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Everyone else: man I’ve barely gotten any sleep this week with finals coming up

Me: man I’ve barely gotten any sleep this week with fnaf 6 coming out and trying to figure out the lore late at night but then being too scared to go to sleep

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I feel like I send you too many prompts, pls feel free to ignore if you want :)) voltron fam, imagine Shiro was called for an operation in a hospital in another state so he was gone for like a week, when he came home he missed his husband's cooking so much he cried. Keith thinks he's totally overreacting, the kids think its adorable & posted a vid on keith's insta lmao. Comments were either "wow, hot AND he can cook! Tbh I'd cry too" or "the husband's hot too?? Wth thats unfair!" Lol

[The Voltron Family] The flight was long and too many people with their suitcases were walking around the airport but that didn’t stop Shiro from getting excited. He looked around at the people standing to wait at the arrival area and met the eyes of the one he loved the most. He walked quickly and the nearer he got, the bigger his smile became.

“Hello, my red bean,” Shiro greeted as he pulled Keith into an embrace. “Thank you for taking your time to pick me up.”

“I had no choice. I’m your husband,” Keith rolled his eyes fondly. He pulled away to kiss Shiro on the cheek only to be kissed on the lips. “Sneaky.”

“I’m your husband,” Shiro mocked, giving Keith another kiss.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Keith shook his head in disapprovingly, however, his grin told Shiro they would continue in private. They started walking and the younger man asked, “How was the flight?”

“Awful without you,” Shiro frowned, leaning in again for a kiss but was stopped immediately by Keith’s finger on his lips. “I was deprived of your kisses for a week! I need—”

“Takashi,” Keith warned. “People are looking.”

“I don’t care.”

“Well, I care because I’m hungry and I made lunch so we need to get home. I know you haven’t eaten anything either.”

Shiro wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “I’d like to have my lunch now if you don’t mind.” Keith just stared at him, the kind that made Shiro rethink about his awful life choices especially on his attempt with sexual innuendos to his asexual husband. Shiro gulped, feeling a little awkward at the lack of response. “Uh, yeah. Lunch at home would be great. What did you cook, honey?” 

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  • Zwei: Give me the chicken! Come on best owner in the world! Can't you hear me whine? I'm standing on my paws for you! YES! Ruby gave me chicken.
  • Zwei: Oooooh being brushed feels good! Pamper me more Weiss! Yes, I'm a good doggy! I'm a very good dog! Yes I want a treat!
  • Zwei: CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! Awww Blake ran away from me. Maybe if I roll around on her bed, she'll love me back? Yes! Perfect!
  • Zwei: Yang, grrrrr, let go of the rope! Gimmie! It's my toy! Great, now I'm dangling in the air but I'm still not letting this toy go! Yay! You let go! I win! Wait, do you want it back? Ok, lets go again! I love play time!
  • Zwei: Jaune's shoes are the best chew toys! Oh, I think he's looking for them again. Time to pretend I found his shoes. He always pets me for it!
  • Zwei: Nora! Nora! Nora! If I keep staring at you I know you'll give me bits of food from your plate. Mmmm beef! Let me lick your fingers! Do you have anymore? I'll stare at you again until you give me more. Please?
  • Zwei: Throw the stick! YES! I'm running after it! Are you watching, Pyrrah? I got it! It's heavy but I'm bringing back your big stick. Throw the giant Frisbee you have next!
  • Zwei: Naps are always best with Ren, it's always so quiet and he scratches me behind my ears while he reads. He doesn't even mind that I drool on his fancy clothes!
  • Zwei: I love all my owners!
Distraction - Steve Rogers

Can you write something with with reader x Steve or Wanda where the reader is an intimidating secretive agent from some secret task force that the avengers need help from? And throughout the whole thing the reader is so serious and Steve or Wanda is trying to be friendly but keeps being put to the side and when it’s all over it’s like the reader flips a switch and they get to know each other? :-) I love your stuff! (Also my phone’s acting up,, this is meant to be anon

Distraction - Steve Rogers

There were about eight different voices going off in your ear. You sat at the base of a digital mountain, computer screens lined the wall and the long desk was covered in equipment. The room was dominated by this mass of technology, only allowing enough extra space for yourself, the rolling chair you were sitting in and one other seat, which was occupied as well. By a super-solider that was adding an extra voice to the constant noise in your ears.

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i feel like i will never ever stop talking about this, but i am just so amazed. secret session last night.. i am so amazed that my blog was watched, i’m so amazed that i was chosen out of so many other people. taylor trusts ME with the ins and outs of this album. she was so open, so honest, so raw about every single detail. it’s so amazing that she could give herself so easily. that trust is amazing. i just feel so much CLOSER to taylor. like i feel like i have a real bond with her. like, just me and her. just standing with her and talking to her felt so natural. she knows my name, she knows my dedication, i know she’s watched my struggles. she made me feel loved. that’s my BEST FRIEND ruling the world and inviting me over for chicken nuggets and cookies, what’s your best friend doing for you?

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you are a wonderful magical wishing well of incredible writing i would like to drop a penny aka a prompt thank you *:・゚✧ “Tell me this is not the first time someone’s made you soup.”

This one is screaming domestic SteveTony, so I went with EMH for it. Tol and smol SteveTony ftw!!

It was important to remember that Tony had fallen sick because of Steve. 

Well, Tony was alternating between muttering it under his breath and not-so-under his breath consistently whenever Steve tried to drag him away from heavy work, but it was true and Steve agreed. 

Not out loud, and not to Tony. At least not after the first 10 times. 

“Are you building yourself a metal cocoon?” Steve asked as he crossed his arms at the workshop’s entrance and stared at the mess Tony was making, slugging in his gait as he moved around, sniffling into a tissue.

“I already have one of those,” Tony quipped back, voice a hoarse scratch of sound and air, turning to smile tiredly at Steve, “that thing you call a tin-can?”

Steve had dealt with a hurt and bleeding Tony, a mind-controlled Tony, even a near-death Tony, but this sick and hyper-stubborn Tony was the first. It was both exasperating and mildly amusing, but worrying nonetheless. The infection hadn’t stuck to Steve for more than a few hours but Tony had caught it when he had administered CPR recklessly during the end of the mission, risking his life for Steve’s.

Jan had pointedly not commented on that and Steve was deeply grateful for small mercies. It was bad enough that his - crush if it was a safer term - had grown exponentially over the past couple of months but after the last few days -

It was just nice getting to take care of Tony, that was all.

“I thought we agreed that you’d get some rest and stick to working from your room for today?” Steve asked as he stepped in, noting the way the bots moved around anxiously, clearly having noted something wrong with their creator. 

“I don’t need to workout to work, Cap,” Tony shrugged, a stubborn tilt to his jaw that made Steve want to shake him and carry him to bed in equal parts. 

“Agreed,” he conceded, “but you are also not doing yourself or anyone else any favours by straining yourself when you could recover faster with a bit of rest.”

“I have work,” Tony frowned and Steve nodded but eyed the holograms spinning before them.

“Not something that can’t be done from your room, though,” he pointed out and Tony sighed.

“I’m not a kid, Steve, I’ll be fine”

“I didn’t know that kids were the only ones who were allowed to be sick nowadays,” Steve said mildly and gentle nudged Tony’s shoulder with a smile when the genius scowled at him, “C’mon, Shellhead, I’ll even fill you in on some recent SHIELD gossip and get you my special soup.”

“You have a special soup?” Tony raised a brow, red-rimmed eyes blinking slowly as he allowed himself to be steered away from his worktable, “Where do you order it from?”

Steve blinked and frowned a little.

“I make it,” he corrected and saw Tony look surprised for a flash, “That’s what you do for the sick times.”

Tony hummed non-committedly, but Steve ignored the avoidance of a comment for then, taking the victory of luring Tony away from the workshop.

Tucking Tony into his bed with a lot of cajoling, arguing, and bribing, Steve was about to pull away to go to the kitchen when Tony’s hand shot out to catch his wrist.

“You don’t have to,” he said softly, a tight expression on his face and Steve bit back a frown.

“It’s not a trouble, Tony,” he assured, wondering why Tony would consider it one. It is what anyone would do for someone who was sick. It was what friends did, what people did for those who needed that extra bit of comfort on the down days.

Tony stared up at him for a minute, conflicting emotions flashing over his face before the hand left Steve’s wrist. 

Steve thought about it throughout the time he prepared some warm chicken soup and noodles. It didn’t sit right with him that Tony considered Steve so distant that he wouldn’t do something this simple for him. If it had been Steve lying sick, he knew that Tony would have worked himself to exhaustion trying to make Steve better or feel as comfortable as possible. Why did he not believe that Steve would try to do even a morsel of the same for him?

The tray was laden with a bowl of hot soup and some fresh fruits to soothe Tony’s stomach after a while, and Steve tamped down the niggling hurt before carrying it to Tony’s room.

“Good to see you still here,” he announced as he entered and Tony smiled wanly at him, eyes slightly wondrous yet troubled as he took in the tray Steve had brought for him. 

It definitely wasn’t sitting right with Steve that such a minor act would surprise Tony.

“Let’s hear your verdict on it then,” Steve handed over the bowl with a soft smile and nodded at it, “Try it and tell me how you liked it.”

Tony eyed Steve strangely for a minute before picking up the spoon and blowing on the hot soup, taking a deep sip of it.

Steve watched as Tony’s eyes widened a bit and his smile turned appreciative.

“This is really nice, Steve,” he said sincerely, simple in praise but meaning the world to Steve, “Best chicken soup I’ve ever had.”

“Now, slow down there, fella,” Steve snorted, sitting down on the chair beside the bed, “I’m sure that’s not fair praise.”

Tony frowned, genuine puzzlement on his face as he took another spoonful of soup.

“No, really,” he shrugged and looked down at the bowl, “I might not know much about chicken soup in general but this is definitely the best I’ve had.”

“Which soups do you usually have when you’re down?” Steve asked curiously, leaning back into the chair and imagining the secret recipes that must have been passed down the Stark kitchens before. 

“Uh,” Tony took a big mouthful of soup, clearly taking time to answer, “I’m not usually a soup kind of guy.”

Steve frowned at that and eyed Tony.

“Well, I understand that, but,” he rolled a shoulder, “your Ma must have made you something when you got sick when you were younger, right?”

Tony quietly sipped at his soup and shrugged, a blank look on his face before he looked up at Steve with his press smile.

“Mom wasn’t really made out for the kitchens,” he said, like he was avoiding a better answer. Steve knew hints and bits about Tony’s childhood and hesitantly accepted that maybe Maria wouldn’t have been the type to be enthusiastic about cooking.

“Your butler then,” he said and watched Tony’s shoulder tighten, rising slightly like Tony was hunching in on himself. He must have caught himself doing it because he relaxed in a minute, keeping up his fake smile.

“I didn’t get sick much, Cap,” he answered easily and Steve -

He could detect bullshit in the toughest lies. It was possible that Tony was telling the truth, maybe, blessedly, he hadn’t fallen sick much as a child, but Steve had learned to pick Tony’s tells by now and it was clear that he was lying about something.

If he had been thinking less emotionally, Steve would probably have bitten back the question but it slipped out nevertheless.

“Tell me this is not the first time someone’s made you soup,” he blurted, too raw and knowing, digging into scars Tony was clearly hiding, “Sorry, I just - you don’t have to answer that.”

Tony dragged his spoon through the soup and kept his eyes averted, fixed on the broth, and Steve went over the implications in the non-answer. He hadn’t been from a rich family himself but Steve had always been aware of his mother trying to comfort him, making sure to get him to rest when his many illnesses flared up. They hadn’t been able to afford much but Sarah had always tried to scrounge up something to soothe Steve the best she could. 

They hadn’t had much but they had care. Tony, it would seem, had everything but that.

“Well,” Steve cleared his throat and Tony’s hand tightened on the spoon, making Steve’s hand itch to loosen it, entwining his fingers with Tony’s, and tell him that it was okay. He couldn’t though, not right now, so he settled for smiling and nudging the edge of the bed, “What’s the verdict?”

Tony’s head came up at that, a slight frown of confusion before he understood the question and relaxed.

“I’ll hire you as a chef, Cap,” Tony grinned and Steve nodded approvingly, letting the unspoken truths lie. 

If he made sure to squeeze Tony’s shoulder and tuck his bedsheet tighter around him before leaving to let him sleep. well, it was nothing too big.

Even if it meant everything to both of them.

If Steve made Tony soup on some days even after he recovered, that was left unaddressed and simply accepted as a new tradition. 

It was probably poetic that Steve managed to finally kiss Tony over chicken soup, a few months down the line.

People did say it was good for the soul. 

The heart bit, Steve was certain they would find a new recipe to connect over.


My mom’s chicken phở: the best phở in the world, the reason why I’ll never be able to go out for phở. Everything came from our garden: the chicken, the herbs, scallion, kaffir lime leaves, the calamansi (so much more fragrant than lime), the homemade chilli sauce. Pretty much the only thing we bought was the fresh phở noodles.

Shopping (Kid version) (Steve x Thor x Reader)

Steve x Thor x Reader  (Requested by Anon)
Request: How about a story on a day where Thor and Steve are on grocery shopping duty?
**Author’s note: I was confused, but I decided that this is a poly relationship with the reader. I find that cool, so enjoy!**

You were a good cook, better than most in your neighborhood. Your hobby was partially encouraged by your lovers Steve and Thor. Both men have large appetites and are often busy most of the times, so they never had time to cook. Also, you loved baking sweets for them, which they also enjoyed.

But today, they have the day off, and you were exhausted yourself after the weeks of constant work and cooking. Steve felt bad, and so did Thor. So they both volunteered to make a big dinner for you, also as a sign of thanking you for everything you’ve done for them.

“No no, you two don’t need to do that.” You chuckled, sitting on the sofa with a book in your hands. “No, we’re goingn to make dinner for you, and that’s final.” Steve grinned and immediately grabbed some paper, ready to write down a shopping list. Instead of arguing with them, you just sat there and continued reading.

“May we add the sugary "sweets” to the list, my friend?“ Thor’s loud whisper was still audible. You then hear Steve sigh and scribble down something on the paper, then both men walked out the door. "See ya in a bit, Y/N! We’ll cook you something real nice for you!” Steve called out before shutting the door.

“And we shall bring the sugar foods to our home as well!” Thor’s thunderous voice boomed even when he was outside. You chuckled and continued reading. You were concerned about them at first, but you remembered that Steve is a pretty big guy, and so is Thor. So chances are that they’d run into trouble is pretty low.

“Let’s see… Fettuccini noodles, Alfredo sauce, parsley, mozzarella-” “And the sugar treat called ‘cake’, too!” Steve could only sigh internally as he pushed the buggy along, Thor sitting in it, gleeful as a child. “Yes yes, that too. But we need to focus on the main course, first.” Steve in structed to the eager thunder god.

Thor just simply nods and helps locate some of the various ingredients need for your special dinner. Eventually they got everything, except for one thing; garlic bread.  Of course, Steve wanted to make it from scratch, but Thor insisted that “instant garlic bread” will be easier.

Finally, they checked out, and walked home, which isn’t far from the grocery store. “We’re home~! Is that how you say it, Steve?” Thor asked before swinging the door open, happily carring the groceries, and setting them on the tabble. Steve smiles at you and gives you a kiss on the cheek.

You blushed instantly as you returned the kiss. Thor notices and picks you up from the sofa, carrying you like a princess as he kisses your lips so smoothly. Steve in the meantime gets everything ready for dinner.

Before you could melt in his arms, Steve loudly boats that he’ll make the best chicken Alfredo in the whole world. Then Thor begs if he could put chocolate cookies in the dish, along with sprinkling sugar on the garlic bread. Nothing like cooking to bring everybody together.

**Author’s note: I’m so sorry if it’s short! I just ran out of ideas. Want a second part? Just ask me! :3 -Kid**

Chicken and Waffles - Crispy Buffalo Chicken Fritters on a Waffle topped with Romaine and Ranch Dressing from Capt. Cook’s located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort,

gream of mushroom soup is so good because it can be soup but you can also put it on some chicken and bam. mushroome chicken. best of both worlds babey.

Virginia Tech Freshman Guide

Hey Hokies! I know you’re all super excited about your first year in Blacksburg but maybe you’re a bit nervous and don’t quite know what’s what just yet. Well luckily for you I am a rising sophomore with way too much time on my hands so I constructed this little guide to hopefully help you guys feel better about life at Tech.

I’m going to break this into sections for you:

·        Dorm life

·        Football games

·        Food

·        Classes

·        Getting involved

·        Campus life

Dorm life

So I know the first thing you’re worried about is where you’ll be living. Unfortunately, the new cadet dorm won’t be finished in time for this semester so that means we have a housing shortage on campus. They are offering $2,000 to all upperclassmen to move off campus just so they’ll have more room for you guys! This means that some of you might be tripled or even placed in a lounge converted into a room (that especially sucks because I don’t think you’ll have a sink then).

              My freshman year I lived in Lee hall which I would say is a pretty average. Some are better (like the AJ’s) and some are worse (like Slusher). You’ll each be given a closet, dresser, desk, desk chair, bed, and you’ll have one sink. The sink and closets pretty much take up an entire wall so you essentially have 3 walls to work from. I recommend both of you at least half lofting your beds (I full lofted mine and my roommate half lofted because she’s scared of heights). This will give you more floor space and open up the room in general. Here’s what my room looked like back in August before we fully decorated and it became a total disaster.

             As for roommates my number one tip is to be honest with each other. My roommate and I have a ‘no shit’ policy meaning that we’re both extremely honest with each other about any issues that might come up. I regularly yell at her to take out her trash and she yells at me to clean up under the sink. We are the only roommates I know that haven’t gotten in some weird passive aggressive fight because we stick to being straight up with each other. We’re rooming together this year too so clearly it works.

               The building itself won’t be bad either. In Lee the floors are separated by gender but honestly living on a co-ed floor won’t be an issue either. I have seen boys walking to the bathroom in just their towels and they have seen me doing the same. Think back to those first couple of days in 7th grade when you had to change for gym for the first time. Everyone was super self-conscious and you changed in a bathroom stall so no one would know that you’re on your period. Now think about the last day senior year when girls strutted around the locker room in nothing but thongs and it wasn’t weird at all. That’s what walking to the bathroom to take a shower will be like. It’ll be weird at first but you’ll turn into that thong wearing senior in no time I promise.

Protip: They don’t clean the bathrooms on the weekends so if it’s Sunday night wait until tomorrow to take that shower. Trust me.

              You’re RA is not some scary person out to get you! They’re actually the nicest people in your building and if you’re cool to them they’ll be cool to you. If something is bothering you in the building (roommate issues, gross bathrooms, loud neighbors, broken elevator, etc.) they are the people to talk to. Contrary to popular belief they’re not out to get you either. As long as you’re not disturbing everyone around you and you’re not a danger to yourself or people around you they most likely won’t write you up for being drunk. It’s only when they see alcohol with their own eyes or you’re throwing up all over the place that they HAVE to step in. I’ve gotten an RA to let me into my room at 3am while I was visibly wasted and my roommate and friends waited in the bathroom for the all clear and they didn’t care. Be responsible, respectful, and coherent and they won’t write you up.

Protip: If an RA hears you throwing up in the bathroom they HAVE to call an ambulance by law so if you have a little stomach bug (or knocked back one too many drinks) your sink is your best friend.

Football Games

              I’m going to write this section as if I was writing to my past self. I knew how to play football and I regularly watched NFL games (fly Eagles fly!) but I didn’t know people got so excited over college sports (I’m from the north I’m sorry!). So here is your basic northern girl’s guide to Beamerball.

              First off this man,

Frank Beamer, is the most winningest active coach in college football and if you don’t love him now you will by the end of the season. Hokie football is regularly referred to as Beamerball because of his unique coaching style. Personally, I love him most for the creation of the Fantastic Frank, but that’s a story for the food section.

              Our quarterback is Michael Brewer

He threw the most interceptions of any quarterback in all of college football last season but he did beat Ohio State and he kind of looks like Zac Efron so people have varying opinions about him. Apparently we just got a freshman that will be a lot better than him so fingers crossed!

              Your first game is going to be a bit insane because we were the only team to beat Ohio State last season and you guessed it, we’re playing them first! Plus Sands is giving us the next day off so if nothing else be excited over that!!

              Now for Lane Stadium… The side with the scoreboard is the North end zone aka the student section. If you’re in the student section (which you want to be) expect to never sit down. People have shirts that say “you can sit when you graduate” and they mean it. This is the section that’s always on TV and is the representation of our school. If you’re not going batshit crazy then are you really a student here? In front of the students in this end zone is the Marching Virginians. They have set songs for each situation on the field and you will know all of them by heart by the end of the season. South end zone is home to the cadets and their marching band (yes we have 2 marching bands). When we score they’ll do pushups on the hands of other cadets. They get to wear fancy uniforms and is probably the most fun they have all year to be honest. You will love the cadets.

              If all you care about is being a good spectator, all you need to know is jump for Enter Sandman, don’t sit, yell like crazy whenever the other team has the ball, shake your keys on “key plays” (when the other team is on 3rd down), every 1st down and touch down we get you will chant “H-O-K-I-E-S Hokies!!”, Skipper (the cannon) will be fired every time we get a field goal or touch down (don’t be scared it’s fun), and if you hear “LET’S GO!” you respond by screaming “HOKIES!” at the top of your lungs. Also we love horses on treadmills. Don’t ask just cheer.


              Apparently they don’t do a good job at teaching you guys about this stuff. Basically the bigger your plan is the more money you have to spend throughout the semester. Everything is bought using that money. It is not a swipes per week system. If you buy steak 24/7 you’re going to run out of money pretty dang quick but if you live off of nothing but coffee you’ll have extra money left over at the end of the semester. Everything is 50% off with the meal plan so that $10 steak will only take $5 off of your meal plan. Every dining hall has these little cards that tells you how much money you should have left by what date so you can tell if you’re on track or if you should lay off the sushi for a couple weeks. Try your hardest to stick by them. I get the smallest meal plan because you can always add more at the end if you need it.

              I’m going to break down all of your food options by dining hall here so this section may be a bit long.


 Although it’s not the fanciest looking dining hall it still has amazing food. Here you have stands for smoothies, sandwiches, locally grown organic food (closed on the weekend), Chicken and mac and cheese, pasta, Chinese food, burgers, Mexican food, “cheesesteaks” (I use the term very loosely), sweets, and a salad bar.

Personal favorites: Fantastic Franks from Frank’s Deli, Buffalo chicken sandwiches from Flips, and of course chicken parm from the pasta place (this is a special and is only offered every other Wednesday and Friday. People actually go nuts for it I once waited a half hour for it and I have zero regrets).

Warnings: I’m from South Jersey and let me tell you that “Philly style steak sandwich” is NOT a cheesesteak. If any variation of a cheesesteak has the word “Philly” before it do yourself a favor and don’t get it. I could go on an entire rant about how bad this “cheesesteak” was but let’s just leave it at I almost threw up and I became very homesick and craved the real thing for 3 months until I finally went home and got a real cheesesteak. No one should try it but if you’re from the Delaware Valley I’m sorry but you can kiss cheesesteaks and Wawa goodbye for as long as you’re in town.

Hokie Grill

               Attached to Owens is Hokie Grill. There’s not much to say about this place. There’s a Chick Fil A, bbq place, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin Doughnuts. Protip: doughnuts are only 49 cents on the meal plan.

West End

              West End was the world’s first pay for what you get dining hall in the world and is what earned us the #1 spot in food. Here you can get burgers, sandwiches, wraps, steak and lobster, salads, sweets, smoothies, pizza and pasta.

Personal favorites: Steak from JP’s, chicken Cesar wrap from Wrap World (best bargain on campus if you ask me), hot wings from the Fighting Gobbler, and the Cajun cream sauce special at the pasta place.

Warnings: Super crowded from 5:30-7pm. Go early or late if you don’t want to wait ages for your food.


              This is the only all you can eat dining hall on campus. Because of that it’s a bit more on the pricier side. Don’t go here unless you’re really going to get your money’s worth. Definitely go here if it’s a themed day (CHOCOLATE DAY IS A REAL THING AND IT’S GLORIOUS) and be sure to stop by at least once for Sunday brunch (which lasts until 3pm).

Personal favorites: Everything on chocolate day, eggs benedict on Sunday brunches at the Chinese place.

Warnings: This is probably the worst dining hall on campus which means it has pretty good food. If this is your worst food than you are in the right place my friend.


              Located on the first floor of D2 is Dx. Basically take a crappier version of Wawa and shove it into a hallway and make all the customers drunk and you’ll have Dx. Since it is the only food option on campus after midnight (it closes at 2am) it is a popular place to go after a night out. You will find yourself stumbling through here at one point.

Personal favorites: Corndog nuggets and the butterscotch pudding with Heath bar crumbles.

Warnings: The sushi is gross and a lot of people get sick from the food here (I never have so I don’t know what their problem is). Basically this is what normal schools have as their actual food and this is your crappy late night place so be happy.


              This whole building is basically all dining halls. Deet’s is your typical little coffee shop. They have ice cream, coffee, baked goods, and even paninis. It’s open until midnight and there are lots of chairs so I usually find myself there late at night working on group projects with people.

Personal Favorites: Blacksburg sunset (get lemonade for sour, sprite for sweeter) and the southwest chicken panini.

Warnings: No outlets for your computer so come charged up if you plan on staying awhile.


              Although mainly the student center Squires still houses Burger 37 and ABP. It’s all a bit pricier but it’s on the meal plan and you won’t find a better burger or milkshake on campus.

Personal favorites: B7 burger and the chipotle mayo for the fries at Burger 37, free refills of lemonade at ABP.

Warnings: Super crowded most of the time but worth it.


              The only dining hall on the academic side of campus! It’s closed on the weekends but here you can get bagels, convenient store stuff, coffee, crepes (crepe guy is super attractive), sushi, hibachi, salads, Qdoba, southern fare, steak and fish, smoothies, and pizza. Check out the cadet room on the first floor it’s one of my favorite places to study.

Personal Favorites: Beef at the hibachi place (only at lunch), custom salad at the salad place, taco salads at Qdoba, and salmon from Fire Grill.

Warnings: closed on the weekends and always packed between classes.


              Now the part you all hate: actual learning. This is more going to be little tips and tricks than anything since I don’t know your major. I am majoring in Mechanical engineering with a minor in Biomedical engineering so if you happen to be doing one of those feel free to ask me about more specific questions!

              Please don’t be afraid to go to office hours! Your teacher will help you I promise and sometimes they’ll even give you little tips or benefits that won’t be offered to other students. I’ve gotten extensions, extra credit, news before everyone else, and candy just from dropping by my teacher’s offices. Trust me it’s worth it and a whole lot better than failing and feeling alone.

              Do your work as soon as you can. Life happens and you will have unexpected events come up that you didn’t plan for. Would you rather fall to just 4 days ahead of schedule and go out and play bumper soccer with your friends or stay up until 3am doing that chem lab you haven’t looked at since lab day? You will have so much more fun (and sleep!) by staying on top of your work.

              Plan out your next semester schedule early. Look up your proposed degree path and see what you should take in the spring. Go to Hokie Spa and sift through the timetable of classes for the spring until you’ve found that perfect schedule and request those classes. When you don’t get any of the classes you requested, use coursepickle to tell you when the classes you want are open and get your perfect schedule. Protip: schedule free time for 8am and never be scheduled an 8am ever again!

Getting involved

              This one is the most important if you ask me. Classes are one thing but being a part of the Hokie nation is another. Every year in September we have this thing called Gobblerfest which is basically this event where almost every club on campus comes out to the drillfield and tells you information about their club. This is a great time to explore your interests and find where you belong at school. Thanks to Gobblerfest I’m now a sister of a sorority, on a design team, public relations officer of the Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Society, and vice president of Engineering World Health (and all of this in one year!). I met some of my best friends from these clubs. If nothing else you’ll get tons of free things at Gobblerfest (all of the sunglasses I own are from this event) so make sure you go and check out clubs!

              However, clubs aren’t the only way to get involved. In the spring Tech has The Big Event, the largest collegiate Relay for Life in the world, the 3.2 for 32, and so much more. Get a group of friends together and spend you weekends helping people and having fun. You don’t have to commit to a club, just one day. It’s a lot of fun and I promise you you’ll come out feeling like you were really a part of something bigger than yourself.

Campus life

              As a freshman you’re guaranteed campus housing. But what is campus like? Are there traditions I’m not aware of? Are there shortcuts to places I’m not aware of? Don’t worry! I’ll break it all down for you here!


              By this point you probably have seen the drillfield and know the two distinct features in front of Burruss and Torg Bridge.

The pylons each represent Virginia Tech’s principles. In the center sits a cenotaph, DO NOT TOUCH THIS!!! The cenotaph is there representing all of the Hokies who have received a purple heart. We don’t touch it as a sign of respect to them. If you see someone touching it (or using it like a coffee table like I once saw) kindly tell that person why we don’t touch it. Hokie respect people.

              This is the April 16th memorial. After the shooting that took place on April 16th, 2007 a group of students were sitting on the drillfield wondering how they could honor their fallen Hokies. They decided to go to the quarry and take 32 Hokie stones (one for each live lost) and place them in a semicircle in front of Burruss. These makeshift stones were eventually given to the families of the victims and were replaced with today’s Hokie stones (which have each of their names engraved into them). Every April 16th a memorial service is held here and cadets guard each stone with pride. It is easily the prettiest place on campus during that week.

              The next tradition occurs on the first snowfall of every year. The cadets vs. civilians snowball fight happens on the drillfield and is easily the most epic snowball fight you’ll ever be a part of. Last year I saw people with lab googles, Captain America shields, American flags, and even the Hokiebird took part in it! Keep a look out on Facebook when it snows because that’s where the date and time will be announced.

              Each and every class at Virginia Tech creates their own class rings. After the rings are given out there is a huge dance to celebrate it. It’s kind of like the college version of prom except you’ll actually have fun at this dance.

              Similarly, the Military Ball takes place every year. Cadets HAVE to bring a date so get out there and find a cadet to dance the night away with!

Getting around

              So now you know some of the traditions on campus but how do you get around easily? Well you can’t go wrong with walking. If you have a crazy schedule like me and you need to go to Litton Reaves to Randolf in 15mins (good planning on my part I know) you might want to invest in a nice bike. Make sure you register it! It’s free and it will stop you from getting a ticket with VT parking services or will help VTPD track down your bike if something happens to it. If bikes aren’t your style I’ve seen people on skateboards, longboards, scooters, unicycles, tricycles, you name it. If you plan on bringing your car make sure you get a parking pass and be careful where you park! Getting a parking ticket is on the Hokie bucket list because it happens so often. When in doubt don’t park there.

              If you need to go off campus Blacksburg Transit is your best friend. Download the BT4U app to see which bus will take you where and at what time. Below is a list of places I went to often and which bus will take you there. I know it’s scary at first. (Note: there are 2 Krogers in Blacksburg. “Ghetto” refers to the smaller, older one next to the math empo; “Gucci’ refers to the bigger, newer one on South Main (no I didn’t make these nicknames up.))

University Mall- Ghetto Kroger, Math Empo, the “mall” (like 4 stores and the empo lol), Panera Bread, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, and Macado’s.

University Boulevard- Literally all the same places as U Mall you might just have to walk like 3 feet extra.

South Main- Gucci Kroger, Cookout, Our Daily Bread, and downtown (if you’re super lazy).

Two Town Trolley- CHRISTIANSBURG, Walmart, the hospital (only on week days), the Christiansburg mall (aka the closest thing to civilization you’re going to get down here), and the movies.

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I hope this whole thing helped someone out there and I can’t wait to see you all in Blacksburg in just a couple weeks!

Some waitress let me pay for my dinner tonight by making out with her. Not only did I get free food, I got the best of both worlds. I even gotta bring some chicken fingers home. After all this time, they’re still my favorite food. They’re epic af.

11 questions tag game!

Omg I’m actually remembering to reply to one off these. I was Tagged by @saltnhalo and Emma I’m basically trying not to flail tbh.

1. Post the Rules.

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1) How has the internet/fandom changed you?

It’s made me accepting of my own geekiness and feel more excited and proud of my writing and interests and helped me feel less loney and sad during tough times.

2) What is your comfort food?

This one specific restaurants chicken korma. It’s the best thing in the world.

3) Do you have pets? If not, would you want pets?

I have a dog called lulu. She’s a lhaso apso which basically means small fluffy things that barks really loudly and sleeps a lot.

4) Favourite place to holiday?

I’ve never really been to a place twice so I’m gonna go general and say Europe.

5) Favourite tropes?

Fake/pretend relationships

Case fics

Enemy’s to lovers

Angst with a happy ending

6) One fic/piece of artwork that really resonated with you.

Um down to the a gincourt and a hole in the world are just two fics that like gave me everything I needed in a fic there’s likeable characters and sarcasm and angst and drama and love and ugh I love these fics so much you have no idea. The walks pretty amazing too. That made me cry a lot and was the first fic I ever read while it was WIP from the beginning.

7) Something you have a passion for?

Writing and directing, pretty much anything in film I just love it so much it’s my happy place

8) Three words to describe your personality.

Loud, quirky, talkative

9) What is your favourite season and why?

S4-S5 are basically tied for me. I love everything about them for the lore to the build up to basically every character hero or villain like I don’t think there was one character in these seasons that didn’t intrigue me in some way and like nearly all of my top ten episodes are in these seasons.

10) Best memory from the past year?

I was at our like local small time comic con and I was Legolas and my best friend was Merida. We both got into a little bit of a disagreement about who would win in an archery contest between our characters and started to get a poll going with people there. We somehow ended up on the main stage with these cheap bows and our other friend holding a plushie dory. We both took turns to hit it and missed horribly laughed and basically ran to get off the stage when the MC called us back because he had money on this with the other MC. We went back and I couldn’t get the arrow to thread, so Merida went first and like I finally got it, closed my eyes and hit the Fucking thing and the crowd went insane because it was such and effort and yeah that was a pretty amazing moment for me.

11) One thing that you love.

My bed. It’s comfy af.

My questions:

1) Favourite spn episode and why?

2) The movie you could watch everyday and still love with your whole heart and soul?

3) Song your listening to rn?

4) Weridest conversation you’ve ever had?

5) Your top three fics?

6) which spn character would you bring back?

7) Are you a like it cold person or a person who needs at least two blankets to function?

8) Coffee or tea person?

9) A really stupid mundane thing that annoys the hell out off you?

10) Would you go to space if giving the chance?

11) Your favourite Team free will hairstyles?

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Jacqueline Kennedy Story Time (the promised Birthday edition)

1. During one of the Kennedy outings on the yacht, Jackie was invited for the sail and lunch. Eunice made the picnic basket and began handing out thick peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to everyone. Jackie hated jelly and her disgust was purely evident as Eunice handed her one dripping with jelly from the sides. Eunice said, “I put extra strawberry jam on this one for you.” The jam dripped down her hands as Jackie exclaimed, “Oh my God, no. I brought my own lunch.” Jackie opened up her own basket to reveal a plate of pate and a bottle of white wine. She triumphantly asked, “anyone care for some?" Joe enthusiastically took some. Leave it to Jackie to bring her own wine.  

2. Shortly after returning from their honeymoon, Jack and Jackie moved into a two-bedroom home in Georgetown, close to Bobby and Ethel. Ethel loaned Jackie drapes and slipcovers, though Jackie didn’t like them much, she took them gratefully anyway. One morning, Jackie attended a family gathering where she pulled Ethel over to the side and asked, "Now, just how do you make that delicious fried chicken of yours?” Ethel laughed and said, “Whoever said I made delicious friend chicken?” Jackie: “Well, Jack says you make the best fried chicken in the world.” Ethel was tickled as she said, “No, it’s his sister Eunice. She’s the one who makes fried chicken. All I did was get the recipe from her and give it to my cook. And now she makes the best fried chicken in the world, too. I can lend it to you if you like.” Jackie thought it over, then asked, “do you think you could lend me your cook instead?”

3. Jackie was working with Jim Ketchum for the antique pieces they’d recently acquired for the White House restoration. Jackie was sitting cross-legged on top of a two-drawer file cabinet, a clipboard in one hand, pen in the other. In tight blue jeans and a white sweatshirt, her dark hair pulled back in a ponytail with a white bow, she asked, “Okay, now how many more pieces are we looking at?” Jim replied, “There’s a lot left, Mrs. Kennedy. Looks like we’re going to be here for a while.” as he checked the inventory sheet. “Really?” Jackie asked looking up for from her list, a surprised expression on her face, “Well, I have things to do. I have a state dinner to plan. Come with me. we don’t gave all day.” She proceeded to jump off the cabinet, walked over to the truck, and for the next hour, she helped six amazed movers carry furniture into the White House storage area. Later one of the men asked Ketchum who that lady was. Ketchum said, “The First Lady.” the mover’s jaw slackened. Ketchum later recounted, “to us, she was Mrs. Kennedy, the go-getter. Jackie, the Kid.”

4. Jackie’s soft, breathy voice is what she’s most known for, but she never was sensitive about it. She often teased herself and made jokes.  Jim Ketchum remembered one employee at the White House who did an impression of Jackie that, had she been sensitive, would’ve hurt her feelings. Jackie walked into this employee and absolutely loved it and doubled over in laughter. Jim said “But she would gather us all together and make this woman do the impression at the drop of a hat.” Jackie would say, “No one is leaving this room until you do it…Do it again!!!” she would say as she laughed. She’d then exclaim, “One day I’m going to make you do this at a private party with Jack and the others. Jack would adore it.”

5. The day after the infamous Marilyn rendition of “Happy birthday” to the President, Clint Hill was with Jackie at Glen Ora in Virginia. Jackie, bewildered and frustrated, paced the living room. When the phone rang, she ran to it and discovered it was Ethel. Jackie could not stand it when Ethel critiqued or made fun of her and her anger only rose. Ethel wanted to discuss how angry she was about it  and to tell her how to handle the matter with the President. Jackie did not like to be pushed and exploded on Ethel, yelling, “My understanding of it is that Bobby was the one who orchestrated the whole goddamn thing,” She paused and resumed, “The Attorney General is the troublemaker here, Ethel. Not the President. So it’s Bobby I’m angry at, not Jack.”