best charas

So I’m sensing a pattern between my favorite fictional characters...

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Sassy, Sarcastic, really dark hair…

if i were in charge of underswap, i’d make Asriel the troublemaking but anxious younger brother, and Chara the kind-mannered older sibling who’s cursed to live in a joyless vessel.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: HARRY POTTER IS THE BEST CHARACTER OF HIS OWN DAMN SERIES. how dare...? how dare this fandom belittle him and say "no one's fave is harry"? LIKE WHAT KIND OF DISRESPECT???? the boy literally sacrificed himself at 17 to save the wizarding world and you have the audacity to say that he's no one's fave??? HARRY POTTER IS THE BEST CHARA-