices the smirk plastered on your best friends face.

Yah! Why are you getting on her butt whenever I pass by?!”

“Ooohh~ are you jealous?”

“No, I’m not!!! Now, get off of her and don’t ever think about getting on her butt ever again.”


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Minhyuk; Everyone was just lazing around in the living room when your best friend decided to get on your butt to tease Minhyuk, since they knew Minhyuk’s got a huge crush on you. By the second he sees your best friend on your butt, he’d glare at them to be honest. He’d be so annoyed that he’d be glaring at them every now and then.

You know, some people are like snakes.”

“Who are you talking to Min?” -your bestfriend

“Omo, did you guys hear anything?”

“Yeah” -everyone

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Kihyun; By the second your best friend got on your butt with a teasing smile, Kihyun wouldn’t think twice but to look at them with such expression the one in the gif… Kihyun would act calm to be honest…. but then the boys can see the smoke coming out from his ear since… He’d angrily munch on the pizza he’s holding while sending daggers at your best friend.

You know, if looks could kill, I’d be dead right now Yoo.”

“Get off of [y/n].”

“I don’t want to.”

“Get. off. of. [y/n]. now.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon would actually give your best friend his ‘try me’ look. And once your best friend got on your butt, he’d look away and be like the one in gif. He’d probably be thinking of ways to get back at your best friend and since he remembered your best friend liked Wonho, he’d also get on Wonho’s butt, giving a sly smirk at you flushed best friend.

What the–”

“Two can play this game, [yb/n].”

“Why you… Fine, you win. *gets off of you*”

“*does not get off of Wonho*”

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Jooheon; Jooheon was always an easy target for your best friend and this has been going for ages. Your best friend would constantly tease Jooheon by doing random stuff on you and it was one of those days when your best friend decided to do something random, by random I mean getting on your butt. Jooheon would be flustered to see your best friend and you in that position, which would result with him bursting out into fits of laughter while whining.

Yah! Aren’t you a bit harsh on me?!”

“What do you mean, Jooheon?”

“YAAAHH! HAHAHAH don’t do this! Get off of her right now.”


“I’ll give you ramen!!”

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I.M; Changkyun wouldn’t be impressed at all to be honest. He wasn’t really affected to see your best friend getting on your butt to be honest. He’d just laugh at her and do what he’s doing, which would be like Changkyun’s the one who’s teasing them now. 

Hey, Changkyun.”

“What? *see’s your friend getting on your butt* Haha, how cute but kinda weak, you should work on that [yb/n] *chuckles then leaves*”

“URRGHH!! [y/n], can you not tease your boyfriend?”

“I can but I don’t know with you tho.”