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however great the misfortune that I experience at first may be… the good luck that will visit me later is grand enough to make up for all of it! that’s the talent I possess… the reason I’m called the Ultimate Lucky Student. // happy birthday jo ♡

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i see confession blogs are still alive and well. to those anonymously talking shit about any members of arashi: u do what makes u feel good but spare a thought of the fact that we have it so good with arashi. try to be less judgemental of arashi members u don’t like because we’re so blessed to have this kind of group with this kind of chemistry together with this kind of respect and care for each other and most of all, with this kind of willingness to stay together as a group for how long?? 17 years already?? enjoy ur #1 literally each and everyone in arashi deserves to be ur #1 and deserves to be the “main star” (but the real main star is the group! how awesome is that!) but also try to enjoy him with the other members because it’s a gift not many fandoms have been blessed with

some reporter asks bucky barnes, apropos of nothing, if steve is gay. bucky looks sad. “no… no, he isn’t.”

the reporter is shocked and delighted by the Juicy Gossip that bucky had an unrequited crush on his best friend. bucky continues “ever since childhood, he’s never been gay. he just… he just isn’t gay. it makes me feel like i’m not good enough, you know?” the reporter nods furiously, scribbling on her notepad. “i just wish i could make him happy.”

the next day, upon reading the headlines, steve has to have a sit-down chat with bucky about the ways that the english language has changed over the course of the twentieth century


30 Day Temeraire Challenge

18. Your favourite moment in Tongues of Serpents

THAT BAR FIGHT.  Do I even need to explain?  I mean:

-Granby throws a drink in a guy’s face for insulting Laurence, which I especially love because usually he is the guy stopping Laurence from getting into fights with other people over insults

-Laurence then pulls Granby out of the way and punches the guy so hard he lifts off the ground


“Tharkay was already with a practical air seizing the bottle of rum by the neck, and when another man lunged—this one wholly unconnected with Agreuth, and by all appearances simply pleased to fight anyone at all—Tharkay clubbed him upon the temple swiftly.”

“The melee was spreading rapidly now, helped along by Tharkay, who was coolly throwing the toppled chairs across the room, knocking over still more of the tables, and flinging glasses of rum into the faces of the custom as they rose indignantly.


Seriously the mental image of Tharkay just ~casually~ throwing chairs across the room and flinging drinks in people’s faces with a completely deadpan expression and a “practical air” is maybe the greatest and most hilarious thing that this series has ever given me.  HOW DO YOU EVEN “COOLLY” THROW A CHAIR.  WHO EVEN DOES THIS.  FUCKING THARKAY.

I love how he’s just like “welp okay there goes my sensible plan, I guess I better make sure these two idiots don’t get killed” while Laurence and Granby are like, rolling around on the floor fighting for their lives.  In fact now that I think of it this whole scene is basically a metaphor for Laurence, Granby and Tharkay’s entire relationship.

im going through old videos of royal pirates and i just… kind of want to cry…………………………

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I'm getting bad again. But I think I deserve it. I'm a shitty person. I haven't eaten in 4 days. I relapsed. And now I'm staring at pill bottles with a green apple Smirnoff and a bottle of vodka next to them wondering how long it'll take. But I don't want to make anyone sad. I just want to stop hating myself.

WHAT?! Eating is the best and I can vouch for that in many ways. And I don’t understand why you don’t want to eat? It’s healthy, it keeps you healthy, it gives you energy and I know it takes up 99.9% of our day but it’s the best thing ever. Please continue to eat, you’re destroying your body when you don’t eat. Lets try and try again until we, you do it right.


For @ladyluck103…enjoy!

You clapped your hands together in excitement before throwing your arms around Bucky’s neck. You rocked him back and forth in your excitement. You began to kiss his face after every word you spoke.

“I. Have. The. Best. Boyfriend. Ever!”

You continued to pepper his face with kisses as he smiled softly. He smirked.

“If I knew this was how you’d react, I would’ve done it sooner,” he teased. He became serious. “Promise me you’ll stay close.”
You nodded, pecking his nose. “Of course, Buck.”

You let him go as you started slowly walking away. You were still incredibly enthused.

“I’m going on a mission with the Avengers!” you cheered with a wide grin.

“Y/N, what’s the report?” Steve asked through the comms.

You definitely heard him, but you were a little busy. You ducked a punch before swinging your leg around. You connected with the guy’s stomach, shoving him to the side in pain. You grit your teeth almost glaring at your useless weapon.

“Still a bit busy,” you muttered, “Lacking resources doesn’t exactly help.”
“Do you need backup?”

You paused punch a second guy in the chin, disorienting him. You continued to fight. You really wanted to tell Steve you could handle it on your own. It was your first mission with the team and you didn’t want to wimp out. However, you were currently surrounded by several guys all aiming to maim and/or kill you. You jumped between two guys and kicked your legs out. The one was hit in the face while the other was knocked in his shoulder.

“Yeah. Anyone close?” you asked panting.
“I’m kinda occupied,” Sam answered.
“Wanda needs to keep her hold,” Vision replied, “And I need to keep her covered.”
You ducked as Bucky answered, “Just about finished and I’ll head your way.”
You pulled an opponent into a headlock. “I’m on the north ridge.”
“Copy that.”
“I’m close,” Nat called, “I’ll check on you too.”

Your opponent flipped you onto your back. They landed in between your legs. Your arms were straight against their shoulders, preventing them from coming closer. You maneuvered your legs out from under their hips and shoved them away. You rolled backwards, landing in a slight crouch. Your eyes widened as your opponent picked up a nearby gun, raising it to point it at you.


“No!” Bucky screamed from his position.

His eyes were wide with panic and rage as he saw you drop to the ground. You were clutching your stomach, that much was obvious. The super soldier could only imagine the blood seeping into your clothes. The image alone pushed Bucky over the edge.

In a fit of rage, Bucky sprinted over to the remaining pocket of enemies. In swift, almost meticulous motions, he broke one’s neck. He stabbed another in the chest. He threw a third into a tree, more than knocking him out. Finally, Bucky picked up the very same gun and aimed it straight at the one who shot you. The enemy was about ready to beg for his life when Bucky pulled the trigger multiple times.

When the gunshots stopped, the area became eerily silent. Bucky was panting as he slowly raised his gaze. Natasha was standing a few yards away, having seen it all.

“B-Buck,” you managed to whisper.

In a flash, Bucky was at your side. It didn’t seem as though you saw his rampage. A bit of him was relieved. He examined the bullet wound. It was a through and through that just missed your kidney. He let out a small sigh of relief, despite the fact he was still incredibly worried. Bucky whipped his head toward Natasha.

“We need to get Y/N out of here,” he yelled, “She’s been shot!”

After a moment, Natasha nodded. She brought a finger to her ear in order to call for medical assistance. Meanwhile, Bucky held onto you for dear life. Besides Steve, you were the most important person in his life and he wasn’t about to let you go.

“Just stay with me, babe, okay?” he cooed, “Help is coming.”
You smiled softly. “I…know, Bucky.”

Soon enough, Bucky was helping walk you into a helicopter. As the two of you trudged your way over, you caught sight of the dead bodies. You placed a hand on your boyfriend’s chest, slightly worried.

“Did…did you?” you asked.

Bucky didn’t answer as you continued onto the helicopter.

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So that Alistair smut I did recently, Freckles.  
A few of you seemed to like that little piece.
Wouldn’t it just be terrible if my tumblr wife were making art for it. 
… absolutely terrible. (◕‿◕✿)

*cue evil laughter*

Missing you feels like breathing. I think about you everyday. Today would have been your birthday. I wish we could spend it together, we could be sad or happy, whatever put you on the place you wanted to be. I guess you’re there now but I still miss the fuck out of you. Happy birthday Eric. You were the greatest best friend ever.

Please continue to walk by my side as I shed unhappiness from my life.

They just don’t get it.

Perhaps this is patronizing, or egocentric, and if it is, I apologize.  I need to say it and get some validation (or criticism). 

A former coworker of mine is on her second round of med school applications.  Like every med-school hopeful, she’s thrilled and curious about the future and wants me to delve all the details about what a normal day is like.

Last time we talked she asked if I was “still studying all the time” or if I had become better at school.  I gently explained that if you are doing medical school right, you pretty much have to study more than not (AKA all the time).  She glows, like that’s the best news ever.  I continue on and explain that before a test, your bedtime reading should really be flashcards and notes, but that’s hard to rationalize and I usually opt for leisurely reading.  I tell her how incredible it is the amount of time you need to study to do well.  I guess I was trying to almost prepare her for the reality of the situation, but maybe I am just a little beaten up whereas she’s still fresh.  She then said the most annoying ever: “Well I just love to read textbooks! I even got one for Christmas!  I will love that!”

It was like the time my boyfriend got a little sassy when I was stressed and complained about how much I needed to study.  He interjected that he loves to learn all the time and reads (history) books regularly. so my studying can’t be much more stressful than that.

Um, no.  I corrected Boyfriend and explained pretty much no one likes learning the same subject for 12 hours a day to the most minute detail, even if you LOVE the topic.  I’m sure when his eyes cross and his hand is aching from notes he would also vote for a study break. 

Maybe I’m bitter, or bratty, or entitled, but I really do think medical school studying is unlike anything, ever, and it’s really hard to convey to other people. I love medicine (so far, in my small experience as an M1), and I love science, and I want this.  But it beats you down a few times a week and swamps you.  And no, pure love of science isn’t going to make it enjoyable.  Even if you like learning, you’ll eventually get sick of endless details about micro.  Even if you “read textbooks for fun,” medical school makes it un-fun at a point.  Trust me people, you don’t get it until you’ve tried it.  I’m glad you’re excited, but trust me when I say we were all excited, and now we all have days where we are exhausted, and you will too.  This isn’t like anything you’ve ever done before.