best cosplay ever this week


“Brother,” Al says, more softly now, “can’t you at least try? Of all people… Colonel Mustang understands. He understands all of it. I love Winry more than I can put into words, and I know you do, too, but she could never… she just… hasn’t lived it. Hasn’t lived like we have, on the edge, in the fire. But he has. You’d never have to explain yourself to him. How often is a chance like that going to come along, Ed? How often are you going to find someone who knows everything there is to know about you and wants you anyway?

- ‘Leading the Blind’ by Tierfal


(If there is ever a more perfect paragraph than the above to describe why I ship these losers, strike me down with something blunt and full of nails I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM SHUT UP)

Here’s my contribution to the (gratefully delayed) start of RoyEd week! While this photo was not inspired by Leading the Blind per se, I have not been able to get this God-forsaken paragraph out of my head, so, here you go.
Please enjoy while I deposit myself directly into the trash.

Ed Elric and edit: Yours truly
Colonel Fuckwit Roy Mustang: My dear, long-suffering Forrest, who valiantly put up with not only being rained on for hours, but also my bullshit. (He also made that uniform BY HAND and deserves the highest of fives for that damned collar alone.)
Photographer: Our wonderfully patient friend Jude, whose capacity for angsty nonsense rivals even my own (and whose url escapes me because I am a terrible friend). 

More to come as the week goes on! 

(Side note: I am aware that RoyEd is not everyone’s cup of tea, so please be kind and respectful, regardless of preferences, and tag things accordingly!)


I think I can say I had the time of my life at anime expo // here are some of my favorite cosplayers !! If you see yourself in these please feel free to tag yourself. (:


Anime Expo - BEST WEEK EVER!!!

Here are my best (and honestly personal favorite) pictures from AX!!

Sorry the quality of some of these are like all over the place I used my mom’s phone, my dad’s phone and my camera all over the place haha. 

I got to meet The Anime Man, D.Va’s voice actress (Lucio’s too obviously but my brother got a picture him and I’m not comfortable sharing pictures of my brother) AND @nipahdubs!!! Not to mention i bought a print from my favorite Tumblr artist and went to the Sailor Moon panel!! :D

Overall just an amazing weekend and the best Anime Expo I’ve been to <3 Can’t wait for next year!


       I’ve only been into Teen Wolf for a year, but what a year it’s been! I never thought, when tumblr seduced me into watching a show about werewolves, that it would take over my life and, more importantly, my closet. I’ve always been a cosplayer, even before I knew what that meant, and dressing up as my favorite characters when I go to conventions is something I’ve been doing for years. So when I realized that I could buy exact outfits from the shows on sites like ebay and poshmark, I started looking for any exact matches I could find.

       The first piece I identified and purchased was Lydia’s skirt from “Wolf Moon” and “More Bad Than Good.” From then on, I was hooked. My newfound passion led to the creation of teenwolfoutfitshoppe, which I run myself, and teenwolfcosplay, where I’m a co-mod. I share whatever active links I can with my followers, so they can add Teen Wolf clothes to their closets, too. They’ve even been helping out and sending in links when they stumble across something from Teen Wolf. My co-mod and I even give advice on how to alter outfits that have been modified by Teen Wolf’s wardrobe staff, and how to achieve the hair styles.

       Everything I’ve learned from being part of these two blogs has helped me personally, as well. I found the perfect outfits to wear for my cosplays at NYCC last year, where I got to meet the Stilinski men and creator Jeff Davis. Both Jeff and Dylan commented on my Lydia dress from the 3A mid-season finale, even though I had ditched my wig by that point in the day. It made my weekend so much better, since I had lost my voice, and the Teen Wolf guys were really sweet and even laughed at my ‘banshee lost her voice’ joke. It was one of my most memorable con experiences, to date.

       In a surprising way, Teen Wolf’s helped me in my career, too. Like some college graduates, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, even though I loved majoring in Italian. Now, I feel like I could really see myself making a career in fashion, and my new job as a sales associate has those kind of opportunities available. I actually applied there because Teen Wolf featured so many outfits from the store, and they liked how enthused I am about the clothing. So, thank you, Teen Wolf, for both my closet full of cute outfits and for introducing me to possibilities I never realized were out there.