best chemistry ever


Ian admitting the magic that is Bamon💜

No one can ever deny BD the chemistry Ian and Kat have. There’s something beautiful that happens when they’re on screen together. No matter what ever happens with this show they can never take this beautiful ship from me.

andrew and steven are honestly such good co-hosts??? andrew may be rly monotone but !!! boy does this man love food!!!! he loves food just as much as steven and loves traveling and hes a bit more reserved but hes honestly having such a good time????? and they perfectly balance each other out, andrews reserved nature compared to stevens enthusiasism BUT still manage to be so familiar and happy with each other



“At one point, after a very sexy scene, you know me, being me who I am off-set, I said, ‘Are we going to do something about this or not?’ And Bruce said, 'Absolutely.’ So he came over to my place that night, and … I said, 'You know, we might be working together a long time.’ He said, 'Yeah.’ And then we kind of proceeded up to a point, and he said, 'You know, maybe you’re right.’ And he left.” - Cybill Shepherd about her almost romantic off-screen relationship with Bruce Willis.

My poem "Why do I bother? "

Why do I bother?
Why do I care?
I just wanna stay late
Up to 3am

I would eat cookies
And drink cup of tea
Sit on the Tumblr
And watch some TV

I would read fanfic
About one true pair
Cry in the corner
Couse that’s just not fair

Maths ain’t no worth it
Chemistry sucks
My eyes and stomach
Just don’t give a fuck

Why do I bother?
Why do I care?
Future is nothing
And I’m in despair