best character evar

do you ever just *clench fists* think about the bookends of Kurogane’s own narrative. In the beginning, he gave up Ginryuu and, presumably, his birth name, and cut off the last ties to his childhood memories of his family and Suwa. Then when he returns home, after discovering what IS true strength to him, he reclaims his family’s sword and is blessed by his true name

cause I do


Here he is, the one and only winner of the Gemini croquet contest! The boy’s fueled like fire, so start melting, ladies, because he’s hotter than hot; he’s hot HOT HOT! The right size, right build, right hair, right on (right on, right on) Right on, right on! And he’s got something to say to those fifty billion pairs of ears out there.


felicity smoak spent two seasons barely existing outside of giving oliver doe-eyed pep talks about how much of a hero he is and it got her a massive, obsessive fandom insistent that she’s the best character evar all bow down

but when she spends two episodes saying a few supportive things to laurel suddenly she’s being underwritten and just used as a plot device to prop up other characters and not really “felicity” anymore




Day 4: Favorite Male Character

Male characters rarely stand out to me, to be honest. I might like them a lot, but after finishing a piece of work, I don’t think about them much down the road.

But Kurogane - yeah, he’s really something different. CLAMP surprised me with how they wrote his characterization and development, and they did it pretty darn well. I love how the redemption narrative isn’t limited to Syaoran, the protagonist. Kurogane gets one too. His is subtle compared to the development of the other main characters, but it still resonates. Kurogane isn’t perfect, and no well written characters are. He has his hard moments, but his faith in loved ones, his love, and devotion, fuels that inner strength in him.

Don’t worry. I won’t write an essay here. I already did a while back.

But that won’t stop me from gushing away.

(Art by Chocotaur)


Hannibal Make Me Choose:

Anonymous asked who do you think play hannibal better out of anthony hopkins and mads mikkelsen?

It’s a bit apples to oranges at this point. They play the character at different stages of life, and in different media.

I love Sir Anthony’s Hannibal, I do. Without him, there would be no franchise, there would be no Fullerverse Hannibal. 

But damn, do I love Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter.