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Fandom’s fascination with white male villains is hilarious (and frustrating) to me because 9/10 people in these various fandoms ignore better written, actually attractive heroes AND villains of color in order to claim that the evil white guy with a cape, a cute hat, or a penchant for murdering innocent people is THE best written character to ever exist despite not having many lines, torturing people, or epitomizing white male entitlement.

Sometimes I’ll be thinking about how certain aspects of Bioware games could be improved from a technical standpoint, like combat could be a little better here or graphics could be a little better there.

But when I really take a second and think about it I realize that despite any small issues I have with gameplay sometimes, Bioware has truly created some of the best stories and characters to ever exist.

(Warning, Mass Effect spoilers ahead.)

A good story in any form is supposed to make you feel something, is supposed to make you connect with its world and its characters. Bioware games truly excel at this.

The first time I discovered Garrus was Archangel my heart nearly skipped a beat with joy because of seeing an old friend again.

I was overjoyed when I heard Mordin sing for the first time.

I sobbed like a baby the first time I saw the messages that a romanced Thane left for Shepard in the Citadel DLC after he died.

I still tear up every single time I see Mordin rise up in that elevator to cure the genophage or hear from Kolyat that his father’s last prayer was actually for Shepard.

Seeing the group photo on the Citadel DLC made my heart swell up with love and deep affection for people I’ll never be able to actually meet but feel like are my family nevertheless.

Hearing Legion ask if he had a soul was one of the most moving scenes in any story I’ve ever come across and got me to seriously think about what it truly means to be alive.

Every time I saw Shepard back on the Normandy, it felt like coming home.

I absolutely can’t wait for Andromeda because what a joy and an honor it truly is to be able to play Bioware’s beautiful games. They are all incredible in their own ways.

Despite anything that may hold them back from a technological standpoint, Bioware has given us all something far more than video games to play. They’ve given us opportunities to make best friends, fall in love, laugh, cry, and live in a world outside our own whenever we choose to. I could go on and on about the ways Bioware games have positively affected my life over the years.

But for now I’ll just say thank you so much Bioware, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Speaking of The Land Before Time and autism, I just want to draw attention to the character Spike, who’s existence is one of the best things ever.

Spike was designed to appeal to mentally disabled kids (I definitely headcanon him as autistic) and is written so well and I don’t think there’s any ableism in any of the films. 

He’s non verbal but the others never talk down to him or assume he doesn’t understand what they’re saying. He says two words over the course of the series - both times calling the names of loved ones in times of extreme stress. His sister Ducky is delighted that he can talk now but when, free of stress, he decides not to, she comments that he can talk, “when he wants to” and never presses the matter again.

Spike’s part of the gang and the others never try to change him or have a problem with him being different. He has an adopted family who love him unconditionally and wow, Spike is so great. Why aren’t all neurotypical characters treated like this?

(I also read the Yellow Bellies in film XIII as autistic and Spike makes friends with a non verbal one of them and it’s amazing.)

I don’t understand you, SU fandom. Usually you’re doing everything in your power to prove characters are gay on a shoestring of evidence. But when you finally have some of the very gayest content ever aired on television, and several episodes devoted entirely to a character’s infatuation with another, you say “yup definitely straight”


Hi lovelies! I’m here with another masterlist! This time, I wrote up TWENTY starters. These all came from my head, but all I ask from you is that you reblog or like if you find it helpful at all. Btw, these won’t work for each & every character to ever exist, but I tried my best. You may have to adjust some of them to fit your character, or skip over some of ‘em. Have fun! 

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Happy birthday, Peter!

Leksa kom Trikru will not be forgotten. Not in the show, not by us. Her impact, on and off-screen, will never be forgotten. She is one of the best LGBT+ characters to ever grace our screens. What her existence has done for the community is invaluable and indelible. No one can ever take that away from us.

Clarke will honour her memory and her fight. Clarke will honour Lexa’s love.

me meeting bryke: “hii nice to meet you i just wanted to say that book 1 and 2 of the legend of korra are, in my opinion, the best story ever told, they changed my life and korra in those two seasons, book 1 and 2, is the best character to ever exist. also book 4 is the worst thing i have ever watched don’t sign my stuff bye”

  • <p> <b>me:</b> wendy's ok i guess. she's kind of annoying & whiny & kinda overhyped but whatever. plus i feel like she never uses her healing magic anymore or the wound is always "too much" for her to deal with. she's really not even <i>that</i> strong so i just don't see the--<p/><b><p></b> <p/><b>wendy:</b> *saves juvia*<p/><b><p></b> <p/><b>me:</b> did you just say THE wendy marvell?!?!? you mean one of the best characters in existence in all of anime/manga ever??!!! she is so pure, so cute, so sweet, but can lowkey fuck you up!!!!!!!! no one can match her skills!! i love her determination to protect the guild like honestly when will your fav ever???? if you fuck with her, you fuck with me!!!! she is my queen, my goddess, my EVERYTHING<p/></p>