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modelling au for jiguk^^ (u can choose which way etc dont feel compelled to conform to anything!)

Yet again, so much more I wanted to write for this jikook model au! I hope you like it~ (thank you bby @confidenceatitsfinest)

+ Jungkook is an up and coming rookie model who just got signed to the same agency as Park Jimin

+ He didn’t expect to meet Park Jimin so early on in his job, but his manager wanted him to see a professional at work

+ He takes him to one of Jimin’s photoshoots and the moment he get there, he is completely enthralled. The man was gorgeous, sure, but what really caught Jungkook’s attention was his work ethic.

+ The model would listen attentively to the photographer and do everything he asks of him. He took his job very seriously. But the second the cameras turn off, his demeanor changes and he puts on a beaming smile

+ When Jimin notices him and their manager, he walks over and Jungkook immediately turns to his shy self having a top model who is on every bill board before him @confidenceatitsfinest

+ He stutters out an introduction and mentally bashes himself for sounding stupid, But Jimin is known for being super nice to the rookie models and he’s the same way with Jungkook. Jungkook thinks Jimin is like the perfect human being. @confidenceatitsfinest

+ After some months of training with Jimin and other various hired professionals, Jungkook starts his first photoshoot for a men’s fragrance ad

+ Jimin decides to sit in on this photoshoot because his schedule was free that day and he had helped a little with Jungkook’s training

+ A bit nervous, jungkook seemed to be struggling, not quite doing exactly what the photographer wanted, especially with his head angles

+ Jungkook doesn’t expect jimin to walk on set and take his face in his hands, angling his head where the photographer wanted

+ Jimin’s touch is surprisingly gentle and Jungkook is momentarily frozen in shock.

“Stay still, right there.” And why the heck does Jimin sound like he’s constantly fucked out??? @confidenceatitsfinest

+ “You’re doing just fine, it’s only your first photoshoot so don’t get too hung up. Now look into the lens of that camera like you own it.” Jungkook could only nod with wide eyes.

+ The photoshoot goes extremely well and Jungkook begins to get more jobs just from this simple ad

+ Jimin and Jungkook start hanging out more, to Jungkook’s surprise. ‘sunbae’ turns into ‘hyung’ ; “You know you can call me hyung now, right?” “O-of course su—I mean hyung.” Jimin chuckles

+ Jungkook’s rise to fame ends up being quicker than expected and he starts doing photoshoots with Jimin

+ One day they are left at the studio, alone after everyone had gone home. Jungkook is surprised when he hears Jimin say: ‘Get behind the camera, I want to take pictures of you.”

+ “Hyung, but you’re a model, not the photographer.” “Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take a professional to capture a moment.”

+ Jimin starts off by taking pictures from far away, but he gradually gets closer, and Jungkook doesn’t notice it at first until he’s a foot away from him

+ “Aren’t you close enough, hyung?” Jimin looks at the camera with confusion, turning it as if it was broken. “Huh, funny.” Jungkook gives him a questioning look. "What’s wrong?”

+ “It seems like no camera is able to capture how beautiful you really are.”

+ Jungkook is in so much shock that he doesn’t know what to say. So instead, he leans in without thought, and captures Jimin’s lips between his own.

+ They start dating. And at first they try to hide it, but it isn’t long before their manager catches them in the break room one day. But he’s some what okay with it, because, well, publicity.

+ Their relationship makes them even more well known, they go along with it because its a win-win situation. The people deem them the ‘best looking celebrity couple’

+ They talk to their manager and firmly state that they don’t want their relationship exploited. and they wont go on staged dates or anything like that.

+ Because some may say models are plastic, but their relationship was as real as it could get.