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Will He; Ong Seongwoo

♡ Suggested by: N/A
♡ Paring: Seongwoo x Reader
♡ POV: Third person
♡ Warning: Sad themes, mature themes, sex, breakups
♡ Genre: Angst
♡ Word count: 576
♡ Chapter: 2/?
♡ Summary: Late night reminiscing about a past lover with your best friend to cigarettes, alcohol and chill music


“Well, he hated you and I love you” You said. “Why did he hate me anyway?” Seongwoo asked as he lit another cigarette. “Because I’m a lot closer to you then I was to him and we always hung out alone. He was mainly just scared that I was cheating on him with you”. You sighed, taking a sip of alcohol. “Well, who could blame him for thinking that. If I was with you, I’d think all that too” Seongwoo skipped the song that turned on.

“Why’d you skip that?” You asked. “No reason” Seongwoo took a hit of his cigarette. You stared at him for a second. You knew he was lying. You knew everything about him and he was definitely lying. “Ong. Tell me the truth” You sternly stated. He tensed up. You never called him by his last name unless you were angry at him. “Ok fine”

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “You told me that was the song you guys had sex to for the first time” He let out. You rubbed your forehead. “I don’t care, I can listen to it. I still like it” You sighed. “But I don’t” Seongwoo said. You tilted your head. “Why?” You asked. “I just don’t wanna think about you two,… fucking” Seongwoo shook his head. Before you could say anything, he changed the subject. “Ok what else”

You ignored the fact that you were angry and wanted him to explain. He told you about girls he’s slept with all the time and you told him about guys you’ve been with. “Anyway” You picked up the pack of cigarettes and lit one for yourself and opened a new bottle of alcohol. “We didn’t have a stable relationship. He wanted a lot more out of me and did really care what I wanted. I still loved him though” You fell back onto your back and looked up at the sky.

It was a perfectly clear night, you could see all the stars in the sky and even the Milky Way. The air was cool but not cold. It wrapped around you like a comfortable blanket. You felt tears running down your temples and into your hair. On the streams, you could feel how cold the hair really was. “I guess I still do love him” You muttered out. “No, you just pitty yourself” Seongwoo placed his hand onto your calf. His hands were colder than anything around you. Anyone around you.

“Riddle me this Seongwoo” You sat up. “If you love someone and they throw you away without thinking twice, wouldn’t you feel sad?” You asked. “No. I don’t date people” Seongwoo stood up and walked towards the edge of the building. “Whats the point of being in a relationship when you know that you may not be with them forever” He flicked his cigarette butt off the building and watched it fall down the 8 stories. “Have you ever thought about dating anyone? You’ve certainly been with a lot of girls” You walked over to him and propped yourself on the ledge.

“Doesn’t everyone” He walked in front of you and placed his hands on the ledge beside you. “Why didn’t you follow suit then?” You held onto his shoulders. He stayed quiet for a moment until looking up into your eyes.

“Because you were dating someone else”

She sat by the ocean for hours smoking cigarettes with her best friend. It was around 3 am, her mile-long legs were crossed, she smiled and tossed her phone into the sand, “Fuck him, I’m legendary.” she said, as the smoke leapt from the end of her cigarette. Her friend laughed, “That’s pure poetry.” she replied as she took the last sip of rosé they’d been drinking straight from the bottle.

riley b.

“Love is a form of prejudice. You love what you need, you love what makes you feel good, you love what is convenient. How can you say you love one person when there are ten thousand people in the world that you would love more if you ever met them? But you’ll never meet them.”
  ―  Charles Bukowski