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Voltron Ask Meme!

Voltron: Which Lion do you think you would pilot? Why?

Shiro: If you were given the chance to change the past, would you?

Keith: Do you consider yourself an aggressive or passive person?

Lance: Are you a flirtatious person? Lance level flirting?

Hunk: Do you know how to cook/bake?

Pidge: Who are the people you value the most?

Allura: What would be the first thing you do if you wake up after 10,000 years?

Coran: What was your worst “phase”?

Zarkon: Do you think revenge is wrong?

Haggar: Are you obsessed over something? Someone?

Lotor: What would you be exiled for?

Galra Empire: Who is your favorite Galra character?

Blade of Marmora: Who has the best character design?

Matt Holt: Are you more “nerdy” or “sporty”?

Balmerans: Are you good at reading other peoples emotions?

Olkari: Do you have a close connection with nature?

Kuron: Would you want a clone of yourself? Why?

Honerva: Do you have any pets?

Alfor: What is your best friend like?

Weblum: What is your favorite Voltron episode?

Slav: What are your ships? No discourse allowed.

Sven: Would you sacrifice your life for someone you barely know?

Space Mice: What are your favorite animals?

KALTENECKER: Who is your favorite Voltron character?

Paladin: When did you start watching Voltron?

Feel free to drop one or some of these in my ask box! Other questions are welcome too! No discourse allowed.

Here’s my version of MC from @thearcanagame! She’s based off of myself, since I feel like imagining MC as myself would make the game even more enjoyable. ^^
((if you haven’t tried the game yet idk what you’re even doing with your life :D))

tfw when not even death can save u from dumb politics

eyyy it’s my Gangrel boi enjoying a Refreshing Beverage + two of his ghoul pals because they need some love too (or fanart at least)

this was just a random doodle at first inspired by my ‘vampire capri sun’ post but then i got in dat Art Mood™ and it got way more elaborate than i intended  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯