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My main problem with The G-Club

My main problem with the G-Club, as a podcast, is that it’s a little too focused on specific topics, which I feel makes it a little bit hard for people to access if they’re not already knowledgeable about the topic.

For example, recently they posted an episode about Shin Godzilla with Dan and Arin. I thought “hey, great! a podcast with my two favourite internet boys talking about a neat film” except the problem is that immediately, within the first 5 minutes, they said that if you’ve not seen the film you should go watch it first, then come back and listen to the podcast. Now I do agree, this is pretty logical, they just don’t want to ruin it for people, and that’s completely fair.

The big problem here though is that most of the episodes of the G-Club are like this. 

They’ve done episodes on Baby Driver, Spiderman Homecoming, Metal Gear, ARMS,  Splatoon 2, Game of Thrones, and a load of other stuff, that unless you’ve already seen the movies/played the games, kinda means that you have to go out of your way to go see a movie/play a game first to listen to the podcast without having anything ruined for yourself. This does effect some things more than others, some of them have fewer spoilers and such, and there’s generally less consequence to listening to some of the podcasts if you’ve not seen the film or game in question.

Let me compare it to another podcast, the SuperMegaCast. SuperMegaCast is a much simpler yet wider format where Matt and Ryan (from SuperMega, just in case anyone wasn’t quite sure) and occasionally a guest, just sit and talk about quite literally anything, from the news, to games, to films, to their own lives, and so on and so forth. SuperMegaCast is good in this sense because you don’t have to do a load of reading up on something to get what they’re talking about, its just listen to them talk for and discuss a range of things for about an hour, and if they do talk about something you don’t know about, chances are they won’t talk about it for long. I feel like this is a drastically more accessible format because its so much more open and far less linear than the G-Club. 

I hope this gets my point across. The G-Club is definitely not bad and SuperMegaCast isn’t the BEST PODCAST IN THE PLANET but I wanted to explain why I’ve not been able to get much out of the G-Club. I mean sure, if you have seen all the things they talk about on the podcast, great, go you, enjoy the podcast. I just feel like it isolates out a lot of people who may not be into specific franchises or whatever who want to enjoy a Grump podcast. I’m not saying they should scrap the whole formula but I do think they should try and have a focus on more than just one thing as the main topic of discussion for an episode.

The thing is, I’m just kinda tired of seeing a new G-Club episode in my sub box, getting all happy, then immediately seeing its about something I’ve not seen and having to think “okay, guess I’ll give this one a miss too” which is something I’ve had to do for a majority of them. I haven’t been able to watch one for weeks because of this. I don’t really see enough movies, I’ll be the first to admit, but it just seems so unnecessarily isolating to talk about ONE thing for an entire podcast instead of just making it one OF the things you talk about.

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I also wonder if he chose places that he just wanted to play as a musician, that aren't generic, have great acoustics, etc. Even at the start 1D was never playing in these historical venues. It's super cool, and I think cool for him that he can support a tour with such small numbers.

Oh literally 100%. These are very very specific venues that are as close as he can get to a legit club tour. Like my life’s dream is any of them at 9:30 Club because it is, bar none, the best venue on planet earth (fight me). But he probably would’ve had to book 2-3 nights there. DAR is also amazing. 

DAR Constitution isn’t a full time music venue, so they’re weirdly special with who they book there. It’s just a very homey/indie/folk-y atmosphere. Acts that have been there in the last few years:

  • Head and the Heart
  • Sturgill Simpson
  • Wilco
  • Glen Hansard
  • Sufjan Stevens
  • Bob Dylan
  • Nick Cave
  • Neutral Milk Hotel
  • John Legend
  • Two Door Cinema Club
  • Jack Johnson
  • The Weeknd pre-commercialization aka in 2013

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