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The Adventures of HotDog Girl & Sir Christian

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A/N: Felt like writing about this cutie because he deserves some loving in the world. Enjoy!

WARNING: I can’t remember if there are curses so just keep that in mind!

“Finally we’re here!” Your best friend said finally finding parking in the lot “Yay.. Comic Con..” you said sarcastically. You didn’t mind   the Comic scene but you did mind the traveling and ton of cosplayers who were going to be walking around. “Hey, in the birthday boy so you better start slapping on that smile.” He said leaving the car with you following right behind him “Yeah, I know. Guess I’m still kind of jet lagged.” You said smiling, you loved your bestfriend he was like an older brother to you but you didn’t love flying or cosplayers.

 As you both entered the convention the noise,smell,and music hit you all at once “Lets go get people to sign things! Teen wolf is here again! I’m so happy you bought front row tickets to their panel, I love you (Y/N).” He said hugging you tightly. Six years ago your friendship was founded by your shared love for Teen Wolf, so of course you both the best possible tickets before they sold out, about 4 years of saving your checks, tips and any change just to get him those tickets but he didn’t know that and you didn’t mind because he was grateful regardless of that knowledge.

 "Holy shit Jason Aaron is here! I need to get his autograph and picture!“ You heard your best friend say but you weren’t paying him close attention because a particular smell hit your nose "Mmm.. Hot Dogs.. hey do you want one?” You asked turning around to see him no longer standing beside you “Okay, guess not.” You said shrugging trying to follow the smell of the hotdogs but to no avail because you somehow ended up getting tangled between cosplayers “I just want a damn hotdog.” You mumbled to yourself trying to escape the cosplay crowd “Need help?” You heard a muffled voice say next to you and as you turn it’s a cosplayer dressed as “It” from the Stephen King classic.

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picture this; the year is 2018

after his killer storyline where robert had a breakdown and he had to play the lead up, the breakdown, and the recovery, ryan knocks it out of the park and wins best actor

imagine danny just cheering louder then any fan, louder than you, louder than me, because as ryan hawley’s #1 fan danny knew this day would come

and ryan holds his award and says nothing because he’s in public and has to speak and can only manage “wow thanks i- yeah thanks id like to thank daisy and tommy and lola and maybe danny ” and then he’ll list off literally everyone ever in the cast and crew because he wants to praise everyone, even the runners

imagine danny sweeping him into a hug after all I KNEW IT

what a time to be alive

2017, Season 4, and Series Ends

Hey Friends,

Does everyone have a minute? I wanted to share a couple of things about the future of Wolf 359 and what we’re going to be doing this year. And, as is so often the case with these sorts of things, it comes in the form of Good News and Bad News.

First, the Farnsworth bit: good news, everyone! Wolf 359 will be back this year, and we will be doing a full season. Hooray! Season Four will begin on June 12th, and it’ll be fifteen…ish full episodes. I know that’s a longer gap between seasons than we’ve had before, but we want to spend a bit longer on the writing and the production of these upcoming episodes. And - more good news! - that also means we won’t be taking a mid-season hiatus this year. Once new episodes begin, we’ll run, uninterrupted, every two weeks until the final episode on December 25th.

Which leads us to the bad news, and that is that… well, there’s no easy way to say it, so let’s just get it out: Wolf 359 is coming to its end. This upcoming season’s final episode will also be our series finale.

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Nightmare scenarios
  • John never existed. He’s a figment of Sherlock’s imagination, desperately seeking a friend and companion, because he is a drug addict who has no-one. Sherlock’s low self-esteem means that he can’t even imagine his made-up friend falling for him.
  • Sherlock never existed. John, deprived of his sense of purpose and self after being invalided home, made up a world. John really is the storyteller, and we have simply been invited to watch his story. His internalised homophobia and low self-esteem mean he can’t imagine that he and Sherlock could be together.
  • Sherlock really did die to save John, Greg and Mrs Hudson. John went mad with grief and began writing himself a world where Sherlock comes back magically from the dead. The details are nonsensical: he’s drunk a lot of the time. Or in his grief-maddened state, John shot himself but didn’t die. He’s in a coma and telling himself a story where Sherlock came back from the dead. The details are nonsensical: he’s dreaming. His internalised homophobia and low self-esteem mean he can’t imagine that he and Sherlock could be together.
  • It’s all a Holmesian game of self-awareness for Sherlock as @welovethebeekeeper told us about
  • The writers, cast and crew of Sherlock have collectively gone insane and genuinely think that TFP is good – the best they’ve ever made – and that Series 4 as a whole makes sense. TD-12 is never mentioned again. Mary’s volte-face story arc is never mentioned again. Sherlock takes a break from cases on the first Sunday of every month to visit psycho violin hug sister at the penis-shaped prison in the middle of the ocean, for the rest of time. Mummy and Daddy Holmes condescendingly pat their idiot son Mycroft’s hand as they watch their favourite monthly violin battle. Greg has a relationship simultaneously in parallel universes with Idiot Mycroft, Molly, and a brunette forensics officer. Sherlock sexts Irene and  has a relationship with Molly and with John, but no-one touches anyone else in their naughty places. If John accidentally brushes Sherlock’s hand, Sherlock’s porcelain skin hisses and burns at the brand of Mary’s ring, which John still wears. A new DVD arrives by special courier within the hour.
the check please stage crew au

(that no one but me needed)

i put way too much thought into this. way too much thought. this caters to, like, two people in the whole fandom, one of them being me. a very specific set of people with a very specific set of interests.

if there’s enough demand, i’ll maybe continue it. maybe i’ll write a fic!

under a cut because holy long post batman

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Let us now analyze the gif below. Here we see the aftermath of Jensen pieing Misha moments after Jared pies him. Now a vast amount of the cast/crew has bore witness to this event and they all find it hilarious. Around the time of this gif you can distinctly hear the camera man say “hug it out”. It’s like everyone is setting these two up for something🙃 Jensen is still laughing when Misha decides to charge him and get Jensen covered in whipped cream as well. This is possibly one of the best cockles moments ever caught on tape. And it is absolutely adorable how Jensen keeps Misha a little ways away but still is close enough to touch. He very well could have ran off but instead they wrestle a bit. I would LOVE to know what happened after this. Maybe someone could write a fic about what happened after this??? Or we could just discuss the adorableness of this gif and the video it comes from?😊

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@stephencorvini; Thank you Phoebe Tonkin for your wonderful work. #SafeHarbour, @SBSAustralia, @MatchboxPics, @stephencorvini

phoebejtonkin; Last Day today on #safeharbour ✨This really has been the best job ever and I’m just so sad it’s all done. Like…So, so sad. What a lucky girl I am to have been involved in this beautiful project.
Thanks to the most amazing crew and cast for the last 6 weeks of intense, emotional, and at times, very wet shooting. And I’m especially thankful for these three beacons of beauty, talent, joy, diligence and organization. I love you all. (I’m so sad this is over) xx #extremebeauty @matchbox_pictures @sbs_australia 💕

i guess this is the best time to announce that my sister and i are going to be seeing dear evan hansen august 30th!!! i am excited more than ever after seeing the tony award results!!!! Congratuations to the cast, the crew, the orchestra and all the hardworking people of dear evan hansen, i can’t wait to see you all!!


I met Mads and Hugh!!! I’ve already met Mads before and he was just as sweet and professional as the first time, how he came right over to us with a huge smile on his face and let us take pictures. We waited a bit longer for Hugh but oh man he was worth the wait! There were about ten of us and he really took the time to not just quickly snap a picture but actually talk to us :)

I got him to sign my picture that I previously got Mads to sign and he said that Mads was “invading on his territory” :))

Then I went in for a hug ( OHH that boy can hug oh damn) and I was fretting about my hair and he said my hair looked good haha

All in all, amazing actors, the nicest ever cast and crew and the BEST ever fans that I had the pleasure to meet and wait in the cold with!


I wrote this on impulse after the episode last night and the INTENSE Clexa reunion. I recorded it in one take just to remember how it goes, but I love the emotion I captured.

The song is from Clarke’s perspective but I try to keep my songs subtle so people who don’t watch the show can relate also. I really hope you like it :)

I get so much inspiration from this show and Clarke and Lexa’s relationship in particular. It’s truly the best thing I’ve ever seen and I worship this show I swear to ya. Jason Rothenberg and all the writers and cast and crew are so fucking amazing. I have another 2 Clexa songs on my soundcloud: What We Deserve and Piece in the Peace.

Also, this is just my interpretation of the scene in a way. It inspired the song. Sorry if you don’t agree :)

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Dear Clone Club,

You’ve changed my life. This vest is dedicated to you.

You are the best fandom ever, supported by the best official tumblr and writers and cast and crew (I am so in love that I wrote out “obtumblr” and “#thehive” in binary on the pocket). I’m not finished painting and screen printing and sewing yet (and I have dreams about getting some pins, or getting it signed by the cast or crew or the people who run the tumblr) but I think it’s time you all saw what you’ve inspired me to do. I wear it as often as I can.

Love, Waffle

Credit: Cosima’s Laptop Design, The Clash Patch  (everything else is mine)

In which I am a sap about Carmilla

Ok here we go. I’m overdue approximately one super sappy Carmilla post before the year is up.

A little over a year ago on a random Saturday evening (because hey, a girl has to stop going to the pub eventually) I decided to sit down and check out what all the fuss was about this ‘Carmilla’ thing that was showing up on my dash. It had ladies loving ladies in it after all, by the rules of fandom I had to watch it and fall head over heels for yet another ship.

And fall I did. Not just for the ship, but for the series, the cast and crew, and the (tiny baby) fandom. Those early days were hands down the best fandom experience I’ve ever had.

I watched Carmilla freaking explode all over social media, the fandom grow, the awards come; watched it receiving the kind of recognition it deserves. And despite playing zero part in the creation of this force of awesome for the queer community it supports, I feel proud as hell of it, and of the people behind it. 

Because every time I read someone’s story about how Carmilla helped them to find themselves, to feel better about who they are, to come out to their loved ones, it reminds me over and over again why this series is so important and why it deserves every ounce of praise it gets.

On a more personal note, I’ve had the privilege to meet the most amazing people through this whole affair, some of whom I’m happy to call my closest friends. (Take that, people who dismiss fandom). I’ve hopped on a plane and flown a few thousand miles for shits and giggles, explored a new city with new and awesome people, I’ve found some direction in things I want to do, figured out some things that I’m actually really good at and how I can use them to do the things I want to as a scientist (yes really). For the first time ever I actually have *gasp* plan.

For once this isn’t a savecarmilla post, it’s not a plea for a third season, not because I don’t want one (duh) but because I just wanted to take a few minutes to appreciate everything this series has done for the people its reached. Whether season 3 happens or not I can say with absolute sincerity that the Carmilla experience has been one I’ll never forget.

So Happy New Year cast, crew and fandom. It’s been a wild ride so far, here’s hoping your 2016 brings you everything you want.


I have been thinking a lot about what I have witnessed. Supernatural's 200th Episode. Just figured I would share my thoughts with tumblr.

The episode was just.. 

It just..

To the Supernatural cast and crew, it was.. 


Weird as fuck but hilarious at the same time

So good job!

Sam finally has use of all his limbs once again!

Not that it ever stopped him from being a total badass, but two arms are better than one

Dean’s reactions, to pretty much everything, had me cracking up so much.

At some point I was kind of expecting him to give up and just be like..

Everyone around him was shipping him with his brother and his best friend so hard, through subtext of course. And he’s just like..

And Sam just couldn’t let it go.

Sammy being the ‘annoying little shit’ brother is one of the best things ever. Sam Winchester is a gift to us all.

He was being such a cute little nerd about all the tech stuff,

I lost it when she started singing about a single man tear.

Dean didn’t quite get the samulet back but I liked the way they handled it.

Plus he kept it and put it on baby’s rear view mirror.

That was cute.

Nice touch.

Seeing Bobby and Mary..

But Adam though..

The girls remembered Adam! She reminded the boys of Adam..

I hope they actually acknowledge it in the next episode. They need to talk about Adam. And go rescue their poor baby brother damn it!

And the whole Ghostfacers thing.

That moment when..

 *Slightly freaks out with inner dialogue along the lines of.. Oh my, it’s gonna be Chuck. Chuck is back. It’s gotta be Chuck! But what if it’s actually Chuck?*

And then *BAM!*… Chuck!

But, guys, it’s Chuck! He’s back. ^_^ God is real, and he is here!

Chuck is God and you cannot convince me otherwise.

And I’m all

And God’s just like

That whole episode was pure gold.

Fuck the fourth wall!

A reality check.

The crew and the writers have nothing to do with the decision for a season nine without Kate Beckett. So all of you who are yelling about bringing Marlowe and Terri back to fix the problem, or think its perfectly acceptable to tweet hate to various people involved with Castle need to take a step back. 

This decision was the result of many things. Some of them have been reported in the media, some most certainly have not, and others have been twisted to the betterment of various parties so that they look better and/or worse given your personal fan bias and approach to this entire situation. 

But, at the end of it all, there is a group of people who want one thing: to stay employed. They depend on Castle to pay mortgages and car notes, to put gas in a car to get a kid to school every morning, to put food on the table. Yes, they can certainly get other jobs, but anyone who has ever embarked on a job search will tell you that it’s rarely as simple as snapping your fingers and making it happen. These people are currently facing the unknown, and while working in the entertainment industry does mean that you sign up for a certain level of that, it doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole to them. 

Be angry, be upset, mourn for the show and do what it takes to maybe reverse the decision and see a season nine that features everyone, but don’t think for a second that telling Nathan to fuck off, or telling Molly she’s a selfish bitch, or tweeting to Hawley and Winter that they ruined the show is going to do any good. Don’t think that tweeting the prop guy or the sound guy, or the transportation guy is going to do a thing but make them feel even worse about this whole situation. 

You don’t know the actors. You don’t know what went on and who said what. Most of the cast and the crew also don’t know what went on because the vast majority of these developments happened behind closed doors, off the set entirely, or after the show wrapped for the year. However, much time and effort you think you’ve invested into Castle, the cast and the crew have done at least double that. However much you love Stana or Tamala or whoever else, these are people that have personal connections to them, they are friends, they are co-workers and they are just as gutted as everyone else. 

In fact, given the relationships they all share, they’re probably more upset than the fans as they live with these people and this show for 60 hours a week (at least) about nine months a year. So this idea that we, as fans, should demean and debase them for wanting a job and a steady paycheck is frankly ridiculous and insulting. 

Our opinions and are feelings are not more important than the cast and the crew. They’ve done nothing to us but make the show that we’ve loved for eight years, and rather than ripping them apart for things beyond their control, now, more than ever, is the time to thank them for their work. 

Likewise, the cast and the crew have no power in what happens going forward. That power lies with ABC. Nathan Fillion, despite reports, does not have enough power to get Stana Katic back on the show. Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter cannot get Stana Katic back on the show. This is above them, all they can do is wait and hope for the best because, ultimately, the choice lies with ABC and with Stana. Let them know you want her back and, while you are at it, let Stana know you’d like her to consider coming back. 

ngl i’m a little bit offended with afterellen’s visbility award winners. the fact that poi received no love at all is fucking ridiculous. person of interest is without a doubt the best show on television right now. its cast and crew is beyond talented and some of the most supportive of its lgbt fans i’ve ever seen. sarah shahi fucking took the time and initiative at their nycc panel to talk about root and shaw and the importance and popularity of the relationship and the need for more lgbt representation as it is extremely lacking on television. and yet this show is likely to be canceled after its fifth season airs (still unknown to us).

i feel extremely lucky to have a show like person of interest and the lgbt community deserves more shows like it. the least we can do is give back and thank everyone involved for its existence.


Did I get your attention? Oh good, get comfy :3

Why should you be watching Carmilla? Good question, let’s begin.

Carmilla is a web series on YouTube that airs bi-weekly and episodes up to this point (1x19 with 1x20 airing tomorrow night) are brief at under five minutes. It’s length and format mean that you can access it in your own time, you’re not stuck deciding whether you should give up an episode of another show for it and you don’t even have to hit record to be able to catch it. Heck with it being so much at your convenience you could make room for a few episodes while on a lunch break! It’s the easiest series to make your way through, I know us Tumblr folk are seasoned marathoners but come on guys, sometimes we have to leave the house or y’know, function as humans. There’s also the fact that they manage to fit enough entertainment and information into such a short clip without it being too much or trying to get entirely too much across. I was a Desperate Housewives fan way back when, but the minute I started missing episodes I was royally fucked because there were so many storylines and so much drama crammed into each episode that it became too much of a headache and I gave up with it. Short and sweet, it’s said for a reason.

Before this I’d never watched a web series before, but if there are more as impressive as Carmilla then I’ll definitely have to check them out.

Now here’s where I had to do a little research for the point I want to make.

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Something is happening yall.

If you have not noticed or if you are new to this whole shipping Valdaya process, pay attention to what is going on now. Remember the foreign magazine that had Valdaya as an"item"? That was a test and now People magazine and others will soon follow the trend of having articles of Zendaya and Val together “again” and etc.

They are trying to see the reaction from their fans and from non-fans, but over time and little by little there will be a relationship revealed about these two.

Think of how People used a picture of Z and V together and we all know Trevor and cast/crew were probably at her small intimate birthday party as well. It’s also very interesting how Alex is putting out feelers and how he put out that pre-sway video with Val and Z. Val telling us [the audience watching the video] how special she was and telling Z how she was the “best ever”….

I sound vague, but notice how Z in the past few months has been trying to reinvent her style by trying to appear more mature. This is not a coincidence. Someone is working hard to transition them from just friends, DWTS buddies, to a couple. This will not be a PR relationship.

My action plan to justify flying to Australia to see Nathan Page in a play - Day 120 - The Final Post

One hundred and twenty days ago, I bought a ticket to see Mr. Nathan Page in a play - in Melbourne. This inexplicable, out-of-character act has led me on an incredible journey. Last night was the culmination of this journey. Not only did I get to see him in The Distance at the Southbank Theatre in Melbourne, I got to share in an phenomenal meeting with him, post-performance. (Thank you to Sam McAdam-Cooper for making this meeting possible, and to @phrynesboudoir for helping to organize the event.) One hundred and twenty days of cycling. One hundred and twenty days of blogging. One hundred and twenty days of consciously appreciating my husband. It all led to this day. 

Was it worth it?


First the play. I LOVED the play. Although last night was the second time I had seen it, there were discernible differences between the two performances. Nathan was wonderful both times, but the energy he brought to the final show was particularly strong. I would like to take a moment to outline the layered irony surrounding the fact that it was THIS play (The Distance) I came to Melbourne to see:

1. In the play, the main character (Bea) travels from Melbourne to London.
(I travelled from London to Melbourne.)

2. She left her wonderful husband and two children behind, for selfish reasons. (Ditto.)

3. Bea, frustratingly, does not communicate with her family back home, despite their frequent attempts to reach her. (Not only have I been bad at writing posts since I arrived in Australia, I have been HORRIBLE at taking the time to communicate with my family. Except when my son desperately needed to talk to me at the exact same time on April 5th as I was supposed to meet Nathan Page. I chose my son, without hesitation. I have witnesses.)

4. Bea does not fully understand what conflicting factors within herself have compelled her to make the journey, and is trying to come to terms with this fact. 
(Ugh. Yeah. TOTALLY.)

5. Bea’s best friends do not understand her behaviour in leaving her husband and children to fly to London. (I have not talked about this is at all in my posts, but, although I have the full support of my wonderful husband, my closest friends and my mother all think that I have fallen out of my tree and landed on my head. They do not understand why I needed to go to Australia, and I have stopped trying to explain it to them. I don’t really blame them. They are extremely risk-averse. My behaviour does seem irrational and has often NOT been well thought out.  I am so grateful for the support of the women of the Phrackdom. I could not have done this without you.)

6. One character in the play (Kate), is a complete control freak. She is not adequately appreciative of her charming, adorable, and even-tempered husband, is efficient when booking travel, and holds epic grudges. (This character was excruciatingly difficult for me to watch, as I see so much of myself, at least pre-Action Plan, in her. Oh, her poor husband. Oh, MY poor husband. Agh.)

7. Nathan Page plays the character of Vinnie, a wise, loveable “loser” who is the catalyst for a life-changing self-examination and long-overdue behavioural and attitudinal change in the character of Kate - the control freak. (We have already established that, in early December, I was Kate incarnate. Nathan Page, initially playing the role of Jack Robinson and subsequently playing the role of himself, has been the catalyst behind my Action Plan, which has had an even more dramatic transformation on my life than the changes experienced by Kate. There is one notable difference here. Attaching the label “loser” to Nathan Page? Um, NO.)

4. The chef in the restaurant adjoining the Southbank Theatre (where most of us ate before attending Saturday’s performance) is named “Vinnie Robinson.” Seriously. I have photographic proof.

5. A great quantity of wine was consumed by the female characters in the play. (Lol. The recycling will have to be taken out again here again tomorrow, in the Phrack Cave.)

6. There is a teenaged boy character in the play (Liam) who has a lot of knowledge about wilderness survival because of a camp he went to. (I have one as well).

7. One of the characters in the play (Alex) is smitten with Vinnie and spends most of the play snogging him offstage in the “summer house.” (Sadly, this is where the similarities end. Not the smitten part - God knows that’s true - the summerhouse part. However, the beautiful Mr. Page was certainly liberal with the (entirely appropriate - get your phracking minds out of the gutter - cheek kisses during his post-performance meeting with our group.)

Now - the meet-up with Nathan Page following the performance. For once, I am not going to try to put an intellectual or philosophical spin on this whatsoever. I am going to do something you all know that I almost NEVER do. I am going to “fangirl it” and tell the honest truth.

Nathan Page is a mythical creature. He has piercing blue eyes that make you feel like your soul has been turned inside out, and, when YOU try to talk and he is listening to you, the intensity of his focus can literally make it difficult to breathe. It is impossible that he can be as genuinely nice and generous a person as he seems to be, but he’s doing the best damn impression of middle-aged male perfection that I ever hope to see.

On the night of the closing of his show, with all of his fellow cast mates and crew present in the same room, Nathan Page took the time to have a meaningful dialogue with each and every one of us. He signed programs, posed for pictures, and could not possibly have been more charming or wonderful. It will take days for any of us present to even THINK of removing the rose-coloured glasses with which we are currently viewing the world. 

And that, my friends, is connection in a nutshell. My wonderful, crazy mid-life crisis, which seems so much less batty when it is labeled as an “Action Plan,” has evolved from a silly reaction to an impetuous decision into a contemplation of the idea of CONNECTION. Like Bea in “The Distance,” I was feeling adrift in my own life, back in the fall, despite the fact that, to all outward appearances, my life appeared to be pretty damn awesome. There was a hole in my soul that I needed to first acknowledge, and subsequently take steps to begin to fill in. Seeing Nathan Page in the role of Jack Robinson struck me like a thunderbolt. My reaction was immediate and somewhat frightening. I needed to find some way to understand my response. 

After 120 days, the simplified answer to the questions I have been asking is that, through his approach to playing the character of Jack Robinson, and his own personal philosophy of meeting life head on, “doing what scares the shit out of you,” Nathan Page has offered me a window into what was missing for me - connection - with my husband, my family, my friends, complete strangers, and the world around me. Unknowingly, he has offered me a possible road map for getting from where I was, to where I want to be. I’ve already come a long way, and it’s been one hell of a ride.

So thank you, my wonderful Phrackdom, for your kindness and support. And thank you, Mr. Page. I will always be grateful. 

Mitz’s Follow Forever 2013:

This is my first year here on Tumblr and also, this is the first time that I join a fandom, so I wanted to do something to “celebrate” this new year’s eve.

First of all, thank you so much to all of you, as I said before, this is the first time that I am in to a fandom,  and I have to say that this experience has been more than enjoyable. Without doubt, Hannibal and the Fannibals are the best thing that could have happened to me this year.

Why am I talking exclusively of the Fannibals? Because that is my main fandom. Who would thought that a TV show based on a cannibalistic serial killer and an unstable cute profiler, with an amazing cast and an incredible crew, could have one of the most wonderful fanbase ever?  I can’t say anything bad from you, because it’s true, at least, in my opinion, you’ve been really supportive with each other. (We’ve had some exceptions, but they are the less)

Well guys, I love your presence on my dash everyday. I tried to make a significant list of the blogs that I love the most, but it was hard. This fandom is full of smart, brillant, talented, creative and lovely people, that I almost did a list with the +900 blogs that I’m following…

I know I’ve probably left someone out, but…


221binyourbonnet, 2am-euphoria, a-fuller-lord-and-master, alana-graham, avidfannibal, bon-appetit-a-la-hannibal.


dancey94, dancy-fancy, drwateroflife, eattheempath, empatheticwillgraham, empathicgrahamcracker.


goontheview, hannibalcannibaldancy, hannibal-homebase, hannigrahmy, harrisbookclub, hughdancyfans, hughdancynews, hughdancytwinkfanclub, i-was-the-lure.


lecter-starling, lecterwill, licensetocannibalize, madsforhannibal, miryamdnc, morbid-daydream, phxdown, pietroquicksilver, plaid-suits-and-paisley-ties, purejenpathy, purempathy


sweetconformity, thatwasnotmydesign, the-doe-to-the-stag, thesilenceofthefannibals, totallynotmadeofpeople, twerkinghannibal, unstableandcutewillgrahamwhenfandomplaysnice, willgraham-dogcollector, willgrahann.

Special mentions:

Best fics/edits for the OTP: Will x Alana:

alanawill, grahamblooming, forestardenne, pondglorious.

Best edits/Hannibal meta:

bonearenaofmyskullelucipher, forestardenne, graham-unhinged, idontfindyouthatinteresting, strands-of-lemon-diamonds, willsstag.

Thanks to costumesofhannibal and bedeliadufromage for the amazing harrisbookclub! I haven’t been very participative, but I’ve followed close the discussion and you’ve made a wonderful job with this blog.

And my personal favorites, because you’re too sweet to be real and your kind words always cheer me up when I feel down… Thank you:

awillsgrahamcracker, elimberrypie, fancythedancy, grahamphicdesign, jashykins, jenkotsu littlegreypuppy, pajamasecrets, trustloki, wellgrahams, willpuppygraham,

Tumblr and Hannibal have ruined my life in the most amazing way possible, and I regret nothing. Thanks to the people that I follow and who follow me, for be an important part of this year and to make my dash like the best thing ever.

Thank you for your awesomeness, and for being like a second family, sorry, I tend to be overly emotional sometimes :_)

I wish you and your families a Happy New Year, Hope you have a great new year 2014, full of happiness,prosperity, successful, love, peace and health. May all your dreams come true. God bless you!

I Love you, guys!

Mitz :)

Unlikely (pt. 5)

A/N: God, the mush is strong with this one. Sorry, I just couldn’t put up with the angst any longer. Hope it sweetens studying for finals a little bit. Writing it sure helped me! ;)

He was absolutely, completely, head-over heels, hopelessly in love with this project. He loved everything about the story and his character. When he was on camera, he felt like he was doing the best work he’d ever done. The team was phenomenal. The director was wonderful, he and his costar had been on the same page since day one, and even the rest of the cast and crew were a dream team. For once, he couldn’t wait to start promoting for the film, because it would mean getting to talk about it.

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