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So, because I’m the best brother ever I gave my sister my Brent Spiner photo op and it was totally worth this golden op story I’m gonna share with you all. This is her first con like this, she’s only ever been to little Anime con’s here and there and she’s never done a photo op before. Waiting in line you could definitely tell she was nervous, but before you know it they start pulling people in to get the ops moving along. So she gets in there and Brent is a total sweetheart. When it’s her turn he looks right at her and says “you’re so cute” and she ask if she can hug him (my kid sis got manners lolol) and he goes “come here,” and hugs her telling everyone in the room how cute she is. They take the photo and she’s just like (this is my fav part and I wish you all could see here adorable fangirl super hilariously cute way of saying it) “oh my god I love you.” She was clearly a little overwhelmed lolol, so he tell her she’s very sweet and that she looks beautiful in her cosplay which had her definitely almost crying. Almost only lasted until she got out to and then turned into actual tears lol. The op turned out freakin awesome and we both couldn’t be happier about it. 

Brent is even more my fav, because I would have hated to go all protective brother mode if this experience had been anything less then awesome for the kid. I was admittedly a little worried about letting her go and do the op. I’ve only seen good fan stories about him, but you never know and everyone has bad or off days. She’s young, impressionable and far more sensitive then either of her two brothers are.  I was worried if it was a bad experience it would: 1) would ruin her whole con this was the first day 2) turn her off con/photo ops/ fandom or just flavor it all bad for her in the future. 3) That she would be disillusioned by someone she idealizes and while we all get disappointed  from time to time I’d like her to be spared that a bit longer. So I’m so grateful he was so nice to her and that she had such a wonderful time, and it was so worth giving up my photo op for 110% I would do it again in a heartbeat. She definitely enjoyed it more than I ever would have and as much as I love Brent (probs more than the kid lmao) getting to see her reaction and knowing she’s gonna have this awesome memory and we’re gonna have this story so so worth it, absolute gold! 


OKAY SO my game Birdland just won a whole bunch of awards in the 2015 XYZZY Awards for Interactive Fiction! Including Best Player Character for Bridget, Best Individual Non-Player Character for Bell, Best Non-Player Characters for the whole cast, Best StoryBest Writing, and the big one: Best Game

These awards are a pretty big deal in the text game scene, and I definitely did not expect to do nearly this well! Which is why I am now making a shameless “yay me” post. Whoooo! 

If you’d like to enjoy all the award-winning cuteness™ you can head on over to It’s free, it’s fun, it’s gay, and it has weird anthropomorphic dream bird monsters. What more could you want?

~ 🐝


Every time I meet Chelsea (Handler), I must’ve been so scared, like “Chelsea’s gonna fuckin’ destroy me!” I don’t know where to be and she’s gonna kill me.


Renée Elise Goldsberry and Jasmine Cephas Jones being absolutely adorable on Facebook Live 


Sean said that the thing he is going to miss the most is being able to see some of his best friends almost every day.

Only looking at the pictures I can figure out why is he going to miss them. We’re going to miss you a lot, Sean. Good luck with everything you do from now on!


Melissa McBride is soon going to celebrate her 51st birthday. @empressmcbride and I thought we should do something special to share our love for this incredible actress and human being, and celebrate the occasion with a Birthday Week scheduled to start on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 and end with one special last post on the big day (May 23rd, 2016).

We wanted to make it possible for everybody to participate with gifs, fanart, fanvideo, metas, etc., so for each day we have two different topics/options - you can pick one or mix it up. Here’s Melissa McBride Birthday Week schedule:

Day 1 (Tuesday, May 17): Favorite television role OR Favorite movie role

Day 2 (Wednesday, May 18): Favorite photoshoot OR Favorite look

Day 3 (Thursday, May 19): Favorite interview OR Favorite appearance

Day 4 (Friday, May 20): Favorite social media posts OR Favorite Quote

Day 5 (Saturday, May 21): Favorite con moment OR Share your con experience(s) with Melissa

Day 6 (Sunday, May 22): Favorite Friendship OR TWD Cast Love (quotes, tweets, pics)

Day 7 (Monday, May 23): [Freestyle] HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Melissa McBride!

If you decide to join, please use the tag #melissabdayweek (in the first five tags of your post), so all Birthday Week posts will be accessible via the #melissabdayweek tag LINK. You can share it with fans outside of Tumblr and even Melissa herself. 😉

Please do contribute with your own original posts (gifs, fanart, fanvideo, metas, etc.), but do not repost other people’s work. If you have any questions, please contact Melanie @empressmcbride! Have fun y’all!