best costume i ever made


Welp, long overdue costume post, everyone! I had a little reenacting adventure down in Chorley a couple of weeks ago, and being the over-exciteable dork I am, I had far too much fun to actually take pictures of any of the cool stuff I was doing. I had to wait for our awesome regiment photographers to post pictures up on Facebook!

You may recognise the swallowtail jacket I’m wearing as being the ‘Margaret’ jacket I made for @mercurygray, in honour of her wonderful heroine Margaret Frances, (who you can read about here:

Merc is currently working very hard on her own WWI ‘Hello Girls’ reenactment at the moment, so doesn’t really have the space for 18th century kit. Luckily we are very much the same size, so after I arranged to make her a few Edwardian shirtwaists in recompense, she very, very kindly let me have the Margaret jacket! Result: weekend of awesome in one of the best jackets I ever made!

So, photo breakdown:

  1. Being a costume nerd, I get to help dress the Major when he can’t figure out how to tie his gorget on (ie, that shiny little metal crescent thing that TURN fans will recognise from Major Hewlett) Apparently officers lose their street-cred when their corporal has to help them get dressed.
  2. We had two lovely camp-children with us, and there was plenty of opportunity for cuddles and keeping them entertained. I got to bounce along with a cute one-year old little boy with the most gorgeous head of red hair you’ve ever seen! He was very well-behaved, too, and seemed perfectly happy sitting with me and sucking on a bit of bread. (Obscure Nerd moment: may or may not have gently bounced him on my lap whilst singing the British Grenadiers.)
  3. Fraternising with the enemy! Or in this case one of only two Continental soldiers who were ‘out-manned, out-gunned and out-planned’ by a mighty force of 8 redcoats. Luckily there weren’t any battles, as that would have looked a bit silly (although epic, in a  Mel Gibson ‘Patriot’ FREEDOM WINS EVERYTHING!’ Also pictured, lovely 3 year old sister of the camp baby.
  4. Probably my favourite picture from Astley Hall! It has a “ when will my darling Queen’s Ranger husband return from the war?’ feel.
  5. Posing in the Astley Hall historic kitchen! I look far more domesticated than I really am (i wouldn’t have a clue in an 18th century kitchen!), as well as a bit rumpled from walking all over the park.My neckerchief has come a bit loose, quelle horreur!
  6. Me, pictured with my reenactment buddy and role-model, Lena. Lena is a food-historian in real life and has an absolutely divine 18th century wardrobe. And we had a  great geeky moment when we found out we’d used the same JP Ryan pattern for our jackets! Lena’s lovely green jacket is higher-class than mine as she’s an officer’s wife, and she chose a different back, but otherwise it’s identical! Pattern buddies “4ev@”, in other worse!
  7. The obligatory “school photo” shot! All 16 of us 47thers! The weather was absolutely ridiculously nice for reenactment, especially in the UK. I actually got sunburnt!

Any Bioshock nerds out there?

Day 2 of my second annual #31DIYsTilHalloween costume series was my splicer cosplay! This is a really easy cosplay to put together.

One of the best costume pieces I ever made is this DIY zombie dress that I made for a last-minute zombie prom queen Halloween costume 5 years ago. I’ve gotten so much use out of it! I’ve worn it for photoshoots, in a short film an old roommate made, at zombie walks, for my slasher-film prom queen costume from last year’s #31DIYsTilHalloween, and in my Carrie burlesque act. And it’s perfect for a Bioshock-inspired costume!
It’s just an old thrifted formal dress that I destroyed and drenched in several kinds of fake blood. The shoes are also thrifted. You can use any weapon you want but I always love using this axe for costumes whenever I can! It belongs to my hubby and usually lives by our front door 😉 Finally I ordered a plain white craft mask on EBay and hand painted it with 3D metallic paint pens.


Cosplay Compliments: Probably the most meaningful (and therefore the best) compliments I’ve received were at my first anime convention (Sakura-Con) while I was dressed as Amu Hinamori. A bunch of people came up to me asking to give me a hug. Some even said I was the perfect height for the character. My outfit wasn’t the best since it was the first costume I ever made myself, but they told me it was great that I tried and it turned out so well. Their support really inspired me to improve and make bigger and better cosplays. :)
—  hetahetanyan

still need to paint spatter the overalls, make the necklace, and do the hair, but I JUST GOT HOLTZMANNED, BABY 👍