best capricorn ever

The signs as their best day ever
  • At the beach alone with their boy/girlfriend, watching the sunset: Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius
  • At a lake house on a cool autumn night with their best friends, watching a movie projected on a sheet: Aries, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Hopping on a plane and flying to a random destination: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
the signs as white suburban moms
  • aries: "fight me helen, i know my son is better at soccer than yours"
  • taurus: "why didn't my dessert sell the most at my daughter's 5th-grade bake sale? i'm suing the school"
  • gemini: "what is twerking? i want to know what that is. i'll try it to impress my teenage kids"
  • cancer: "family bonding time! we're going to disney land and i got us all matching neon green t-shirts! we'll take a picture at every ride! so much fun!"
  • leo: *wears the current teenager fashion* "i'm with it, i'm hip, i'm the cool mom"
  • virgo: "connor, clean your room or you get no tv for a week. i swear to god this household is a mess"
  • libra: "how was school today, meaghan? yolo swag, am i right? you're the chillest daughter ever. blaze the 420, lol"
  • scorpio: "gretchen, hold my purse while i fight this bitch"
  • sagittarius: "kids, don't do so much homework. here, play video games and sneak out instead! want some of my vodka?"
  • capricorn: "i'd like to speak to your manager"
  • aquarius: "does anyone want to join my book club? we can read the sisterhood of the traveling pants"
  • pisces: *watches soap operas and goes on facebook too much*
What The Signs Remind Me Of
  • <p/> <b><b></b> Aries</b>- Your best friend saying I love you, unexplored territory, lighting a cigarette on a cold afternoon, being unsure but doing it anyway, hugs and "everything will be ok"<p/><b><b></b> Taurus</b>- Nostalgia, polariods, sepia tone, Victorian decorated houses, walking through an outdoor flower display, antique shopping, being so hot you get the chills<p/><b><b></b> Gemini</b>- Squeezing into a seat next to a stranger, Valentines Day chocolate boxes, making up with your parents, random child that starts a conversation with you, psychics<p/><b><b></b> Cancer</b>- Light rain on a clear day, bubblegum machines, cutesy breakfast diners, the moon on a cloudy night, building a snowman, strawberry liquor<p/><b><b></b> Leo</b>- Playful flirting that will never go farther than that, midnight grocery shopping, sleeping with the windows open during the last days of summer, sunburn peeling, not trusting someone but not worrying about it<p/><b><b></b> Virgo</b>- journaling, the stillness of the snow outside on a winter morning, hot showers, being the first to arrive to class, hot and stuffy bedrooms on summer mornings, motels, the sun shining through your window and making shapes/patterns<p/><b><b></b> Libra</b>- candy canes, seeing yourself in past relatives, the stars on a clear night, stereotypical high school football games, breakfast for dinner, foggy nights and crickets, getting dressed up for dinner<p/><b><b></b> Scorpio</b>- secrets, trusting someone again, falling in love with an enemy, top of a ferris wheel on a windy day, knowing who you won't/will get along with on first impressions, night driving, more than meets the eye<p/><b><b></b> Sagittarius</b>- Empty bus rides, sitting on the beach at night, chinese food delivery, New York City christmas tree lighting, family nights, moving into a new apartment by yourself, seeing dust through the sunlight<p/><b><b></b> Capricorn</b>- Hearing your favorite song in a store, nice smelling hair products, karaoke, tanned skin and shoulder freckles, visiting your elementary school years later, sunflowers<p/><b><b></b> Aquarius</b>- Getting things off your chest, lights on the boardwalk at night, emojis,  breaking traditions, meeting people with the same interests as you, starting over<p/><b><b></b> Pisces</b>- Old computer games you would play as a kid, stormy seas, rainbows reflecting in puddles on a dreary day, cleaning your room and finding lost/forgotten things, watching cartoons on a rainy morning<p/></p>
Signs as lyrics from Fall Out Boy

Aries: “‘Who does he think he is?’ If that’s the worst you got, better put your fingers back to the keys” (thnks fr th mmrs)

Taurus: “These words are all I have so I write them. So you need them just to get by.” (dance dance)

Gemini: “Let’s be alone together. We can stay young forever. Scream it from the top of your lungs.” (alone together)

Cancer: “I’ve got the scars from tomorrow, and I wish you could see that you’re the antidote to everything except for me” (light 'em up)

Leo: “A constellation of tears on your lashes, burn everything you love then burn the ashes” (light 'em up)

Virgo: “We’ll go down in history. Remember me for centuries.” (centuries)

Libra: “I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me” (dance dance)

Scorpio: “I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead” (alone together)

Sagittarius: “Dance, Dance. We’re falling apart to halftime.” (dance dance)

Capricorn: “This is the road to ruin, and we’re starting at the end” (alone together)

Aquarius: “We are the poisoned youth” (centuries)

Pisces: “And you’re a cherry blossom. You’re about to bloom. You look so pretty but you’re gone so soon.” (centuries)

signs as alt-j songs
  • aries: left hand free
  • taurus: hunger of the pine
  • gemini: portrait
  • cancer: breezeblocks
  • leo: every other freckle
  • virgo: tessellate
  • libra: lovely day
  • scorpio: nara
  • sagittarius: something good
  • capricorn: pusher
  • aquarius: dancing in the moonlight
  • pisces: dissolve me
the signs as green day songs
  • aries: american idiot
  • taurus: who wrote holden caulfield
  • gemini: before the lobotomy
  • cancer: last night on earth
  • leo: welcome to paradise
  • virgo: she
  • libra: wake me up when september ends
  • scorpio: st. jimmy
  • sagittarius: basket case
  • capricorn: 21 guns
  • aquarius: jesus of suburbia
  • pisces: whatsername
Your sign as the best TV shows ever

Aries: doctor who
Taurus: gossip girl
Gemini: one tree hill
Cancer: once upon a time
Leo: 90210
Virgo: pretty little liars
Libra: the originals
Scorpio: the flash
Sagittarius: reign
Capricorn: being human
Aquarius: teen wolf
Pisces: the vampire diaries

Capricorns are the best fucking zodiac sign! All the greats are Caps. Denzel Washington, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King, LeBron James, Gabby Douglas, Zayn Malik, Aaliyah, Joe Manganiello, Betty White, Shonda Rhimes, Muhammad Ali, Stephen Hawking, Lee Daniels, Madam CJ Walker, Sade, Jared Leto, Tyrese and Jesus are all Capricorns. Not to mention we start AND finish the year. We are just the best sign ever.

the signs as love songs

look at your venus sign too!

inspired by this post

aries - i want you to want me | cheap trick

i want you to want me

i need you to need me

taurus - lucky man | courtney john

so i’m gonna love you until the sun comes up

be that extra sugar you need in your cup

gemini - elenore | the turtles

elenore, gee i think you’re swell

and you really do me well

you’re my pride and joy, et cetera

cancer - if i ain’t got you | alicia keys

everything means nothing

if i ain’t got you

leo - then she appeared | xtc

then she appeared

and the moon which formerly shone

on the marbled midnight mile

suddenly just packed its bags

now shines from her bright smile

virgo - rescue song rac remix | mr little jeans

i’m gonna rescue you

so you can rescue me too

libra - stranger in paradise | the four aces

i saw your face, and i ascended

out of the common place

into the rare, somewhere in space

scorpio - majestic | wax fang

in such disbelief 

i thought i was asleep when i met you

my heart liquefied and i sighed

oh this must be a dream

sagittarius - you’ve got the love | florence + the machine

now and then it seems like life is just too much

but you’ve got the love i need to see me through

capricorn - my lady’s house | iron & wine

no hands are half as gentle

or firm as they like to be

thank god you see me the way you do

strange as you are to me

aquarius - smile upon me | passion pit

there’s a place in this world

where people like me are found 

by people like you

pisces - bluish | animal collective

there’s some kind of magic 

in the way you’re lying there

The signs as the best things in life

Aries: Comfort food
Taurus: Thomas Sanders
Gemini: Laughing until your ribs hurt
Cancer: Sunsets
Leo: Chocolate fountains
Virgo: Clean sheets
Libra: Gaining an animal’s trust
Scorpio: Coloured markers
Sagittarius: Tree forts
Capricorn: Opening newly bought items
Aquarius: Watching an amazing movie for the first time
Pisces: The first snow of the year

the signs as oscar isaac #looks

aries: the “just. take a huge friggin bite out of the sweater idgaf” #look 

taurus: the “thoughtfully smoldering, approx. 10:23am” #look 

gemini: the “i am a bond-era spy seducing information from a swooning wavy-haired heiress and i never sweat in this tropical country” #look 

cancer: the “yes i AM going to play wonderwall, just try and not enjoy it anyway” #look 

leo: the “brow cocked cat-dragging” #look 

virgo: the “i casually catch fainting ladies every day nbd” #look 

libra: the “oh so you don’t like mustaches??? eat THIS” #look 

scorpio: the “dtf and by f i mean FIGHT” #look 

sagittarius: the “😁” #look 

capricorn: the “srs greyscale hi-def knit texture” #look 

aquarius: the “granola af werkin that silk scarf” #look 

pisces: the “whoops look whos eating his clothes again!!” #look 

The Signs' Relationships as 1D Songs
  • Aries/Aries: Once In a Lifetime
  • Aries/Taurus: Taken
  • Aries/Gemini: Walking In the Wind
  • Aries/Cancer: More Than This
  • Aries/Leo: Little Things
  • Aries/Virgo: Tell Me A Lie
  • Aries/Libra: Wolves
  • Aries/Scorpio: Better Than Words
  • Aries/Sagittarius: You & I
  • Aries/Capricorn: Something Great
  • Aries/Aquarius: Right Now
  • Aries/Pisces: AM
  • Taurus/Taurus: They Don't Know About Us
  • Taurus/Gemini: Steal My Girl
  • Taurus/Cancer: Ready To Run
  • Taurus/Leo: Home
  • Taurus/Virgo: Hey Angel
  • Taurus/Libra: Act My Age
  • Taurus/Scorpio: Half A Heart
  • Taurus/Sagittarius: Don't Forget Where You Belong
  • Taurus/Capricorn: Drag Me Down
  • Taurus/Aquarius: Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  • Taurus/Pisces: Last First Kiss
  • Gemini/Gemini: Kiss You
  • Gemini/Cancer: What Makes You Beautiful
  • Gemini/Leo: Heart Attack
  • Gemini/Virgo: 18
  • Gemini/Libra: Perfect
  • Gemini/Scorpio: C'mon C'mon
  • Gemini/Sagittarius: Midnight Memories
  • Gemini/Capricorn: Why Don't We Go There
  • Gemini/Aquarius: Change My Mind
  • Gemini/Pisces: Just Can't Let Her Go
  • Cancer/Cancer: Back For You
  • Cancer/Leo: Girl Almighty
  • Cancer/Virgo: Rock Me
  • Cancer/Libra: Summer Love
  • Cancer/Scorpio: Love You Goodbye
  • Cancer/Sagittarius: Infinity
  • Cancer/Capricorn: Through the Dark
  • Cancer/Aquarius: No Control
  • Cancer/Pisces: I Want To Write You A Song
  • Leo/Leo: Does He Know?
  • Leo/Virgo: History
  • Leo/Libra: Strong
  • Leo/Scorpio: Little Black Dress
  • Leo/Sagittarius: Never Enough
  • Leo/Capricorn: Diana
  • Leo/Aquarius: Temporary Fix
  • Leo/Pisces: Long Way Down
  • Virgo/Virgo: I Would
  • Virgo/Libra: Nobody Compares
  • Virgo/Scorpio: Olivia
  • Virgo/Sagittarius: Little White Lies
  • Virgo/Capricorn: What A Feeling
  • Virgo/Aquarius: End of the Day
  • Virgo/Pisces: Spaces
  • Libra/Libra: Fireproof
  • Libra/Scorpio: Night Changes
  • Libra/Sagittarius: Alive
  • Libra/Capricorn: Gotta Be You
  • Libra/Aquarius: One Thing
  • Libra/Pisces: Clouds
  • Scorpio/Scorpio: Still the One
  • Scorpio/Sagittarius: Stockholm Syndrome
  • Scorpio/Capricorn: Story Of My Life
  • Scorpio/Aquarius: Change Your Ticket
  • Scorpio/Pisces: Illusion
  • Sagittarius/Sagittarius: Best Song Ever
  • Sagittarius/Capricorn: Over Again
  • Sagittarius/Aquarius: She's Not Afraid
  • Sagittarius/Pisces: Live While We're Young
  • Capricorn/Capricorn: If I Could Fly
  • Capricorn/Aquarius: Happily
  • Capricorn/Pisces: Fool's Gold
  • Aquarius/Aquarius: Loved You First
  • Aquarius/Pisces: One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)
  • Pisces/Pisces: Truly Madly Deeply


Can you think of one person for each sign? Tell us how they relate to you.

  • Aries - a close friend of mine who helps me with anything and everything, she’s like an older sister to me
  • Taurus - my mom
  • Gemini - an ex best friend of mine
  • Cancer - a close friend of mine who cares for all her loved ones and is so warm and kindhearted
  • Leo - all of my best male friends who hold my heart and I love them so much
  • Virgo - me, the baddest bitch.. and also my best friends who happen to be like sisters to me
  • Libra - little sister
  • Scorpio - my closest girl friends and I love them so much
  • Sagittarius - some of my closest guy friends who give me the best advice ever
  • Capricorn - an ex best friend of mine
  • Aquarius - someone I dated
  • Pisces - a close girl friend of mine who is one of the smartest and most hard working women I know
  • Aries: Midnight Memories
  • Taurus: Strong
  • Gemini: Happily
  • Cancer: Diana
  • Leo: Story of my Life
  • Virgo: Little White Lies
  • Libra: Why Don't We Go There
  • Scorpio: Little Black Dress
  • Sagittarius: Best Song Ever
  • Capricorn: Does he Know?
  • Aquarius: Through the Dark
  • Pisces: You & I
A Capricorn's (My Cousin) Opinion of the Signs
  • Aries: Ya'll good at socializing but always talking shit about the people you socialize with. You guys are also very hard working
  • Taurus: Easy to talk to but we can feel your internal judgment. Very family-oriented, like dogs too much
  • Gemini: Two-faced bitch from middle school that no one keeps in touch with no more
  • Cancer: I love ya'll, that's it
  • Leo: Good listeners but can be annoying so chill lmao
  • Virgo: Very funny ya'll one of the fewest people who can genuinely make me laugh
  • Libra: So genuine and always tryna take care of somebody. Thanks for driving me around and paying for my shit
  • Scorpio: Iono any scorpios lol
  • Sagittarius: Every one I've known is weird...Like shut the fuck up except for maybe one of you
  • Capricorn: Best sign level-headed and thoughtful...beautiful people...
  • Aquarius: THE WORST SIGN!!! One ruined my life...
  • Pisces: Weeaboos! Ya'll the ones who have the nerve to cosplay in the middle of Little Tokyo like please don't do that lol
The signs as teachers

Aries: the one who swears way to much

Taurus: always eating their lunch while teaching

Geminieveryone likes to listening to them, but they go off-topic the whole time

Cancer: you never know what to expect, one time they’re really nice and sweet, and the other time they’re like some angry monster

Leo: he cares more about himself than he does about his students

Virgo: oh god so boring

Libra: wants to have a good reputation so badly, but their lessons pretty suck..

Scorpio: you don’t even think about not making your homework.. scaryyyy

Sagittarius: born to be teachers, really best teachers ever

Capricorn: booorrrrringgggg

Aquarius: either a really good or really bad teacher, there’s no in between

Pisces: way to sweet