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Break Even

Part 1 Part 2


I don’t have a clue how it happened.  Maybe I was delirious from this new thing that Simon was doing.  Namely, kissing me.  Admittedly, I had dreamed about it long enough that when it actually happened I sort of fell into a dream-like state.

           But in a moment of complete post-kiss stupidity, I invited him home for Christmas.  With me.  With my family.

           What could I have possibly been thinking?

           Oh right. I wasn’t.  Thinking, that is.

           But the bigger question remains.  

           Why in the world did he say yes?

Christmas takes forever to arrive.  It sounds childish to wait for Christmas, but honestly, I might have been waiting for it to be over.

           Because having Simon Snow in my house has been a nightmare.

           I should have seen it coming.  Of course my family would be horrible, pasting fake smiles on their faces in front of him and watching our every move when they thought he couldn’t see.  Of course they would judge me for inviting my – our – sworn enemy into the house out of the “goodness of my heart”.  They’ve been acting like he’s the vampire, and now that I’ve let him in he’ll drain us all in our sleep.  

           Mordelia asked me why he was here.  She said it like it was an accusation.  I told her that we weren’t fighting right now and that he needed a place to stay for Christmas and be nice.  She gave me that look with the narrow eyes like she knew it was more than that, which she didn’t.  She never does when she gives that look.  She just does it to make you think that she’s on to you, so that you’ll reveal the rest yourself.  I simply fixed her with a glare and sent her on her way.  There’s not much more I can do with her.

           Aunt Fiona isn’t talking to me.  I can’t blame her.

           But easily the worst part of the situation is Simon himself.

           Because he hasn’t kissed me since that afternoon in our dorm.  He hasn’t made any moves, he hasn’t mentioned it, he isn’t showing any signs that it happened in the first place.

           Which almost makes me wonder if it even did happen.  I couldn’t have dreamed that up, could I?


I have no bloody idea what to do.

           I kissed Baz.

           His house is big, much bigger than I expected, which is saying something.  Apart from that, his family is pretty much exactly what I thought they would be like. His dad is quiet and stern-looking. His stepmom is awkwardly friendly for my sake, but I’ll give her credit for even bothering.  His aunt is cranky, and his sister is… creepy.  That’s really the only way I can describe her.  She doesn’t talk to me, even if I try to talk to her.  She just stares at me with this weird mix of curiosity and horror, like I’m the creepy one.

           Baz is the only one I can stand to be around for extended periods of time, which is honestly really pathetic, considering our history.

           But then again, what does our history even mean now?

           After all, he invited me to his home for Christmas. After I kissed him.

           And I kind of want to do it again.

           Instead I do the opposite.  I act like it never happened.

           Because I’m afraid.  I’m afraid of what this means.

           Because he’s the enemy, whether either of us wants it or not.

           Is he really?

           I can’t kill him if I want to kiss him.


I don’t know how I’ve gotten any sleep this whole holiday with him in my room.  It’s stupid, I know, since we’ve been sharing a room for years, but this feels way more intimate than that.  It makes me feel so much more exposed.


His room is cold, like him, but at least it doesn’t have any monsters under the bed, or anywhere else.  Apart from him, anyway.  Assuming I’m right and he is a vampire.

           That should bother me.  It always has.

           I didn’t feel any fangs when I…

           He’s given me every spare blanket he can find, and I’ve piled them up on top of me to peel off one by one when I start to overheat, which happens nearly every night.  I wonder if he’s ever too cold in here, or if he finds this comfortable.

           I wonder if he would overheat if I were to hold him while he slept.  Assuming he ever lets me get that close again.

           I wonder why I want him to let me, and if I’ll ever be able to stop wanting things.

           I can’t kill him if I want to kiss him.

           So maybe I’ll have to make a choice.

           And maybe I already know there’s no way I could kill him now.  


I wake up on Christmas morning to find Simon already gone from his little nest on the sofa at the foot of the bed.  I let my head fall back to the pillow, not ready to get up yet.  The sun has only just peeked over the horizon and through the window.  

           Come to think of it, Simon is up really early.

           He could just be in the bathroom.

           Or he could have left.

           And just like that, I can’t get the thought out of my head, even though I know it’s dumb.  After all, where could he possibly go?

           But it’s too late.  The thought has taken purchase and it won’t let go.

           I throw back the covers and shove my feet into my slippers, grabbing my robe before leaving the room.  The house is quiet, apart from the gentle sighs of the ghouls in the curtains.  I don’t hear Simon’s usual too-loud bumbling footsteps, or Mordelia’s Christmas morning tiptoe, or anyone else moving through the house.

           I almost don’t see him when I pass the Christmas tree in the fireside room, but a shock of blonde hair catches my eye and I double back.

           There he is, lying under the tree, sound asleep and snoring gently.

           Maybe that’s why I woke up.  The absence of snoring.

           I approach him quietly and find myself smiling sadly, wondering if he’s ever gotten to sit under a real tree on Christmas Day, surrounded by packages and ribbons and sweets.  It looks like he’s actually tried to wedge himself underneath the branches like he’s trying to blend in with the presents, but his legs stick out and his one arm is long above him, and a bauble is dangling directly over his head, brushing his curls as it sways.

           I should wake him and get him back to bed where he can sleep properly until the sun has come up, but as cliché as it sounds, he looks too peaceful.  He always has this weight on his brow, like the entire World of Mages is standing there on his eyebrows and furrowing them together.  In a way, I suppose that’s exactly the case.

           “Snow,” I whisper softly, close to his ear.

           He stirs, and then wakes up suddenly, jerking up and knocking the bauble off of its bough, the whole tree shaking with his movement.  When his eyes meet mine they’re anxious for a second before they fill with recognition.

           “Thank Merlin it’s you,” he sighs in relief.  “It would have been mortifying if any of your family had found me first.”

           “Lucky you,” I mutter.  “What are you doing down here, did you sleepwalk?”

           “I was waiting, but you took so long that I fell asleep.”  Simon yawns, brushing a ribbon from his arm and climbing out the rest of the way from under the tree.

           “You were waiting for Christmas by sleeping underneath the Christmas tree.”

           He blushes and looks down.  “Yeah, well, I had a stupid idea.”

           I raise an eyebrow.  “Do tell.”

           “You know how you got me that dagger for Christmas?”

           “Of course.”

           “And you know how I wanted to pay it back?”

           I feel myself starting to blush at the memory. “Yes.”

           His cheeks are blazing red.  “Well, I still don’t have a present for you.”

           “Snow, you let me give you a place to stay for Christmas, that’s enough.”

           “And that’s another thing.  I can’t offer the same to you, so I didn’t know how we could break even on this one.”

           I shake my head.  “Why are you so obsessed with breaking even?  I don’t want anything, Snow.”

           He meets my eye.  “Nothing?  Really?”

           I blush fully.

           “So I had this stupid idea,” he pushes on, looking away again, “that maybe when I… paid you back the first time that you wanted it, and that we could maybe do that more often.”

           I can only blink in shock at what I’m hearing.

           “So I thought,” he continues, “that even though I can’t give you anything wrapped in paper, I could give you… me.”

           I almost burst out laughing at how crazy this is. “You?”

           He shrugs.  “Well, I don’t know about you, but I really liked kissing you.”  He says kissing quickly like he wants to get it over with.  “And I really like not fighting with you.”

           I can barely breathe.  “I like not fighting, too.”

           He peeks up at me.  “Yeah?”


           “Do you think we could… not fight more often?”

           “I think we could manage it.”

           “And do you think,” he gulps, “that maybe we could…”


           He looks at me with a kind of fear I’ve never seen on him before.  He’s afraid I’ll turn him down.  It’s the kind of fear that’s been keeping me from telling him everything for years.

           And now that I’ve seen that fear in his eyes, I feel mine start to dissipate.

           I lean in.  His blush deepens and his eyes dart to my mouth and back.

           “Definitely,” I murmur, and we’re so close I can feel his hot breath grazing my lips.

           It’s Christmas morning and I’m kissing Simon Snow under the Christmas tree, and he’s sighing into my mouth and his fingers are in my hair and I can barely tell up from down.

           And Crowley, am I glad I woke him up.

Merry Christmas!~~

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So, as promised, we’re uploading the mistletoe gifs but we also have something extra special planned. You should see it uploaded some time tomorrow! Thank you all so much, you’re the best.~ And again, merry Christmas!

#213: Baby’s First Christmas | Decorating The House


Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 1st:
Baby’s First Christmas (1/?)

Ahhh this is so exciting look what is back! I have made a mini mini series which will also be the last few chapters of this whole series in complete. So of course this is like a mix of being sad and happy because I’ve been working on this series for almost three years and to see it end completely is woah! But to make sure this will also be fitting with the timeline, Christmas is mixed in between the baby series so I’ve written the age of the children so it makes more sense!

Pregnancy Series // Baby Series 

Luke (Newborn):

”Luke?” The confusion was noticeable in your tone as you walked out of the nursery, scanning the hallway but without any sight of the blond haired lad. “Attic!” Was faintly yelled back in respond, taking away your curiosity and seconds later he came to sight with two brown boxes stabled together in his embrace. “What is going on?” You questioned confused, swaying back and forth out of habit while having William in your arms. “It somehow came to my attention that because of the pregnancy, stress, the birth and all we haven’t even gotten the chance to decorate for Christmas yet.” Your eyes widened by the announcement because to be honest it hadn’t really been at the top of your mind. But now when taking a look around the house seemed pretty empty, especially compared to simple things like various colors of Christmas lights outside. “So I thought why not dig something out and just make it a little out of it. From that you will also be able to let go of William for the first time while he is awake since the birth.” Your eyes widened even more by Luke’s announcement, ready to scold at him but when he raised his hands in surrender you knew he was only joking. Shaking your head by him you still accepted his waiting hand, feeling the buzz go through your veins by the affection and followed him into the living room to start it out. Saying that things were awkward between you weren’t exactly true, but you were more still somehow struggling to become a couple officially. You loved each other, no single doubt about that but Luke still managed to blush every time you did something romantically such as holding hands or kissing. You even had to scold at him a few times because the situation wouldn’t get any better when he would laugh and make a fool of himself. Simply, Luke still couldn’t believe that his best friend had turned into his soulmate, his princess and the mother of his son. Occasionally you would catch him staring at you, it had become a habit where you didn’t even say anything but just smiled at each other. Sometimes you would ask why he would, but it would always be the same and it would always bring a smile to your face. “You’re beautiful.” This time you hadn’t even asked yet, holding a few cut out Christmas stockings to hang above your fireplace. Looking up at him as he was about to hang up a Christmas wreath while standing on a chair, smiling down at both you and William who was sleeping peacefully sleeping on his blanket on your couch. “You’re really beautiful.”

Calum (5 months old):

“You know, I think this is actually the first time we’re decorating the tour bus.” Ashton commented while scanning the many boxes of various kinds of decorations, he almost couldn’t believe that you and Luke had used literally two hours on buying everything while the others looked after Alex. “I wanted this to be special so I ordered them to buy everything they could find. This is Alex’ first Christmas after all and even if we aren’t home it shouldn’t prevent us from having the best one ever, despite us being on the road.” Calum explained while taking things out, throwing the decorations in the not so waiting arms of Ashton and Luke, looking over at Michael who was holding Alex by the hip. “I’ll take the decent babysitter task and watch you do all the work.” He said with a pleasing smile, taking a seat down on the couch and bounced Alex up and down on his lap. Rolling your eyes by his easy way of escaping out of the situation you took out a few bells, hanging them up around the cupboards by the mini kitchen. Meanwhile Calum had made sure to plug in his Spotify to one of the speakers, finding the best playlist of Christmas tunes he could and once in while sang along to the song. You could definitely tell that Luke and Ash were enjoying this as well despite wanting to be in Michael’s position, hanging up fake spruces with red bows above the windows while Calum hung up a mistletoe above the front entrance. “Hey Cal, Y/N, would you think he would like some peppermint candy canes?” Michael suddenly questioned, already having the bag open and about to let Alex have a taste but you were quick to speak up. “Michael no, he’s not even a year yet he can’t have any of it!” You let go of the bells to hurry towards him, taking the canes out of his hands and placed it in his mouth instead. Leaning over on the table to grab Alex’s pacifier you took his attention from the red and white cane that seemed to make his brown orbs go wide, placing it in his mouth and sighed softly when Calum came up beside you. “I’m sorry bud, your mother is strict.” Michael whispered with a giggle, knowing that in the end it wouldn’t be okay to give him one and winked up at you. “You can wear a Santa hat instead.” Reaching out for a too big hat in one of the boxes he placed it on top of Alexander’s head, confusion written on his face when everyone started to giggle by the cuteness.

Michael (8 months old):

“You got it?” He questioned, his voice shaky and almost holding his breath while stabilizing you on his shoulders. He couldn’t see much, it was covered in both boobs and hair but he trusted your words, this wasn’t like when you were hanging up frames and you could claim they would be perfectly straight. “I think so.” You mumbled in concentration and moved back to get a better view of it, making sure that it was secure and wouldn’t fall down. Looking down at Michael with a giggle you felt him walk towards the kitchen counter where Celeste was resting on her baby chair, looking up at you with wide eyes as to what in the world her parents were doing at the moment. “You gotta check this out princess.” Michael cheered the second you were down from his shoulders and sitting on the counter, watching him lift her up and into his warm embrace. “You see this?” He questioned and lifted his hand up to touch the ends of the mistletoe, wanting Celeste to get the attention and look up as well. “You’re probably more interested in food.” He commented quickly when she started sucking on his thumb lightly, looking up with her emerald green eyes and exclaimed “Dada!” “Yes dada and mama just hung this up, it’s a mistletoe.” He explained and looked up, “It means when we’re standing under it I’m allowed to do this without protests.” A fits of weird noises and giggles filled the kitchen as Michael attached Celeste with kisses on the cheek, moving his lips around to her nose, her forehead and over to the other cheek. “And you can’t do anything about it.” He giggled because of her reaction, barely getting the chance to kiss her because his eyes were squeezing in happiness and his laughter was loud in the kitchen. You stopped in track from cutting a reindeer to just admire them from apart, leaning your back against the counter but that was when Michael looked over at you with a serious expression. “That involves you as well, babe.” He reached his hand out while holding Celeste by his hip, wiggling his eyebrows and making you laugh as you approached him. Letting him take his hand in yours he pulled you close to his embrace as possible, his lips finding your cheek fast as well making Celeste giggle by the action. “I already know from now that this Christmas is gonna be the best one.” His lips went back to Celeste’s cheek again, making sure to tickle her side before he looked back at you. “Getting the honour to celebrate it with my two favourite girls. I couldn’t imagine it getting any better.”

Ashton (3 months old):

“Ash, how many calendars have you bought?” Confusion was clear both in your tone and eyes when opening the bags from the grocery store he had just arrived home from, holding at least four different kinds of Christmas calendars in your hands. “What?” He questioned while mixing between kissing Zack’s and Cloe’s cheeks in welcome home as they were both resting on the blanket you had spread out on the floor by the couch. Zack seemed like someone who was already ready to sleep while Cloe looked up at her father with big eyes. “It’s one for each.” He simply replied like it wasn’t obvious and grabbed two to hang them up. It was the last thing you needed in the house, everything else was fixed. Ashton had even bought a Christmas tree already standing in the middle of the living room yet to be decorated. He also had made sure to hang up lights outside of the house and around your fence because nothing else was bigger than having the house with the most Christmas lights. It was a competition he had more with himself than others. “And you think they will be able to eat chocolate and jellybeans already?” You questioned with a raised eyebrow but regardless still smiled. “No, that will be our job. I just really wanted to buy them because you know… First Christmas and all that. Even if they are only three months old I want them to have everything.” Smiling brightly by his excitement you stood up on your toes to reach his face, placing a soft kiss to his waiting lips. “You’re probably gonna eat the most of it.” You grinned, leaning down to grab Cloe who was starting to become fuzzy about the lack of attention she was getting. “That definitely isn’t a problem.” He grinned and leaned down to grab Zack, the two of you walking around to take a look around the house. You had been decorating all morning and now when it was starting to become dark outside, everything just looked much cozier. The otherwise white and black minimalistic colors were warmed up by red, green and various other Christmas-ish colors. When you walked over to the tree that Ashton had used tons on time wanting to saw it perfectly so it wasn’t too high but neither too small for your living room you noticed that one thing was actually hanging on it. The thing was a frame with the picture Ashton’s mum had sent you on the day of your birth. “Did you do this?” You whispered when a smile, feeling his lips press a soft kiss to your forehead in respond. “It reminds me of love.”