best character in the show tbh

Guys I saw Beauty and the Beast!!!

The. Best. Movie. Ever.

Disney you are truly iconic.

Luke Evans stole the show. Like I’m speechless. He was absolutely phenomenal.

Josh Gad my smol son. I love you.

EMMA. Thank you for bringing two of my favorite characters to life. You mean everything to me.

Dan freaking Stevens. Perfection.

Ewan McGregor is simply legendary.

Emma Thompson is there anything you can’t do? Amazing.

The whole cast. The songs. The costumes. The effects. Epic.

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tell me about leverage. make me want to, please

alright buckle up motherfuckers, i’m about to school y’all about this wonderful show called Leverage.

let’s start with the premise: they’re a bunch of criminals who come together to work as a team and to “pick up where the law leaves off.” aka: they do illegal shit to legally take out the bad guys, i.e. framing/ruining the reputation of/revealing actual law-breaking by embezzling rich politicians, dirty cops, corporations doing secret shit on the down-low, etc.

each episode is a different bad guy they need to take down for doing something terrible, and each episode they come up with a different scheme to take them out. the team consists of: the hacker, the hitter, the grifter, the thief, and the mastermind behind all their plots. they’re all thieves at one point or another, they all grift, and they all contribute to the plan, but these are their Roles. i’ll go more in-depth on the characters in a sec.

now, i know what you’re thinking already: “wow bruh this show must be edgy af, being about actual criminals doing super illegal shit???” bUT NO. THIS SHOW COULD HAVE BEEN SO DARK BASED ON THE CONCEPT, BUT IT’S LITERALLY THE NICEST, MOST ENJOYABLE SHOW EVER.

it’s also SERIOUSLY unproblematic????? like to unrealistic levels. like Nate’s alcoholism is treated with respect and not just something he “gets over,” but despite his issues, he’s held accountable for when he’s a dick, Parker is pretty clearly neurodivergent and she’s never!! forced to be anything else!!!! anyway i could go on and on.

so let’s meet the gang.

this is Nate Ford:

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he’s the mastermind, he’s brilliant and the genius behind each of their convoluted plans. he’s a jerk sometimes, and grouchy, but he’s got good reason, and he NEVER crosses over into “angsty white man justifies his assholery because of his Issues.” he used to work for an insurance company tracking down criminals and thieves before A Thing happened and he became the Dad of a group of them. he makes bad life choices, so i relate. also his son died and he has a rad ex-wife and he struggles with alcoholism. we love him.

this is Sophie Devereaux:

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she’s the grifter. she’s a great actress but only when she’s breaking the law it’s a running gag. she’s terrible on an actual stage l m a o. she’s the Mom of the group, and she and Nate are lowkey flirting the entire show. she tells it like it is, but is v compassionate. sassy af. british af. would probably console you about your husband leaving you before stealing your rare artifacts. high-class which shows in the fact that she was primarily an art thief before joining the team. i wouldn’t trust her with my jewelry, but i’d tell her all my secrets, and tbh that’s the best summary of her character that you’ll get.

this is Eliot Spencer:

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hooooooooooo boy. where do i begin to describe Eliot Spencer? wel, for starters, he’s the “hitter” of the group aka he beats people up when they can’t sneak their way in or out of a place. or when things go wrong. he’s super fucking badass oh my god??? like i’m pretty sure there’s maybe only one or two times in the ENTIRE. SHOW. that he can’t win a fight?? he also has a Super Secret Dark Past bc he used to be a hitman for hire, which he regrets deeply and is happy to have changed bUT AGAIN!! IT’S NOT A WHITE MALE ANGST THING. he isn’t obsessed with attoning for his actions and his scenes aren’t eaten up with Angst and Melodrama. he also has anger issues, but again, it’s not the same stereotype that you’re used to. he controls it, and he never takes it on on anybody who doesn’t deserve it (aka the bad guys). he gets around with women but he’s not sexist?? he cares about his partners.

also he’s a hardcore chef and will Fite You about food. anyway Eliot is basically the Broody White Man With Dark Past trope turned on it’s head. he’s lovable and sarcastic and could kill a man but would prefer to make you an Omelette Du Fromage or some shit.

this is Alec Hardison, aka My Son:

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this is my baby. he’s a nerd and a geek and I Would Die For Him. he’s basically everything that’s good and pure in the world. the epitome of a cinnamon roll. he’s sweet and gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly–unless that fly is a corrupt ceo personally doing dirty business, in which case that motherfucker is going down with the help of his epic hacking skills. btw did i mention he’s the hacker? yeah. he’s super fucking smart and his sense of humor could rival the sahara desert in dryness. he always makes star trek references and he has a gr8 fashion style and he irritates Eliot to no end, lmao. #platoniclifepartners, tbh. did i mention he’s the sweetest person ever? no? he is.

this is Parker:

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she’s the thief, and predictably, she loves money and expensive things. tbh she’d probably stab you faster than anybody else on the team would (and has) but also she is smol and needs to be protected. she’s a killer rabbit. she’s an oddball and in the beginning, most of the others don’t know what to make of her, but they grow used to her. she’s nd af, probably autistic, and Does Not Understand Socialization. same, Parker, same. guess what? she’s never forced into acting like somebody she’s not!! when she has to be the grifter for the con job and interact with people, she’s patiently coached by Sophie, who never belittles or mocks her, and explains it in ways she can understand. she’s weird and i love her.

did i mention how unproblematic this show is? i did? well too fucking bad because i’m gonna say it again: this show is so unproblematic. like what i already said with Nate’s addiction and Parker’s neurodivergence, but wAIT! THERE’S MORE

Eliot hates guns–detests them–and won’t use them, he’s like constantly grabbing the mooks’ guns and unloading them and tossing them somewhere and it’s basically a huge trigger for him. and it’s always respected. also there’s scenes where like in the middle of a job Parker has to change into a costume and neither of men who are attracted to her–Eliot and Hardison–sneak a peak at her. they both look away during that shit and there is like, never any gross sexist jokes about it. or other things. i love it. also any romantic relationship that develops takes season of growth and shit. there’s nothing particularly Gay, but while heterosexual, it’s not Het.

the recurring antagonist is played by Mark Sheppard, a character called Sterling, who is basically a lawful good Crowley.

also one time they stole an entire country. 

Leverage is fucking rad, and the concept is amazing and it coulda been so edgy and shit, but it’s literally so pure and sweet and friggin hilarious and about a bunch of people becoming a family and you need to watch it, my friend. now.

like immediately go google a page to watch it i’m not fucking kidding do it.



1. first and foremost is ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICAN (specifically Cheyenne Nation) representation and issues! An actual Native American cast and it focuses on their stories just as much as it does the other’s stories.

2. FUCKING an entire story arc dedicated to three girls helping each other escape an abusive ex.

3. A two or three episode arc about a rape victim’s ptsd and specifically mentions triggers by name, i literally screamed at my computer screen u guys

4. I don’t have a screencap of it but in the first episode one of the main girls goes to a strip club to get info and jumps up on a pole and starts taking her jacket off and promises “more for anyone who can give me info” and she ends up never even taking her (modest) undershirt off and she always has the upper hand in this situation and there are plenty of mentions of sexual violence towards women but it’s never shown in a grotesque way and ALWAYS framed as a terrible act and  the women are always so?? empowered?? 

5. the best cinematography that i have seen in a tv show man. this is movie-level cinematography. i love it so much.

this show like you THINK it’s gonna be some “rural detective show with a white guy and his gun” but it evolves into so much more even within the first few episodes and even with all the intersectionality aside, it really is a GREAT show tbh. The plot, the characters, it’s all great.

 It’s on netflix for free and season 6 comes out this year and JUST WATCH IT OKAY.

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Hello! Can you write about the RFA+V+Saeran getting into an accident and losing all their memories since like a few weeks before MC first came in the chatroom. So they totally forget about MC who's now a stranger to them. How will they act around MC (curious/distant) especially if they live together for example, will they be able to build back their relationship Thank you beforehand and have a good day!

This was so much fun to write! I tried to keep it somewhat spoiler free.


  • After the RFA party, Zen had an accident on set.
  • He was lucky to be alive, but as a consequence, he lost a decent chunk of his memory.
  • Including that of the past two weeks.
  • He didn’t remember Echo Girl.
  • He didn’t remember Unknown.
  • And he didn’t remember MC.
  • To the best of his recollection, he was single and sad before and finding out about MC seems too good to be true
  • His instinct would be to flirt with them, to jokingly ask about the life they had together. He’d think it was great to begin with.
  • He’d constantly be talking about how lucky he was.
  • That would pass though. It would turn to frustration once weeks have passed by and he doesn’t immediately remember. 
  • Zen is the one who goes on long ass bike rides to try and jolt his memory.


  • Something falls on Jaehee’s head in the storeroom
  • She gets the all clear; she’s fine health-wise and no one realises there’s anything wrong with her until she shows up at C&R and asks what Yoosung is doing there.
  • She would instantaneously be suspicious of MC, for so many reasons. MC, to the best of her knowledge, is an outsider to the group, a threat to the RFA etc etc and she does not remember having any reason to trust them.
  • She’d go over the chats and listen to everyone else’s character references. It would honestly be like a job interview.
  • Jaehee would honestly be ready to call the cops on MC at any point and tbh, I think MC would find it endearing.
  • MC driving Jaehee to the coffee shop and Jaehee not remembering her love of coffee related stuff and thinking the place is amazing, only for MC to be like IT’S YOUR PLACE. YOU OWN IT


  • Yoosung probably gets amnesia because of one of Seven’s pranks
  • tbh I think the eye situation will freak him out more
  • the moment he wakes up and has MC telling him that they’re his partner and asking what he remembers, he thinks he’s still in the prank
  • once he realises it isn’t, he doesn’t take much convincing and is determined to fall in love with them all over again
  • He’ll be curious about their relationship and want to know the kind of guy he was, like was he cool and romantic etc etc and why was it that MC fell for him
  • He will ask for replays of entire conversations
  • He’ll be a bit jealous of himself somehow because past Yoosung got to have all of these cute interactions with MC the first time around, haha
  • Low key wonders if MC prefers the past Yoosung
  • Yoosung is the one who asks MC to cook a particular meal or spray their perfume on his pillow to try and jolt his memory, when a decent percentage is just him crushing


  • Jumin got into a car crash shortly after that first party. He wasn’t driving, I hasten to add. I feel like people  would assume he was, though.
  • Biologically, he’d be fine, but mentally…he lost the past few weeks.
  • Of everyone, Jumin would be one of the hardest to convince.
  • He’d think that MC was somehow involved with his father
  • None of MC’s story makes any sense and when the RFA back it up word for word, complete with evidence, I just feel like he’d distance himself from everyone.
  • He’d basically become convinced they were all lying and co-conspirators and he’d become VERY paranoid.
  • Regardless of the fact that he doesn’t know MC for one second, V is probably not around, he has been injured and does not remember what happened, he knows that his behaviour was weird and that something happened at C&R Glam Choi because it’s all over the news.
  • Jumin is basically going to start thinking that his accident was someone coming for his family and how bad this actually gets will depend on MC tbh. Are they able to find the right thread?


  • Seven would actually be the easiest to convince of the facts, though not so much the feelings side of things
  • I think that he’s probably in the habit of double checking information all of the time anyway because agency work and abuse means he doubts his reality from time to time. It’s interesting that he has such a fondness for maths and computers, both of which can be erased or edited, but have no motivation in the matter. A person lies because they want to; a computer lies because of programming commands. 
  • He’ll go over the chats and databanks and know what happened, even if he completely distances himself from MC and basically forbids them from coming close to him because he doesn’t trust any of their feelings for him or vice versa. 
  • We’re back to square one in terms of Seven refusing to believe that he deserves love and blaming himself for what happened as a kid 
  • He’d probably think MC was a spy at least once


  • TBH, big spoilers
  • I don’t think this one would be that much different
  • Post Seven route Saeran is in a very bad place
  • My thoughts are that he’d be suspicious of MC, get really upset at Seven and lash out at people, but 2/3 happen anyway???
  • MC would have to be patient and team up with Seven to build up his trust. It will happen though. He’s just been through a lot.


  • He got amnesia after a bad accident involving Mint Eye.
  • He was actually comatose for a while. It was bad.
  • Anyway, MC knew it was bad when the first thing he said while coming round was ‘Rika’
  • I think that V would not take that much convincing of the facts, but it would mess him up a lot.
  • He’d feel terrible for moving on from Rika (assuming this is his route *cough cough*) but also for doubting whatever feelings he had for MC, who seems like a nice person and is being very supportive of him in that moment
  • I think
  • And I’m basing this on Jaehee’s route stuff and just…him in general.
  • I think he’d pretend he remembered their relationship and the previous weeks, even though he didn’t, so he could carry the burden of remembering.
Cable Girls: Las Chicas del Cable

First impression about Cable Girls after binge watching:

I love how 4 women so diverse can be so amazingly strong in such different ways. How they show us the different ways men could have total control over women’s life, and how those characters face this oppression, each her own way, is well written while still realistic with the time period it’s written in. 

- Lidia/Alba’s character complexity is amazing. Her monologues fit so well with what’s going on and the actress is amazing. Her love drama makes me yawn sometimes though. 

- Carlota is probably my favorite. She’s so brave, determined, fearless, relentless. She is aware of her flaws and tries to be better. When she faces a situation she’s never contemplated (you know what I’m talking about) sit shows that she’s frustrated with herself for not being good enough. Her ideals are so rooted and her actions show so much passion. How she stands up against her dad and anyone who betrays her or messes up with her is wonderful to watch. 

- Marga is the most ADORKABLE person I can think of. Her puns and sentences make me soft and laugh at the same time. She’s so naïve but so determined to be better and independent at the same time. I just want to adopt her. 

- Ángeles is probably the hardest character to see on screen. Her growth process is heartbreaking to watch, and it feels a little bit rushed sometimes. But it seems they get to keep her on character while still showing how she changes her heart and mindset, and her strength is unique and different. 

About Sara. I love the job the actress does. She shows so much emotion in her actions, for instance, those huge heart eyes the character has for Carlota. It’s a character you don’t expect to surprise you in the first episode but it does. *spoiler alert* The relationship with Carlota and Miguel is surprising but it doesn’t feel forced. I liked they introduced polyamory in such a casual but powerful way, showing . About the last scene of this character… *Spoiler alert* [Sidenote: Sara’s transness is an assumption that everyone I’ve talked with about the series agrees on. That’s the interpretation I made of it and they way I’m addressing it]. I have such mixed feelings about it. I love the way they introduce the concept, it’s not explicit or complicated, it’s just hinted with Miguel’s shirt and a subtle but direct sentence of Alba in the background. The sentence though… my activist self just can’t digest it. *Spoiler alert* “Not being in the right body” it transmits trans people’s bodies aren’t right, which is a concept that most of the society has nowadays (I was going to say “had”, but in 1928 most people didn’t even register trans people’s existence). Their bodies are their business and whatever they want them to be. The perpetuation of this idea it’s heartbreaking. I’m guessing the reason it’s the same old “that’s how people understand it” and “it was 1928″ and “it would not have been obvious without that sentence”, but that’s just how transphobia is perpetuated. Anyway, I’m willing to see the development of the character next season and how they treat them. 

Elisa (Aka. Alice in wonderland) introduces us to how high class people with mental illnesses were treated back then. How they tried to cover up everything for what people might think, telling her about “her nerves”… I hope we get to see more of what being mentally ill implied in the 20ies, specially as a woman. 

I also love the adorkableness of Pablo, but love that he’s not perfect and really screws up (Her unsufferable girlfriend, come on). And Marglo is just <3. I liked they showed an open minded man like Miguel, although his free mind felt forced. I get what they wanted to do but it didn’t feel too on character tbh. We didn’t have much information about what went though his mind, about how he saw Carlota, what he thought about her and Sara more developed…  The effort is well appreciated though. They could have cut off some of the boring speeches of francisco and given him some more scenes to deepen on that matter.  

Francisco and Carlos (Aka. Tweddledee and Tweedledum) have too many scenes for what little they really do. Francisco is so boring. Period. Carlos is a more evolving character, who shows a development throughout the series. The best part of those 2 is the relationship they have between them, how they behave as really good friends and as brothers, *spoiler alert* even in the end when Francisco burns the new Will of Carlos’ father (Aka. the caterpillar).  

I also liked the number of aged women they show us: Carmen (aka. Queen of hearts), Victoria and Doña Lola, Mario’s mum. They all were great in their own way, had their strong suits. 

About Mario. I just can’t. It makes me anxious. I know it’s necessary and real and I love they did what they did. But it’s so hard to watch. In general, the sexism shown it’s drowning. Which is the purpose of the series. The hopelessness I felt with Ángeles and the no-divorce and Sara in jail was suffocating. 

The absence of POC was pretty obvious too. It might not be that far from reality from 1928 Spain, but that’s no excuse. I hope they get some time and interest next season to introduce the state of other races in that era. 

The show made a pretty good job with the topics it wanted to address, introducing complex and strong characters mixed with light humor and intricate storylines, addressing different forms of sexist opression, and keeping the mystery. It misses some intersectionalism, specially more education about LGTB stuff and some introduction to POC on those times. I hope we don’t find ourselves with another danish girl.

I honestly feel like David is one of the best actors in the show. He makes Raphael. If you read the books, I wouldn’t have every really imagined Raphael this way. David goes above and beyond. He does a certain walk as Raphael, he even has a voice that he does. If you notice he has weird movements he does. He doesn’t just play the character with his voice or his face. He uses his whole body. And tbh, it’s impressive af. I felt like all the characters, beside Jace and Raphael, are exactly how I pictured them in the books. Which is fine but I am surprised and happy with the way Raphael and Jace turned out. And even though I’d like to see Raphael every episode, I get that by putting him in only half the episodes makes fans look forward to seeing him. I think Raphael is so fun because you can’t always tell how he fits into the story. I think we can all imagine how all the other characters will act and where there stories will go. I can predict exactly what all the other characters will do but I can’t always predict what they will make Raphael do and that is why he is such an important character.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: why can’t i stop watching dance academy!?  the characters are annoying, the plot is overdramatic, and the dancing is mediocre at best but for some reason i keep binge watching it and i’ve seen the whole thing like 5 times and why does sammy have to die like that’s just cruel and unnecessary and WHY do i even CARE like it doesn’t matter it’s just a dumb show and tbh not even very realistic but !?!?!?!? 

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opinions and theories based on the newest ep of riverdale?

i’m glad i’m being asked about it, because i wasn’t sure if people are enjoying me exploring the show a bit more. it was a great episode, first of all. probably the best yet. riverdale has a lot of issues, but tbh all shows do, and i’m really impressed with the direction riverdale is taking. 

skeet ulrich is 💯 and he made the episode, really. i was mildly bored by FP’s struggles being the highly cliched “high school were the best years of my life” but after consideration, it felt in-line. but let’s start with the dream. 

visually and aesthetically it was great, but it was framed to emphasize jughead as an outsider, which is kind of what this whole episode was about. riverdale very clearly has a problem with wealth disparity, but most of the main characters come from very privileged backgrounds. 

even as dysfunctional and abusive as, say, the blossoms and coopers are, they still are a ribbon of americana. they’re still 2.0 white picket. so what i like about riverdale is the way it uses it’s very wholesome poodle-skirt background to subvert the darkness that licks at the corners of small towns. jughead dreaming about being engaged to stepford betty, carving the turkey at norman rockwell’s table, was to highlight the way he feels as though he doesn’t belong—in life or, especially, in riverdale. 

and yet, jughead is a character who clearly craves the american dream, in the most pedestrian, suburban sense of the term. he’s obsessed with old film, with americana, with the great american novel—but he’s at odds with his own upbringing and the tragedy of it. 

FP was a great highlight to that—jughead learning that he was a big man on campus, a football star; the all-american golden boy he is trying to understand via jason blossom’s death. 

this could easily be me reading too much into things because i do that, but in my analysis of the show, i think with the novel, jughead is not just trying to explore the death of the american golden boy thematically, but also his desire for the american dream, contrasted with his own father. 

regardless, riverdale is essentially an exploration of the idealized american suburb. but using murder as a foundation for the show plays up fact that it’s bleeding out; the murder isn’t a catalyst, it’s a flashlight. all it does is highlight the pre-existing tensions between class within riverdale; using jughead as the narrator—and thus telling the story of privilege from the perspective of a homeless, emotionally abused kid (perhaps physically as well)—is a successful mark of that. 

i wish the show would be a bit more overt with it, and would explore racism in the suburbs in the same way that they seem to be exploring classism but it is still a teen soap on a commercial network. gotta start somewhere. 


of the dream sequence bit where he “stabs archie in the back,” i think that was an obvious bit of foreshadowing of the tension mounting between the two friends over betty. like how jughead struggles with his semi-suppressed dreams of idealized americana, he also can’t quite shake the self-imposed guilt that he believes archie and betty are supposed to be together. jughead can’t have the white picket fence fantasy without also inserting himself as archie, a golden boy with a good father and a safety net. 

in other words, he doesn’t feel like he deserves betty, both as a person and what she represents. the implication i have from how quickly jughead acted on his feelings is that he’d been carrying them for a long time, but it was seeing the struggle of betty’s life that made him realize she wasn’t that perfect image. unlike archie, he saw how much weight she was carrying. 

she was as suppressed as he was, in search of the same meaning and knowledge that he was, and i imagine it really shook up his world view as the outsider. for all it’s problems in the rushed execution and background information of erasure, that’s what i like about that ship; they’re two sides of the same coin. 

as far as theories, i don’t know, i really don’t trust hermione. is it just me? i feel like she set hiram up tbh and is trying to slowly take over the company. part of the way she said “anything for alice cooper’s girls” reinforced that for me…why not say “anything for veronica’s friends”? hermione has never had a positive interaction with alice, and we don’t know how far their history runs, but i imagine it’s not great. if she’s the big bad for the next season, i think it would be a great twist. 

additionally, regarding jason’s jacket in FP’s trailer—i think it’s more likely connected to the drugs in the car than anything, which would probably be a direct trail to him and the serpents. the serpents are all red herrings though; as demonstrated by sheriff keller and jughead, it was only a matter of time before the police started blaming things on the kids from the “wrong side of the tracks.” 

jughead noting that the police were trying to scapegoat him and mentioning paradise lost was a really subtle frame for the whole episode (and would’ve been a great episode title, but perhaps a bit obvious). i was proud of him for knowing his rights and how things get out of control. 


-veronica can be so mature, but when she’s acting out, it’s from such a sense of vulnerability that it’s very sad and moving. veronica is absolutely a character who was raised in a world that didn’t encourage a typical childhood and clearly grew up too fast, so it was important to showcase. i love camila’s portrayal, she’s doing a great job. 

-reggie taking a selfie while searching for a missing girl was hilarious and terrible

-did i mention i love skeet ulrich 

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How do you even write your dialogues like oh my god they are so witty and in character and fun PLEASE TEACH ME (im kidding ofc well 50% joking but if you have some good advices I would be happy to hear them)

Treat every line as an opportunity for a one-liner or the setup of one. 

Okay I will attempt to offer advice but I make no promises on the usefulness, usability or sense-making of any of this. 

Background: for my first degree I majored in Film, Television and Media Studies and minored in Linguistics. I like words. This actually has nothing to do with anything I’m going to tell you except that I know how to bullshit so keep that in mind when reading this advice. 

  • Play it out in your head (if you can). This may be harder to do depending on how you think. If you can’t do it in your head then do it ‘on paper’ but skip all the framing bits like dialogue tags, character names, any kind of description. The only thing that matters is the dialogue. You’ll get better at making voices more distinct and carrying out banter. I like to do this when I’m stuck in traffic.
  • Practice writing banter or arguments rather than exposition because they’re easier to get into a rhythm with and sometimes carry themselves easily in a direction you’re not expecting but ends up awesome.
  • Write in screenplay or script format for practice. If the entire thing hinges on dialogue you pay a lot more attention to it. If this format is something you hate go back to the first bullet point and do more of that instead.
  • Watch tv shows and movies and pay attention to how people speak instead of what they say. I say shows and movies instead of real life (you can do that too though) because they already have the unnecessary fluff we use in everyday life taken out. You don’t want your characters to talk like ‘real’ people, that would get boring. Cut the fluff. 
  • Study the characters you’re writing and the way they speak. By study I mean read or listen and let your brain do the work while you have fun being entertained. This is the bit that happens to me naturally sorry it’s very ??? in my head. Go back to the first bullet point and do this again for the character.
  • If you have more than two characters in a conversation treat it like they have to take turns. Character A & Character B go back and forth, Character C says something, Character B replies and those two talk and A stays out of it. Juggling lots of characters in a conversation is hard, man. I still have trouble. 
  • Similarly, once you’re at the point that you’re actually writing a scene rather than just witty banter/arguments for the lols, be aware of what your characters are doing and how long the dialogue is dragging out. It can be tempting to keep the dialogue going forever with the witty banter and end up with a ‘talking room’ where characters sit around doing nothing except snipe at each other but it doesn’t really help you move a plot.
  • I have 700 words of batkids sitting around a table sniping at each other about DnD I know this from experience okay. 
  • If you get stuck mid-dialogue but know what comes a few lines later type ‘dkjlfjdlkd’ and move on. You can go back later and figure it out, don’t stop the train. We’re dialogue sharks, we stop swimming we die. 
  • Who cares if it’s in character, write it down, your brain said so. Check it later. That’s what editing is for. You’ll eventually get character voices down and find out your brain is often right about these things. Or justify it for the lols. One of the two. 
  • Dialogue tags and framing dialogue can take a while to get right. Study other people’s writing that you like and see how they do it. No tags just action >= invisible tags like said or asked > he verbed words. Use replacements for said sparingly and try to think about whether they’re physically possible or not. Laughing a word? Not so much. 
  • Show don’t tell works for dialogue too. 
  • ‘Do I really need this comma here?’ Yes. Put it in, move on. You can take it out later if it trips you up on re-reads or when you say it out loud. Also, coming back a few hours/days later for editing helps with flow and ‘can this character actually speak this long without pausing’ type decisions.
  • Disregard everything I just said and do what works for you. 

pyro-clismik  asked:

Hey! I see you don't have a tag for fics set on cruise ships. Would it be possible to get some fics related to that? Sort of like Werewolfs and dolphins? Loooooove you guys!!! 💜💜💜💜 You're legit the only reason why I'm still in the fandom 😂😂😂

tbh the sterek fandom is the best. not because of the characters but because the authors, artists and the fans put so much emotion behind them. derek left the show and we’re still thriving and its just amazing

Go Big or Go Home by Chubstilinski (3/? | 27,348 | NC17)

That’s the moment that Stiles knows he’s not going to stop, that he craves this more than he’d even realized, and he knows, deep down in his bones, that he’s only going to get fatter.

Stranded by princessstalehale (3/3 | 38,108 | R)

Stiles Stilinski just wanted to have one last crazy weekend with his best friend before he enters graduate school. He didn’t account for getting thrown over a boat when he tries to break up a fight, and he really didn’t think he would end up stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. How will Stiles survive long enough to be rescued? And what happens when Stiles soon realizes that he isn’t alone on the island?

The Line Between Love And Hate Is Thin by charlesdk (1/1 | 8,850 | PG13)

It’s only after the ship has sailed that Derek finds out he has to share a kitchen with the man he claims to hate. For 3 months.

Table 815 by SaltySweetLicorice (½ | 10,880 | R)

Assistant Professor Derek Hale is in desperate need of a vacation and decides to go on a transatlantic cruise. Derek has heard that the average American gains ten pounds on a cruise ship, but he’s certain that’s just an urban legend – until he gets seated at senior waiter Stiles’ table. Day after day Stiles serves him more and more courses and suddenly Derek is no longer certain about a lot of things.

Come Sail Away by loveinisolation (1/1 | 907 | NR)

Stiles tries to get Derek to join their very drunk colleagues on the dance floor during the company boat cruise. Derek would much rather stand off to the side and watch Stiles dance instead.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Black Paladin Lance?

Okay.  Okay.  You didn’t know the can of worms you were about to open, and I’m sorry, but hoooooboy.

Watch me lose followers over this (especially if they started with the fucking lion swap post) but No Thank You.

Lance is not really Leadership, tbh.  I don’t want him to be, because it forces jamming that Fanon Woobie I’m So Perfect and Sad But No One Appreciates Me I’m Going To Wibble Sadly In The Corner While Being Perfect version of the character in the armor and position and asking to act totally contrary to canon because he’s the fandom baby and they want him to be The Best and therefore In Charge because god forbid the fucking show be about someone else for a little while.

Lance is the archetypal Lancer (fuck, if someone said the original version was the goddamn trope namer I’d believe them).   He forces Keith to stay on his toes as a leader, which is way more interesting than suddenly pretending Lance fits a SINGLE Black Lion trait (at least Keith is trying).  He’s waaaay more fun as an low-key antagonistic 2IC forcing everyone to step up their game.  

A ton of people complain that the Keith thing has no set up, but it does: an entire season’s worth, now.  This entire season was him growing as a character to at least approach the Black Paladin position.  We see him start to come to terms with it and work on it with Hunk (the best character to do so with).  Lance has ZERO of that build-up and for him to suddenly get the job would be crazy unsatisfying, no matter how many fans would go nuts.

Long story short: No.  You want Lance to lion swap?  Yellow.  Dude threw himself in front of an explosion for Coran, that’s Classic Yellow.

Even more flaty: Shiro should stay the fucking Black Paladin but that’s not even narrative that’s ‘I will fight the show’ but we’ll see

Can we as a fandom go back to treating Lance as the character he is rather than the archetype we want him to be?  Please?  So I can enjoy him again?

anonymous asked:

Hi Nat! I'm currently fanficing and I can't find anywhere the location of where the Stark family home is/was? Has it ever been mentioned where Tony was raised? Was it implied to be Malibu? I always assumed Tony built the Malibu house himself. If it hasn't been mentioned where would be your instinct to set it? Seeing as you know his character best. I'm deferring to your judgement. Thank you!

i don’t think it was ever mentioned in the mcu tbh? or if it was, it might have been hinted at during one of the agent carter seasons or something, i wouldn’t know because i zoned out so b a d during the parts that had anything to do with howard. if i remember this right the starks do have a new york residence that appeared on the show. anyway according to the official SHIELD file (which i take with a grain of salt because ah yeah marvel and general consistency…. lol the file is missing the one non-english language tony actually spoke on screen also the eternal 1970 birth year vs 1991 stark death year Problem… mmmmm anyway) (hello click moi) the birth place is listed as manhattan

me, personally, specifically, an Intellectual, nowadays when i rp my personal mcu/616 mix tony,

  • born in new york (personally i go with long island because i am a 616 Tony Stark Whore)
  • again, as a 616 Tony Stark Whore and most importantly as someone who obsessively projects my personal experiences on this character i choose to believe he moved around a lot while growing up (and by “growing up” i mean ages 0 to 7 because lol howard low key booted him out after that lmao anyway). some of my fav 616 iron man stories (vol. 3) took place in seattle and miami so i tell myself that baby tony spent some time on each of those places. the Main Home was in new york though (aka the house he’d come back to during school breaks or whatever) but his parents weren’t necessarily there
  • when he was seven, he technically relocated full-time to andover, MA because that’s where “phillips academy” is (aka the Boarding School, listed on the file linked above)
  • cambridge, MA during his MIT years, obviously
  • the way my personal timeline works out, tony finishes his comicbook-genius-grade levels of UNREALISTICALLY AND UNCANNILY FAST bachelor’s+doctorates combo when he’s 19
  • then he heads off to london (the “Abroad” mentioned by maria on cap 3) to get his MBA from the london business school aka one of the most prestigious in the world 
  • december of that year, his parents die
  • tony moves to california out of sheer force of a) grief-stricken desperation (since california is like literally as physically distant as you can get from new york within US borders) and b) unadulterated futurism because tbh tony’d been telling people since f o r e v e r that the silicon valley was going to become off-the-charts important very soon so that was a good place for the HQ of stark industries to be set
  • the starks already had a los angeles residence but yes. yes. the malibu mansion was a Tony Stark Acquisition (like oh my god the things…. the THINGS AND THOUGHTS that the IM1 production crew put into the design of that mansion tbh… i have the Art of IM1 book… listen…. LISTEN…. send me a reminder so i can share some Important Facts with the world later when i’m less busy/lazy i’m just gonna say…. the house was designed… as a Character Statement i’m dying this is exactly why IM1 is the True iron man movie) 
  • anyway, over the years, tony clearly gravitates between new york and california
  • ask me about my feelings re: tony’s New Yorker ™ bitterness and nostalgia while he’s in los angeles. and then also ask me about tony’s Californian ™ longing while he’s in new york. ask me about tony stark + found homes + the feeling of being eternally Misplaced (and i will one more time call this me being a 616 Tony Stark Whore [616 tony stark, aka mister Tragic Nostalgia] AND a creatively bankrupt piece of shit that projects her personal conflicts onto tony stark)
lil rant sorry

I don’t think there should be a season 2 to 13 reasons why. This may be an unpopular opinion but hear me out. I understand that there is a lot of loose ends to tie up and everyone wants their favorite ship to become canon (me too tbh) BUT this show is about one girl who made the tragic mistake of killing herself and shed light on how suicide effects the ones around you. I think there is not enough to go off of for a season two unless you strayed from this major concept. Although I do believe there should be one hour long episode that does the best it can to settle a majority of the questions. What really happened to Alex? And Tyler? And Justin? And Bryce? And every other character who’s arc wasn’t completed. A sort of epilogue. Something to finalize things, but still leave us with room to imagine our own endings. So yes, I don’t believe there should be a season two. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know WHAT HAPPENED TO ALEX AND/OR JUSTIN!!!

anonymous asked:

what makes hunter x hunter a good anime? i don't need a big analysis if it's a bother to you, i just respect your opinion on many issues and i was thinking of watching it at some point

it’s literally the best anime in existence, and anyone who says otherwise clearly has not watched it. for a 148 episode anime, there’s hardly any fillers. every episode counts to the storyline and all the arcs are well-developed, interesting, and finish/transition nicely. the pacing is so good, and it never gets boring or dull. the fight scenes are all unique and well animated… it’s not like a typical shounen where they just throw super powerful punches and stuff… like each character has their own tactics and fighting personalities and it’s sooo entertaining. with a lot of shounens, the fighting sequences get really repetitive but i enjoyed every single one in hxh (and there’s a lot esp. during the heavens arena arc). also the world-building is phenomenal… like there are so many layers and you think you’ve figured it all out the first few arcs but just wait until the chimera ant arc like Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOW.

there are some really good, really gritty, dark, emotional scenes and i’ve cried a bunch, but as a whole, the series makes you feel so happy and warm. the protagonist gon is THE BEST. actually, i love every single character (except for ging, he can choke). none of the main characters simply embody an archetype, they are each fully-fleshed out, individually significant with their own storylines and you will love them all. tbh you will also love the minor characters too. like all the characters with more than 5 speaking lines are 3-dimensional and are so much more than plot devices. the villains too. each have their own motives and their own personalities, they’re not just obstacles like a lot of shounens make their villains out to be. the friendships on this show are the most touching, spectacular, and well-developed friendships i’ve ever seen on TV and tbh i think that’s the impression most people get when finishing… like gon and killua invented friendship and that’s the fucking tea.

also departure.mp3 is the best anime opening song 

tinkdw  asked:

Hi! I hope you're feeling a little better :) I'm quite new to tumblr so not so competent at it, would you be able to explain or send me a link to the discussion of who represents flowers and dogs in spn? I loved your meta on 12x11 but I was lost at this point as all I know is sam loves dogs and not sure if that's relevant lol :) thank you!

Thank you! I’m sorry but I’m awful at keeping track of posts, but I’m sure that better functioning people like @elizabethrobertajones or @mittensmorgul can track down something about those topics…

I remember that people have been analyzing flower imagery, especially in regards of wallpapers and decorations, in relation to Cas. I must admit that I haven’t been following discussions about the meaning of flowers in the show because I know absolutely nada about flowers so they kind of all look the same to me lol. In the Carver era flowers have been important (there’s that kind of flower that also appeared in Fan Fiction associated to Calliope if I’m not mistaken that had, like, a lot of meanings, but I’ve already forgotten lol) and different kind of flowers were invested with different meanings (like that red flower that was associated to queer men in older movies and that has been associated to Crowley and Dean, etc etc) but I remember that there was a pattern that associated flowers to Cas, especially in relation to Cas’ importance for Dean. I think that in general flowers have been associated a lot to the triangle Cas-Dean-Crowley in the Carver era. I mean, if you asked me which characters have been associated to flowers the most, the first characters that would come to my mind would be Cas and Crowley, in the context of their relationships with Dean (well, one could say that Cas’ and Crowley’s characters have always been about their relationship with Dean. The Dean-Cas-Crowley triangle is one of the most fascinating narratives in the show for me tbh, but I’m digressing ^^; )

Anyway, from what I’ve gathered from better meta writers’ analyses, in general flowers=Cas (then certain kinds of flowers are associated to other things).

As for dogs, Dean has been the character most strongly associated to dogs - even since s3-4 and the hellhounds (I think there is a connection between Dean’s fear/dislike of dogs after going to hell and Dean’s self-hate after hell, and in general Dean has been paralleled to dogs a lot - episodes like Man’s Best Friends With Benefits and Dog Dean Afternoon have been super criticized for many reasons but were extremely interesting from this pov… then at the beginning of the MoC arc Dean literally meets Crowley’s hellhound, which foreshadows him actually become Crowley’s demon companion, etc etc). So yeah then the theme has been super strong in the Carver era, even with Dean kind of becoming a dog literally in Dog Dean Afternoon, and it’s mostly been in relation to Dean losing agency (i.e. mostly the MoC arc).

More recently Cas has been associated to that kind of imagery too (attack dog, a dog that thinks he’s people, him watching a program about dogs on television, etc.) and even more recently Sam too, in a minor extent (Toni bringing him to a veterinarian saying that there’s no much difference between humans and dogs, mostly), and of course Crowley has been associated to dogs in the Lucifer arc last season, with Lucifer calling him ‘doggie’ and keeping him on a leash, and so on. In general the show uses dog metaphors to indicate a character’s lack of agency/being someone’s “bitch” (in Cas’ case for instance the dog references are mostly connected to remarks about him being a tool for the Winchesters and so on).

So the main four characters have been associated to dogs recently but Sam in a way minor extent, so I’d say that the dog imagery still mostly applies to Dean plus Cas plus Crowley.

You know I didn’t expect at the beginning of this post to end up with the conclusion that both flowers and dogs are associated to Dean-Cas-Crowley??

I mean, flower imagery and dog imagery aren’t exclusive to the three of them of course, but now that I think about it they have been used heavily for the three of them. I mean maybe I’m biased as the Dean-Cas-Crowley narrative is one of my favorite things in the show… other people’s thoughts?

(You know, I was around the fandom between s8 and s9 and I remember that a lot of people complained that there was nothing left for the show to do with Crowley and they should kill him off because there was absolutely no possible storyline to get out of his character. There was basically an electoral campaign for the throne of hell in the fandom and a lot of people supported Abaddon because Crowley had supposedly run his course in the narrative… and then Dean x Crowley happened. Season 9 was wild times in the fandom. But I’m digressing again :P)

anonymous asked:

I mean she created isak who is like the best character in a show ever. And she created sana, who, same tbh. And then she started their friendship on s3. And then she created even, and now a balloon squad, and even a vilde, who is weird by whatever. Why, tell me WHY is Julie so obsessed with William, who is like the blandest and most stereotypical and unintresting character ever? Why would you prefer William over Sana, isak, even, vilde, Eva, mikael, Elias, WHY? I'm gonna drop this show

the noorhelm storyline is the equivalent of a self-insert fanfiction. there, i said it, let’s all be honest with ourselves, we all know why julie loves it so much

anonymous asked:

When characters in canon have a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex and The Straights ™ act like it was a fluke or get pissed off or pretend it never happened or argue that it was platonic, is that straightwashing? Or just gay/bi/pan Erasure? Also, not a lot of shows have characters actually say they're straight, so acting like it's impossible for a character to be anything other than straight doesn't usually go against canon eventhough The Straights ™ pretend it does :P

Tbh two canon gay characters could marry, have kids and die together and the Straights™ would just be like “Oh ymgod!!!! They were such good friends!!!! They were best friends!!!!! I love BFF relationships so much!!!!”