best company tbh

headcanon time because I’m very attached to kira nerys being a lesbian and I gotta fix canon:

as we all know, going the “secret sexual tension” route instead of the “canon happy poly family” route with kira and miles was A Mistake BUT I like to think that kira is just really, really terrible at knowing when she’s genuinely attracted to people. (am I projecting? yes. am I going to believe it anyway? also yes.) like she /likes/ miles - he’s gruff and no-nonsense and imminently practical in much the same way that she is. they’ve both been Through Some Shit and while miles’s manner of Dealing with it is fundamentally different from hers (he uh doesn’t), they’re both the sort of people that would enjoy siting in Quark’s together with a drink and not talking for a solid 20 minutes. they’re both scarred veterans of war, against the same enemy even, who have been forced to come to terms with the fact that the galaxy has many more shades of gray than they’d like to admit.

she’s already carrying his baby when it turns out that miles gives great massages and is generally pretty physically affectionate and she thinks “oh. I must be attracted to him.” no darling. no you aren’t. (for his part, miles /is/ attracted to kira exactly as he thinks he is because a. he’s attracted to women and b. nana visitor but despite the fact that miles is sometimes a clod he is perfectly capable of having female friends and if kira told him she wasn’t interested he wouldn’t be weird or gross about it and besides, he genuinely likes kira for all the reasons mentioned above).