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Ian admitting the magic that is Bamon💜

No one can ever deny BD the chemistry Ian and Kat have. There’s something beautiful that happens when they’re on screen together. No matter what ever happens with this show they can never take this beautiful ship from me.

“At one point, after a very sexy scene, you know me, being me who I am off-set, I said, ‘Are we going to do something about this or not?’ And Bruce said, 'Absolutely.’ So he came over to my place that night, and … I said, 'You know, we might be working together a long time.’ He said, 'Yeah.’ And then we kind of proceeded up to a point, and he said, 'You know, maybe you’re right.’ And he left.” - Cybill Shepherd about her almost romantic off-screen relationship with Bruce Willis.

nerdgirl57  asked:

Can someone please explain the whole ' Falsettos got robbed' thing please? I didn't get the chance to see the Tonys, tumblr's exploding, and I'm really lost.

Well, Andrew Rannells lost the Tony to Gavin Creel from Hello Dolly. Something practically no one saw coming. With his performance as Whizzer, come on!

Brendon lost to Gavin too but everyone knew there was a low chance of Brendon winning so that's fine.

Stephanie J. Block lost to Rachel Bay Jones, which I guess is okay since Rachel is a good actress. But to be fair, Stephanie or Jenn Colella should have won.

Christian Borle lost to Ben Platt, which everyone saw coming and everyone is happy about CAUSE CMON BEN DESERVES IT!!!!

But then Falsettos lost to Hello Dolly which sent the entire fandom in tears cause Hello Dolly who?????

And then Bette Midler of Hello Dolly won best actress over Denee Benton from tgc and Eva Noblezada from Miss Saigon, two incredible young actresses. And then it just became evident of American Theatre Wing’s biasedness towards Hello Dolly. So Andrew and Falsettos would have won if not for their bias.

And of course, the performance was amazing!!!! They performed A Day in Falsettoland. Tracie Thomas accidentally saying ass, Betsy Wolfe trying not to swear, Anthony Rosenthal and Tracie’s high five, Anthony Rosenthal in general, Brandon and Stephanie having the best chemistry ever, Christian and Andrew too, Christian’s wig, Tracie’s hair, and of course, Andrew’s full on boner during the show. The performance basically proved that Falsettos should have won over the heteronormative Hello Dolly.

So that’s what you missed on a very disappointing and mediocre af Tonys!

My poem "Why do I bother? "

Why do I bother?
Why do I care?
I just wanna stay late
Up to 3am

I would eat cookies
And drink cup of tea
Sit on the Tumblr
And watch some TV

I would read fanfic
About one true pair
Cry in the corner
Couse that’s just not fair

Maths ain’t no worth it
Chemistry sucks
My eyes and stomach
Just don’t give a fuck

Why do I bother?
Why do I care?
Future is nothing
And I’m in despair

things I genuinely love: unplotted romantic relationships that come out of literally nowhere. when you don’t plan it, but when you’re writing together, the chemistry is just there and suddenly you’re falling headfirst into something magical and wonderful. 

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much to her surprise  she has never seen a creature like that before and how did it get here before she could recalled it she walks towards the sponge

“oh i never seen a sponge like you before what’s your name and how did you get here?”

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I've been thinking this for a long time now and it's weird and strange but I'm just gonna come out and say it (on anon because I'm still ashamed): Betty and Jughead's lips were made for each other. Have you ever seen anything so compatible or chemistry-exploding ever??

hahaha Don’t be ashamed of something like that!! I also think their lips were designed for each other XD I mean… Their kisses are so smooth and they seem so comfortable when they’re like that XD 

Cole and Lili / Betty and Jughead have te best chemistry I’ve ever seen on a TV show! It’s just so so perfect!!

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Toto is such a good band. All the guys are so good at their music and they are so great together and they really love and care about each other and it's the best chemistry for a band ever.

ur love for them is so Good & Pure its like a shining light amongst the shit of this hellsite