best chemistry ever

Did I ever tell you guys about how a kid in my class asked my chemistry teacher what’s his stance on gay marriage and he responded with “why don’t you ask my boyfriend” in the sassiest tone bc it was pretty much the best thing ever

  • me: smiling
  • someone: who are you thinking about i know you like someone
  • me: *thinking about how rick and michonne went from being distrustful and hostile towards one another to bitter allies and then friends and confidants to lovers and now they're parents to carl and judith and have a love that can level mountains and also how they're in a healthy ir relationship with some of the best chemistry i've ever seen like where do you see that at*
  • me: yeah

“You and I”- SVU Chris & Mariska

“At one point, after a very sexy scene, you know me, being me who I am off-set, I said, ‘Are we going to do something about this or not?’ And Bruce said, 'Absolutely.’ So he came over to my place that night, and … I said, 'You know, we might be working together a long time.’ He said, 'Yeah.’ And then we kind of proceeded up to a point, and he said, 'You know, maybe you’re right.’ And he left.” - Cybill Shepherd about her almost romantic off-screen relationship with Bruce Willis.

My poem "Why do I bother? "

Why do I bother?
Why do I care?
I just wanna stay late
Up to 3am

I would eat cookies
And drink cup of tea
Sit on the Tumblr
And watch some TV

I would read fanfic
About one true pair
Cry in the corner
Couse that’s just not fair

Maths ain’t no worth it
Chemistry sucks
My eyes and stomach
Just don’t give a fuck

Why do I bother?
Why do I care?
Future is nothing
And I’m in despair

The significance of this shot

The significance of this shot is vital to why I ship these two together.

First, she’s listening to him talk passionately and ardently about being The Flash, then she can’t help it, she looks at his lips out of nowhere! Wut wut?

Why or why would the writers think that was planned? Danielle and Grant have natural chemistry and this is one of the many shots that just proves it.

By doing this she was interested in more than just his friendship in 1x07. I don’t know about you but I never look at my guy friends like this. That subtly is crazy, it’s just pure. It’s something the other ship doesn’t have. None of this was thought out between the actors, it just happened. Snowbarry and Granielle have the best natural chemistry I’ve ever seen and it hurts.

She’s looking at his lips, then back at his face, just I can’t with these two. This is Olicity for me all over again. I just hope the writers are paying attention to what’s really there rather then what’s manufactured.

Those Times When Root Used Her Weapons Of Choice On Shaw...

…..Terms of endearment, so to speak? ;)

Except that time when Shaw just couldn’t help herself….

Awww….these two are totally meant for each other. They have SO MUCH in common! ;)

They belong together. ‘Til infinity & beyond.

#TeamShoot #relationshipgoals