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Can you write how bughead work out they like each other when in a AU Jason never died and he and Polly managed to run off together.

Awesome, Erika’s series of events😂

Wrapping her lips around the strawberry milkshake in front her Betty had to bite back her moan, sure her internship had been phenomenal and the memories she gained were out of this world, but she had missed Pop Tate’s more than anything , including the redheaded boy in front of her apparently.

All summer long she had dreams and plans to confess her love to Archie, to finally let him know how she felt, but sitting here across from him in the familiar old booth, she came to the harsh realization that maybe the feelings she had thought she felt were merely.. platonic. The friendship She and Archie shared was so important to her but as she sat by him and listened to him go on about his music, completely disregarding any stories she may have wanted to tell, she realized that maybe the boy next door love story was nothing but… well a story.

Looking up at Archie as he flung his hands around, she couldn’t help but smile, yes he was a little selfish and slightly scattered but that was all part of his charm, he was an amazing best friend and for the first time since she was six years old she realized that they could never be together, they would always be friends but that was all it would ever be.

Glancing behind him, she nearly choked when she caught the intense stormy blue eyes staring holes into her lips, his own tongue darting out to wet his parted lips. Jughead Jones was openly watching Betty Cooper suck on a straw,

Well hello, tall , dark and handsome.

When Jughead realized he had been caught his eyes snapped up to her own grassy green ones, his hands stopped typing immediately, before he had a chance to look away Betty figured she might as well give her childhood best friend a show.

sticking her finger into the whipped cream before her, she popped the digit into her mouth, her tongue coming out to lick up all the sugary foam, Jugheads eyes went wide and he seemed to be watching her cautiously. Upping the anti, Betty plucked the cherry from atop her shake and dropped it into her mouth, pulling the stem off before placing it back in her mouth and tying it into a ribbon, one of the many things she had learned from her bartender roommate over the summer. Betty had matured this summer, she was confident in her sexuality and she had always known how attractive Jughead was, the fact that no one else at school seemed to notice always blew her mind. Looking now into his intense, lust filled stare she realized that maybe she was glad no one had figured it out, more of the broody, articulate writer for her.

“Ya know what I mean Bets?” Archie asked from across the table, tearing her eyes away from the intense staring competition they were having.

Betty nodded politely
“Of course Arch, hey I’m gonna go say hi to Jughead, I saw the way you looked at the new girl in the cape, why don’t you go on over and tell her I’d be happy to give her a tour. Break the ice, before every guy in school is on her tail.”
Ever the perfect wing woman, Betty pat his shoulder and made her way to Jugheads booth, surprising them both when she slid in gracefully and sat across from him.

“Hi juggie, how was your summer.” She asked innocently, her foot finding his leg under the table as she ran it up his calf sensually.

With wide eyes, he glanced at Archie and then back to Betty, betty shook her head slowly

“That’s definitely over” she whispered, reading his mind

With a satisfied smirk, Jughead slid his vanilla milkshake across the table
“Welcome home bets.”


“Enemies are never a problem. It’s your friends you have to watch out for.“

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I loved charmed! I was so into it as a kid! I took me like a whole summer to watch the whole thing, and I was so disappointed when I learned it was over! Its such a 2000's staple in my life and I love ur blog even more now!

ah, oh my gosh, thank you!!!

yeah! same here! watched it as a kid, and like, it was still going. like i saw when it ended the first time when it aired on TV. and then in 2007 i saw the actual last season. i can’t remember when i started to watch charmed, but i was little

so little to 12. and i’ve watched it a bunch of times. i got all the dvds in a big bag. love it. piper is my fave sister. piper/leo was one of my childhood OTPs. season 6 is my fave season cuz of the chris from the future storyline. i love charmed, i’m aware it’s not perfect (i love obscurus lupa’s snarky charmed reviews, wherein she tore the entire show apart) but i love the characters and the family-ness


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[23/31]: the x-files

“We haven’t forgotten the meaning of Christmas.”