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I joked about this on twitter and somehow it got a lot longer than I intended. Thanks to Mr. Ackles for the Awkwardville quote. Perceived MCD for a second but no one is dead, I promise. 3.4k. on AO3

Dean shouts a warning too late and the spell hits Cas like fireworks.

The witch doesn’t get another word out before Sam runs him through. The blade is rusted. Cas’s name echoes, a lamentation, through the moon-streaked forest.

Dean crouches in the dirt beside the charred remains of Cas’s coat and suit, still smoking from the blast. There’s nothing left of him–no blood, no skin, not even the usual stench of burning hair. With trembling fingers, Dean combs through the pile to retrieve Cas’s badge.

He feels a strange emptiness, hollowness in his chest. He squeezes the badge until it hurts, to make certain he’s still alive. The pain is real, and therefore so is he. He isn’t dreaming.

Sam has knelt down beside him and murmurs something. He puts a hand on Dean’s back and rubs the way you might console a child. There’s a sound Dean doesn’t recognize: a deep, horrible moan. Someone is sobbing. It takes a minute to realize it’s him.

He lets Sam console him, lets him drag Dean’s face to his shoulder.

“We should get going,” Sam says when Dean has quieted. The horizon is beginning to burn with morning. Sam walks toward it. Wordlessly, Dean stands up to follow. His eyes are dry. He gives a final glance to the ashes and gasps to find they’re being watched.

A small black and white cat, frozen above the coat in mid-sniff, stares at him. Dean stares back. The cat is missing a tail but appears in good health. It sits beside the pile, keeping its eyes on Dean, and when it tilts its head, some part of him just knows.


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you mentioned taking Path Of The Fireflies timestamp suggestions awhile ago, and i think the number one, most important question that hurts me to even think about, that i need answers to is: do they ever get to have cats together?

I think about this sometimes. Is that weird? Timestamp for Fireflies but could be read standalone, I guess. 1.4k, established relationship. On AO3

It starts with a fish.

They pick one up at Pet World–a wimpy little purple thing that sits at the bottom of its bowl, on a pile of iridescent marbles that Cas selected, and stares. It’s just his luck that he gets the fish with a staring problem. Cas sets it on top of the chest of drawers in the living room, next to the lamp. He talks to it whenever he walks by. Dean tries not to roll his eyes too hard. Of course Cas would talk to a fish.

He knows Cas is holding out for a pet of the four-legged, warm-blooded, hairball-producing variety, but a fish is manageable. The bowl is rank, but Cas is happy to change the water by himself. (Dean almost pukes the one time he’s in the room for it.) The fish hardly eats anything, is happy to live in tap water, and if it dies–they can have a funeral in the bathroom, flush the thing, and call it a day. And a fish means no allergy pills.

Cas takes pictures of the ugly little thing. It’s got gimpy fins and dark, unsettling eyes, but Cas is fond of it. He trails a fingertip over the glass when he gets ready to leave for work. The fish follows his finger.

“Look, Dean,” he says, which was cute the first time, but it’s been three months and also it’s a fucking fish.

“See you after work,” Dean says, kissing Cas with feeling next to the door. Cas sways into him, looping his arms around Dean’s neck, and kisses back. Dean does his damnedest to try and get Cas to play hooky, get naked, spend the day playing tonsil hockey, but Cas pulls away with an apologetic smile and says, “Run the vacuum today.”

Dean snorts and holds the door for him. “Yes, dear.”

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Cat Poop Blues

I finally convinced Stiffler, after years, to allow me to put the litter box into the bathroom. This has been an ongoing struggle in our relationship – the litter box is currently in the beautiful walk-in closet (it has a fucking antique paned window in it!!!), which renders the walk-in closet useless except for Cat Poop and Storage Stuff We Don’t Mind Being Around Cat Poop.

I told Stiffler we needed more space – to store books, to organize our art supplies, to actually use our walk-in closet as God intended.

Finally, A. relented, on the grounds that the new litter I bought was flushable, so we could essentially clean the litter box every time we were in the bathroom to do our own business – plus, it’s tiled in there, so it’s easier clean-up!

I was excited. I planned to put the litter box under the sink. It would fit, but neither of us were sure if Peter would use it, since he hates enclosed spaces. Finally, we came to the conclusion that since our toilet is blocked off by a large wall (The Shame ClosetTM) it would make sense to put the litter box in the space between the potty and the wall. That way no one can see it unless they’re pottying – and by that time their own natural needs would overwhelm them from judging a cat’s potty-box.

The problem is that the litter box we currently have is huge – it’s meant for small dogs – it definitely wouldn’t fit. We needed a smaller litter box for a trial-run. So, being me, I suggested something that would fit and was insane: a turkey roasting pan.

The turkey roasting pan had roasted exactly 1 turkey in the 10 years we’ve had it. It had also developed a fine crack down its bottom, which made it useless. I put a litter liner in it, filled it with flushable litter and set it in its rightful place in the bathroom. Stiffler and I both agreed that putting some of the cat’s poop in it would be a good way to acclimate them to the new Turkey Roaster Poop Box. This was all done last night in a tizzy.

Then today happened: I was washing my face in the bathroom and Konstantin, as he usually does, came to see me. He stopped, did a double-take at the Turkey Roaster Poop Box, looked at me, then looked back to it. Cautiously, he looked inside of it – to see his own poop, right there in the open. Visibly upset by this, he immediately started yowling at me and scratching my legs, weaving in and out to keep checking the Turkey Roaster Poop Box that so loftily held his Cat Poo.

I gently placed him in the Turkey Roaster Poop Box and took his paw, making scratching motions with it. He looked me in the eyes. His brain had shattered. His pupils were dilated hopelessness.

It was then that I realized – only a few years earlier, we had made a turkey for Thanksgiving and since it didn’t contain any harmful ingredients to cats, we had let Konstantin lick out the scraps from the Turkey Roaster for an entire day.

He is now dead inside.

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What litter do you use? What do you recommend?

i am a huge advocate of natural litters!!! 

i really cannot stand clay litters, like Tidy Cats, Fresh Step you know, the ones that come in those big cardboard boxes for like. 9 dollars for a ton of litter.

nope. not a fan. i used clay litter for years. i think most cat parents do at first, it’s so cheap and convenient and it really does disguise the odor of cat urine + feces. but at what cost? dusty litterbox walls? dusty kitty paws? that nasty faux-clean perfume-y odor that makes your nose wrinkle up? if YOUR nose is affected by that scent, you better believe that your cats nose is more offended than you could ever be. Most clay litters also have silica in them, which is harmful to cats when inhaled. AND if that’s not enough, clay litter wreaks havoc on the environment- it’s non biodegradable. 

Natural litters however, get the job done well, aren’t terribly expensive, and aren’t dangerous to your cats. (and it does help that some smell great)

i’ve tried out three different cat litters before i made the commitment to one type. 

first off was Blue Buffalo 

it comes in different formulas, i used multi cat because i have multiple cats. it’s made from ground up walnut shells, doesn’t have much of a scent. i decided against it because it’s darker pigmented, and was very dense, almost like a moist-dirt-like texture. but i know a few people who have stuck with it and loved it.

next I tried Purina’s natural brand of natural litter

it smelled great, it’s made from corn, cedar, and pine. it smells like a forest. i found it at my local target, it wasn’t too terribly expensive, but i ultimately decided against it because it’s very light (which is ideal for declawed kitties), which means your kitties will drag it around when they step outside the box. i found this litter EVERYWHERE, even in rooms where i don’t keep liter boxes. 

the brand i’ve ultimately stuck with is The World’s Best Cat Litter  

i currently use the advanced natural formula, in a pine blend for a multi cat household, and i love it. it’s made from corn, it’s light and fluffy, and it smells great. my cats also seem to like it, it’s dust free, and it clumps well and handles the odor of urine & feces naturally, which is what i aim for. it’s not terribly expensive in stores (i just bought a bag for 5 dollars a week ago), but i like to order 25 lb bags off of amazon so i have plenty to add each time i scoop the boxes.

Here are The Benefits of Natural Cat Litters

but regardless of anything i’ve said, a litter box is a litter box. it contains cat waste. it’s going to stink. and no litter is going to completely mask the odor, if you want to keep a stink free environment, you will have to religiously scoop multiple times a day, and clean the box with an antibacterial rinse at least weekly, maybe every two weeks depending on how many cats you have. cats are like people in that they like clean areas to relieve themselves. so keep the box clean. relying on litter to control the odor your cats emit is irresponsible. caring for a cat means having to clean up after them, and if you’re not entirely devoted to the hygiene and health and general cleanliness of your cat’s space, a cat may not be the companion for you. 

i went on a bit of a rant, but inappropriately set up litter boxes are 80% of the problems people have with their cats. litter is often overlooked, and people always assume that because a cat is pooping or peeing in this area, the type of box and litter used do not matter, and that’s just simply not the case.

- Sohane