best character in the show tbh

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: why can’t i stop watching dance academy!?  the characters are annoying, the plot is overdramatic, and the dancing is mediocre at best but for some reason i keep binge watching it and i’ve seen the whole thing like 5 times and why does sammy have to die like that’s just cruel and unnecessary and WHY do i even CARE like it doesn’t matter it’s just a dumb show and tbh not even very realistic but !?!?!?!? 

I honestly feel like David is one of the best actors in the show. He makes Raphael. If you read the books, I wouldn’t have every really imagined Raphael this way. David goes above and beyond. He does a certain walk as Raphael, he even has a voice that he does. If you notice he has weird movements he does. He doesn’t just play the character with his voice or his face. He uses his whole body. And tbh, it’s impressive af. I felt like all the characters, beside Jace and Raphael, are exactly how I pictured them in the books. Which is fine but I am surprised and happy with the way Raphael and Jace turned out. And even though I’d like to see Raphael every episode, I get that by putting him in only half the episodes makes fans look forward to seeing him. I think Raphael is so fun because you can’t always tell how he fits into the story. I think we can all imagine how all the other characters will act and where there stories will go. I can predict exactly what all the other characters will do but I can’t always predict what they will make Raphael do and that is why he is such an important character.

reasons why call the midwife is the best show
  • canonically queer ladies in a happy healthy relationship
  • characters with addiction issues
  • characters with physical and/or mental disabilities
  • positive portrayals of sex workers, whilst still focusing on the issues they face
  • a balanced view of religion that shows it to be both a comfort, and a burden at times
  • passes the bechdel test in every single episode within a few minute
  • female characters with their own jobs and motives that don’t revolve around men
  • married female characters who are more than just wives
  • beautiful costumes and sets
  • positive portrayals of older characters
  • positive portrayals of adoption and adoptive families
  • mentions of important historical events and medical breakthroughs
  • storylines that touch on very important topics such as abortion, racism, homophobia, misogyny, adoption, infertility, disability, prostitution etc etc etc

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What do you think of Black Paladin Lance?

Okay.  Okay.  You didn’t know the can of worms you were about to open, and I’m sorry, but hoooooboy.

Watch me lose followers over this (especially if they started with the fucking lion swap post) but No Thank You.

Lance is not really Leadership, tbh.  I don’t want him to be, because it forces jamming that Fanon Woobie I’m So Perfect and Sad But No One Appreciates Me I’m Going To Wibble Sadly In The Corner While Being Perfect version of the character in the armor and position and asking to act totally contrary to canon because he’s the fandom baby and they want him to be The Best and therefore In Charge because god forbid the fucking show be about someone else for a little while.

Lance is the archetypal Lancer (fuck, if someone said the original version was the goddamn trope namer I’d believe them).   He forces Keith to stay on his toes as a leader, which is way more interesting than suddenly pretending Lance fits a SINGLE Black Lion trait (at least Keith is trying).  He’s waaaay more fun as an low-key antagonistic 2IC forcing everyone to step up their game.  

A ton of people complain that the Keith thing has no set up, but it does: an entire season’s worth, now.  This entire season was him growing as a character to at least approach the Black Paladin position.  We see him start to come to terms with it and work on it with Hunk (the best character to do so with).  Lance has ZERO of that build-up and for him to suddenly get the job would be crazy unsatisfying, no matter how many fans would go nuts.

Long story short: No.  You want Lance to lion swap?  Yellow.  Dude threw himself in front of an explosion for Coran, that’s Classic Yellow.

Even more flaty: Shiro should stay the fucking Black Paladin but that’s not even narrative that’s ‘I will fight the show’ but we’ll see

Can we as a fandom go back to treating Lance as the character he is rather than the archetype we want him to be?  Please?  So I can enjoy him again?

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can i ask what interests you so much with ks? i've followed you for a few years so i'm pretty sure you don't support abusive relationships (i think?). this isn't an anon hate or anything, i'm just wondering why you're so drawn to it? i don't read it personally, it makes me feel a lil sick ;;

For me, I didn’t have the best childhood growing up, so I’ve always been interested in dysfunctional characters or situations as a form of understanding that stuff. I don’t particularly like gore, but blood/violence/ are  things I don’t mind in fiction, so as long as KS didn’t go too heavy into the gore I’m fine.

TBH I like KS for the psychological aspect of it. I’ve always enjoyed crime shows and crime documentaries. I have a bit of an obsession with serial killers/rapists/stalkers,etc. I used to watch the ID channel all the time, dawn to dusk, just to try and understand why people do some of these horrifying things that they do. It’s also a way for me to feel better about those topics in real life. I feel like the more I can understand, the less scary it will be.

Same goes for fiction. It’s still trying to psychoanalyze why the characters do what they do, without condoning their actions. I watched a lot of Cold Case Files and CSI Special Victims unit for the same reasons, but you never see anyone going out of their way to harass people who enjoy those dramas. 

I don’t mind that people don’t like KS, and it’s super understandable to see why it makes people uncomfortable. I personally just read it to try to understand why a person would do something like this and what motivates each character, and how it dictates their actions. I don’t condone it or glorify it? I don’t even ship the two boys. If it becomes a murder boyfriend comic I’d dip out so fast because that’s not why I read it.

This is just why I partake in KS. If people have a problem with that then that’s OK. But I don’t want to hear about it. I tag it and I make sure it’s easy to blacklist. You’re always free to leave my blog if anything makes any of you guys uncomfortable. 

Thank you for asking this question. I didn’t take it as anon hate or anything. 

Just started rewatching Person of Interest

And it’s so good so far. 

 Season One Perks: 

 Taraji P Henson 

 People of Color existing in New York (unlike that other show *cough cough CSI New York with only 10 poc ever cough cough*) 

 Jim Caviezel beating up bad guys while being super hot

 Micheal Emerson hacking computers and being super hot 

 Taraji P Henson being badass while kicking ass, being the best character (and I want marry her tbh) 

 It has POC that aren’t always thugs and actually have character 

 Cool mother son relationship 

 One of the shows closer to actually addressing how POC are treated in the criminal justice system

Taraji P Henson 

 The audio mixing is A+. The non diegetic and diegetic sound is so good, like I’m crying. Also the soundtrack is so good! So high quality. 

The cinematography is so good. It’s one of the shows were one can really see tv becoming an art form. There’s so much care taken to create the style.

 Black woman detective who is so lovely and wants to do the right thing who and who is now on Empire™ 

 Jim Caviezel flashing his award winning smile 

 A show about two dudes fighting the Man™ 

 A show about people helping other people because we all have to look out for 

each other Let’s see if this show lets me down (hope not)

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  1. INCLUSIVE AF ethnicity wise - the main cast includes 5 people, only 2 of whom are white.
  2. INCLUSIVE ALSO SEXUALITY-WISE - the protagonist is bisexual, the secondary character has been hinted at being bisexual, the protagonist’s best friend is pansexual (actually refers to herself as pan like i’m living u guys) n is dating another woman in one of the most beautiful f/f stories i’ve ever seen on screen tbh.
  3. Joshua Sasse.
  4. It’s SO funny, and really quite clever for being a CW show.
  5. It speaks of sex and sexuality as something freeing and doesn’t shame people who enjoy it.
  6. body diversity ftw
  7. Honestly?? it looks hella fucking dumb but it’s FUN and quirky?? 
  8. and it’s ORIGINAL not the copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a show that was successful once briefly in 1992.
  9. did i mention it’s fun? bc it’s fun.
  10. Joshua Sasse.

tbh one of the best moments of skam s3 for me is, when isak lashed out at his friends after seeing even kissing sonja and ran away, the next morning he comes to school and runs into jonas, and isak is like…. so is mahdi still mad at me? and jonas says NO ONE IS MAD AT YOU, WE’RE JUST WORRIED, WHAT’S GOING ON, and it delights me like nothing else, those characters are 17 y.o. and every teenage culture thing like movies or shitty books or tv shows or whatever would make so much fucking drama over this, but jonas just!! handled it perfectly and made sure isak knew he could talk to him and was upset not because isak’s been behaving like shit but because he saw that isak was going through something difficult. like he was so mature and Good about it i wanna cry

and while i’m at it, another major point for me was how isak always listens to good advice, like television still tries to tell us that 16-17 year olds in high school, especially boys, are either dramatic, stereotypical or stereotypically dramatic, certainly not multi-layered actual human beings who have complex brains, and here he is!! constantly reevaluating things!! listening and researching and changing his opinions with experience and advice!! like! imagine how rare it is too see teenage characters on tv being not at all stupid, being humane and real, that i’m this happy about jonas and isak having empathy and ability to think

@rhysiana I mean the whole thing about the showrunners not allowing Jughead to be explicitly ace is immediately disqualifying to me, but I am curious as to what you mean when you say queerbaiting is the least of this show’s problems??? Tbh…

ok so… idk why some fans are so pressed by others wanting to see alec’s feelings for jace actually DEALT with, like, why ppl are sooo overjoyed that alec calls jace his brother and using it to be like “haha proves j@lec is incest” when honestly, for someone like me whose favourite character and the character i relate to the most, is alec, it really… hurts, tbh. like, the shadowhunters writing team established in s1 that alec is in love with jace. they did that. and for lgbt fans who really relate with the extremely distressing situation of being in love with ur straight best friend … idk i really wanted to see alec move on. like on screen. i wanted to see that very common lgbt experience, which i myself went through for like almost a full year… given respect???? like i think they could have had a really beautiful story arc for alec if they showed him working through his feelings and if we could see him actively making the choice to move on and embrace the lasting platonic and/or familial relationship he could have with jace if he could work through his romantic feelings. instead they’ve obviously decided to just retcon that bit of alec’s character and it’s like, idk. why did you write it in to begin with?? why did you make alec love jace if you were gonna ignore and not give any attention to the genuine feelings of hurt and shame and sorrow that happens in situations like this, for real lgbtq people who want representation just as much as anyone else? 


“Oh, Father, tell me

        Do we get what we deserve?”

                                                          “Oh we get what we deserve…”

Kasumi Tsukino
kunoichi of Kirigakure
born February 20th

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follow magnus oriented fans tbh, they always have the best takes and the most fair discussions in the sh fandom imo. that's what i have seen from my experience. they don't see magnus as an extension of malec but a fully realized, fascinating character in his own right. i don't enjoy following people who don't mainly analyze magnus bcs he is the most fun character in the show for me personally and harry is such a talented actor.

that’s my philosophy too lmao

  • someone: what's naruto about anyway
  • me: basically there are two Heterosexual ninjas who are Just Friends, Total Bros, Best Buds Pallin' Around, Nothing Gay to see here. All of the characters are Very Straight. It is a Good Show, believe it
  • someone: I don't think you answered my question
  • me: actually I did, I'm Telling The Truth, dattebayo

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1) If Rose were to exist again, all the character development involving Pearl, Greg, or any of the other characters moving past their grief and all the emotional depth of Steven never having known Rose would be for nothing. But no, apparently the fans need Steven to meet Rose and to get a happy little Hollywood, artificial, bs ending. How is that NOT fan service? Forsaking what's best for the plot or what ties in with the theme of the show just to deliver what fans want. FAN SERVICE.

sounds like  you’re getting upset over nothing tbh

some more jefferchase headcanons yall

  • tj is the single!! most cheerful person on the planet!! he always helps magnus when he’s feeling down 
  • which is sadly often :( 
  • but tj is just the BEST he manages to balance his cheerfulness with also respecting magnus’ feelings what a stand up dude!! 
  • magnus shows tj all the star wars films. tbh tj doesn’t really. get it
  • movies aren’t tj’s strong suit. even after a good 100some years of coexisting with movies he still just doesn’t get it 
  • the language is hard for him to get/follow and he has a terrible time keeping the characters straight
  • but he likes the lightsabers aka “shiny bayonets”
  • magnus is exasperated with his dumb bf because star wars is SACRED but he powers through
  • whenever magnus is on his period (he’s canonically trans in case u didn’t know) tj always brings him chocolate and painkillers and all
  • magnus yells for years and years about how it’s unfair that periods should still exist in valhalla bc seriously !! how is that fair 
  • but tj sticks w him what a good kid!!
  • magnus’ MAIN GOAL in life is to get sam to agree to a double date between them and sam and amir 
  • sam would rather throw herself off mt everest than let that happen but magnus still tries
  • tj and sam grow to be really good friends!! sam is 100000% the embarrasing younger sister though
  • she never fails to tell tj the most embarrasing stories she knows about magnus. it makes poor mango want 2 sink into the floor and die but tj thinks it’s cute so !!

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Let me say i've shipped ALOT of couples... all sexualities... and i have an EXTREME fav one here in the states but I have NEVER seen two characters love each other and show it to the depths Rob and Aaron do. I've never seen anything like it.

Awwww isn’t this gorgeous?

Yeah, they’re brilliant. They’re the biggest mess ever, they’re both total nightmares and their storyline pretty much defines angst but they’re the BEST and entirely original and, as you say, there’s so much love it’s kind of disgusting by this point ;)

Plus, the god damned chemistry these two have.

So happy you enjoy them too (hope you enjoy the whole show TBH!)

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my best friend is otherkin, and i've always felt weird about it tbh? Like I wanna support them but I feel like i can't tell them about things I like because they'll just get into it and kin something in it every time without fail. And like I appreciate their friendship i just wish they could enjoy things without deciding they're literally half the characters from any show I tell them about


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unpopular opinion: i think 'chosen' is extremely overrated and very disappointing (like most of season 7 imo)

Well, thank god someone agrees with me.

Tbh, I just assumed everyone thought s7 and the finale was shit. And then I got on Tumblr and saw these “best finale ever” posts like…what. I thought the final season changed the tone of the show, ignored the characters for too much plot device, and had an underwhelming ending. I was very disappointed in all of it. I mean I see why they were trying to resolve Buffy’s never ending issue, that she was alone in the fight, but I kind of liked the theme of us all being alone against our personal demons. 

However, I don’t fall into the camp that wishes the show ended with The Gift. I felt like season six was a natural continuation of the show and I’m glad we got to see it. Season seven was where it went wrong for me.

Send me unpopular opinions!