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The Best Feminist TV Characters of 2014

Feminism is the support of equality political, social, cultural and economic rights between the sexes. It was a big word in pop culture this year, churning hashtags and celebrities to ally themselves with feminism. Television is no exception. It’s the place to go when you want to find compelling women and female characters on the screen (though there could always be more powerful women on my TV). This year had some of the best feminist characters in recent memory. Let’s celebrate them. 

Claire Randall/Fraser, Outlander

Claire Randall, or later Claire Fraser, was your ordinary English World War II nurse taking a honeymoon with her husband in the Scottish Highlands before being sent back in time to the 18th century. Claire is a triumph of feminist ideals—independent, headstrong, sexual and demanding equality in a time when there was anything but. 

Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project isn’t afraid to show that Mindy Lahiri is the pinnacle of self-absorbed, materialistic rom-com culture all the while she’s kicking ass as a woman of color in the OB/GYN field.   

Clarke Griffin, The 100

The leader of “The 100” teens sent down from space to test Earth’s survival is a pragmatic, compassionate and wonderfully flawed leader just trying to keep everyone alive. What Would Clarke Do? Probably anything and everything she wants to.   

Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report

The GamerGate movement—which is often seen as a misogynistic attack on female gamers—idolized Stephen Colbert’s fictional alter ego on The Colbert Report. Targeted journalist Anita Sarkeesian came on the show to talk feminism, gaming and misogyny and asked Stephen Colbert if he believed women should have equal rights to this men and fight for those rights, he declared himself as a feminist.  

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Note: while there are many other feminist characters, we have selected one from each show to represent them. This means omitting favorites like Ron Swanson and many of the ladies from Game of Thrones. Also, I had difficulty determining many male feminists on shows where there were not amazing female feminists. So there are plenty more male feminists out there, but according to these rules, they had to be on different shows. Thanks!


I like how, when there are bishounen-types characters mostly relevant to promotion, animators tend to give them soft features, quiet and delicate facial expressions.

And then, Masaaki Iwane just goes “yolo, EYEBROOOOOOOWS

Sara Linn: With its gorgeous landscapes, tense direction, and exquisite acting, Outlander is my choice for the best new show of 2014. Starz was counting on the provocative, sensual story from Diana Gabaldon’s book to enchant viewers, and the adaptation does justice to the romantic spirit of the original. Although we’ve only seen half of the first season, every episode so far has succeeded in pulling viewers into a world that is simultaneously beautiful and dangerous. As Claire, a British WWII nurse, travels back in time to 1743, the audience follows the journey almost exclusively from her point of view. The choice by Starz to keep this perspective from the book is crucial in framing Outlander as a feminine story, something sorely absent from almost every other epic battle-fantasy show on television.

By making Outlander as the story of one woman, the show carves a place for itself in a highly competitive landscape. Even more impressive is that Claire is not a teenager or a matron; she is presented as a woman in full control of her own romantic and sexual desires. As racy as cable can be, it’s still an extraordinarily rare thing to see a woman receiving sexual pleasure from her partner instead of giving it. Although sex is used sporadically across the episodes, and far less than the titular Game of Thrones, each instance is all the more powerful by staging Claire as the viewer, not the object to be viewed. If the spring episodes maintain the quality and excitement of what we’ve seen so far, Outlander will be here to stay for a good long while.

The Best TV Characters Of 2014

47.  Olivia Pope, “Scandal”

“We only need two words to describe how we feel about the HBIC of ‘Scandal,’ Olivia Pope: It’s. Handled. Here are more: Olivia is a smart, passionate and compelling leader who — gasp! — still manages to have a full personal life. While we can’t quite understand the attraction to Fitz (WHY?), Olivia is at the top of our list to catch up with over a glass of red.” Kase Wickman  (x)

30.  Jake Ballard, “Scandal”

“If there’s one man we want to stand in the sun with, it’s Jake Ballard. Sorry, Fitz, but the confines of the White House are just a little too shady for us, if you know what we mean. Over the latest season of ‘Scandal,’ Jake has been secretive, sexy and scary in turn — sometimes all at once. Whether he’s acting as Command or Olivia’s beach companion, we’re Team Jake all the way.” - KW (x)

Parasyte -the maxim- (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) Review ★★★★ Fascinating, suspenseful. Parasyte leaves you craving to know more, and keeps you company with a charming creature character.

Parasyte is the best anime of 2014 (and likely 2015). I say this with confidence. If you try this out and don’t like it then maybe you should consider killing yourself because you obviously have shit taste. No spoilers in this review.

The story is about parasitic creatures that invade human bodies, taking over the brain and replacing the person. Not “controlling” them, but straight up taking residence. Your main character (MC) gets a parasite, too, but the creature fails to capture his brain. The parasite ends up taking over his right arm giving that arm shape shifting abilities.

Turns out, the parasites are sentient creatures. The MC’s parasite gets a name: Migi. It means “right hand.” Instead of a being a monster, Migi turns out to be the best (and most adorable) character of the show. It’s not even a contest. He’s curious, he speaks his mind, he cares, he’s logical—he’s a little Spock.  The MC himself isn’t too bad either. He has development: going from a wimp to getting a new haircut and a girlfriend—and being less of a wimp.

The plotting is addicting. You’ll learn more and more about the parasites. You’ll find yourself popping one episode after another to see what happens next. It’s 24 episodes, but they go by fast. If you weren’t forced to catch this weekly then you’re lucky. The rest of us suffered every week. The episodes seemed like they lasted 5 minutes a piece.

The action is engaging because there’s always this real possibility the MC and Migi could be killed by other parasites. They’re forced to strategize about their encounters. There’s no power of friendship to save them. Plus, the MC has to keep Migi a secret so the whole show has this fundamental layer of tension. They even have to grapple with moral dilemmas.

The animation is good enough. It’s not particularly detailed or interesting to look at. It’s a faithful adaptation, but they should’ve added their own changes. It could’ve used more hand jokes with Migi. Some characters deserved more screen time. But these are all very minor negatives. Did I mention the awesome dubstep? 


Fascinating, suspenseful. Parasyte leaves you craving to know more, and keeps you company with a charming creature character.

paranormalmidnightparadox asked:

h- hello? i'm Paradox. I am a artist also.... but no one ever really sees me... i- i would like to show you who paradox is! i made her up in 2014 and she is my best character... you might not like her though....

I would love to see her~!

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