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9x01 ”I Think I’m Going To Like It Here” // 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles
Welcoming Death Like An Old Friend

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A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

There really isn’t a lot to say here as I think the gifs make the parallels pretty clear, but I just need to express how well done and heartbreakingly the events of the first episode of S9 are revisited in the last episode of S9. Especially the way the dialogue is shot between Sam and Dean. From the holding on to each other, right to the pat on the cheek for the final goodbye - it’s all there. Only with the roles reversed…

Callbacks in Storm in the Room

This moment was just so heartwarming and made me so happy to counteract the discourse that took place in the room.

I was laughing with tears in my eyes.

Can you guys reblog with more callbacks?

[points to superfly spaghetti man] love this superfly spaghetti man

(seriously though, i love rai so much already, i wish kira could have met him because they would’ve totally bonded over green vegetables)
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“You know, usually humans throw sacrifices at my feet and beg me to notice their puny mortal lives. This? This is just ungrateful; it’s disrespectful; it’s downright un-demigodly of me to even consider it.”

Yet, Moana happened to know a thing or two about boys who puffed out their chests and spoke the loudest; her grandmother had a word for them, once. So, casting a glance between Maui, the ordinary hook and line, and the waiting ocean around them, she knew: “So … you’re saying that you can’t fish, aren’t you?”

I feel there’s an essay to be written in comparing Homestuck and The Adventure Zone, because there are just so many similarities:

- form: both collaborative stories, with character actions proposed by the readers/players and arbitrated by the author/DM, who works to fit all the ingenious random nonsense the readers/players come up with into an overarching plot. Characters have very few specified canonical physical features, so fans have plenty of scope for interpretation, which the creators explicitly approve of and accept. TA is mostly improvised, and from what I understand of Homestuck’s early production it wouldn’t be inaccurate to call that improvisational too.

- tone: either completely hilariously absurd or surprisingly serious and emotional; often both at the same time. Hussie and Griffin are extremely good at balancing humour and depth, and many of the best callbacks are to past events and characters that seemed like (and/or were initially intended as) one-off jokes.

- characters: both contain a persuasive, enigmatic, and morally questionable salesman whose name begins with G! Also most of the male main charaters start out as total weenies and are constantly being bailed out by more competent women. The author/DM both become more familiar with social issues during the course of the story and work harder to include better representation (esp. gender-neutral characters (Davepeta, Roswell) and fan-favourite lesbian couples (Rosemary, Team Sweet Flips)). Both have a nerdy female character who tried to overcome the darkness by using light powers in an unconventional way, screwing over their friends in the process (let’s hope Lucretia meets a kinder fate than Aranea). Oh, and in both the entity who embodies death leaves most of the work to their sexy assistant.

- worldbuilding: this one’s a bit of a weak point tbh because things like the multiple planets/planes with their own culture, natives, and quests are kind of common, as is the all-destroying evil force travelling between universes annihilating everything in its path. But still!

- themes: the keys to life are hope and determination and creativity. Skaia and the Light of Creation are basically the exact same thing! And both are coveted by a villainous aggregate of mysterious primordial forces (the Horrorterrors, the Hunger) that want to claim its light for themselves. They get a lot of mileage out of the Light/Void, Life/Doom, and Hope/Rage dichotomies  - the Light of Creation is made of Life and Hope, and the Hunger is formed of souls lost to the Void, who’ve given into Rage at their inevitable Doom. And there’s a nice Blood connection with the Red Robes/IPRE.

I’m aware a lot of this applies to plenty of other media too, and tbh I’ve probably forgotten a load of stuff, but like every other TAZ meta post I see could just as easily have been written about Homestuck, and I love that.

After the emotional night Sami had at Battleground, he could use a good shoulder to cry on (even if it means ruining Cesaro’s suit, but that’s something neither of them are thinking about right now).

My name is Bailey Enlow and this is my second TST! (She/Her) This picture is from a shoot a did about a week ago with a photographer that lives in the dorm next to mine. I had casting calls yesterday for University of South Carolina fashion week and I’m so excited! I really want to walk in both menswear and women’s wear but mainly women’s wear. Nobody has done both in our show so I would be the first!! Anyways call backs should be next week so wish me luck! 

nepeta is suddenly a billion times more relevant because of her role as pacifier of Equius.

and… Equius… is the protector of Nepeta…





G U Y S 


8x15 “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits” // 9x11 “First Born”
The Thing about Choices Made in Desperation

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

This is one of those moments in S8 that just thoroughly hurt knowing what’s going to happen to Dean over the course of the following seasons, because in the end Dean chose to take on the mark himself too. Of course he didn’t choose to become a demon, but he didn’t want to hear about the consequences that Cain wanted to tell him about. He wasn’t in a mindeset mid S9 (depressed, suicidal) to read the whole description so to speak, but only looked at the bigger picture like Dean did a few times over S9 before he took on the mark without fully knowing what it would entail.

I found this moment really tragic on re-watch as both of what Dean says here fits himself a season later. He chose to take on the mark (much more as a form of sentence or to do penance for what he considered he should do due to his mistakes, it wasn’t sparked by any wish for power - but “calm” - in the end it really was something Dean did and took on because he was perfectly alright with not walking out of a fight against Abaddon alive which imo is partly why he didn’t want to hear the warning label) and didn’t want to hear about the bad possible things coming with it for him personally as he didn’t care about what would happen to him and therefore was forced to become what it turned him into. Something he never wanted to be and when realizing what the mark did also rather wanted to die. Ugh, it is horribly ironic in a way that Dean took on the mark in kamikaze mode, so depressed that dying in the fight would have been welcome and instead he was cursed to become a demon and immortal. Man… It’s really horrible. But I just loved the MoC arc so much. It was painful and tragic, but I loved it. And Jensen certainly rocked it acting wise.

anonymous asked:

Did Pete confirm that What a Catch was about Patricks self esteem issues? I think I remember reading about it once but I'm not sure.

Man, I always lose track of the video with the extended explanation… but it’s moreso meant as Pete’s ode to Patrick as one of his best friends. The callback to Headfirst Slide’s “I will never end up like him” lyric is Pete telling Patrick that he’ll never end up like the person the song’s title is referencing, Donny Hathaway.

Pete’s succinct explanation of the song is here.