best cat i ever lived with


His Name’s Odin And He’s The Most Precious Singapura Kitten You’ll Ever See 

“We got him from my boyfriends Sister’s friend who is a breeder. He’s not show quality because of his markings so he gave him to us for free. I’ve spent the last few years living with my parents until I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago and wasn’t allowed to have pets, so he is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! Odin is around 2lbs now, and he will be about 5lbs full grown.” 

Photos/text by ©Elizabeth

URGENT: Cat Foster Needed

Since y’all have been the most incredible people in regards to helping me with my cat’s medical problems earlier this year, I’m hoping someone will help me with this in the next week–

I am in between places to live at the moment, and while my brother and sister-in-law have been wonderful humans in terms of looking after Henry for the past month, their own cat has not been getting along with Henry and so, since I can’t blame them, they want Henry moved out of their place by June 10th.

Which puts me in a pickle, since Henry can’t come with me where I currently live due to allergies.

So. If you live near Chicago/anywhere in the Midwest and are willing to foster a cat for a few weeks until I move to a place where I can have Henry with me, PLEASE let me know. I’m literally willing to drive Henry to wherever he’ll be looked after and, if you know anything about me, you know that I love Henry infinitely more than I love any human, so. 

Please let me know, and please reblog this to spread the word.

This cat is the love and light of my life, and I sincerely need help to make sure he’s looked after.

Please let me know.

lance headcanons bc i love one (1) boy

are y’all prepared ..,.,,i got a lot going on here i’ve been working on this post for a while StRAP IN MY FRIENDS

  • okay first of all lance has incredible fashion sense, we just don’t get to see it bc !!! at the garrison he had to wear a uniform and he left all his other clothes behind back on earth but his closet is literally full of such cool clothes like he’s the type of guy who can take old thrift store things but arrange them uniquely in an outfit that looks really fUCKIng good and has everyone going O: !…,,he always looks good..,,and the boy does it on a budget bc he is practical!!
  • he has had a LOT of jobs bc he wanted it to look good on his application/money obvs ..,,,some of these include: a grocery store clerk, a waiter, and he even!! worked at a spa once bc…,he knows so many things about self care and has a passion for it!!
  • his first job tho was, you guessed it: the farm. u know, where he learned to milk a cow…,he was finally old enough to get a job and got all excited like heck yeah i’m ADULT and then his mom was like here our family friend (or maybe a relative or something) needs help on his farm this summer u can do that and he’s like wh…..okay
  • like at first he’s wary bc ew farm work?? dirt and sweat and rlly hot all the time?? but also he’s just..he likes to be optimistic abt things too when he can and is like ok u know what i’m gonna take this job and make it into something good and do a great job!! so.,,,at first he’s like what fuck when he learns how to milk a cow but eventually he gets the hang of it and as weird a feeling as it is he rlly likes the cows and all the animals and is v gentle with them ..,,he also cleans the chicken coop often which is gross but he likes the chickens ..,.he names every single one and sings to them sometimes while he’s working or talks to them
  • also he names every chicken after one of his siblings or family members so when he tells story about them at dinner he’ll be like “so yeah (insert sibling name here) finally laid an egg today” “lance are you kid—oh. the chicken” lance, bursting out in laughter:
  • on That note lance just loves all animals …,,he’s the kinda kid that brings home a stray cat/dog every other day and is like “mom can we keep him” . hell he does that with little lizards he finds on the sidewalk sometimes ..,, “mom can we keep him” “honey put the lizard back he actually lives out here”
  • swerving in another direction y’all ever wonder WHERE lance learned his sharpshooting skills?? like a majority he developed like right away when the war started and he has to quickly adapt but ?? he has to have had SOME previous experience bc the bayards kind of take the form that best suits their paladin, right??? i don’t even have a headcanon for that i just want to know maybe it’s bc he played a lot of shooting games at the arcade and got all the high scores
  • which reminds me like y’all…,,lance is just a teenage boy. he likes video games and pizza and going to parties and hanging out At The Beach With His Pals And stereotypical teenage things. he’s a kid please let him be a kid ..,
  • he likes to paint his nails!! it’s a very soothing task for him and he likes different colors. his favorites are black and blue (but also some purple and red for gay reasons)
  • he struggles a lot with his bisexuality (this is coming from a bi mlm for the record) for a LONG time. not really grasping the idea that he can like both girls AND boys and that it has to be one or the other, that he has to make some kind of choice to be gay or straight. so at some point he identifies as gay and then gets terrified of that and is like no i’m straight and finally..,,starts to come to terms with things and accept himself when he really learns what bisexuality is (hunk tells him probably) and there’s a light bulb over his head that goes DING DING DING BITCH THATS U!!!
  • he loves to watch his friends do things they’re passionate about bc it makes him happy. he loves watching keith draw, the cute concentrated somewhat frustrated look he gets on his face when he sketches. he likes watching pidge work on tech, like the kind she gets excited about, cool robot things and things she loves. hunk is always so happy when he’s cooking or tinkering with machines or talking about chemistry and lance will just sit and listen with a dopey grin. he and allura actually have a shared love of beauty stuff and self care so they get to do that together a lot !!! and shiro doesn’t really…,talk much about his interests or share them and lance is a little nervous to spend alone time with him bc he’s so intimidated (this is his hero!!) but those moments when they do happen to be alone lance is always v soft with him bc at the end of the day he knows shiro is not perfect and that he struggles an immense amount and deserves that softness
  • and coran, he just likes to listen to coran’s stories about all of his adventures, lets him go on about his life in altea for as long as he wants bc he knows it’s so important to coran. sometimes allura will join in and add a few things on to some of the stories or some info when they’re talking about altean culture and lance will listen intently and be so genuinely interested and if reallg means so much to coran and allura
  • lance in general although he puts on a cocky facade loves to listen to people and be there for them, is an incredible sense of support and encouragement and more than anything wants to see his loved ones happy and succeeding
  • going in a completely different direction here now but one time he arranges a paladin sleepover and insists they ALL wear their specialized paladin pajamas and!!! everyone wears theirs except keith bc keith is lame. (he does at least concede to wearing the slippers bc they’re….comfy okay…) and hunk and allura and keith and lance and pidge all!! stay up late and talk and stuff..,,lance teaches allura all the common sleepover games like truth or dare and she gets to really be a teenager again and they all get to just spend the night eating snacks and being kids and playing monopoly and i’m crying and !! it’s all orchestrated by lance bc lance more than anyone knows what they will need for a morale boost
  • outwardly he talks a lot about like glory of winning the war and being a hero and parades!!! but rlly his favorite thing is meeting all the people he’s saved not bc he’s some celebrity to them but bc it’s amazing to see that they’re free and as safe as they can be, that the work he’s doing, the struggles he’s going through and his time so far away from his family really is worth it if he can help so many people
  • i’m doing this so out of order but he can also ride a horse
  • that’s all for now but expect another one soon thx for coming to my ted talk

Taylor! It’s Scarleth! First of all, I would really like to tell you how much I appreciate everything you’re doing for all of us lately. It’s so beautiful and kind and generous. It’s amazing to realize that the person you’ve loved and admired for several years is the same person who does all these nice things for the people that support and love her. You’re so lovely and your golden heart melts mine. I love the genuine person you are and I also love the person you’ve taught me to be. I used to be very insecure of myself before you came into my life, scared of what other people could say or think about me. I used to think I’d never be good enough for someone and I also used to let people define who I was. But then you showed up with your magical songs and that positive energy and the most honest and bravest words for us, the ones that I needed to hear. Your advices have brought me to tears more than once, in a good way. Five years ago, I’d never believe it if someone would tell me I’d get to love myself someday. But I did. I love myself and I’m so confident with who I truly am. I know I’m beautiful and worthy of love and respect. I know I’m good enough despite my physical disability. You helped me to be aware of that. You contributed to make my life so much brighter than it was and I can’t even find the right words to express how much it meant and still means to me. You guided me on my way to find my happiness and that’s honestly one of the best thing someone has ever done for me. Your optimism and goodness have influenced me in so many ways through these years. I’m so grateful for living in a world where people like you exist. It feels so good to have you as my role model, as the kind of woman I want to get to be. You’re the living proof that someone can be nice and soft and also really strong and empowered, and that someone else’s opinion doesn’t define us at all. You’re the living proof that someone can be the kind of person who has two cute cats and that paints watercolor flowers and that loves to wear sparkly dresses and also the kind of person that fight for what they think is fair and that have the most badass music videos ever (that even haters love, by the way). I admire you for deciding that no one can tear you down or make you feel bad for being who you are anymore. I deeply admire you for deciding you’re going to live your life on your own terms and you’re not going to let them decide who you have to love and who you don’t. I’m proud of you because you’ve won the battles against those dragons that have tried to knock you out and have failed. And I’m the happiest person alive when I see those pictures of you in the secret sessions, where you look so sincerely happy, smiling and killing us with that curly hair and those awesome outfits. When I see those pictures, I think “Yes! She’s finally getting what she deserves! That brilliant, smart, sweet and warmhearted person is having not a taste of what she has gave to us, but the whole cake and even more!” and it’s the nicest thought ever. I hope life gets better and better everyday for you. I hope you never stop feeling as loved as you make us feel. I earnestly wish the best for you. And I hope we can meet someday so I can give you the warmest hug I’ve ever gave. I know it’s going to be a little difficult to talk to each other because Spanish is my first language, but I don’t believe in impossibles since I heard your songs for the very first time. Chile is pretty far away from you, but we live under the same sky anyway. That’s the important thing, isn’t? Oh! I also wanted to tell you that you’ve inspired me to do the thing I love the most to do, which is to write poetry. If you ever feel in the mood to try to read some poems in Spanish, you can find them on my Instagram account (@scarfloresb). That’s it for now. Thank you so much for everything! I love you with all my heart.
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Adulting 102

Welcome ya’ll to this weeks Adulting Masterpost! This week has been a mixed bag for me. As in, I have laryngitis but also a new job opportunity, and how I got either is beyond me. 

Shout out this week goes to @marshmallowdoritos and @quyenforthewin! Please go love them. 

1. Cactus decor. Cacti are super easy to maintain (most only need to be watered once a week) and look great anywhere you put them. Buy them from a supermarket that also sells plants as opposed to a nursery because they will be cheaper. 

2. Buy Febreze. Unexpected visitors are lovely, but not when your apartment smells like a baboon’s armpit. Febreze is affordable and lasts a long time, I use it on a weekly basis because I have two cats that love pooping when I have guests.

3. Baking Soda and vinegar are your one-stop cleaning solution for everything. Clogged drains, shower heads, cat pee stains, etc. 

4. Ladies. Have sex while on you’re period. I can’t explain why, but it will be the best sex you ever had. Science side of Tumblr please explain.

5. First floor apartments suck. I lived in a first floor apartment for a year and a half and literally will never live in one again. They’re freezing in the winter and damp in the summer. Don’t waste your time!

6. Can’t pay your electric? I was in serious to debt to my local apartment (after living in a first floor apartment) and told them that I was unable to pay my $850 debt because it was more than my month’s rent. They worked with me and put me on a special program called POP where they paid off my debt for me, so long as I continued my regular monthly payments. There are options, you just need to ask and be persistent

7. Don’t by olive oil. It’s sometimes three times as expensive as other oils like canola or vegetable oil. High quality olive oil can run you up to $25, if you’re buying olive oil for $4 then chances are it’s heavily diluted. 

8. Swiffer. Swiffer mops take up very little space in your closet, and you can buy store brand mop pads for a fraction of the Swiffer brand price. I’m especially partial to Shoprites pads, they smell so damn good.

9. Beaded curtain. Small apartment? Throw a beaded curtain in the hallway to make your apartment seem larger.

10. File your taxes as an Independent. Your parents are receiving a tax break if you’re filing as a dependent under them, but that tax break hurts you. You will end up paying more taxes in the long run, because the government thinks that your parents still support you. File as an independent if you are no longer living with them and supporting yourself, they loose the tax break but you (the starving college student) will not be charged as much by the state.


this is anton!!!!! hes a cat that lives near my therapists office and sometimes he comes by to get treats, cuddle and hang out. Hes very beautiful and cute and i love him and hes the best therapy cat ever

Reasons YOU should read the Abarat series

-kickass female protag who kicks the series off my running away from an abusive household in a shitty little town full of chickens
-and winding up in the most terrifyingly beautiful alternate dimension. Its like Alice in Wonderland on crystal meth
-the series plays with cool concepts largely unexplored by YA fantasy, like dark and light not necessarily equaling evil and good and the idea of a ‘fantasy’ world being slowly intruded upon by a 'scifi’ world
-representation everywhere. You’ve got PoC, LGBT characters, ladies as far as the eye can see (seriously this series fucking obliterates the bechdel test), commentary on racism and bigotry, people who are talking cats, people who wear fish on their heads, people who live in tanks of their own nightmares to cope??? Etc. Etc.
-the best sidekick ever seriously jesus bless Malingo you pure sweet child
- gorgeous paintings beyond your wildest dreams like seriously Clive Barker’s imagination is just full of horrific fucked up magnificence
-main villain is the King of the Fuckboys. Like seriously he’s a fucking mess who writes edgy poetry and wanders in graveyards for the aesthetic but trust me you’ll love him as much as I do I promise
-so many other cool nuanced villains and characters in general tho like I can’t even begin to list them all
-i need more people to cry about these books with

Reasons not to read the Abarat series:
-book 4? Is apparently never coming out?
-can’t think of any others go fucking read these books rn

anonymous asked:

I'm in a headcanon/ficlet mood...what are some of your favourite headcanons for Johnlock??

Ohhh Nonny, I’m no writer……but let me think

- I think John’s a cuddler and once he’s allowed he’ll cuddle Sherlock all over, in the kitchen, on the couch, in bed. So. Much. TOUCHING!

- I believe in switchlock. There’s no top or bottom with them. They just love touching each other and being together.

- Both John and Sherlock are possessive PDAers. Hand holding, sitting with arm around the shoulders, hand on the small of the back, quick kisses etc. Gatta prove “he’s mine!!”

- Once together they waste no time getting married. John wants something super small courthouse style (after the first big disaster) but Sherlock wants to show off, so they compromise and have a smaller wedding with all their friends there and take lots of pictures with a non-murderous photographer.

- The Sex Holiday is long and they don’t see much of the cities they visit.

- Once back they waste no time getting both a dog and cat. (there is no Rosie in my mind. Sorry/not sorry)

- I think John did have an asshole homophobic father, and he spends the rest of his life with Sherlock proving to himself how very wrong his dad was.

- I see John as the best man and Sherlock as the man of honor at Greg and Molly’s wedding.

- Of course they get the house in the country with bees, duh.

- There’s no Eurus, Moriarty is dead, Mary was a villain all along and is dead/in prison just GONE.

- And they live happily ever after solving crimes and being jerks together 💖

How bout you? What are your head canons?

Les Amis as texts I've sent/received

Enjolras: I got my teacher off track for two hours by discussing facism

Combeferre: all I’ve ever wanted was to be an aesthetic match to an owl

Courfeyrac: I’m slowly breakdancing next to you in spirit

Grantaire: thanks it’s the emotional instability

Joly: *sends picture of cat with glow eyes* that’s me in the background of your life like the hydration demon I am

Bossuet: I don’t know why but my hand is broken

Jehan: I stole a whole cactus and I don’t know why I was just compelled his name is Gerry and we’re outlaws

Bahorel: I’m living my best life glue some flowers to yourself and join me instead of ragging on my life choices

Feuilly: what’s the record for longest someone has been awake cause I’m beating it rn I know it

Marius: Another year I went as a sweet potato… Don’t ask why I couldn’t tell you

Cosette: do you want a fuck ton of homemade nutter butters?

Eponine: walk up to him and stab him I don’t know I don’t flirt with guys

Musichetta: I’m cooking meals for next week if you wanna stop by they’re filled with carbs


Montparnasse: did you know my name in Hebrew means God? Coincidence? I think not

Jean Valjean: I accidentally put the milk in my tea before the water and made an abomination pls call the fuckin police on me before I do it myself


This is Rupie. She is 9 weeks old and too smol to deal. Her hobbies include murdering paper, purring loudly, and screaming until you let her sit on your lap. We hope she will help with the pain of losing Clod. The house was too empty and it really made the grief tangible. She’s company; one of us is usually at home when the other isn’t, so it’s nice to not have the house feel completely hollow. It’s important to remember that she isn’t Clod, and we need to be careful not to compare the two, because it’s not fair to her. Clod was something else, and no cat will ever live up to his idiosyncrasies. She’s different to him in just about every possible way, which I think is for the best. I’m excited to see what she brings to the household apart from holes in my tights. I would still rather have Clod, but we can’t have him, and I’m glad we have Rupie to help us cope with that. HI RUPIE, PLEASE GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP NOW OH MY GOD

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*after watching the death note live action film on Netflix*
Pro: they got Light’s first name right

under the stars, we met

ao3 | ffn

summary I love you. Have I told you that today? In any world, any place, any time we meet, I love you.

In which Marinette and Adrien meet throughout reincarnations.

word count 8831

a/n i legit wrote this 1.5 years ago and it’s just been sitting in my drafts 80% finished for a year. i finally finished it. thank g o d

hope you guys like it!

(i recommend reading on ao3 just cause the formatting is so much better)

“Do you ever think we’ll live again?” The little girl kicked her legs in the river. Her parents didn’t let her wander this far out, especially so late at night, but it was her secret spot. Their secret spot.

Because here, which was also conveniently not too far from her favorite bed of lilies, laid the best place to watch the stars.

Her companion rolled his eyes. “Duh,” he replied lazily. “Everyone reincarnates. Mama says I was a cat in my past life.”

“You are most definitely an animal.”

His eyes narrowed at the tense. “In my past life, Marinette.”

She shrugged. “Just telling you how I see it. Unlike you, Adrien, I was probably a princess.”

Adrien laughed, guffawing so hard he almost fell into the river. Marinette had half the mind to push him in, but even she wouldn’t go that far. Here, so far from the village, so dark at night, Adrien would probably be lost to the never ending current.

Her parents would kill her if they knew she and Adrien snuck out here this often.

But still, she couldn’t stop. Both of them were drawn to this area, to the stars that shined so brightly here.

Some believe the stars were Gods. Marinette didn’t know about that, but watching these beautiful lights, believing they were made of fate, the ones who guided the reincarnations, was a nice thought. After all, the stars twinkled. They must be watching them back.

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TAYLOR!! Idk if I ever posted about this, but I wanted to tell you a little about this precious angel!! So this is Tuffy😽 I fostered her for awhile and nursed her back to health(she was very sick when I got her).. she’s missing an eye, but she never let that slow her down!! A local vet I knew ended up adopting her and she’s currently thriving and living her best life!!

Do you think that Magnus ever summons Ragnor’s spirit to have long talks with him, because Magnus misses his best friend?

And Ragnor always acts like it’s inconveniencing him. “I have important things to be doing in the afterlife, Magnus.” But then he smiles, and they sit around and talk for hours on end.

Some days they sit in the living room, and Magnus always pours Ragnor a drink even though he can’t, y'know, actually drink it. And they talk about Magnus’s work, and his cats, and the Downworlders he’s always helping. And Magnus will talk about how things are going with Alec, and Ragnor will pretend to be uninterested in Magnus’s love life - though of course he’s listening to every word.

And some days they sit curled up in Magnus’s bed, when Magnus is exhausted from a battle the previous day, or he’s thought up some bad old memories, and Ragnor just holds him while he cries for a bit. Because there’s never been a time in Magnus’s life where he’s been afraid to cry in front of Ragnor.

Sometimes Raphael and Catarina come over to chat with him too, gossiping and laughing like the old days. And when Magnus is ready, he introduces Ragnor and Alec, who sit around and proceed to tell embarrassing stories of Magnus while he cringes in the other room and pretends he can’t hear, then comes in and tells embarrassing stories about the two of them of his own.

my review on “in a heartbeat”

i am prepared for the hate 

i honestly thought it was boring and i was pretty disappointed

now please don’t go on saying that i’m homophobic because i am not (it doesn’t make seance since i ship fugio and giomis) but you know i’m not stopping you

when i watched it i felt really bored with it, it didn’t make me laugh nor did it make me cry, i was bored out of my mind. i disliked all the characters except the ginger hair kid, i really hated the heart character it was annoying and it really made me uncomfortable on how happy it was.

but other then the that the video was just really boring. i will say that i am very happy that it is supporting gays and lesbians and i do love the art and animation it was just to cliche for my tastes. look i’m not saying that you should hate this video this is just my opinion, i’m cool that you love it but it’s not really cool if you shove it in peoples faces and saying that it’s the best thing to have ever come because i know that there are better animations then in a heartbeat (and i will gladly link them) 

if you have ever said it was yaoi or say it’s a ship for two people/characters i will fucking punch you (not really i’ll just be mad) 

things i found better then in a heartbeat 

pipos doll

this is about a family of cats living on as they descend into a rabbit hole of grief and sadness 


this is about a husband and a wife, while the wife undergoing her slimming treatment the husband takes a tour in the unusual treatment center

moving on

moving on is a stop motion music video about the beautiful thing of life and death (i cried a lot on this one)