best combacks

What I think about the signs

Aries: Beautiful. Really energetic ones who loves to tease. Are stubborn and don’t let anyone tell them not to do something. Do you know how hard it is to make sure you don’t hurt yourself if you never listen? Think of how others may feel too. Please stop teasing me, no I don’t wanna fight.

Taurus: Why do you hate to share your food so much? If you eat others, give some of yours too. You’re very lazy, but think of not to take advantage of others to do your chores. Don’t be so egoistic about your family pls. Learn to share.

Gemini: Little bab with so many experiences and too little time to tell all of ‘em. You have a hard time finishing something you’ve started. Trust yourelf the most bc you’re your own soulmate.
You’re not fake you just have so muh going on inside of you. You have the best humor and combacks.

Cancer: Cries as much as laughs. Charming in your own way. Big pleasent eyes with emotions deep as the ocean. A bit clincy. Crybaby but a lovely crybaby it’s nice to have you around.

Leo: Nice nice nice hair. Confident but need very many compliments and you’re so needy. If you find a small flaw with yourself, would you mind not try to change it because God made you perfect the way you are? thanks. Tbh I’m nervous to be around you bc you’re glorious.

Virgo: It’s actually alright if something is not as perfect as you want it to be, please love yourself. Cool person but a bit awkward at first. Can come off as bossy.. But you’re needed and liked. A lot. Sarcastic is your second name. Your sense of humor is so terribile. I love it.

Libra: Probablly the most underrated sign of the zodiac, you’re not just “the nice guy”. It’s so hard for you to choose like calm down it can’t go worse than to hell. Flaunt your talents you’re actually special and it’s hard to forget you. It works better if you don’t try so hard with yourself, that’s life. So positive and never stops laughing no matter where life punches you it’s amazing. You’re loved, you can peel of those layers of who you’re “supposed” to be. We’ll love you anyways!

Scorpio: Hot seducive chilli sauce. I love you because you’re mysterious but hear the banging on your door let me in I want to know what you people think about everything. You’re great thinkers. Playing hard to get is not a game for everyone, try not to hurt people too much.

Sagittarius: Wierd-annoying-chill-talkactive-real life shitposter-adventure searching-trash-friend once you get them out of fifty shades of awkward. If I’m going to travel the world, it’d be with you.

Capricorn: Ambitious little stone. You know what you want and aren’t afraid of it. You’re waterproof. I once befriended one of you Caps and you’re literally an amethyst. Hard simple on the outside but a gem inside, lucky bastard to the one who accedentlly stumbles up on you. Bad and a bit mean and dark humor but it’s okay.

Aquarius: Heyy it’s okay toilet people in, just analys. It’s hard to pin you down but if it’s succeeded, it’s heart-tearing to see you like that. Cheer up, the aliens are watching you, make a good impression. Actuall stoner and your laugh is comforting. You’re the original fangirl. Be proud, and don’t just surrender yourself with positive people, be the positiv person too. Your feelings are legit don’t worry.

Pisces: Trust so easilly you’re like a golden retriver omg. Don’t be too clincy tho because it’s nice to have you around and you’re not alone so don’t be too much. You’re so cute even if you maby don’t think so, you are. Such supporting non-judgemental sweetheart, everyone needs a pisces. Please, tell me all your thoughts and daydreams even if they’re abstract, I personally love them.

Girl meets world cast

I see the cast from Girl meets world, and their instagram, and i see them so different from the others cast from disney. They look that kind of cast that are going to rule hollywood, I imagine them entering kids choice awards, or another one, and I imagine them being that bad ass cast, the one that you talk with them and your mind explodes of how sweet, kind, fun but at the same time they’re super smart about their theme.

For example

Amir would be the kind of guy that you talk to him, he would tell you the best joke but then you start talking about racism and he would give this long speech about that, and how important is the equality between races. And all the big characters that have been against it, and how he and rowan have talk about it. I bet he has this weird but beautiful way of whatching the world.

Sabrina, she would be that sweet little Girl. Súper sassy with the best combacks and the one of the most talented singers in disney, she would be that Girl that makes you laught everytime, and that would treat you like she isnt some famous singer/actress, but I think that behind that sweetness theres this Girl that knows everything about music, singers, writers, artists, she will tell you about the best artists there are, the ones more rares bands and singers that you have to hear, also just with her personality and looks you’ll inevitably fall in love with her

Corey, ohh corey, misterious and quiet guy, that maybe wont talk a lot but in her mind he’s thinking about how making the best photo from that moment, he’s not a profesional one, but is one that for sure is going to be. Every Girl is crazy about him and his misterious but sweet looks, you’ll love him with just looking at his eyes, and he is that person that knows about all about photography and art. He’s the introvert of the group.

Rowan. Oh my sweet beautiful queen rowan, where do i start with her, as most of us know she is feminist, and for me, one of the person that has the best concept about feminist (really, she is the one that made me pay more atenttion about that, love her perspective about that) she’s another one that like sabrina will make you fall in love with her, you’ll look at her in person and she’ll give her charasteristic smile that’ll made you feel like the best and most beautiful person in the world, she’ll be that person that’ll make you feel like you dont know anything -at least if you do- you’ll want to talk to her all day and learn everything that she knows in spite of having just 15 years. She’ll make you love feminisme and dont wanting to judge anybody

The last but not least theres peyton. He might not have do anything else besides acting, but hes that sweet and super cool guy. He’s that boy that wouldnt want to see you sad, and will be protective of you because you are his friends, he is that guy that will ask you whats up with your life and you’ll trust him and tell him everything, and besides you’ll just want to hug him with those big arms.

They are all different people, with different personalities and interests, but I bet you, they go in to a place and they all have that big and welcoming presence that youll want to be part of the group (I do) they’ll rule hollywood i know it.

Pd: if you want ot add anything else do it! I had more to say but i cant find the way to write it

Pd of Pd: first language spanish sorry for my mistakes

i feel that if you where dating michael when he’s gone on tour you two would always have some sort of banter over twitter and the 5sos fam would screenshot the tweets and post them on tumblr and keep track of who has the best combacks and keep an overall tally on who’s sassier

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Mcr broke up because Jesus' face appeared in the Mouse Kat and told Gerard 'Yooo im happy for you and ima let you finish but FOB had the best comback from hiatus of all time. Of All time.' And for obvious reasons Gerard became upset so he called the band off after he learned that their Hiatus wasn't as dramatic as he wished it to be. I am Pope Francis I can confirm this

I just got off the phone with 52,000 insiders, and they confirmed that MCR split when FOB came off hiatus because the song “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” is a sly dig at MCR. (They would turn off all the lights in the recording studio, press a secret button that made a disco ball lower from the ceiling, and have a techno dance party.)