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gamingyugi  asked:

Hey, I've wanted to make a siren version of my OC, Megan, for a while now, could you teach me the ups and downs of how to do it? Or is there a place I could look to find out how to do it?

Ahh, I’m flattered that you’re asking me, but I’m not good with character design either…! (((゚Д゚;)))

But, since you already have an OC, I think learning about the universe you are adapting is a pretty good way to start! @siren-legion has a neat FAQ on this type of things ( • ̀ω•́ )

Oh, and I know that @midnightminuet‘s siren, Charisa May Belle, is also a pre-existing character of Eti, maybe you can check out her ask-blog and get some inspiration? 

Good luck d(`・∀・)b


Junkrat’s eyes are constantly unfocused from each other and really I think that’s beautiful

he likes to bring gifts to his dads it could be a rock, a flower or a lil critter whatever his small hands can get they also have the tendency to wander so u really gotta keep an eye on them 

he also does his own thing but they do have some likeness to their dads

Mystic Messenger ask meme

So I came up with these questions and I know it’s super long but I thought it’d be nice to know the fandom better! So feel free to ask each other and answer them!

1. Favorite character

2. Favorite route

3. Favorite theme

4. Favorite chat background

5. Favorite “Cheritz” voice

6. Favorite voice

7. Favorite chat emoji

8. Favorite kiss

9. Favorite confession of love

10. Favorite RFA party outfits

11. Favorite party guest

12. Favorite chat

13. Favorite call

14. Favorite CG

15. Favorite good end

16. Favorite after ending

17. Favorite bad end

18. Worst bad end

19. Favorite headcanon

20. Favorite ship (platonic/romantic)

21. Favorite character interaction with each other

22. Best plot

23. Best character development

24. Best antagonist

25. Worst antagonist

26. Best character design

27. Character who left the biggest impression on you

28. Character you’d want to be BFFs with

29. Character you romantically ship yourself with

30. Most relatable character

31. Most tragic character

32. Funniest character

33. First route

34. First impression of the game

35. First impression for each character

36. First character you fell for

37. Korean OP vs English OP

38. Current number of hourglasses

39. How did you find out about this game? What made you decide to download it?

40. When did you start playing it?

41. Have you completed all the routes and unlocked the secret endings?

42. Free to play or paid to play? If so, what did you spend on?

43. Were you ever obsessed with this game at one point?

44. How dedicated are you to this game? Do you set alarms and try to get 100% for each day etc?

45. Do you play the game blindly or follow walkthroughs?

46. Did you play the game properly? From casual route to deep route in recommended order?

47. Moments that made you laugh out loud?

48. Ever cried or shed a tear while playing?

49. How many photos/screenshots of MM are in your photo gallery?

50. How has this game affected you overall? Do you regret playing it?


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Huh, interesting… You cant ever determine what is going to be liked the most on social media.  I just keep posting hoping the right people see my work lol

Was listening to [THIS] last night and it spoke so deeply to my boogie woogie soul that I had to draw this funky ghost girl. Her name is Boogie Banshee or B.B. for short.