best congratulations ever

If you call yourself a potato as an insult to yourself, remember, potatoes make vodka and french fries, two of the best things ever. So congratulations, you played yourself.

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Word count:
Scott: 562 words.  
Stiles: 866 words.
Liam: 505 words.
Theo: 741 words.
Brett: 713 words.
All together: 3450 words.  
Scott McCall:

With Scott being your older brother by two years and also being an alpha of his own pack, he did become overprotective and by over protective I mean, well that’s go back to the day shall we.  

You was running late for school because you idiot older brother woke up late, meaning you woke up late also, so that meaning you had hardly any time to even pick out a decent outfit to wear. Rushing down the stairs in a pair of black Nike running shorts and a white tank top and to say Scott was not pleased at what you was wearing. Who could blame you, you had no time and needed to get to school.  

“What are you wearing?” Scott’s voice makes you freeze in your walk as you step out of the kitchen with a piece of burnt toast dangling from your mouth. You quirk your eyebrows up at him to ask what he meant before a small growl fell from his lips, canines appearing as he gestured towards your lack of clothing.

“Clothes” you helplessly mumbled around your piece of toast, which caused it to fall on the floor. You pout as you stare down at your still burnt piece of toast that lays on the floor before lifting your head back up to meet glowing red eyes. “Scott” you whispers stepping back just a little, it’s not that your afraid of him nor the werewolf he is, it’s just you think it’s a little stupid he’s going all big alpha and brother protective about what your wearing.

“Change” he tells you in that deep voice to show that he wolf is coming out. You look at Scott for a second before slowly giving him a smile and giggle at the same time. You knew this would confuse Scott by when he gives you the helpless puppy look.  

“Oh Scott when are you going to learn that I am 16 years old and can wear whatever I like.”

Scott says nothing but grumbles under his breath causing you to tilt your head to the side.

“Ya know I don’t have super hearing like you genius” you whisper as you take your first step back towards the mumbling alpha. “So what was that?” You ask him.  

“I don’t want people to look at your legs, o-or your lady area.” He mumbles with a small pout on his lips, his arms now crossed over his chest and his head hung down. “You’re my little sister” and with him saying that you fully step forward and pull your overprotective brother into your arms and hug him.  

“Would putting on a jumper help” Scott nods on your shoulder to say yes. Doing as you asked you leave Scott and retreat back upstairs and moments later come back down with one of Scott’s jumpers covering most of your and stopping mid thigh. “Now let’s go we are already late as it is, and mum is most likely going to get a call any moment to ask why we aren’t in school.” Within saying that Scott nods his head before leading you both out of your house and to his bike, where you hop on behind and speed to school.

Stiles Stilinski:

Now being the only daughter of the sheriff of Beacon Hills is one thing, but being daughter of the sheriff and the twin sister of none other than Stiles Stilinski is another. You loved Stiles to bits, of course you did he was your best friend and vice versa for him (besides Scott) but when Theo would flirt with you and you let him, well Stiles absolutely hated it and would go all big brother protective mode over you. With him still not trusting Theo one bit since he came back to Beacon Hills and finding out that he is also a chimera Stiles protectiveness over you got a lot worse than it originally was.  

He would follow you everywhere and by everywhere I mean everywhere. From one class to another until your seated inside and if Theo was in your class he’d make sure he was far from you, and if Stiles himself was in the same class as you he would sit next to you and also become you working partner is well, Stiles also followed you around on you morning break and lunch break, he would also follow you to Deaton’s Veteran where you volunteered to help with the animals and even make Derek watch over as you volunteered if Stiles could not be there himself.

If you went to the library to do homework and he would hide behind bookshelves or even sit next to you to make sure Theo couldn’t go near you, and don’t start with needing to go to your locker he would be right by your side, and last of them all if you needed to go to the bathroom or toilet at home or in school, Stiles would figure it out where you are and wait outside for you, I mean come on Stiles a girl needs privacy.

So you finally had enough off your brother basically hovering over your life. It was lunch time now and you had the same lunch as the others so you thought it was time you told Stiles how you felt about him following you around like a lost dog. When you sat down at the table you sat between Liam and Mason, when normally you would sit in between Scott and Stiles without having a choice.

“You need to stop” you hiss at Stiles not caring if the others at the table heard, which most likely most them would with them being a were something. “You need to stop this stupid act right now Stiles” you say with a guarded look. Stiles looks at you shocked at first but the smile on his face soon drops off and a scowl is now placed.  

“I’m protecting you” he hisses back. “You cannot trust him” Stiles tries to whisper but it was mostly a whisper type yell towards you. “He isn’t to be trusted Y/N.”

“Trusted, the only person here that shouldn’t be trusted is you Void Stiles” You whisper yell back but soon regretting what you said. “Stiles, I-” but he doesn’t let you finish when he sends you a harsh glare he’s never given you before and actually stomps out of the cafeteria. “I didn’t mean it” you whisper to yourself but everyone heard. You knew that Void Stiles was hard subject of the past for Stiles and you go and use it against him. What type of sister was you. Ignoring whatever Scott was saying you neglect your food and follow after Stiles, but not having to go far when you see him sitting on the floor against a blue locker in the empty hallway, with his head in his hands. “Stiles” you whisper as you slowly walk towards him.  

“I know I get a little overpowering with all this following you around and hovering all over you, it-it’s just I made mum and dad a promise I would always protect you Y/N. I’m afraid to lose my best friend.” You hear him whisper and your heart cracks into a millions pieces right then and there. You’ve never heard Stiles sound so hurt and broken about you before and that makes you feel like a right dick and very guilty one about what you had said.  

“You shouldn’t let Scott hear that I’m your best friend” you say trying to make the situation better than it is right now, and when you see a smile gracing Stiles lips when he lifts his head up, you know your all forgiven for. So what do you do, you sit down right beside him and talk about utter rubbish, laugh and cry a little until the bell rings showing it’s the end of lunch. You both leave each other for your next classes with promises given to each other. Your promise was to never bring up the past of Void Stiles again, and Stiles was to give you a little more space, to be less protective and to live your life just a little bit without him hovering over it.  
Liam Dunbar:

Liam always loved being overprotective over you even know you’re a few years older than him. So when you came out that you and Derek Hale was an item, Liam got all protective over you. As soon as the news hit everyone and Liam himself his eyes instantly glowed a yellow amber, his canines started to extend and his claws soon appeared.  

“Liam calm down” his own alpha said but it didn’t work when Liam growled loudly. Before we know it Liam lunged at Derek but soon stop when you stood in front of your love, blocking him from Liam’s attack. A squeal falls from your mouth when he just manages to stop but still knocks you down on accident causing Derek to fall with you. Before you even could hit the ground Derek’s arms cushion around you, holding you tight and safe for the fall.   

You and Derek hit the ground in a thud both landing on one another because you are softly pushed of Derek and onto the ground beside him and in matter of seconds he’s on his feet and ready to pounce at your younger brother. Both eyes glowing, canines sharp with growls falling from behind them and claws extended and ready to attack and have blood on them show for the fight there both wanting to have.  

 You scramble to your feet and scream with all the energy you have in you with hope that the boys will stop and they do, Liam and Derek turn to face you with their eyes still glowing, claws still extended and canines still sharp as ever. “Stop, now” you angrily say to the both of them. “Liam I’m pregnant and I am your older sister so you will stop this silly over protective act, right now!” You shout at him.   

“P-pregnant!” Liam stutters out in shock and disbelief. “As in baby pregnant."   

You giggle at him first before you answer. "Yes Liam, as in nine months baby pregnant. I know you can get very protective of me but please, please stop this silly act. I love Derek and I love you because you’re my younger brother but I have Derek now."   

"You will always have me” he growls out causing Derek to growl back him. “I am your blood."   

"And so is Derek now, please I need my little brother to the best uncle ever to this little girl or boy Liam, I need you” you whisper in the softest and quietest tone ever and surprising yourself if anyone even heard you speak.   

“I’ll be the best uncle ever, congratulation Y/N, Derek” you smile at Liam and embrace him in the hug when you get close enough to him. Everyone around celebrates you and Derek in congratulations and a lot of baby talk, so for the rest of the day you explain to the pack about how you and Derek started and where it went from there.  

Theo Raeken:

You knew about Theo working with the Dread Doctors and his punishment was being taken down to Hell by your dead older sister dragging him down after Kira basically stabbed the ground and made a hole in the ground for her to take him. That killed you knowing the only person you actually had left was now gone and it made you distance yourself from the pack, until around three months later where the Ghost Riders started to come in and took Stiles whom you still remember clearly but the others didn’t.  

So on one of the days where there was a storm coming and the Ghost Riders will come and take new people who seen them, Liam and Hayden took you back to the tunnels where Theo first went into Hell and made you wait with them. Somehow they manage to get in touch with Noshiko Yukimura and got Kira’s sword is well.    

“What are we doing Liam.” You ask him with a small voice as you rub your arms for some heat to enter your body, because well you wasn’t anything of a supernatural creature, you was a good ole human being.    

Liam doesn’t answer you but lift’s Kira’s sword into the air and stabbing in very harshly into the ground causing it to crack up and make a big enough hole for someone to crawl out of. Claws soon stick out of the hole and a very dirty body soon following afterwards with glowing amber eyes on show. There stood Theo, there stood your older brother dirty and angry and ready to attack.    

“Theo” you whisper softly making his amber eyes snap towards you in the corner where you stood and soon disappear when they land on you, his little sister, the little girl he grew up with protecting and raising, the little sister he thought he never see again.    

“Y/N” Theo whispers your name and before you know it your in his arms not caring that your getting dirty, because all that matters is you finally have your big brother back. You was so happy when you wasn’t the only one who remembered Stiles and everything about him. But when Scott and Malia found out Theo was back it wasn’t good, at all.    

“You brought him back” Malia growled out staring down Theo. “I bet she was the one who brought him back” and this time the growl like voice was directed at you which caused you to snap your eyes up from the floor and to the glowing blue eyes that’s glares at you. You only stand frozen when she slowly advances you but soon stops when a fierce and loud growl of your brother showing protection for his blood.    

“Step any closer to my sister and I will kill you myself, Malia” Theo growls out deeply, and next thing you know they are both fighting with Scott and Liam trying to tear them apart, yourself standing in the corner scared for your brother and your friend and Lydia shouting at you to make it stop.    

“Theo” you whimper but he obviously didn’t hear it. “Theo” you say this time but a lot louder. “THEO!” You scream and it causes him to stop and look over at you, making him lose guard and it lets Malia throw in a quick punch. “Please stop, the both of you” and just with one glance at the fear and helpless look in your eyes Theo calms down, he glowing eyes slowly disappearing along with his claws and canines along with it. Malia soon follows after Theo with calming down when she see that her friend has fear in her eyes.    

“Y/N I’m sorry” Malia says.    

“I’m sorry.” Theo says at the same time and all you do is nod your head. Theo holds his arm out to you and you take, instantly pulling you into a hug a inhaling your familiar scent and calming down more. “I’m sorry” he whispers into your hair.

And after that you, Theo and the pack start to make a plan on how to get rid of the Ghost Riders and how to get Stiles back, even know it took a lot of convincing of Theo and yourself that Stiles was a real person and not just imagination.

Brett Talbot:

Brett has always been protective over you and Lori because well you both are his little sisters, he was always a tad bit more protective over you because only Lori and Brett himself got the werewolf gene and you didn’t, so you were the human of the family. So when Brett had found out that you’ve been sneaking out to meet your long term secret boyfriend Liam, his ex best friend he was not happy, and when he also found out from Scott himself that the Dread Doctors are wanting you to become the next Chimera for Theo’s pack, well just say he went all hell bent on trying to kill Theo and the Dread Doctors.  

That only ended up with him being constantly injured trying to fight them all, along side with the McCall pack. So wherever you went Brett followed, you understood why he was trying to protect you but you didn’t understand why he needed to follow you when you was with Liam, he was a werewolf and a pretty good one is well.    

“Brett” you hiss at your annoying brother who is standing a few feet away from you and Liam, because well he has been following the two of you for the past ten minutes. You turn around and lose the hold Liam had on your waist and stare down at your brother, who grins sheepishly at you. “Stop following us.”  

“I’m not following you” he simply replies knowing that it is very much annoying you, even annoying Liam a little is well.

 You scoff at his answer with arms folded over your chest, hip stuck out and a frown on your lips. “Never mind it’s not following, it’s stalking” you ground out between your clenched teeth. Brett grins again before sending one of his signature smirks at you and Liam, but it mostly being directed at you to annoy just a little bit more.  

“I’m protecting you Y/N, so stop complaining. I need to keep you safe and close so the Dread Doctors do not get you and turn you into one of their experiments.” Brett angrily says between a growl and clenched teeth. “I can’t lose you” you just barely hear him with your stupid human hearing.    

“You won’t, I’m going to protect her with everything in me. Even if it kills me, she has the pack behind her alongside you and even Satomi’s pack is right behind you to keep her safe.” Liam butts in and it causes your heart to flutter at the words he said.    

‘I’m going to protect her with everything in me. Even if it kills me’ runs through your mind before you snap out of it and focus on the conversation.    

“She and Lori are the only family I have left, I’m not going to lose either one of them.” And your heart flutters and swoons again at Brett’s words.  

 Stepping forward towards Brett you smile softly at him before beginning to speak in a quiet whisper, but he could still hear you with his super hearing. “You are never going to lose me, nor Lori. I promise.”  

Brett stays quiet for a second before he begins to speak up. “When mum and dad died I made a promise to myself that I would raise and protect you the two of you from anyone who’s try to get in the way, but I promised myself that I would protect you a little more because the lack of the gene in you. I need to keep you and Lori safe Y/N, and I’m going to do anything to keep the promise I made.” And within a second your in your big brothers arms hugging him tight and whispering how much you love him and how much it means to you that he’s there for you.  

By the end of the night you, Liam and Brett headed over to Scott’s house to pig out to a movie with the pack  and with yourself falling asleep wedged between your boyfriend and big brother.  

artemidi replied to your post “concept: the fashion police become a stable and we get a whole fucken…”

Sami Zayn boy detective!!! I love this!!! Okay but!! Becky as the overachieving rookie! And Shin as the transferring detective HERE TO TEACH U HOW TO and constantly baffled and mildly amused by the lack of method of EVERYONE


becky would have the time of her LIFE with the fashion police omg, she’s the overachieving rookie who butts heads with summer all the time…she and sami are buddies and sometimes charlotte comes in with a case for them and sami has to talk with her about it because becky’s got Femme Fatale vision on and she’s too busy being gay and dying 

shinsuke would be THE BEST ADDITION TO THE FASHION POLICE…GOD…walking around with breezango in a red leather trenchcoat, are you KIDDING the style is UNBELIEVABLE!!! he’s a professional but he’s so endeared to everyone else’s antics and loves joining in. he oversees breezango’s interrogations of everyone and politely steps in when he needs to, but they always have a way of making things work and he admires that. also he’s shinsuke nakamura are you KIDDING everyone adores him, he’s the INVENTOR of style, he’s got the STRONGEST style of all, oh my god……..oh my god fred you’re a genius literally

Hayes Grier: Don't Embarrass Me

Request:can you do a Hayes imagine where you’re a famous singer and Hayes goes to your concert and m&g?

Hayes’ POV
I looked in the mirror one last time.

“Hayes! Let’s go!” Nash called from downstairs.

“I’m coming!” I yelled while spraying myself one last time with cologne before running downstairs.

Tonight was going to be the best night of my life. Nash and I were going to a Y/first/N Y/last/Name concert and we had meet and greet tickets. I guess you can say I had a small crush on Y/N or a very large crush that would also be true if your said that.

“Ooo someone’s looking snazzy,” Nash teased. “Trying to look good for a special someone?” He ruffled my hair.

“Hey I spent half an hour on my hair!” I complained as I smacked he hands away. “Just don’t embarrass me at the meet and greet.”

“I think you’ll embarrass yourself enough without my help.” He chuckled as we walked out of his apartment.

At the concert

To be honest this is one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. It was general admission and Nash and I got lucky enough to be in the first row of the pit. And I know every person who ever goes to a concert says this but I swear she’s been looking at me the whole time. Like not just looking in my direction but looking me in my eyes looking at me. You may think I’m crazy but let a boy dream okay.


I continued my song and chereo trying not to mess up. I’m just really nervous. Everytime I see a cute guy in the audience I freak out and get really nervous because he’s watching me. I may be a pop star but I’m still a teenage girl. But tonight it was way worse than it’s ever been because fucking Benjamin Hayes (Hayes Benjamin?) Grier and Hamilton Nash Grier are at my concert. In the front row.

All I could think was “Don’t mess up. Don’t mess up! Don’t mess up!” That would be so embarrassing if Hayes saw me fall or heard my voice crack. I would die onstage. I admit I may have a small thing for Hayes but can you blame me he’s so cute and funny.

I looked the opposite way of where he was. I had been looking his way all night and I didn’t want him to think I weird for staring at him. But did it really matter he was looking at me too. Ofcourse he’s looking at me he’s at my concert. Don’t worry YN you’re half way done with the concert and you have a bunch of slower acoustic songs after this one.

Hayes’ POV

I looked up at the stage in awe as YN strummed the strings of her guitar and sang the songs she wrote. She looked like an angel as the bright lights hit her delicate face. Her voice sounded even better in person if that was possible. And there she goes again; looking at me. But this time it was different. Her beautiful eyes shimmered in the spot light as she looked directly into mine. It felt like she was singing to me; like she wrote the song she was singing just for me and there wasn’t a single person in the room besides us. There was like a spark or a connection or something.

A spark or connection who the fuck am I? John Green? Get it together Hayes. I told myself; but I couldn’t. I was like putty in her hands.

In line of the meet and greet

I looked to the side of the line counting the people ahead of us hoping they were in groups so I could see YN faster.

“Are you excited. Atleast now we can ask and know for sure if she was looking at you.”

My eyes widened and I whipped around. “Nash no please no.” Nash chuckled at my reaction.

God please don’t let Nash embarrass me infront of YN. I promise I’ll be good and I won’t argue with my parents and I’ll um do my chores without being asked and I’ll-I’ll give up masturbating please just don’t let him embarrass me.

I know I know really Hayes. But desperate calls come for desperate measures.

“Next!” The bodyguard managing the line yelled snapping me out of my silent prayers. I gulped and took a deep breath and walked towards YN. My heart rate picked up.

YN waved good-bye to the people leaving and turned towards me.

“Hey!” She smiled opening her arms to hug me.

Her perfume engulfed me as I inhaled deeply. She smelled so good. She started to let go snapping me back to reality.

“Hayes and Nash I’m such a big fan.” She beamed as she turned to Nash hugging him. I felt myself get jealous of him why couldn’t I have just come alone so YN could just focus on me. He whispered something in her ear and she giggled. Fuck.

Focus Hayes, be cool. YN just said she was a fan of your don’t freak out.

“I’m a big fan of yours too you did amazing tonight.” I smiled at her.

“Yea you killed it.” Nash chimed in

“Aw you two are so sweet. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” She hugged me from the side making my cheeks heat up. “Look at the camera.” She instructed. I looked forward and felt two soft lips pressed against my cheeks. y/f/n y/l/n is kissing me. This counts right. Holy shit.

I felt her remove her lips and let go of me. I didn’t want her to let go I wanted to stay with her forever. Is this how my fans feel. If it is I feel for every single one of them.

“How is your guys’ day been?” She asked making small talk.

“Amazing now that I’ve met you.” I winked making YN blush.

“I guess I can say the same.” YN batted her eyelashes.

I’m currently flirting with YN. Okay don’t fuck this up. You have one chance to get this right. Uno. It’s my turn to say something isn’t it. I was taken out of my thoughts by the feeling of hands on my shoulders.

“Hayes and I were going to get some pizza after this. I know you probably don’t go out after shows with every fan that ask but maybe you can make and acceptation. Pleeeeease.” Nash begged and I put my hands in a praying position making a puppy dog face.

YN giggled looking away and then back at us. “You guys are too cute,” She gushed, “I would love to but I have a flight two hours after I’m done with this meet and greet so I can’t,” My face fell with disappointment,“buuut I guess I can give you my number and we can go get pizza some other time just because you begged.” She smiled putting her palm up for my phone.

My phone was out of my pocket and in her hands within seconds. She put her number in saving it and handed it back to me. I looked down to see she saved it as Pizza Pal🍕 y/nick/name.

“Cute.” I smiled at her number.

“I try.” She smirked. “Text me okay.”

“Okay.” I smirked back.

I turned walking away.

“You’re welcome.” Nash looked at me grabbing me and shaking my shoulders as a congratulations.

Best. Concert. Ever.

AN: I fucking hate myself for being a bad blog. I never write anymore or post at all and when I do write it’s complete shit. I have like 20 half written imagines and like 50 request; some from May even. I don’t interact with you guys or other blogs. I’m sorry. Fuck.

“Our little Charlotte was born on the 17th of January. Our kids are choosing just the nice dates :)
She and her Mama are doing well and they are a bit exhausted but healthy. We are so happy and grateful!
Birth is just an incredible happening and I’m so impressed how Yana did handle it! It was maybe good for me to be used to cope in adrenalin loaded situations ;)

Now I’m back going to the hill in Zakopane. See yaaaa!”

~ Simon Ammann aka The Best Man Ever - huge congratulations!

Insult to Injury

“Don’t leave me,” you begged from your place in bed.

“It’s only for a little while, we’ll be back tonight,” Sam assured patting your leg.

“Okay fine. Leave me, but not with this asshat!” You groaned pointing to the demon at the foot of your bed.

“Y/N, you need help to get around,” Sam sighed.

“Call Cas,” you protested.

“We need Cas. Listen here’s a spray bottle. If he steps out of line, give ‘em a squirt,” Dean resolved throwing a spray bottle at you. You caught it and sprayed Crowley once, experimentally.

“Dammit!” He cursed at you moving away.

“Fine,” you pouted glaring at the two brothers.

They left and you were alone with the king of hell. The both of you glared at each other until you sprayed him again.

“Go away,” you ordered.

“Normal people give their demand then punish if disobeyed,” Crowley complained.

You sprayed him again, “You’re still here.”

“Fine,” he hissed at you, baring his teeth. You did the same to him and he left begrudgingly.

Hours later you were sitting in bed staring at the ceiling with a full bladder. You flipped back your covers and attempted to get out of bed on your own, but your legs hurt like someone was shoving a metal rod into your femur. The floor greeted you with cold arms. Your fall to the forgiving floor made all of your other injuries come to life.

“FUCK!” You screamed. Tears that you tried to hold in streamed down your face. Your broken rib was a livewire in your chest that took your breath away.

“You alright?” Crowley asked appearing at your side.

You would have given a snappy remark but you couldn’t. The pain was to great to do anything but lie there and cry.

“I’ll answer for you…” he cleared his throat ,“ do I look alright, asshat? Then you’d spray me with the bottle…but the bottle’s over there,” he smiled mischeviously.

“You do anything stupid and I will be sure Cas kicks your ass.” You threatened. He gave a short laugh and picked you up of the floor, “OW! YOU ASS!” You screamed as he held you.

“You shouldn’t go up against shifters, love, you’ll get yourself hurt,” he teased.

“Well sweet heart, I’m in a whole lot of pain right now,” you growled at him.

“Has anyone ever told you how attractive you are when you’re angry,” he said in your ear. You shook out of his grasp and forced yourself to the bathroom.

“Yeah well you keep touching me and I’ll get gorgeous!” You yelled as you used the door frame steady your swaying body.

“I look forward to it, darling,” he smiled.

You groaned and tried to continue out of your room to the bathroom. With a lot of tears and few falls that Crowley helped you up from, you made it to the bathroom.

“Are you hungry? I’ll feed you in bed,” Crowley offered when you emerged from the bathroom.

“I actually am hungry,” you admitted.

“I knew you were,” he came and supported your weight as he took you back to your room. His hand began to stray below your waist and you sprayed him, “dammit, I thought you dropped that.”

“Made more, watch yourself,” you grumbled. Crowley put you in bed and produced your guilty favorite of nutella and banana sandwich, rocky road ice cream with moose tracks, and indian vanilla chai tea.

“Aww, you pay attention to what I eat,” you said sarcastically.

“Shut up,” he sighed, “you’re so cute until you open your mouth.”

“It’s a gift,” you joked as he eased you into bed. An endless string of profanities left your lips until you were once again comfortably in bed.

“We’ll watch The Lord of the Rings,” he allowed taking the remote from the bed as you picked up the sandwich.

By the time Sam, Dean, and Cas came back you were asleep with the tub of ice cream between you and Crowley with two spoons in it, and four empty bottles of wine on the bed.

“Aw, she’s adorable,” Dean said as he came over and pinched your cheek softly, “look at you Crowley, best friend ever,” he congratulated.

“Shut up, she’s finally asleep. If you wake her up, I will end you.” Crowley growled as he slid from under you and turned off the TV with the remote.

“Sorry, ” Dean said with a smile.

“I’m not your baby sitter. I’m the king of hell, I can’t be on baby duty,” he grumbled.

“Bye,” Sam bid as he began to clean up the mess in your bed.

“Watch her, she’s a restless sleeper and she’ll hurt herself,” Crowley grumbled before he left.

Dean laughed and picked up a few wine bottles before letting you sleep.

With the Baekyeon 'romance', there are 5 kinds of fans:
  • 1. "OMG NO! Why is this happneing? I just can't...he was my bias...she was my poor TAENY...not my hurts!"
  • 2. "I don't care if SM says they're dating, something is suspicious..."
  • 3. "You people all need to STHU and support them! #staystrongBaekyeon!"
  • 4. "Did you hear? Baek is dating Taceyon of, it's Taeyang of BIG BANG...nope, it was Taehyung of BTS...wait wasn't it Taemin of SHINee?"
  • 5. "Durex condoms had to apologize for congratulating them! Best day ever! What a riot!"