best camping trip ever!

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Theeen I'm going to throw this right back at cha:D Dogma 1, 6 and 11 and Fenn your ultimate mando babe 4, 17 and 19


Holiday headcanon: Dogma doesn’t care as much for where he goes in his free time or on holiday. He cares more about with whom. He has abandonment, and “not being good enough” issues. So when his brothers take him to a simple camping trip or something, that is like the best holiday ever, because he feels loved and needed and accepted. He probably doesn’t even notice the difficulties of the tent falling down on them, of the caf being cold, of HArdcase’s icy leg pressing against his. 

Hugging headcanon: Dogma loves hugs. He loves everything that is a physical reminder of the fact that he isn’t alone, and that he has friends and brothers. He will chosse a hug over a meal any time.

Wardrobe headcanon: In those few instances when Dogma is allowed to wear civilian clothes, he likes to wear very comfy, but not too flashy stuff. Mostly he wears grey, brown, white or black, trying to blend in as good as he can.

Fenn Rau:

Driving headcanon: He is a pilot. He drives insanely :D

Soft spot headcanon: He has soft spots for abandoned children, and orphaned people. Also he has a soft spot for his own, very loyal men. He has this big brither/father streak in him.

Favorite photograph headcanon: He has some photographs about his family and his mentor. He keeps those in his quarters.

Week two of @omgcp-tropechallenge, with 4th of July and/or Canada Day.

Also, my first ever dexnursey fic.

Also on AO3.

Dex wasn’t sure if inviting Nursey along for his family’s annual fourth of July camping trip was the best idea he’d ever had, or the worst.

Quite possibly it was both.

Dex’s boyfriend stomped back up to him, announcing his presence by breaking every branch and crumpling every leaf that crossed his path. Nursey slapped his neck, scowling. “I am being eaten alive.”

It was, by far, the most unchill Dex had ever seen Nursey, and he was waiting for the opportune moment to point this out to him.

Nursey sat back down next to Dex on the blanket they had spread out on the sandy ground beside the river and put his head on Dex’s shoulder. “I don’t know how you do this, Poindexter.”

Dex had never disliked camping, but seeing Derek Nurse so completely out of his element was making it even more fun than usual. He patted his boyfriend’s arm and Nursey made a face at him, clearly not believing the show of sympathy. Which, Dex supposed, was fair, because he hadn’t meant it.

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