best coffee mug ever

@magicalmeatman in honor of Aizawa’s coffee mug in your comics. I had one specially made.
(And you thought I was joking)
I had it done in more pretty font to really push the emotion of the feelings behind the words. (And so the lady who made this for me didn’t question too much if she was making a mug for someones suicide…that makes no sense but in my head it did) *its the thought that counts*
Its beautiful.😍

Last Week in Fanfiction

It’s Sunday again so here I am with List #14 covering Captain Swan fics written or updated last week, 9/3-9/9. If I missed something you’d like added let me know! Happy reading! Don’t forget to show your writers and artists some love with a like, reblog and/or comment! ❤️

MCs  ch.4  by @lenfaz

Casualties  ch.14  by @legendofthephoenixcs

Alone, Until I Get Home  ch.13  by @peglegsjones

Through the Hat  ch.8  ch.9  by @ashar663

Finding Neverland  ch.8  by @justanotherwannabeclassic

Wild at Heart  ch.6  by @hookedonapirate

The Rose and the Thorn  ch.17  by @qqueenofhades

The Right Place  ch.7  ch.8  by @jarienn972

#FindEmmaSwanAFriend  ch.10  by @blessed-but-distressed

Wednesday’s Child  ch.9  by @dani-ellie03

Return To Me  ch.2  by @stubble-sandwich

I’ll Drop Anchor in Your Heart  ch.8  by @cutieodonoghue

The Promise  ch.5  by @flslp87

The Art of Remembering  ch.10  by @swans-and-pirates

Knock, Knock  ch.27  by @charmingturkeysandwich (complete!)

The Princess and the Pirate (I Love the Way You Lie)  ch.14  by @lenfaz

The Reason  ch.12  by @xemmaloveskillianx

All Fair in Love and War  ch.4  by @the-corsair-and-her-quill

To Build a Home  ch.8  by @cutieodonoghue

We Can Find a Way  ch.1  by @asthewheelwills

Castle on the Hill  ch.8  by @secret-captain-swan-blog


I Thee Wed  ch.4  ch.5  by @justanotherwannabeclassic

        —Image set  by @just-be-magnificent

Echoing Souls  ch.2  by @like-waves-on-the-beach

       —Art  by @jenswans

Killian Jones and the Girl Who Lived  ch.2  by @thegladelf

Family Ties  ch.2  by @a-winterprince

Part of the Narrative  ch.2  by @emmaswanchoosesyou

        —Image set  by @shady-swan-jones

Not in the Game Plan  ch.5  ch.6  by @onthecyberseas

        —Art  by @cocohook38

Nuuk  ch.4  ch.5  by @wellhellotragic

Tripping Over the Blue Line  ch.6  ch.7  ch.8  by @welllpthisishappening

The Graceful Path  ch.4  ch.5  by @unfolded73

A Wing and a Prayer  ch.5  ch.6  by @xhookswenchx

Drowning is too Late to Learn  ch.5  ch.6  by @accio-ambition

         —Gifset  by @shipsxahoy

Waiting For the Moonrise  ch.3  by @lifeinahole27

        —Art  by @clockadile

The Long Way Home  ch.3  by @pocket-anon

If the Stars Align  ch.3  by @swanslieutenant 

        —Image set  by @acaptainswaneternity

To Everything a Season  ch.3  by @icecubelotr44

         —Image set  by @optomisticgirl

Model Behavior  ch.3  by @shippingtheswann

         —Image set  by @acaptainswaneternity

When the Tide Turns  ch.3  by @trueloveseyeroll

Assassin’s Creed: Misthaven  ch.3  by @delightfully-difficult-pirate

          —Art  by @cocohook38

Heathens  ch.3  by @mahstatins

One Shots

The Worst/Best Christmas Ever  by @captainhookcaptainfreedom

The Kinship Harvest  by @thesschesthair 

Coffee Mug  by @initiala

Storm of the Century  by @asthewheelwills

Hope There is Love (Where You’re Going)  by @the-reason-to-sail-home

But Consider This…Aliens  by @welllpthisishappening

Fireside Reflections  by @optomisticgirl

Anything  part 1  by @artistic-writer

Prompt  by @its-imperator-furiosa

Long Overdue  by @distant-rose

Tell Him  by @phiralovesloki

It Was Fate  by @losttalongthewayy

Need You Now  by @starrnobella

Escape the Gravity  by @ohmakemeahercules

Study Partner: Part 6

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Bruises (from training), fluff, dat sexual tension


Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Groaning, you drag yourself out of bed. Having a nap always made you feel worse, but you had needed it. Everyday for the last week you had been both mentally and physically exhausted.

A week ago, you hesitantly approached the gym. Slowly pushing the doors open, you spotted Clint, Nat, Steve and Sam training. Steve and Sam were sparring while Natasha and Clint were weapons training.

“Hey - hey guys,” you stammered, nervous with what you wanted to ask,

“Hey, Y/N,” Steve greeted you as he effortless dodged a punch from Sam, “What’s up?”

“I, um, wanted to ask you all a favour,”

Nat and Clint put down their weapons and walked over to the sparring ring, while Steve and Sam stopped trying to get the upper hand on each other.

Steve glanced at you, quizzically, prompting you to elaborate.

“I want to learn how to fight,” you confidently state,

“Oh, Y/N, I don’t know,” Steve glanced at Clint, Sam, and Natasha who were giving you disapproving looks, “Have you ever learnt how to fight before?”

“Well, no,” you admit. Steve looks as if he’s about to straight up deny your request, so you quickly tried to redeem yourself, “I mean, I did gymnastics all throughout my childhood,”

“That doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to learn to fight,” Natasha spat,

“I have to try!” you reason, “Please, I need to learn how to at least defend myself. That night, at my old apartment, when those men were punching and kicking me… I need to learn,” you stopped yourself before you admitted how you felt that night, scared and weak.

Everyone’s faces softened and Steve almost looked at you with pity.

“Go get changed,” Steve smiled, “We start now.”

It had only been a week, but you were beyond exhausted. Although everyone assured you that you were learning fast and progressing further then they had expected you to.

On top of daily training, every night Bucky would be waiting at the dining table for you and your History study. 

Your phone buzzed, lighting up from the coffee table across the room. You stumbled over to it, still groggy from your nap.

Squinting at your phone, you turned down the brightness to see Bucky had just texted you.

Are we still on for tonight? Where are you?
From Bucky :)

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Best daddy ever… :heart: *Melting* Kind a collaboration between me and @talesofquelfarii She did sketch, I - The rest. Thanks for that Bae! 

Takeshi Sukeruton belongs to her! Hope you like him. (Ah, and also… THE ARTBLOCK WAS  DEFEATED!)

You may NOT use my (And my customer)characters or my art for your Roleplays and other purposes.Do not repost or upload my artworksanywhere without my permission.Just respect my art, thanks!


I’d kill for a coffee…literally.“ & "I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.”


He released an audible sigh of exhaustion. Running his fingers through his damp hair as he sat his daughter over the counter and begun to open the cup bored as she giggled to something the TV had said few seconds ago.

"Daddy, When were done can we go play with Grant?” Rebecca asked, as she forcefully pushed her curly chestnut locks behind her bitty ears. Bucky didn’t say anything, if he was being honest he was probably sleep walking at the moment.

His wife had a rough Friday, so when she came back late at night to see her only daughter tucked in and asleep, with her husband in the princess bed, she relaxed into her own king sized bed hoping to sleep in.

“And then, can we have a sleepover?” Becca continued. As she swung her legs over the counter. Her dad turned around scratching his bare stomach as he looked over at the ruckus his daughter was doing.

“Alright, shhh.” Bucky grumbled, pulling his hair back with the elastic tie over the microwave. He didn’t know how that got there, or why it was even there. But he was happy he didn’t have to leave his daughter to go into the bathroom and risk waking up his sleeping wife.

Rebecca frowned, watching her dad as he brewed coffee without breaking the machine this time. She noted he wasn’t even listening to her, so she stood up, and carefully stepped over the sink and next to her dad, before popping a finger in her mouth swishing it around her saliva and digging her small finger right into her dads ear.

His screech was deadly. Coffee pot fell from
His hand and shattered on the tiled ground. As did his special coffee mug ‘Best dad ever.’ He pushed her away, as she fell sadly inside the deep sink. Laughing as the only thing showing from her body were her onesie covered legs.

Her giggles were erupting in a rhythmical chorus. While he grumbled picking up the shattered pieces of glass.

After her baby blues scanned the ground, she held her hands out hoping her dad would take her out of the deep sink. It was probably as tall as her. If not deeper.

Just as James put away the mop, he crossed his hands and started at her.

“I was-”

“I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet-willies.” Bucky choked. As he grumbled. His daughter just gave him the deadliest scare he’s had since the 90’s when he thought Steve had finally ended his life in one of his brawls between the alleyways. "Instead, your sitting time out.” Buchanan stated, he was angry. But his daughter was carefree, taking it lightly to sneak up on her dad. Number one rule in the Barnes household- “Do NOT sneak up on Bucky.”  The only rule that was ever laid in the house.

Watching his girl lower her head, he pointed to the infamous corner. The time out corner. Right beside the house door and the coat closet. He pushed her out of the clean skink. Watching as she wobbled there in shame. Her hair covering her whole face. Just as Becca made her way to the corner, his wife came down from the stairs.

“Good morning.” Bucky mumbled, returning to cleaning the counters from the overdue coffee stains. She hummed, stepping behind his bare muscular back and placing a heated kiss.

“Didn’t see your yesterday.” Bucky continued. As he washed his hands, his wife wrapped her arms around his waist and followed his every step.

“Saw you asleep next to Bec, thought I should leave you, both of you looked so peaceful.” She Whispered over her husbands warm skin. “Why is Becca in the time out corner?”

“Don’t mention it.”

“I want coffee,” She stated once Bucky turned around and wrapped his arms around her, giving her a sweet lingering kiss over her forehead. “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” She begged, nudging her husband telling him to make her one. “If only my husband-”

“I broke the stupid pot.”

“God Dammit Bucky! Again?”

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