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WLWeek17 Day 3

Your first wlw ship (subtext)

My first subtext ship was Rizzles.

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Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles are married and in love.  That’s an indisputable fact.

I was always a sucker for a cop drama and this one came out and it was female led.  Of course I watched it.

But then it hit all my buttons.  Jane is a rough around the edges tomboy who is tough and strong.  She doesn’t take any shit.  She’s the best of the best.  She loves her job (maybe a little too much) and she loves her family.  If you are ever confused about what futch is, it’s Jane Rizzoli.

Maura is a genius, card-holding member of MENSA.  She doesn’t really get subtext and is a stickler for the rules.  She cannot identify a sticky red stain as blood until the test results come in.  She is incredibly empathetic.  She’s an ME to give a voice to the dead.  She’s lonely because she’s better at understanding the dead than the living.

Not only are they my favorite kinds of characters, but they are best friends. They’re not like the het cop shows where they’re forced together as partners. No, they’re friends from the beginning, choosing to stick together.  They’re affectionate with each other, as shown above.  Like even as a show about female friendship, which was their intention, it was incredibly powerful.  Maura ends up being an adoptive part of the Rizzoli clan and it makes me all gooey inside.

This was the first show I ever read fic for.  And honestly, if I could come up with a case of some kind I would write fic for it, too.  I think this was the first fandom I joined on tumblr other than Doctor Who.

I think they missed out on a powerful story here too.  I mean yes, female friendship is severely underrepresented in the media, but this level of slow burn friends to lovers would have been epic.  Like.. Sasha Alexander (the woman who plays Maura) was a hardcore shipper.  She literally said in an interview that unless the writers could give good love interests for them both it was always going to be them.  She’s straight and she ships it.  My mom ships it.  It could’ve been great, but unfortunately TNT is stupid.  

I miss my crime fighting babies and I miss when people included them in things.  Like, it’s great that there’s more wlw content out there now that they get pushed back, but like….. I’m still in love with them….


Cura Te Ipsum

How do you know it’s [the guy in the ski mask]? I just do.

ummmwine replied to your post: anyone remember that disney show fillmore? i feel…

i think about it…i dont remember many details but it was formative. so Noir

it was really good and tho i dont remember most of the actual cases they worked i remember all of the important characters including:

  • the Too Old For This coffee-guzzling commissioner who was i think an eighth grader (the coffee was actually hot chocolate and he tried to quit in one episode)
  • the stereotypical Idiot Irish Cop. u know how older cop movies would always have the one dumbass cop and he was always irish. he wore a kilt sometimes which was weird bc his name was o’farrel which is Definitely irish.
  • the forensics girl who used a school issued table microscope 2 do like real life police level forensic investigation
  • obviously fillmore the main guy, ex-con turned cop. best man on the force. etc etc.
  • fillmore’s police partner ingrid third who is the only character whose full name i remember without looking it up, she was goth, had an eidetic memory, adn i wanted to be exactly like her
  • and of course as the Hard Ass Police Chief there was the school’s principal who i distinctly remember once yelled at fillmore while she was in the process of getting her hair highlighted. 
The Lady Cop Drinking Game

For use when watching a crime procedural or thriller that stars a female law enforcement officer as a protagonist. Can also apply to female forensic psychologists, FBI agents, and the like.

Initially, this was done on an Excel spreadsheet where the trope column was labeled “CRIME” and the drink column was “PUNISHMENT,” but Tumblr allows for no such formatting, so forgive me.

LC = Lady Cop or alternate applicable female protagonist

LC lives alone - drink once

LC eats take out - drink once

LC eats take out alone - drink twice

LC has a cat - drink once

The phrase “married to the job” is used - drink once

LC is told that she should date more - drink once

LC gets hit on - drink once

LC gets hit on sarcastically or insincerely - drink twice

LC wears pants suits/turtleneck/ponytail - drink once

LC’s civvies consist of a college t-shirt or sweatshirt - drink once

College t-shirt or sweatshirt is from Quantico or a military institute - Drink once, twice for military institute, i.e. Naval War College or West Point.

LC drinks beer or whiskey at a bar - drink once

LC drinks a fruity, “girly” drink at a bar - chug

LC goes to the gym, but only to use the punching bag - drink once for every punch

LC uses self-defense techniques against male colleagues - drink twice

LC goes to the gun range - drink once for every head shot, twice for every time she shoots the target in the nards. 

LC is called a “ballbuster” or any variation on that theme - drink once

Any reference to menstruation - drink once

LC is called a “witch,” “She-devil,” or “hellfire bitch,”  and/or a reference is made to travel by broomstick. - drink once

Subordinates groan and complain every time LC approaches. - drink once

Superiors tell her she is “difficult” to work with - drink once

Superiors tell her she is difficult to work with, but that she is a “damn good cop” - drink once

LC ascribes female traits to male colleagues to antagonize them - drink once

A pun or other attempt at gallows humor is made - drink once for each pun and/or joke

LC’s father was a cop. - drink twice

Anyone in LC’s family was murdered - drink twice

LC’s mother was murdered - drink twice

If LC’s father is dead, it was the case that killed him - finish your drink

Comparisons are drawn between LC and her father - drink once

LC’s father was the best cop the force had ever seen - drink once

The main plot line is a case that dates back to when LC’s  father was a cop. - drink once

The perpetrator is a serial killer - drink once

The superior officer denies that the cases could be related - drink twice

Every time the word “perp” is used - drink once

LC fits the “type” that the serial killer goes for - drink once

LC creates some kind of visual display of evidence - drink once

Visual display incorporates thumbtacks and yarn - drink twice

Spilled coffee cracks the case - finish your drink

Coffee is spilled by cat - drink once

LC has a crazy theory but no evidence - drink once

Superior officer dismisses her theory - drink once

Superior officer suggests LC take time off - drink once

Every time LC is called “hysterical” or any derivation thereof - drink once

“You’re too close to this one.” - drink twice

LC is pulled off the case - finish your drink

LC takes matters into her own hands - drink once

LC follows her hunch, which turns out to be correct - drink once

Backup? Who needs backup? - drink once

Foot chase in heels - drink once

The perp turns out to be someone LC had previously deemed trustworthy - drink once

The perp is affiliated with the force in some way - drink twice

The perp gets lusty and creepy, makes gross mouth sounds - drink once per creepy mouth sound

“I don’t want to kill you, LC, but it has to be done.” - drink once

“Why couldn’t you have just let it go?” - drink once

Shots are fired - drink once

It is unclear who did the shooting/who got shot - drink once

Male colleague/partner shows up only after the action is over - drink once

LC sits in the back of an ambulance with a blanket and a cup of coffee, refuses further medical treatment - drink once

Superior officer acknowledges his mistake, and that LC was right all along. - drink once

Closure in the form of a gravesite visit, putting away a framed photograph, etc. - drink twice

LC, having found closure, no longer needs the job, leaves without pension. - finish your goddamn drink, because clearly the only reason a woman would pursue a career in law enforcement is because of past trauma, not, say, a strong belief in justice or anything.

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Hi again. Just an other bechloe prompt: Beca since Freshman year has been leaving little notes or simple words on Chloe's Russian Lit book pages. One last note when Chloe finally decides to graduate.

Chloe noticed the first note during her first senior year, sometime mid-March, when she was in the thick of Russian Lit and doing everything she could to try to make it more interesting. 

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Seventeen as cops
  • S.Coups: the cop that makes the really bad puns in the cop car. buys doughnuts for the force
  • Jeonghan: calm and quiet but probably the best cop on the force because of that. probably looks at the other officers and thinks 'what are these idiots doing'
  • Joshua: tries to get whoever he's arrested and his co-officer to sing songs on the car ride to the police station
  • Jun: takes his job too seriously
  • Hoshi: brains behind the force
  • Wonwoo: gives the prisoners/detainees "when I was your age…/don't succumb to peer pressure" talks. even if they're older than him
  • Woozi: good cop/bad cop complex
  • DK: tries to be serious and intimidating, always fails
  • Mingyu: the type of cop that pops his collarbone trying to bust down a door
  • The8: the "what the fuck is going on" cop
  • Seungkwan: the cop that isn't *technically* chief of the force, but may as well be
  • Vernon: literally the cops from superbad
  • Dino: the type of cop to ride a segway

Zootopia: Addition (spoilers, romance)

It started when Judy asked Clawhauser if he had room for a roommate, and he winced.

“Ooh, sorry,” he said. “Bruin is very territorial.” Affectionately; “Silly old bear.”

Judy blinked. One of these days, she really needed to figure out what exactly was going on there.

“Well, it’s just that I’m about ready to move out of my starter place, and I’d appreciate it if you could put the word out. Oh, wait, the bulletin board.”

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