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hear me out: dghda/merlin au

dirk as merlin and todd as arthur


merlin as dirk and arthur as todd

FFXIV NPC Ask Prompts!

Send in any of the following, and I have to answer with…

  • Louisoix: What is the greatest sacrifice my character has made?
  • Nael Van Darnus: Where was my character during the Calamity?
  • Minfillia: Would my character make a good leader figure?
  • Alphinaud: What is my character’s greatest dream/aspiration?
  • Alisaie: How far would my character go for family?
  • Thancred: Is my character good at singing, or any musical instruments?
  • Yda: Does my character where any kind of masks?  Literal or figurative.
  • Papalymo: Who is dearest to my character?
  • Y’shtola: What’s the highest level of education my character as received?
  • Urianger: Has my character lost a loved one?
  • Tataru: What does my character find cute?
  • Raubahn: What scars does my character have?
  • Nanamo: Has my character ever been betrayed?
  • Kan-E-Senna: Is my character good with plants?
  • Merlwyb: Can my character swim?
  • Momodi Modi: What’s the best way to woo my character?
  • Baderon: Does my character have any hidden talents?
  • Mother Miounne: Is my character the type to care for others?
  • Hildebrand: Does my character have a history of good/bad luck?
  • Drillemont: How pious is my character?
  • Jandelaine: Does my character dye their hair/use makeup/other cosmetic products?
  • Iceheart: Does my character prefer hot or cold weather?
  • Lyngsath: Can my character cook?
  • Landebert: How’s my character’s financial status?
  • Wilred: What’s the greatest mistake my character has made?
  • Riol: What’s my character’s greatest success?


The OA is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen a lot! So, this is a very cool character called BBA. I love her so much, she is so interesting and I love her story! It was kind of unexpected to me that she joined the group of people learning about OA’s history and the 5 movements… but that’s what I admire about this show. All the characters are so different from each other but equally interesting and you get the feeling of wanting to know more about them. And together, they make a great team bc they’ve all been through difficult stuff in their lives and can understand each other ❤

The Best Background Character in the History of Animation

Every How to Train Your Dragon fan knows this nameless Viking, likes this Viking, and knows how important he is to the story–even if no one ever talks about him. He has no real dialogue, but speaks volumes in one simple squawk of surprise. Yes, I’m talking about that guy.

The white-bearded Change-of-Heart-Viking.

Think about the story weight this guy carries. He represents the entire village (not including the main characters) seeing dragons in a new light. This guy is pretty much Joe Berk, average working-class Viking and family man. For this moment in time, his attitude toward the dragon (nervous, but open-minded) speaks for the entire older generation.

The story artists and animators (and the voice actor who delivered that great, goofy little squawk) succeeded beautifully. The character’s moment (with the as-yet unnamed Hookfang) is endearing and believable, perfectly setting the stage for the finale. When Hiccup regains consciousness days later, we have no problem in accepting the village’s uplifting transformation.

All because of this guy.

Bravo, Change-of-Heart Viking! Bravo!

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Do you have any really good historical dramas you could recommend? (Including ones that maybe aren't so historically accurate like SKKS)

Actually, I think that SKKS is very historically accurate where it matters - the secret document is said to really exist at some point, the whole proceedings at the university, the lessons - it’s all very accurate. SKKS is what probably Hwarang wanted to be, but failed miserably. All the 4 main characters are absolutely fictional so it gave the writer the creative licence to write whatever she wanted without alienating the history. Sungkyunkwan Scandal had it all - an epic second male lead, so much bromance, the university actually being a place where people studied and learned something while working hard, all the characters received proper development and there was still enough time to develop the main romance. I recommend the drama very much.

Jang Ok Jung ‘Live in Love’- the first 10 episodes are the best 10 episodes of any sageuk I have ever seen, then the quality drops substantially but it’s still worth the watch.

Empress Ki - my longest sageuk but I don’t regret a single minute. It was awesome. Long live the Puppy Emperor and his Empress

Bridal Mask - not really a sageuk, it takes place in 1920s and 1930s during the Japanese occupation of Korean Peninsula. The quality of that show is high.

Iljimae (2008) - the romance is really boring but it has Lee Joon Gi wearing all-black and mask, so what are you waiting for.

Legend (The Story of the First King’s Four Gods) - my first sageuk, it feels kind of dragging, but Phillip Lee as Cheoro is worth it.

Moon Embracing the Sun - I could write an entire thesis how boring the romance was, all the editing mistakes and teacups MADE IN CHINA, but there is Kim Soo Hyun and HE ROCKS!

Moon Lovers - No comment is really needed

Arang and the Magistrate

Faith - Goryeo time-travel

There are tons more sageuk dramas which I watched including Love in the Moonlight, Princess’s Man, The Three Musketeers, SIx Flying Dragons, Secret Door, The Tree with Deep Roots, Joseon Gunman (all of them very good sageuk dramas) and many more, but those mentioned above are the ones I enjoyed the most even the if they lack in some ways, but each sageuk is.


Get That Life: How I Became a Tony-Award Winning Star of Hamilton (Cosmopolitan):

Every once in a while, Broadway productions would come through L.A. for auditions, and I went for The Lion King. I was engaged, and was all set to get married in a vineyard in Napa Valley and spend my life making independent movies. My fiancé Alexis — now my husband — had just become a lawyer and passed the California bar. While I was planning my wedding, I got offered a yearlong contract to play Nala in New York. I was on the phone discussing the opportunity with my mom and she said, “It’s a year. Why would you not? Wasn’t Broadway part of the dream at some point?” So I packed my bag and took my two dogs and left [with my husband eventually following], thinking I would be back in L.A. in a year. Six months into The Lion King, I got cast on One Life to Live, which meant another four years in New York. That was in 2002. And here I am in 2016 playing with my kids in Morningside Park.

At the beginning of my time on One Life to Live, I was very frustrated. This was a time in my life when I felt extremely marginalized. The formula of soap operas makes it really hard for an African-American to get any traction. There’s always a family that’s central to the story on a soap opera, and if the show loves you, you will turn into the long-lost brother or you will get married, which is easy to do for a white character. But as an ethnic person, they bring you on to be smart. You get to be the lawyer or the doctor for the family. No one sees where you live, they never bring you home. There might be one episode in February where they talk about your family because it’s Black History Month. Your character might be on once every three weeks. You walk into a room and you say something really smart and noble, and then you walk out. And you only make money when they write for your character. You couldn’t win the game as a person of color, no matter how talented or beautiful you were.

But after the first couple of years, they put me in a love triangle and it just blew up. The love triangle was interracial, there was drama, there was a war between fan groups — it was the best thing that had ever happened to my career. I was featured in magazines and I was being voted a fan favorite character. I was being asked to co-host The View. At the same time, I was doing Shakespeare in the Park, being seen by the elite New York theater community and getting unbelievable reviews. I had high visibility and there were moments throughout this period where people said, “This is it.” But it doesn’t necessarily make you A-list. I was probably G-list most of my life.


In 2014, I was first approached about Hamilton. I didn’t know the creative team, but I knew the producers. I went to audition because they needed to see me rap. The last thing I thought was that it was a job I would get. They were looking for a Nicki Minaj type and I didn’t think they would see me as that when I walked in the door.

I was initially hesitant about auditioning to be in a workshop of the show because there’s no guarantee that you’ll be in the show. With two young children at home, I didn’t think it would be a good idea. But I ended up listening to a demo of Lin-Manuel Miranda singing my character’s song in the first act and it changed my mind. I immediately felt like there was no world in which I couldn’t be a part of this. I had to at least try. If I didn’t get the job, then maybe I could invest in the project financially. Maybe I could be friends with them. They didn’t take my money, but they did give me a job.

The real blessing for me in winning the Tony was the opportunity for the testimony. I think you have to chase your life even harder than you chase your career. I was very clear when I was trying to have children that that was my priority. You feel like you’re risking choosing one or the other when you do that, but the celebration for me was that I chased both family and career very hard, and the fact that I could celebrate having my children and that Tony award was a miracle.

I won’t last the life of this show. I know that there’s a time to stay and there’s a time to let someone else do it. I don’t have a burning desire to fill in the blank — be a movie star, do this, do that. I have to love my husband and raise my kids and use this platform that my career has given me in a way that is responsible and worthy of the gift. And I know that if I do anything else, it’s going to be a really strong woman.

check out the entire wonderful essay for the other parts of Renée’s journey


You all knew this was coming.

I will try to spoil as little as possible in this review because I want all of you to watch this and enjoy it fully.

CONCEPT: Humans have colonized the solar system. Earth is ruled by the UN, Mars is a military power (ayyy because Mars is the god of war how smart), both of them control the Asteroid Belt. Tensions are high between all three parties. Our story starts when one girl goes missing and discovers something amazing.

- Visually stunning. Every shot is beautiful, and the color themes are amazing. Even the opening titles are mind-blowing.
- Diverse cast. Despite the protagonist being a white guy, the supporting cast includes almost twice as many PoC as it does white people.
- Lack of romance. After the first episode, this series is devoid of distracting romantic subplots.
- Political turmoil. For the first half of the season, the show seems more like a geopolitical drama than a sci-fi epic. The tensions between planets seem real, and quite scarily so.
- Mysteries and conspiracies. The show centers around one conspiracy (which I won’t go into because spoilers), and there are plenty more where that came from. There are also spies and lies and it’s great.
- Complex characters. None of the people in this show are 100% good or evil (well, maybe one of them is). Every character has history and fears and flaws.
- Excellent worldbuilding. The show actually addresses how each planet would affect people’s physiology.
- Smart. It gives constant nods to Don Quixote and Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythology. If you’re into that, this is the show for you.
- Space battles. Finally, if you’re looking for some ships getting blown up and pew pew pew lasers, this show has that.


This is the best science fiction movie/show I have ever seen in my life. It’s beautiful, diverse, smart, and just plain good. The entire first season is available legally and for free on the Syfy Now app.

Please check it out!


Suspiria (1977)

September 26, 2016 Movie Of The Week

Italian horror maestro Dario Argento’s bewitching magnum opus Suspiria is one of the most atmospheric horror films ever made. Beautiful and bloody in equal measure, this one is required viewing for any die hard horror fan.

Suspiria tells the story of Suzy, an American ballet student who has just arrived in Germany to attend a prestigious school of dance, which… well, let’s just say the place isn’t quite what it seems. As her classmates begin to disappear one by one, Suzy must unravel the mysteries of just what diabolical deeds are occurring at the so called Tanz Dance Academy. It’s a slow burn that may seem a bit dated to some modern fans, sure, but when things boil over in the third act Suspiria delivers on its reputation and then some.

That being said, the real star of Suspiria isn’t the story. It’s the aesthetic. Full of shocking colors, unnatural patterns, and bizarre sets, the look of Suspiria has as much character as any of its actual characters. The Tanz Academy seems almost to live and breathe; its ornate decorum and eerie lighting, ever shifting from pinkish red to somber blue, give the school an ethereal, vaguely nightmarish quality that looms large over every scene, constantly reminding the viewer that something just isn’t right here. And believe me, it isn’t.

Accompanying the visual majesty of Suspiria is its fantastic musical score, one of the all time best in horror’s vast history of awesome scores, provided by the prog rock band Goblin. The score, especially its incredible title theme, sets the mood so beyond perfectly that it feels silly to describe it to you. Just listen for yourself. I’d throw that one up there with the Halloween and Friday the 13th themes of the world any day of the week. It gets under your skin and gives you the creeps in the best possible ways and I love it so much.

Honestly, that same line sums up Suspiria perfectly. It just has this wonderful way of getting under your skin and creeping you out. And what more can a horror fan ask for than that?

Mercy Criticism/Hate

Mercy is a White scientist who has taken at least two (2) dead People of Color and conducted science experiments that violate almost every tenant of modern scientific ethics on them bringing them back to life (one as a soul-eating monster, the other as a living weapon), seemingly without their consent (seeing as they were DEAD. Not to mention she’s also apparently used her discoveries for her own personal gain of prolonged youth while remaining seemingly unconcerned with the consequences her experimentation had on her subjects. Her science is immoral at best and she has committed unforgivable crimes against humanity; as a person of color intimately familiar with the long and antagonistic/parasitic/exploitative history of White Science and Test Subjects of Color please forgive me for hating Mercy as a character and asserting that if she was ever a real person I ever met I’d promptly slap the shit out of for being such a disgusting human being.

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And the title of being the most useless character in the history of Teen Wolf goes to... JORDAN PARRISH! Congratulations, man, you did ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING! You had the Ghost Riders storyline, which is connected to your character on a mythological level, and you still did nothing, except becoming villains slave... and then doing nothing while being a villain's slave! Holy fuck this is ridiculous.

Worst Generation’s hobbies, from Vol 82 SBS:

  • Luffy (adventure, party)
  • Zoro (training, liquor)
  • Law (roaming, collecting anniversary coins)
  • Kidd (listening to music, collecting weapons)
  • Apoo (DJ, surfing)
  • Capone (watching paintings, board game)
  • Hawkins (interior designs, taking a bath)
  • Drake (reptiles enthusiast, Astrophysics)
  • Bonney (food, Jenga)
  • Killer (Drum, cooking)
  • Urouge (liquors, love affair, climbing mountains)
  • Blackbeard (gambling, history research!!)

Source: sandman @ Arlong Park Forums

Ahaha, Law collecting coins? That sounds cute, I hope someone draws that. And surfing for Apoo? That’s brave for a devil fruit user, but I suppose it fits his character well. “Reptiles enthusiast” makes me think of a cute little dinosaur fanboy. But Urouge’s is the best lol.

Overall, what a great list, even if none of this ever makes into the actual story it still gives depth to the characters and makes them feel more like real people who have lives outside interacting with the main characters.

One thing I don’t particularly like though is how Zoro gets included in lists like this over the other Straw Hats just because he happened to have a specific bounty at a specific point of the series some 300 chapters ago. I’ll give Luffy a pass for being the main character, but I don’t consider Zoro more special than the other crew members. Give us a Straw Hat hobbies list too! (preferably containing some new info rather than the obvious “Nami draws maps, Usopp does tinkering”)

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Whos Brenda Miller?

…. my time has come…

Okay, so throughout Cassandra Cain’s time as Batgirl, a reoccurring theme was that the people around her who really cared about her (or should have cared) as a person realized that out of depression and guilt, she was allowing herself to live only as Batgirl and not as a real human being. 

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should i read the scorpio races? i bought the book but haven't picked it up yet. i get the impression that it isn't a very popular book (yet). what's it about?


First, what is it about? The official blurb says:

Based on the legends of the eich uisce — the Celtic water horse — The Scorpio Races take place on the tiny, fictional island of Thisby. Each November, water horses emerge from the black ocean and gallop the beach beneath the cliffs of Thisby. And each November, men capture these horses for a thrilling and deadly race. Both Sean Kendrick, four time champion, and Kate “Puck” Connolly, newcomer to the races, will ride this year, and both of them have more to gain — or lose — than in any previous year. But only one can win.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is a book about FLESH-EATING HORSES THAT RISE FROM THE SEA and the brave people who RACE THEM ON THE BEACH. But it’s not about that, really. It’s about family, and home, and belonging, and being comfortable in one’s skin, and the unspoken connection between souls.

Here are further things you should know about it:

  • World-building. It’s one of the best world-building books I’ve ever read. The Celtic island of Thisby is as much a character as anyone. You will come to love those rugged shores, the turbulent seas, the windswept beaches, the chalky cliffs, the cobblestoned streets, and the old houses and shops and barns that creak with history and life and magic.
  • Characters. The characters feel like dear friends. You will adore Puck’s quick tongue, indomitable spirit, and decisive action. You will admire Sean’s stillness, fearlessness, and his feral heart. You will love them and the love they have for their horses and for their island. The secondary characters are colorful and tricky and have mysterious lives of their own off the page. When you come to know Finn Connolly, you’ll want to put him in your pocket.
  • Mythology. Celtic mythology is woven into everyday experiences so believably, you may sometimes forget that flesh-eating horses that rise from the sea don’t actually exist in our world. Like all good mythology, the story unfolds in such a way that makes you feel illuminated and transformed.
  • Mood. The book has a very specific atmosphere. It’s no wonder the fandom comes out of the woodwork on November first. The book is set in late autumn, and it evokes the season perfectly: misty, cold weather; roaring bonfires; wild festivals; delicious baked goods that ooze down your fingers.
  • Prose. This standalone has dual narration that actually serves a purpose, and each character has his or her own voice. The writing is a beautiful, sensory experience, peppered with irony, philosophy, and humor. It’s not plot-driven, so it may seem like it’s taking its sweet time, but stick it out because these characters are going somewhere and they’ll take you with them.
  • Feminism. This book is set sometime during the first half of the 20th century, so obviously feminism as we know it was not yet a Thing, but Puck is definitely a feminist hero, and there are many interesting female characters who try to navigate the patriarchal world they inhabit in their own ways. The touch of romance between Sean and Puck develops in such a delightful, refreshing way because it’s based on mutual respect and partnership.
  • NOVEMBER CAKES. This is related to Mood (see above), but if you read the book for this reason alone you will not be sorry.

There is so much more to say, and I’ve said too much already. The Scorpio Races may not be as widely known as some of its contemporaries, but it has won a number of awards and is simply a gem of a book. I hope you read it, with or without my convincing. (Also, it’s being developed by Focus Features, so if the movie gets made, you could be ahead of the curve.)

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I dont even watch yuri on ice but I hate your fandom bruh its too fuckinn big and fuckin everywhere please just stop its just an anime jfc

Omg I was just like you albeit more than a few weeks ago (I think it was yuri on ice episode 3 airing) and yeah I was really weirded out and kinda hating the fandom from afar because WHAT EXACTLY WAS SO GOOD ABOUT ANOTHER FREAKING SPORTS ANIME

But that’s the thing though. Please watch it. Cuz the moment I decided to watch YoI all those weeks ago, THE MOMENT I saw fat Yuuri on screen, my whole opinion on the anime changed. And as each episode aired, I knew I would be iN SO DEEP.

Hate this fandom all you want, but if you declare your hate without ever once watching the anime, you’re missing out on one of the most relatable animes ever because never have I ever seen a character who has weight issues (overcame it), anxiety (fuck me up that one really hit home), a stunning character development alongside every other character developments, ONE OF THE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER, the best portrayal of supportive friends and family and my favourite, the normalisation of two men being in love.

You wanna know what the real best part was? Yuri!!! On Ice didn’t force anything, actually I’m pretty sure they flew over every possible trope in anime history. To the point that it wasn’t about shipping Victor and Yuuri, it was more like… “I wouldn’t be surprised if these two got together” kind of feel. Like how you see REAL PEOPLE. The anime treated the characters in the most human way I’ve ever seen (I don’t even understand my own sentence lol)

And the characters? All of them? They’re some part of me. They all are. And I love how the anime treat ‘me’ right. They showed 'me’ and tinny parts 'me’ and I think that’s why I never hated anyone in the anime. I love Yuri!!! On Ice because I can relate to it so much.

The fandom opinions differs but for someone who has had weight issues, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, a drive to strive, a need for assurance and love (constantly), a social media addict, a cat lover, someone who is passive aggressive, sarcastic and (the list is very long), but for 'me’, Yuri!!! On Ice did a pretty good job allowing me to 'see’ myself in each of the new charas.

So don’t go telling me to stop. Because I won’t let go of the best portrayal of 'me’ and neither will I stop from ever loving Yuri!!! On Ice .

If you live in the US and have access to Disney Channel, please watch Girl Meets World. It is easily the best show to ever come out of Disney, but is yet to be renewed for a fourth season. The main characters are two girls with the most amazing chemistry (I doubt Disney would ever let them be a thing, but here’s hoping!), and their best friends, an incredibly smart and kind Jewish boy who speaks briefly about his family’s history during the Holocaust, a kind and loyal black boy who is the funniest character on the show, does not give a shit about gender roles (does ballet, favourite movie is The Notebook, loves Celine Dion) and speaks about his family ancestry which heavily implies slavery, an autistic (yes! On a Disney show!) WOC who is the smartest and funniest (yes I know I said that before but she is the funniest too) of them all too and is dating the Jewish boy (power couple!), and then there’s your average white boy character but let’s not talk about him. The show has covered topics such as bullying, single parenthood and distant/absent parents, the importance of jobs like janitors and cafeteria workers, politics and how the wrong people are in power, the importance of the arts and how they need to be taken as seriously as academic subjects, autism, self forgiveness (watch girl meets the forgiveness project!! i beg of you!!), religion, feminism, poverty and privilege, communism, high school vs middle school and the pressure of high school, technology and social media and how our society is obsessed with the internet, teenagers involved with crime and vandalism, good vs evil, why it is important to celebrate and respect different cultures, and so much more. It did have a love triangle during the end of season 2/start of season 3, but it focused much more in the girls and their friendship than it did on the boy, and the end result made a point to prove that platonic love can trump romantic love (if you watch the show in storyline order than the stupid order disney aired it in it makes much more sense). The show isn’t without its issues (*cough* heteronormativity *cough*) but it is such a huge step for disney (disney doesn’t deserve it tbh) and is worth the watch and the support. Not to mention the cast are amazing, Rowan Blanchard who plays the main character is not only a wonderful actor but an outspoken activist (follow her on ig and twitter) and is way more woke at 14 than most people will ever be, Sabrina Carpenter is an amazing young singer who is about to come out with her second album, Corey Fogelmanis is a photographer (follow his ig), and Amir Mitchell-Townes is an activist who savagely took down another cast member after they posted something racist on instagram. If a fourth season happens we are hoping for episodes about sexuality, racism, and more mature topics. Please support the show.

I feel like a lot of modern writers take Spider-Man for granted in so far as the skill required to do the character correctly.

Like he’s funny and quippy. But he’s also guilt ridden and down in the dumps a lot. He’s a really responsible person but he can also have a temper. He’s loyal and dedicated but he’s not Superman levels of moral. He’s a nerdy guy but also does have this enjoyment of physical exertion hat comes from being a superhero. He kind of likes being a superhero but he deep down would prefer to be a normal guy even though he’s good at being a hero but often doesn’t recognize that in himself and feels so duty bound to be a hero he’s unlikely to ever permanently give it up no matter how much he really wants to, even if he actually goes ahead and quits sometimes.

He is an every man relatively speaking but that doesn’t mean he’s a easy or simple character to write for. But I really do think that is how Marvel regards the character. That he’s a good character that anyone can just pick up and run with and it’s not that hard to get him right when that is far from the truth. He’s an incredibly complex character and even the best writers in his history (JMS, Stern, DeFalco, DeMatteis, PAD) have rarely perfectly balanced all the aspects of his character, at least not all the time. Hell STAN couldn’t even do that!

Essentially a lot of writers tend to just dig their hooks into Spider-Man as either a big oversimplification of one or more of his character traits or they simply exaggerate some traits or situations he’s been in to make out that’s the entirety of the character. Or they do some combination thereof.

Nowdays Spider-Man is either written as

- The quippy guy (any given Avengers title, especially ones by Bendis)

- The LOSER who’s life is always fucking him over (Mark Waid)

- The manchild (Kelly at least before Spider-Man/Deadpool)

- Some combination of the above with added shit (Slott)

Bottom line: Spider-Man isn’t an easy character to write for and isn’t a character who does well when you hand him to anyone and everyone.

I think all the relationships between characters are stronger at this point. Daryl and Carol have a lot of similarities, not just because they are more country than the other characters, but because of the abuse.  They have more history than other characters and I’ve been fortunate to do many scenes with Melissa.  She’s such an incredible strong actress, one of the very best I’ve ever worked with.  She says a lot with her face, and I truly love those subtleties.  They say volumes, and she’s very good about playing those little beats.  I got lucky because she makes you look so good when you work with her.
—  Norman Reedus on working with Melissa McBride (2013)