best care anywhere

It’s been almost 8 years since I (became obsessed with) discovered M*A*S*H and now I’ve launched myself full force back into this Fandom again. It has to be my favorite TV show of all time, and gave rise to my favorite character of all time too: BJ Hunnicutt. 

Now, I know there’s always been a BJ/Trapper debate (I got into one myself with a high school teacher once), but personally, Beej is my fave. I identify with his morals and values the most out of any character on the show and besides, he’s a loveable oaf with a big soft heart! So here I present you with a casual cosplay version of my favorite M*A*S*H surgeon. Gotta love the chucks and pink shirt!

I find it so awesome that the M*A*S*H Fandom is so welcoming and humble on here. I hope I can join the tumblr version of the 4077th and contribute to spreading the M*A*S*H love 😊

no, but if by some miracle Moffat doesn’t kill off Mary or get the baby out of the way, then maybe

Sherlock the godfather?

Well I finally finished it....

I finished the complete series of M*A*S*H. It took me a full year to do it, but I finished it. I have seen parts of this show from season 1 to season 11. I knew that one day there was no more to watch, no more “new” episodes to watch, no character changes and that BJ would leave on that yellow motorcycle at the end.  Little did I know that theses character would make a huge effect on my life.  This show gets me through any situation that I have in life. I know that it is over, but I cannot wait to start over from the beginning and see how the relationships grow and end. Meet Ferret Face and Hot Lips again; their hate for Trapper and Hawkeye.  The friendship that Radar and Hawk have.  How Trapper leaves and BJ comes in.  All the grape-knee-highs drank and all the hooch that was made.  Henry Blake leaves, and never returns home; while Sherman Potter trots into 4077.  Frank goes crazy for Margret and gets a Section 8, only for Charles to enter the picture. Radar leaves for Iowa, and Max is the new company clerk.  Hawk is tested and gets kicked off his high horse before leaving. 

Though all the fights, the tears, the drinks, and the bad meals in the mess tent….Here’s to you all in the 4077, it was a great run and one to remember forever in our hearts. Thank you for the great times and wonderful memories.

For the four oh, double seven has the Best Care Anywhere.