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Starting on the 1st of October and running all the way up to Halloween, We will be posting every single day with either a smut, a fluff, a song fic or a blurb/Au with each different boy as a celebration of the best holiday on earth! 

Come jump on the hype train and join in on the fun!
There will be a masterlist as soon as we begin our Spectacular!

(this was inspired by 5sexonds-of-smut’s 25 days of smut!)

fenerismoon  asked:

Prompt: Bone chimes

There are signs, portents, omens, that herald his coming. 

It starts with the blades of grass, then works its way up to the flowers and vines, the bushes and shrubs, and finally up to even the largest and oldest of trees. All leaning, stretching, grasping in one direction. Roots trip you up, vines tangle around your legs, and your limbs are torn from the touch of a thousand tearing branches. The forest is caught in a gale in a hurricane but there is no wind that bends the plants, makes them turn and twist into new forms. Only his coming.

(You fall to the ground, a crack in your jaw as you bite down hard on your tongue, and the coppery taste of blood flooding your mouth. You get back up and keep running, and try not to notice how it feels like there’s dirt and worms crawling in your mouth as well.)

It’s a smell that fills your nose and mouth, a odor so thick it chokes you and leaves you coughing. It’s damp soil after the rain, the clean green smell of a creek, the torched firewood of a forest about to be reborn, ozone in the air after a crack of lighting. It’s all four elements in harmony, it’s the Earth celebrating the coming of its best beloved, it’s the smell of your doom.

(You didn’t mean this, you didn’t mean this- but here in the forest, your lies are stripped away and your soul laid bare. He’s coming. Coming for you.)

It’s the sense of eyes on you. The deer, the foxes, the rabbits come into full view, the war between predator and prey momentarily forgotten.. Owls and robins, hawks and cardinals, all watch you as you go by, perched on the lowest branches of the trees, the better for you to see them. Worms emerge from the dirt and join the snakes that slither around your feet as you run. The forest is alive, the forest is alight with a multitude of eyes, and the fauna has become brazen in watching you and showing themselves. Their protector is coming soon, and there is no reason for them to fear.

There is a hush, the forest so teeming with life suddenly falling silent as the grave. The only sound is the rapid fire beat of your heart, the rasp of your breath in and out. No. No not quite. From behind you hear a tinkle, a jangle, a hundred little clangs. It reminds you of being little and running away from your mother to run your hands through the wind chimes at the store (-that’s how you chose this last one, that stray bubble of memory-) The peals of bells and chimes is music to your ears but-


You turn around and see a forest of hands and feet. Hands and feet still fresh, the blood trailing down the skin of the dismembered limbs. Hands and feet that are somewhere in between, and you gag at the sudden stench of rot. Hands and feet that are only bone, each individual bone with it’s own string.

(The second to last thing you see is the blue fire of his eyes, the second to last sound you hear is the bone chimes of the Woodsman, the second to last thing you feel is your heart speeding up even faster and the touch of sweat on your skin-

a swish of an axe and internal narration suddenly becomes second to the pain)


OK, so I just went through my Instagram and it turns out I’ve had a pretty freaking spectacular 2013. 

Here are ten moments among many that stand out.

  1. My seventh anniversary at Glacier National Park
  2. Celebrating 1,000,000 subscribers at SciShow with the best production team on earth.
  3. Finally getting to use a safety shower for Crash Course Chemistry
  4. Recording an album with some of my favorite musicians ever.
  5. Performing at Carnegie Hall
  6. Watching Michael and Emily record the first ever Brain Scoop.
  7. Watching my brother’s book get made into a movie.
  8. Seeing that big empty hall before VidCon.
  9. Holding Lizzie Bennet’s Emmy
  10. Watching Katherine perform in Footloose.

I can’t believe I got to do even half of these things. So grateful for all of the wonderful people around me. I’m a lucky dude, thanks everyone.

A Celebration of Supernatural - Robbie Thompson Keynote

So, today was unbelievably amazing! girly-fanatic and I hopped on a plane this morning in Memphis, traveled to Chicago, and met Robbie Thompson.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen some of the highlights of the day (at least until my phone died mid-session). Alas, the fangirling has ended and we are back at our hotel which means I can now write this master post of all the amazing things that happened today…

1. DePaul University put on a fantastic conference that was the perfect balance of intellectual conversation and fandom love.

2. 100+ Supernatural fans joined together to watch Fan Fiction on a big screen. Not only did we fangirl together… we sang together. (It was one of my favorite fandom moments ever!)

3. Robbie Thompson is the most amazing person I’ve met in a long time! He’s not only terribly smart, but he’s also humble, kind, funny, and drops the F-bomb almost as much as I do. :)

4. Robbie wasn’t scheduled to appear until 12:30 during his keynote session, but he showed up at 10:45 (just before the Fan Fiction screening when there were only 8 of us in the theatre) and pulled up a chair until he was sitting just a couple feet away and introduced himself. He repeated our names and made a personal comment to each of us. He sat and asked us where we are from and had a 15 minutes conversation with us as more people came in for the screening. He treated us like friends from the first moment. It was astonishing and amazing!

5. Robbie said that my name was awesome! Then later he did this:

6. Robbie said that during the filming of Fan Fiction they considered filling the theatre audience with VanCon attendees since the episode filmed during the convention… They decided against it because they were concerned that once Jensen took the stage they wouldn’t be able to get a good take because “Jensen is so dreamy”.

7. Robbie’s favorite Supernatural episode is Mystery Spot.

8. Robbie would have loved to have written for Soulless!Sam and Demon!Dean.

9. Robbie and Richard Speight Jr. were friends before Robbie started writing for Supernatural. In fact, Rich is how Robbie learned about #Supernatural.

10. Robbie said he would love to see Wayward Daughters happen and that he thinks Robert (Bobo) Berens would be the best writer for the series because of his work on Alex Annie Alexis Anne (or as Robbie calls it: the 4 A’s) and how well he wrote for Jody.

11. Robbie has an idea for a spinoff - Grumpy Old Men of Letters - which would star Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner. The premise is basically that Bobby and Rufus return and learn of the Men of Letters bunker and realize that there are MOL bunkers all over the place that could be opened and use to train the next generation of hunters. However, they tend to spend more time fixing up the dilapidated bunkers than they do recruiting and training the future hunters.

12. Robbie LOVED writing Time After Time. The original pitch was for both Sam and Dean to go back in time. However, due to budgets and shooting limitations, he was told he could only send one of the brothers back in time. He chose Dean because “Dean likes dressing up” (and according to Robbie, so does Jensen).

13. Robbie talked about how Neilson ratings are practically useless with so many people streaming content. He mentioned that Netflix metrics are insane. “They know how many times you’ve watched Soulless!Sam do pullups…” He also mentioned that we’d have blown up a VHS by now with how many times that scene’s been viewed.

14. Someone (jokingly) proposed that Robbie Thompson be the new show-runner for Supernatural. Robbie said that he was not qualified… (Did I mention he’s extremely humble?)

15. Robbie spent the entirety of his writing workshop encouraging writers and giving valuable advice in the form of explaining his personal process and structure. He told people who want to pursue writing to keep working toward their dream. He said that if he could do it, we could do it.

16. According to Robbie, he attended school during the Civil War and was alive during Prohibition. (Side note: He looks REALLY good for someone his age! ;))

17. Robbie talked again and again about how the SPN fandom is unlike any other fandom. He said that we are the reason that the show has been so successful and made it to 10+ seasons. He was so complimentary of all the SPN Family has accomplished.

18. Robbie is probably the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met…

19. Robbie, yet again, said that Jensen and Jared smell like “baby Jesus.”

20. At the end of the workshop they had to drag Robbie away to eat because he was still chatting with us and answering questions long after the session was scheduled to end…

21. THEN, he stopped half-way through eating his lunch to sign autographs and take photos. After he finished my autograph I asked if he’d mind taking a photo. He stood up and wrapped an arm around me and said that we “are so nice for asking like we thought he’d say no.”

22. There were questions about Charlie and women and representation… Robbie answered them all with grace and tact. He expressed his excitement for writing Charlie, how Felicia Day made it possible to give depth to the character, and how he has loved writing the character. He discussed the moment he learned of Charlie’s fate and how he fought so hard to save her. When asked about Charlie’s death, he said he was trying to find a way of “Respecting my contract while being honest about a terrible decision.”

Basically, this day was amazing! I had an fantastic time fangirling with girly-fanatic and tons of other Supernatural fans!

I am so proud to be part of the SPN Family and today was just a reminder of why… There were so many amazing people asking beautiful, poignant, intelligent, and respectful questions. Everyone was so grateful for the opportunity to come together to celebrate the best fandom on earth and it was an experience I will never forget!

First of Spring Melon Crushing Competition!

Ah, spring. Flowers are in bloom, birds are singing, bugs are buzzing.
And melons are gonna be crushed.

It’s that time again folks! What better way to ring in the first official day of spring than to crush some good ol’ melons between your good ol’ thighs!

Competitors will use a /random system where they must hit a certain number after a certain amount of tries. For example, to crush the first melon, the player would have to roll over 100 once out of three times. The larger the melons get, the higher you have to roll, with fewer chances. In the case of a tie, the person who can impress our panel of judges with the best melon crushing emote will take home the prize!

Sign ups for the event will start at 4pm EST, with the actual event starting at 5pm EST, March 20th. You can either contact on tumblr, ( on the RPC as Kiera Hawkeye, or in-game by the same name. Volunteers would be appreciated to help judge the event, and to make sure the event runs smoothly. The event will be held in Ward 6 Subdivision, near the Seagaze Markets Subdvision aetheryte.

The prize this time round will be one item from the Mogstation! Limit $15 USD.

So come on, come all! Let’s celebrate the first of spring the best way on this green earth.