best choreo ever



yall can fight me on this but

be natural is the best choreo literally ever the members are just weaving around each other seamlessly the transitions are flawless the domino effects are the most clean things ever and they’re on chairs in suits and heels it is the most CRISP CHOREO EVER and they interact with each other so beautifully im frothing


Send In The Clowns
Choreography By Travis Wall


Since it’s the occasion of the Baddest Female return I decided to make my top 10 favorite 2NE1 songs of all time, drumroll please!

1. Crush (2014)

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When 2NE1 announces themselves in the beginning of their songs you know it’s a smash. This song is their first track on their second full-length album Crush and you can really say that it’s a fitting title for such an anthem-like song. It’s just grabs you from the start to finish and like so many of their other tracks it’s upbeat, crazy and empowering “They love me cause I’m hot, they love me cause I’m cold, they love me cause I’m real, they love me cause I kill” hell yeah we do.. 

2. Follow Me (2010)

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2NE1 2010, you know how we do it” Follow Me was their first released song from their first full-length album and it’s catchy as fuuuuuck. I tend not to like songs where the autotune/computer effects is purposely used to create a special sound to the song or singers voices, however this doesn’t irritate me with this song, it actually kinda makes it better. It adds a playfulness to the already fun song and music video

3. Do You Love Me (2013)

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Properly their most summer-ish but also most underrated song. This crazily addictive song just makes you want to throw the wildest party at the beach with all of your friends. It’s fun and bright with an equally as fun and bright choreo to match. What makes me love it even more is the quality of the music video, shot by a director and the corn queen herself (Bom was credit “co-director” since she filmed as much as she did) The video is just them goofing around and having a great time. I recommend listening to this song as a warm-up to a wonderful (and crazy) night

4. Comeback Home (2014)

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Aaaah yes… From lullaby to a soft techno-ish sound to pop to reagge. This song is a mix of so many different types of genres and you know what? It works so well together. The song is still as strong and fierce as them but it also contains the softer side of the as well. The choreo is properly my favorite by them ever and their music video is incredible. I have no problem with just dance releases or videos with no plot what so ever, but this right here was absolutely brilliant. They made an impressive video, told a story and brought out a relevant message which we as people struggle with today. I applaud that. A comeback that was worth waiting for

(Fun fact; this is their most expensive music video ever) 

5. I Am The Best (2011)

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“The anthem” is the best way to describe this monster hit. Winner of “Song of the Year” at the 2011 MAMA’s, Microsoft’s choice for soundtrack for their Surface Pro 3 commercial in 2014, used for the 10th season of “So You Think You Can Dance”, listed in the Xbox game “Dance Central 3″ as the only k-pop song and reached number 1 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart (the only ever female k-pop group to do so) The list goes on and on. With it’s “I don’t give a shit, because I’m the best” attitude, a beat that keeps one hooked and four powerful women kicking ass it’s no wonder why it has become one of the most popular k-pop songs internationally. We all can’t help it; If we hear “Naega jeil jal naga” we gotta repeat it.  

6. Hate You (2011)

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A what I’ll call a “standard” 2NE1 song; electronic, the iconic “eh eh” and addictive. What I like the most about 2NE1 is their fearlessness towards the music industry. They are not afraid to try new genres or experiment with looks however they still have a certain type of style that always repeats itself somehow. “Hate You” is one of those songs I’ll call standard because they don’t do anything outside of the box (It Hurts, Falling In Love etc) or anything crazy (IATB, Can’t Nobody) they just made a good solid song, however they still ended up making it bit special by giving it a different type of music video from what we are used to see. That’s 2NE1 for you; They’ll rock crazy and different, but they can do regular too just with their own spin to it.

7. Lonely (2011)

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Yes they do ballads too and they own them. Lonely is their most popular ballad to date and no wonder why; the soft guitar play and their beautiful voices blend so absolute beautifully together. It illustrates their vocal talent perfectly and I just love the end when Bom, CL and Minzy’s voices overlaps each other, it creates a beautiful harmony. The song is pure emotion and the video is nothing but them walking around which may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it doesn’t need to be since they let the song speak for itself 

(Fun fact; this is actually one of the most expensive 2NE1 music video’s ever made simply because of the clothing they were wearing)  

8. Gotta Be You (2014)

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The Crush album was full of bangers and this one was no exception. Many identify this as “The 2NE1 sound”; CL’s powerful rap, Dara’s sweet voice, Minzy’s strong vocals and Bom’s recognizable unique sound along with the electronic beat we are so familiar with and with a kick-ass chorus. Even the line distribution is so classic; CL takes the verses, Dara handles the build-up, then when the beat drops to the chorus Bom takes over and Minzy then finish the second part of the chorus and when the bridge arrives it’s CL and Bom who shares it. Everything just matches perfectly, the slow part is good and the banging part is awesome! It’s just so.. so.. so 2NE1

9. Scream (2012 + 2014)

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The song was first released as a Japanese solo single in 2012 but then a Korean version was released on their Crush album from 2014. Again it’s a standard 2NE1 song with it’s electronic beat and catchy sing-a-long parts, it’s not as hard-hitting as IATB or Crush but that’s okay, not every single has to be like that. This almost has the same song structure as “Gotta Be You” except for this track Minzy and CL shares the verses (It’s 9/10 times like that; CL and Minzy shares or Bom and Minzy shares). The music video isn’t anything out of the ordinary, the fashion however has a certain “Ugly” feel to it. What really catches my attention in this song is Dara and Bom, making the transition from the build-up to chorus so wonderful. I personally enjoy the Korean version more than the Japanese one. 

10. I Love You (2012)

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This is properly the most feminine I’ve ever seen 2NE1 be, it is also more of a slower dance track than the usual electronic sounds they use. The beat differs a lot from going slow, to building up, to then slow again and next just full on intensity. The line distribution is good but could be better, as a main vocal Bom doesn’t sing a lot however Dara get’s to use her voice more which compensate it just fine. The music video is an absolute masterpiece; from the dramatic use of bright colors - especially pink - , to the old Hollywood glamour and traditional Japanese culture to just the women themselves and how beautiful they look (DARA’S HAIR). If you haven’t seen the music video I’ll strongly recommend that you do and while you’re at it watch the live performances too so you can enjoy the second best 2NE1 choreo ever. 

Just thought I’d share this video of one of our Christmas shows because it’s the best choreo we’ve ever put together 😂

This is what happens when you put Irish dancers on a wet stage while it’s raining