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1. Keep paper bills. Bills such as internet, rent, and utility for up to five months. These help prove residency, which will be useful when applying for Medicaid, in-state tuition, and for some jobs. If you’re not receiving any sort of paper bills, keep pay stubs with your address on them instead.

2. Cheap salt. Never spend more than a dollar on salt. Seriously. Chain supermarkets and dollar stores will sell large quantities of it to you for 99 cents. You’re not the Queen of Sheba- you don’t need $5 salt.

3. Wooden floors. If any part of you apartment/dorm room has a wooden floor, consider buying Bona Hardwood Cleaner. It’s a little pricey, but my last squeeze bottle lasted me just short of a year. It’s the best wood cleaner around.

4. Postage stamps. You don’t have to go to your local post office to buy stamps (which is great because sometimes it’s not “local” at all). You can purchase them at pharmacy centers like CVS or Rite Aid, as well as large chain supermarkets such as Stop & Shop and Walmart. 

5. Moisturizers. Pick up at least one moisturizer to save your hands during these long winter months. If you’re a newbie just buy Gold Bond, it’s cheap and good for everything except your face. 

6. Shower heads. If you have a terrible apartment shower head with no water pressure buy yourself a better one. There a color changing shower heads on Amazon that I personally swear by. Just be sure to keep the original shower head and to replace it when you move out.

7. Keep your student ID card. Even after you stop attending school. You’ll still be able to receive student discounts at places like museums and cinemas. They have no way of knowing if you’re still a student. What are they gonna do- call your school? I do this all the time! 

8. Yankee Candle. Is so expensive, but it’s the only candle really worth buying. I’ve tried all sorts of discount candles from dollar stores and even from Target, but none of them smell even half as good as Yankee Candle.

9. Reminders. Forgetting important things such as bill payments, birthdays, or contraceptives? Set alarms and reminders on your Iphone to help you stay on top. I personally hate the Iphone calendar app so I downloaded Cozi (it’s free) and I use that instead.

10. Clean that fridge. Try to purge your fridge out at least once a month. There’s nothing more disgusting than food so decomposed that you can’t discern what it once was. The general rule of thumb about leftovers is if you don’t eat it within the next two days you won’t ever eat it. Try to give your fridge a sponge bath every three months, the shelves are easy to remove and I just wash them in my sink.

reasons She Loves Me is the most #relatable show of our generation
  • “……are you looking for a job?” “HHHHHHHHWELL I GUESS YOU COULD CALL IT THAT YES”
  • looking everywhere and then finding it in your bra
  • Amalia the Queen of Retail Bullshitting 
  • “:) :) :) mmmmm go to hell :) :) :)” 
  • “Do I look alright?” “Oh lovely! wonderful! *glares at everyone in the room* VERY NICE”
  • “tell me, what’s he like? tell me all about him! i love to suffer”
  • Amalia “His FAQ says he likes books” Balash
  • “i’m an idiot!…but at least im an idiot with a job”
  • a whole song thats just “who gives a shit about a shitty retail job we’re all insignificant in this vast and unknowable universe”
  • “thank you madam please call again doooo call again madam” *goes right back to fighting with coworker*
  • “I DO NOT resent you!! ………………….. buT iF I DiD”
  • Im way better on paper and also when I have 2 hours to think of a response !!!!
  • Georg “Id rather pretend to leave town than potentially disappoint my crush” Nowack
  • Ladislav = the messy wingman friend™
  • Georg “I chug white wine like a Real Housewife” Nowack
  • the #dramatique maitre’d
  • Amalia “Im wine-tipsy and love-bitter” Balash
  • “IF I WAS SICK COULD I DO THIS???” - Leslie Knope/Amalia Balash
  • Hugging ice cream to your face like your husband come back from the war
  • “Theres something wrong with this ice cream…so much salt” “Well are you surprised, all those tears falling into it?” “Oh……i better cry in the other direction”
  • Straight-up eating fallen ice cream off your pants #whoneedsaspoon  #5secondrule
  • Georg “Imma flirt by talking about a suicide in a old-ass, long-ass novel” Nowack
  • he brought me ice cream……………I THINK IM IN LOVE WITH HIM
  • a whole song thats basically a passive-aggressive musical theatre version of that SNL Best Buy skit
  • the Embittered Seasonal Retail Hell Choir we all need 
  • “these are the people who shop in time :) :) :) AND THEY CAN GO TO HELL”
  • “you wanna untangle it? shoot yourself!” 
  • tfw you heavily hint at the christmas present you want and your parent SHOOTS YOU TF DOWN
Dating Harry Would Include - 41

Grocery shopping:  

-  Looking at the grocery list he did and finding little notes he wrote for his lyrics because he was inspired
- Him asking you with a serious face if you want him to carry you in the trolley
- Him greeting by their names all the employees of the store
- Keeping an eye on you even if he knows he gonna lose you at least 3 times before leaving the store
- Buying the treats that you like the most without you need to ask him to
- Proposing him the weirdest things you can find just to see his reactions
- Replacing all the candies you took back in the shelves “ We won’t have candies as dinner!”
- Rolling his eyes with a half smile when you make a disgusted face when he proposes you Brussels sprouts
- Losing a bit of your patience when he needs 20 minutes to be sure to choose the  best organic olive oil
- Frowning when you leave without him to another aisle and he has to rush to choose the thing he was looking at
- Arguing on new things he want to taste even if you warn him that he won’t like it
- Searching for him in all the aisles of the store to find him carrying the shopping basket of an old lady
- Him singing nonchalantly along to the music while walking through the aisles
- Him always buying you a little something to surprise you  without you noticing it
- Him looking with a dubitative face the different packages of sanitary pads not  remembering the one you usually take
- Him insisting to go into every single aisle even if you need nothing from there
- Helping you to reach things too high for you by lifting you by your waist
- Scolding you when you don’t wait after him to help you to lift the heaviest things
- Teasing you when he sees you can’t help of dancing when a music that you like is heard in the store
- Gently pushing on your buttocks with the trolley when you walk towards  the waiting line
- Interlacing his hand with yours while you two are waiting, his thumb stroking slowly your skin
- Insisting on carrying the heaviest bags and giving you the surprise he bought you when you try to protest … 

(With the gif you can have a little idea of how he could look like while trying to figure out the brand of hygienic pads you prefer… )

Frequent Flier: Things to Consider Before, During, and After Traveling with Your SD

Remember, I’m a bit controversial and I am far more concerned with your happiness and safety as an SB, best friend, than I am with blindly agreeing to the “wisdom” of the bowl. You are free to accept or reject everything I am about to say and we will still be the best of friends. Ready? Let’s start this by saying congratulations! Not only do you have an SD you have one that doesn’t make empty promises and has not only said he wants to travel but has started talking about dates and destinations. Congrats, sis! But we have some things to consider before you go jet setting and making us jealous of the fabulous places you’ll go. It’s not a short list but I think we can make it through together. 


 Decide how much of your personal information is personal. 

There are SB’s that don’t tell their SD a single true thing about them. There are others that work for their SD and have given him all of the information he would need to be their legal employer. There are others that have given him only a first and last name. Maybe a birthday. How much you have decided to share with him is absolutely your business and your decision. If you trust him, or the legal system, enough to share that type of information, I’m not here to judge you. But if you haven’t made the decision yet and the man may or may not be buying plane tickets soon now is the time to decide. If he’s great for money but not so much at inspiring your confidence and trust, maybe keep your name to yourself. If you all have built a genuine connection over a long period of time and you wouldn’t hesitate to tell him anything, go for it. If you have so much of his personal information (up to and including his credit card information) that his knowing your legal name wouldn’t stop you from crushing him if he crossed you then baby go right ahead and tell him. However, if you don’t want him anywhere near the name your mama and the government use for you…

 Decide if you’re getting a DBA or going to have a chat with him about transferring you the money 

Transferring it is the easiest. Or he can hand you a credit card and walk away while you fire up your laptop and buy the tickets yourself just sending his along when you’re done. If he’s nervous about transferring the money, have him buy you an airline gift card for the amount of the flight. If he fusses and whines about doing anything that doesn’t involve him holding your state issued ID in his hands despite the fact that you’ve told him you’re uncomfortable…well…I don’t have to tell you to leave him do I? 

 Decide if you’ll share a room

 There’s no right or wrong answer to this. Shocking I know. Especially since the general consensus in the bowl is that you should always have your own room. But different strokes for different folks. If you still have concerns for your safety around this man and that’s why you want a different room might I suggest not traveling with him just yet? If you want a different room because you want it and he can afford it then rock the fuck on sis and get your separate room. Just tell him that you want each of you to enjoy the trip and part of enjoying it is making sure you each have your space to decompress. It doesn’t mean you won’t be in his room until three am eating gummy worms and watching re-runs of Martin. It just means that if you need to be alone, you can be. Speaking of being alone… 

Decide how much (if any) time you’ll need away from him and what you’ll do during that time 

If you are an introvert like me, you need time away from everyone. The idea of spending all of your time around people, no matter how much you love them, makes you want to dive under your bed never to reappear. Don’t pretend like that isn’t who you are! Don’t think that it’ll be okay just this once. It won’t. You’ll be miserable. Your misery will make him miserable. You will both have a horrible vacation that may ruin the relationship you’re trying to build with him and his wallet. Be honest with yourself. I spent two hours away from my gift daddy when we went on vacation. It happened in the morning. I worked out and I called my mother. He knew it ahead of time. He didn’t resent the time I spent away from him. In fact, he asked me every day over breakfast how that time had gone. He even asked if I needed more time. That’s why I beg you, if you need time apart know how you’re going to spend that time. Do it for him, sure. He’s less likely to gripe about it if he knows before you even leave that that’s what you’ll be doing. But mainly do it for you. Because it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Because wasting your time doing nothing in particular and then realizing that it’s time to go be with him is annoying. Because plans are cool and we should all make more of them. 

 Decide on your money 

Are you getting paid to go on this trip? No right or wrong answer to this either. I didn’t get paid to travel per se. But I did spend several thousand dollars buying furniture immediately after and because of this trip. I did get an iPhone. I did spend far more money that I thought he would let me on clothes and art for my home. So while I didn’t get that envelope full of cash I did feel compensated for my time. If you are getting paid it is up to you to decide how much you want. If you’re taking off work, but don’t have vacation time, do you want enough to cover the money you won’t make? If you’re taking off, but do have vacation time, do you want enough to cover what you would have made if you stayed? Do you just want a stupid crazy shopping spree before during and after the trip? I do not care what you decide you want or how much. I just want you to decide and then open up your mouth and ask. If he asks why you need the amount you need or puts up any other kind of fight… 

 Decide how you’ll handle his objections 

Do this in advance too. It is perhaps one of the most important things you can do. Don’t wait until he asks to have an answer. Have it plotted out now so you can speak with confidence. What will be your answer if he asks why you need money? If perhaps missing money means you shouldn’t travel? If he asks why you need separate rooms or why you should spend time apart? If you can’t give him your legal name? I’m willing to help you answer these questions but only if you come to me with some answers of your own. I want to help. I don’t want to do your work for you. Sorry, girl. Still love you though. 

 Decide that at any time you can walk away from this trip and him 

Do not become so excited about traveling that you put yourself in danger or do things that don’t feel good to you or accept behavior from him that pushes you outside your comfort zone. Fuck him. You are in charge of your life and Vegas isnt’ going anywhere. If he can’t respect you enough to take you on your terms then someone else will. Chill out. Walk away.

 Decide who your safety buddy is 

Decide who you will check in with to make sure everything is okay. Decide when you will check in with them. Decide how often. Decide on what the plan is if you don’t check in. And make sure they have all of your flight and accommodation information. If you both have iPhones turn on your location. If not get the be safe app. Or WhatsApp which also allows you to share your location with others. My buddy was my mom cause she’s the coolest person ever and one of my best friends but if that isn’t the case with you find a friend or even someone on tumblr to check in with. If you have WhatsApp, I’ll be that person if you need someone else. 

 Decide when and where you’re going shopping and buy more than just clothes 

Sure you want to buy all of the clothes. And you should. But there’s also a few other things to consider. Like condoms. Mainly condoms. Don’t be the girl that has to hear that he forgot to pack them or forgot to buy them when you guys got off the plane and can’t you just not use them this one time? Nope. Have your own. Have some lube and some toys too if you really wanna blow his mind. Actually definitely have lube and toys to go along with those condoms (make sure the condoms can handle the lube you’re buying. Bonus points if you buy condoms at a sex shop. They can just answer your questions for you if you have any.). Be prepared for everything. Don’t leave anything in his hands. Your safety is your first priority not his. 


 Remember you’re working 

This man invited you on this trip because you are an accessory, a new toy, a shiny thing. You are there to enhance his experience. And I’m sure he didn’t tell you that. Men never do just tell the whole truth no matter how it makes us feel unless they’re a particular breed of asshole. But that’s why I’m here to tell it to you. This trip ain’t about you. You are there for him. You are there to make his day better. You are there for his entertainment and amusement. Want to complain that you’re bored, or not having fun, or want to go home and it isn’t because you are having some type of bodily issue that needs to be addressed immediately? Text a friend. When he’s there, you’re on. Be yourself of course. Please don’t try to pretend to be someone else. It’s exhausting. But don’t ever forget that you’re at work. He’s on vacation.

 Remember you’re human and take care of yourself 

I didn’t stop putting my hair in a satin cap because I was on vacation. I didn’t decide to completely fuck up my skin by sleeping in my make up. I didn’t stop taking Lush baths. I didn’t stop working out. I didn’t stop reading. Don’t stop doing the things you need to do to feel happy and at peace with yourself. Please. You’re doing he and yourself a disservice if you do. If you’ve talked to him enough about who you are, he knows some of your little habits and quirks. He won’t be shocked. And if he is oh well. But in most cases, men love feeling like they’re getting the “real us”. He’ll love that you look the way you do when he isn’t around because as sexy as the Siren is sometimes we like knowing there’s something behind her. Bonus points if you only let him see that side of you when you travel somewhere. He’ll begin to associate exotic locales with the “real” you. Wouldn’t that be fun? 

 Remember to talk/text your safety buddy 

Because what’s the point of having them if you don’t use them. Remember to keep your return ticket on you at all times Do we hope them man you’ve traveled with isn’t a monster? Yes. Should we make sure that if you need to get the fuck out of dodge the airline ticket that you need isn’t stuck in a hotel room that you can’t get access to because it isn’t in your name? At all times girl. Have that ticket and enough money to transfer a flight or stay in a hotel or do both. Take care of you. 

 Remember to have him take a million pictures of you 

Okay, if you’re going to use the internet to find your SD (at least use Tinder or some other vanilla app) having pictures of you in fun places doing fun things are excellent for advertising and you don’t have to pay a dime for them. Get your picture taken in those clothes you made him buy! Remember to spend time in places that align with your goals I made my gift daddy take me to museums and stare at art with me while I prattled away about why it mattered and how it gave me ideas for my own business. I dragged him through art fairs. Before we left he took me to a book store and asked if there were books he could get me that would be helpful. 

Remember you’re at work and part of that work is bringing him into your world. 

Even on vacation, you’re a bitch with goals. Don’t let him forget it. Remember to have fun It’s work. But it’s work you chose with a man you, hopefully, don’t hate completely. When there’s a moment for you to have fun, have it! Have all of it! Have so much that you know you’ll never forget it. We get to live the type of life that girls dream about it. We should live it up, appreciate it, when we can especially since we worked so hard to get here. 


 There’s only one thing I need to say here but it is important. If you can travel with a man for one day or one hundred and he has a great time, he will feel differently about you. He will feel connected and bonded to you. He will feel like he shares an emotional tie with you that he can’t share with anyone else. And what do we know? We know that people like to give their money to people they trust, people they like, people they feel they have a connection with. When you come home, if y’all had a great time, don’t let him forget you had a great time. When he wants to talk about the trip you had, the crazy amazing things you did with those sex toys and lube, the places you took him, talk it up! It was the best time of your life too girl and made you feel so connected. Then bring up those goals you wanted or that gift you were interested in (with some tact please) but if y’all had as good a time as you say you did he’ll bring it up on his own. My GD offered to buy me furniture for my place and we were barely off the plane. 

What do you think, sis? Any of this make sense? Any of it make you want to pop me because it’s so outlandish? Message me or tell me in the comments. And if you have any questions I can answer for you privately or on anon send them over. I’m clearing out my inbox over the weekend. Love your black ass, girl. Happy sugaring

How To Gain Muscles

Yeah yeah there will be a million articles out there but this is the one which will point out the things others rarely do. 

1. Don’t stress -  You might find it hard to believe but your mental health contributes a damn lot to your physical health and body. Stay away from negative people or those who make you sad. Get out of that bad relationship. After years of ups and down, I’ve seen the difference it makes to your physical body. To give you the latest stat, I gained 11 pounds of muscle in 6 months after cutting off with someone negative which is pretty much the MAX a human body is capable of. I suggest you also take a 15-20 minute break each day during which you should just have some tea (or literally whatever else you like) and listen to calm music and not thing of anything negative.

2. Sleep - Your sleep is as important as your workout, if not more. You workout in the gym but you gain muscles in your bed when you sleep. I try to sleep for atleast 10 hours a night for atleast 5 nights a week. Don’t think much about the numbers, just know that if you gotta wake up early, go to bed early. If not then go to bed at your own pace and just sleep for as long as your body may want. If you don’t do this then simply kiss your muscle gain goodbye, it just wont happen no matter how much you workout at the gym.

3. Diet - As someone who goes to a Uni to study nutrition, I know some shit and I found out 2 ways to gain muscles via your diet. I wont give you any plans to stick to because I dont like those. I don’t want to live everyday calculating around how much I ate and stuff. I am not a professional bodybuilder, I dont want to go through all that everyday so what I did instead was - Calculate how much I actually eat on average per day, then adjust my workout according to what I eat. The normal way of doing this is that you workout and then take a surplus diet. I live alone and am too busy with work to alter my diet and I’m sure many others have the same problem so instead just take an average of how much you eat and adjust your workout amount accordingly. Workout less if you have to because of your diet - you’ll still gain more muscle this way than the other way around. The second thing I want you to do is, eat a bowl of porriage with every meal. I’ve tried many things and I think porriage is the fastest and best thing that works. I don’t take any protein shakes. Porriage is cheap and so is oats and bananas in which I throw in the porriage. That’s all I need with occasional chicken breasts every once a week or maybe once in 2, whenever I feel like going to the shop to buy it.

4. Skip Gym - Yes you heard that right. Pay close attention to how your body is feeling. If you’re still feeling the pain from the other day, don’t workout. Specially, don’t workout the part which hurts. I try to workout every body part 2 times a week. So if my arms are still hurting from the previous day’s workout, I either take an off or workout my legs the next day without putting any load on my arms. I wouldn’t do chest or back either since indirectly your arms are working as well while doing those. I would give priority to proper rest for my body parts over another workout always.

That’s it. That’s all I gotta say, don’t wanna make things much complicated. Just follow these tips and you will gain muscles. 

If you’re somone who dont have the time to go to the gym and still wanna gain muscles, here a thing for you:

Seventeen Reaction: Your Guy Best Friend Buys You Whatever You Want

“SVT Reaction to Your Guy Best friend Buying U whatever you want” -Anon

A/N: This is one of my first times doing reactions so I apologize if it is not the best! -Admin Sara


  • “Let me buy you something.”
  • “Who is this guy?”
  • Pouts the whole time cause this bean just wants to buy cute stuff for you but when he starts buying you everything what is left for him to get you.
  • Is a bit afraid you’ll stop telling him what you want and around Christmas and birthdays he’ll have to guess what you want.
  • Just wants to provide. 

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  • He’s happy he isn’t spending money
  • Is a bit sad still cause he wants to buy you cute things
  • Pressed?
  • “Oh, we need milk, get your best friend to buy it for you”
  • Is okay with it yet not so it confuses you SO much.

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  • How sweet of him
  • “Oh my gosh he bought you that outfit, its really cute”
  • “Sorry I couldn’t be there to buy it”
  • Pouts
  • “I’ll buy you a whole new closet next time we go shopping!”

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  • I didn’t come here to date you and your best friend
  • “Why is he buying you all this stuff. I wanted to pay for that!”
  • I… wanted? to pay for that
  • “Why am I even mad, like I don’t understand.”
  • “Thank you for buying that?”

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  • “Lets go shopping now, I have to buy stuff before him”
  • Makes you give him a list of things you want so if your friend buys them he still has back ups to get you
  • This babe likes buying you random gifts so it sort of rains on his parade.
  • “Oh… he bought you one… okay.” Hides the exact thing he just bought you as your surprise gift behind his back
  • “I have to go to the store again”
  • :( ½

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  • Tries not to let you go shopping with the guy but somehow even if you don’t you still have new stuff.
  • “Why are there boxes of shoes at the door? I thought you didn’t go out today”
  • “Oh. I see.”
  • “Can’t you just tell him I want to buy you presents too? It isn’t fair if he is buying everything before I can.”

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  • “Why are gifts just appearing in this houSE?”
  • “Where are you even getting all of this stuff?”
  • How does he even have money anymore, he bought you like 200 things in one day.
  • Drags you to the store, even if he got out of practice at 3AM and the only store open just sells gum. You’re going.
  • “I don’t care if you’re tired. I’m tired of not being able to buy you as much stuff and it makes me feel bad. Now gET UP.”

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  • “He’s buying you stuff? Cute.”
  • “What’d you get today?” :|
  • “N-no I am happy he is buying you stuff and you’re able to hang out and stuff with him. But… Isn’t he spending a lot of money on you… are you sure that is okay? Like he has enough money to do that?”
  • ?
  • Is more worried about your friends spending habits than trying to buy you anything
  • Doesn’t want your friend to feel left out of the gift circle
  • Buys your friend random gifts in return so he at least gets something other than pure friendship back.

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  • “I mean you can still hang out with him, I don’t really care… I just don’t like him.”
  • Tries to buy you more stuff 
  • “Oh that’s what he got you… well I got you THIS.”
  • “Yeah well, you’re the one dating me.”
  • You’re dating me.
  • Tries to ask your friend to stop buying you so much stuff but then gets caught and you think hes jealous.
  • “You’re dating me. How could I be jealous?”

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  • Sees you getting everything you want made him just a bit upset because he enjoys buying you things
  • Starts trying to find unique things that you didn’t even know you wanted
  • “Yeah, he may have bought you like 3 pairs of shoes today but the bracelet I got you… Yeah. I picked out everything.”
  • Acts really cool and proud about all the stuff he finds.

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  • Made your best friend mad accidentally? when he first asked him to stop because he called it clutter. 
  • Sees how much he buys you now and gets mad but just keeps joking about it.
  • “Can he buy me stuff?”
  • “My best friend who?”
  • “No seriously though Y/N, it could work I have a plan.”

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  • Not really upset, but also not fine with it either
  • Tries to buy you a bunch of stuff while out with you
  • Makes a list of stuff you want so he doesn’t forget and makes you promise not to tell your friend about the stuff so he can at least try and buy it first
  • “Ya know, just tell him I really want this album.”
  • The album shows up the next day and hes like… what??
  • Is he really buying me stuff too? He has that kind of money? I should probably get to know him so that way I can repay him one day…
  • All of us are friends now.
  • “Three musketeers”

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  • Didn’t really mind at first and was like, okay, yeah I’m cool with it as long as we can coordinate so we don’t get the same things again.
  • Started caring more once your friend said something he didn’t like and then they stopped coordinating
  • Got really sad because three weeks before Christmas he went to this place to get you this necklace you said you wanted and waiting 2 hours in a long line only to find out he was in the wrong one. Then go to another line for another hour just to buy it and find out that your friend got you the same one AND gave it you early.
  • You have to tell your friend to stop buying you so much and to start only buying maybe once every few months because this babe isn’t going to tell you that it bothers him because he knows that when you get gifts it makes you happy and that is all he wants.
  • :( ½

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about buying the Marvel lines that have diverse characters as the leads? I'm not about to give them any money for Hydra!Cap, but I feel like I want to take away the excuses I'm seeing about losing money because of diversity.

I just…*rubs forehead, pinches nose* I don’t know anymore, anon.

I’ve seen some discussion of how Marvel measures sales and it’s…kind of insane. As I understand it (please someone reblog to explain this if I’ve got it wrong), comic book shops have to preorder and prepay well in advance, and part of how they calculate that is using pull lists. So if you have a pull list apparently the best thing you can do is go to your comic shop and say “I’m not going to buy any Marvel at all anymore, ever, so please don’t count me in your Marvel numbers. I need to rewrite my pull list. What can you recommend I switch to in, say, DC, Boom, IDW, Image, or other non-Marvel comics?” 

And then buy the diverse comics you want when they come out in trade, which still supports them. 

It should be noted that even if you don’t drop Marvel like it’s a bomb about to go off, buying comics with diverse leads will be dicey in the next few months, since the Secret Empire bullshit is a cross-comic event. So even if you do decide to keep reading certain comics, you should check the covers and reject any of them that have the Secret Empire logo on the front. 

Honestly though, I think probably the best way to go about this is to talk to a pro in the business: your local comic shop. However you get your comics, go to them and tell them you’re not interested in supporting fascism, and ask them how best to use your dollars to demonstrate your displeasure with Marvel.

Also of course, writing to Disney about your dissatisfaction with the Marvel brand will help. There’s a post going around about how to contact them, I don’t have it handy but googling something like “write to Disney about Marvel” should probably turn it up for you. 

NCT Hyung Line Reaction: first time calling them oppa

NCT Hyung Line reacting to the first time you call them oppa

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You’ve never called him oppa before, so he wouldn’t have ever expected this day to happen. So here’s how it happens:


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Taeil was cooking dinner for the other members as it was his turn.He was peeling and cutting vegetables when you decided to join in and help him. You lean on the counter and look up at him: 

“oppa, do you need hel-”

You’d quickly stop talking as a dust of pink begins to appear on your cheeks. He’d smirk and tease you saying that he likes it. Throughout your cooking session, he tries to get you to call him oppa again. 


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You two would be at the mall on a shopping spree. You ended up spending all of your money, but you came across a really cute dress. Johnny noticed you staring at it, and decided to buy it for you. You’d happily hug him: 

“Awe you’re truly the best, oppa- ah I mean what”

You’d quickly pull back and try to avoid eye contact. Johnny would just stare at you until he realized what you called him. His eyes would go wide and he would try to get you say it again.

“If you don’t call me oppa again, I’m going to return the dress!”


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You both would be out in a park babysitting the Dream kids. The Dream kids were running around everywhere making Taeyong get a motherly nervous feeling. He kept telling them to stay where he can see then, but they wouldn’t listen: 

“Yah! Kids, don’t go that far!”

“Oppa, let them have fun!”

As he was about to called out for them again, he stopped after realizing that you called him ‘oppa.’ You’d giggle at his cute, shocked expression while Haechan would be making fun of him. Afterwards, he’d tell you that he’d like it if you called him that more often. 


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Unlike the other members, Yuta had been begging you to call him oppa, but you would always refuse. One day, he was in a randomly happy mood so he’d be constantly trying to kiss you. As he was leaning in for what seemed like the 100th time: 

“Why are you being so cute today, oppa?”

before he can say anything, you kiss him. Once, you pull back, he’d be a smirking mess. 

“Now was that so hard?”

Let’s just say you’d be calling him oppa a lot more.


Originally posted by nctinfo

You two would be in his dressing room. He was about to go be an MC in 30 minutes and he wanted to be with you as you helped him relax. He was even more nervous because the crowd was larger and even though he’s an idol, he still gets nervous: 

“yah, you’ll do great! Just be your cute self, oppa!”

He’d immediately smile upon hearing you. Seeing as to how it distracted him from him nervousness, you called him ‘oppa’ until he was called to go. Let’s just say he wasn’t as nervous. 


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You were studying hard for an upcoming exam you had. Seeing how hard you were working, Jaehyun decided to surprise you with your favorite tea from Starbucks: 

“Awe, Jaehyunnie! You’re the best boyfriend ever. Thank you, oppa!”

He’d smile seeing as to how cute you sounded calling him that. He’d kiss you sweetly and give you your tea. 

“Guess I should buy you tea more often!”


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He was live on V app with Jaehyun and Doyoung. You were watching it with the other members and you noticed that Winwin looked really nervous. You send him a quick message: 

“Oppa, don’t be nervous! You got this! Fighting!”

He instantly smiled at the cute little message you sent him. He only felt a little flustered at you calling him ‘oppa.’ He tried his best not to be nervous and knowing that you were watching him helped him relax. 


woo, I felt really weird writing this because I personally don’t like using the word oppa in english. I just find it a little strange. but other than that I hope you enjoyed it. requests are open. It might take awhile because I have a lot in my drafts right now. also, sorry my tenses are all over the place. 

Things I wish I had known before moving into my own apartment

  • Walk around the neighborhood when you’re going to see the apartment. What’s in walking distance? Having to drive 20 minutes to get milk is a hassle.
  • Landlords can be a pain. Look over your lease with a lawyer (most schools offer this service) and know your state laws regarding housing. Any arrangement with your landlord must be in writing, otherwise it is invalid.
  • Renters insurance. Usually costs about $15-$30 a month and insures all of your stuff in case of flood, fire, theft, etc.
  • Make a budget and keep track of bills on a word document or similar. Its a easy way to keep track of what bills you need to pay when, and its simple enough for anyone.
  • Toilet paper should be the first thing you bring.
  • You can find amazing deals on furniture and decor at thrift shops. My TV stand, coffee table, dresser and living room decor is all from thrifting.
  • You will be amazed at what you can find for $1 at Dollar Tree that would more expensive anywhere else you go. Seriously. Anything you need that you can find at a Dollar Tree, get. (Tupperware, kitchen utinsels, bathroom accessories, etc)
  • Clean up for 10 or 15 minutes every day. It really makes a difference and prevents it from becoming a disaster.
  • Clorox wipes will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning. (Also found at Dollar Tree)
  • Buy a plunger, set of tools, duct tape, super glue and first aid kit.
  • Groceries are expensive. Try to shop at discount grocery stores, for example in my state it would be Aldis. Same food, off brand and so much cheaper.
  • This goes along with the last, but dont buy anything you wont eat/make in the next two weeks. Food expires fast, especially fresh food. Try to refridgerate/freeze as much as possible.
  • Before moving, get rid of anything you dont use/need. I cannot stress this enough. It helps with keeping organized and clean.
  • Place a wall air freshener by the doorway.

This has nothing to do with my blog but it’s the holiday season which means NEW DOGS which means many WILL BE SURRENDERED simply because people don’t know how to communicate with them so as a trainer I want this spread as much as possible because you never know if some of it could save a life. Sorry it’s long but it’s IMPORTANT.

1. A lot of things are dangerous to dogs that you’d never think of 

Let’s get the biggest chunk over with. You might not believe this, but these are NOT common knowledge.

First off, human food. Yeah your dog can eat some of it, but not all. If you’re not sure, LOOK IT UP. The first things that come to mind are chocolate, grapes, avocados, caffeine and alcohol and drugs. Human pain killers = bad. Benadryl = fine, but look up the correct dosage for a dog’s weight. Doggy pain killers exist at pet stores, but most pills are bad. Smoke is bad. That’s not up for debate don’t get it near your pets. 

Concrete and Asphalt. If it’s too hot for your bare foot, assume it’s too hot for them, but be extra cautious with asphalt. If the air temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, any sunlit asphalt is 137 DEGREES!! 

Don’t leave your dog alone with rope toys. I know too many dogs who died because they either accidentally or intentionally swallowed some rope toy and it messed up their intestines and killed them. 

Don’t let your dogs chew on rocks. Again I know several who swallowed one or more and either had an expensive surgery or died. Sticks are typically okay but be aware that some plants are poisonous.

There’s more but lastly, some dogs develop allergies to dog food. Go ahead and avoid corn, soy, and byproducts, (think protein based) but some dogs are allergic to chicken and\or wheat. If your dog is chewing\itching themselves excessively and there’s nothing major on their skin, their food might need changed.  

2. Dogs can only understand one word to mean one thing

What does ‘down’ mean? Get off the couch? Lie down? Stop jumping on me? We know it could mean any of those. A dog doesn’t. One word per command! 

3. They do have reasoning abilities 

I could tell you many stories about my dogs tricking each other for their own benefit, about them tricking US. About how they teach themselves things. Your dog might not be super intelligent, but don’t go into it thinking that’s a guarantee. 

4. Dogs only have a 5 minute memory 

They’re smart but this is the truth. Cats have a 16hr memory and can trick you into thinking they forgot. A dog actually did. So after the two of you disagree, don’t be mad that they look happy. Separate yourself from them if you’re going to take out unnecessary anger. 

5. Doggy diapers are not meant to cure potty training issues and doggy boots are not meant to prevent digging.

I can’t believe I have to say this one. If you have a question about one of these issues, message me or seek professional info. 

6. Dogs bark for a reason, and sometimes it’s the moon

There are many ways to teach your dog to be quiet, but it helps if you know why they’re barking. Hunger, boredom, a noise you can’t hear, and wanting to go out are all likely reasons. If they want something, teach them to be quiet before you give it to them or the problem will be worse. Remember you don’t want to silence them completely, you want to be able to tell them when to be quiet. 

Yes, the full moon can make your dog (or people) moody. Every full moon, I see extra hyper or restless behavior, sometimes to the point of causing destruction, so keep it in mind. One of my dogs just stands outside at night and barks around the time of a full moon. 

7. Dogs communicate via body language and they assume we do too

It’s hard because the same sign can mean different things. Typically aggression is shown through raised fur, bared teeth, lowered ears, hunched back or stiffness, or a still\slow moving tail. But guess what?? They often growl, bare their teeth and raise their fur when they play! Isn’t that convenient? So look for several signs adding up together. If a dog springs into a bowing position during or before play, that means everything is going to be meant as play after that. 

Now for you. Dogs see threats where we don’t mean them. Leaning over them or just looking them in the eye can trigger any dog. If your dog acts afraid or aggressive with you or anyone, turn to the side, don’t look them on the eye, crouch down, hold a hand out, and use quiet verbal encouragement and maybe treats. Also, BE PATIENT. 

8. Aggressive behavior does NOT necessarily mean your dog IS aggressive and needs to be put down\surrendered.

A lot of people would’ve given up my terrier when he was a youngster. He acted like a jerk because he didn’t know how to play yet, or he actually WAS a jerk. It’s likely that the two of you haven’t learned to communicate with each other yet. Seek professional help!

ALSO SOCIALIZATION IS ALWAYS NECESSARY. I don’t care how nice they are. Socialize them! Your other dogs and dogs they see regularly DO NOT COUNT. Socialize them! 

9. It’s not a rescue group or shelter’s place to judge you

Don’t let fear of being scolded keep you from leaving your dog with good care if you MUST surrender them. Try rescue groups who foster first, then shelters. If you leave your dog in your yard when you move or a box, you deserve to suffer the same fate. For the love of all that is fluffy if you’re going to 'dump’ them do it at a pet store!

10. Shock collars do not automatically equate cruelty but are rarely the best option 

9 times out of 10 there’s another way, but sometimes its necessary if the problem is putting the dog in danger. BUT ALWAYS SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP WITH SHOCK COLLARS FIRST THEY CAN CAUSE WAY MORE HARM THAN GOOD DON’T ASSUME YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT. 

11. If you’re a first time dog owner, there are breeds to be careful with

I don’t care how cute that Husky puppy is. You will ruin each other if you don’t have the right experience or training to raise it. Terriers, Akitas, Giant Schnauzers, and English Bull Dogs also come to mind. I’m not just talking about stubborn attitudes. There are many reasons to be extra knowledgeable with these breeds. 

Notice I didn’t name Pit Bulls. Sure, some have issues, but in their true nature they are the sweetest dogs I come across and are super smart and fun to train. What happens to them gives them the reputation, but most Pits I’ve met in shelters are still the nicest fur babies ever. 

12. Proper crate training is not cruel. It’s the best choice you’ll make. 

Dogs are den animals. They want and need a secure space of their own. They may whine and hate it at first, but seek professional help and do it right. 

13. Adopt don’t shop

I know your kids want that purebred Retriever puppy. Someone will buy it I promise. I won’t ramble about the over breeding issues. I’ll just say adopting a dog will be one of the most satisfying choices you’ll make. Do some come with issues? Yup. Are they all a match for you? Nope. Take your time and find out what breeds they might be made up of to give yourself SOME expectations. And don’t expect a mutt to have more physical issues. That’s a huge lie. 

14. Be prepared and know what your dog needs 

However much time and money you think you’ll need for your dog, assume it’ll be more. And be knowledgeable. Some breeds need less exercise due to how fast they grow and some need way more. But don’t generalize. Not all Terriers bark and not all Cattle Dogs are hyperactive. 

15. You CAN get past it, but only if you’re willing 

The whining, chewing, barking, jumping, pulling, and potty training issues ARE fixable but they do take TIME and EFFORT on your part. Don’t be selfish and commit to something if you can’t follow through on it. Dogs are for life so treat them that way. One more time I’ll say it. Seek professional help. You don’t have to drop $1,000 on training. There are resources online and cheaper training options out there. Keep an open mind and remember to enjoy your dog! 

Alright, that wasn’t nearly as detailed as I’d want, but maybe something from here can help somebody out there. Happy holidays! 

it’s always in your best interest to have a game plan leading up to a new experience, especially with something important like your first week of college!  here are some tips for maximizing the first week so you’re set up for a successful semester!

before the first day

          1.)  gather your supplies–but don’t overprepare

my favorite part of starting school back is the feeling of going stationary shopping and getting all of my notebooks, pens, pencils, you name it.  in college most classes will require the same basics but will also have additional materials you’ll need to buy.  don’t buy the extras yet.  even if the syllabus says you need a certain textbook, unless it is being checked on the first day for a grade do not buy it yet.  many professors will tell you on the first day of class what you will actually need for their class beyond what they’re required to tell you on the syllabus.  often all you will need on the first day is the syllabus (printed or on your laptop) and a notebook to jot down extra information.  don’t buy any notebooks or other stationary from your school’s bookstore if you can help it though, the prices are usually marked up exorbitantly!

          2.)  check your email often

if your school gave you a new .edu email, make sure you check it!  often in the week leading up to classes your professors and tas will email you introducing themselves and telling you what to expect from the class.  often these emails will have the syllabus attached or information on where to get the syllabus online.  your advisor will also email you about important upcoming dates such as drop deadlines.

          3.)  take the time to walk campus

the day before classes started, my friends and i all grabbed a map and went to work finding out where our classes were.  thankfully our school had an event where they were handing out maps, but if you’re not so lucky you can usually find one online to print or view on your phone.  not only will this help you figure out where to go when the walkways are flooded with people, walking around will help your legs get used to the feeling of walking such long distances. 

once classes have started

          1.) keep yourself organized

it’s easy to forget about all of the precious preparing you did printing out syllabi if you can’t find them easily!  get in the habit of keeping important things close by and checking them whenever you have any questions.

          2.) use your free time wisely

one of the biggest changes from college to high school is the sheer amount of free time you’ll find in your day, especially if you live on campus.  i have breaks programmed into my schedule for work during the day, and you can often finish schoolwork during your day.  resist the urge to take two hours eating your lunch with friends between classes and start on any work you might be assigned already.

          3.) make note of how your schedule works in practice

sometimes things that looked good on paper turn out to be nightmares in reality.  there is no shame in realizing that things aren’t working for you and you need a change.  my first semester i only signed up for classes starting after 11 am and found that my productivity dropped drastically as a result but was too afraid of swapping classes to do anything about it.  remember that you often have a month or more to change your schedule and add or drop classes.

          4.) start studying early

you often won’t have much work to do during the first week of classes, use this to your advantage.  if you like studying from flashcards, go ahead and start converting your early notes into flashcards.  start rewriting your notes, start revising.  don’t wait until halfway through the semester when you’re swamped with graded work to start revising for the exam.

ultimately the habits you create in the first few weeks of school will follow you throughout the semester, so make sure to set good ones.  if anyone else has other tips feel free to add them to the post!

Best friend headcanons


🔩 The most caring friend of all

🔩 He will teach you how to deal with problems

🔩 Anger problems? How about we go meditating outside?Mental health problems? Do you want to talk about it? No? Its okay lets just sit queitly next to each other.

🔩Seriously he is 24 hours a day right here to support you.

🔩Loves to make flower crowns with you and braid your hair. Sometimes he pulls your hair a bit too hard but its not his fault. Remember he is still an omnic which means he doesnt have exact sense of touch.

🔩 Zenyatta will gladly listen to you talking about your intrests, problems what bothers you or who you have a crush. It makes him happy to see you bright over those topic but if there is topic that makes you sad he will cheer you up. You know with what? Zenyatta can J U G G L E and its a most beautiful sight in whole universe to see him do that. ( He will juggle only for close ones to him).

🔩 Likely hanging out with Zen would lead to you sooner or latter meeting Genji. There are two options:
1. You dislike Genji and he is lowkey jealous over Zen.
2. You three become certificated nerd squad™.

🔩 You both often visit a close up library. Chatting about your book`s crush is your new thing to do. In my opinion Zen is a bookworm. He loves what stories can a paper held, plus paper looks like soft texture, although he cant really feel it he adores it.

🔩 Otherwise bonding with him is chill. It helps you relax.
You both once came to ice cream spot to get frozen sweet. Even tho he cant consume anything he still purchased it. You know why? Because of course your clumsy hands dropped yours. ,, Oh dont worry friend. You can have mine!“.


🐸 This little frog boi will definietly go with you skating! Never went skating before? Then get ready for turbo teacher Lucio comming right at you!

🐸 You both use to lay on bed on lazy sundays and gossip like teenage girls. There is always Lucio’s new song playing in background.

🐸 Heck yeah best sleepovers ever. Lucio loves any event that gathers his friend together but sleepovers hold a special place in his heart. I do imagine you have a sleepover with him, hana, lena, jamison and zen ( after all he is still only 20. Let him hang out with young crew.) or a sleepover with you and him. Ya know Besties and all.

🐸 You know what being friends with him means? Thats right. Concerts. Concerts. Concerts! ( plus after parties and tours ). He adores when you come to his concert and support him. ,,Y/N you are the best pal I could have ever have you know?“

🐸 When you feel down and you are gonna cry. Who you gonna call? F R O G B O I. But for real now if he ever finds you laying in bed crying and pretending its okay he will dash out of room and come back with a box of ice cream ( with your favorite flavor! ) . Lucio will definietly go get you a blanket so you can be a small sad torilla. He will try to pull out some jokes to cheer you up. You can be sure about one thing. He wont leave your side until you feel better.

🐸 Did somebody say Hugs? I do believe he loves to give other hugs. His hugs are the best tho. They arent too tight. They are just perfect. Want to know how he does them? He puts all of his heart into it.

🐸  A lot of Lucio’s fans start to recognize you so they immediately  go straight forward to you for an autograph or just to take selfie with you.

🐰 You both play together nor is it multiplayer game or you just challenge each other in mario kart.

🐰 Be ready for sleepless nights filled with doritos, mountain dew and videogames.

🐰 To be honest I think Hana prefers to spend time with you outside. Why? Her stream once lasts 48 hours. Sometimes she just want to take a break out of it. She LOVES to go shopping with you. Its cool to walk around galleries and buy some useless crap. ,, Have you seen that pendant? I NEED it.”.

🐰 When you both chill your favorite thing to do is matchmaking other people together or just secretly ship them ( and fangirl over ). ,, Hmm do you think cowboy and tiddy man go well together? Because I know I do!”.

🐰 You often apear on’s streams now or then. Her fans love you both being besties ( best gremlins ) and all. She did a lot of challenges with you on her channel like ,, My bff makes my makeup” etc.

🐰 Sometimes you and her makes a B.F.F test. Which is asking each other in sudden situation questions like ,,WHAT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR?!” , ,, MY BEST OTP?” , ,, WHATS MY WEIRD BEHAVIOUR?”

🐰 Otherwise you guys love to just order fast food and lay on sofa doing absolutely nothing. Best day ever.

🐰 Feeling sad? Wait right here bro bro what? Did someone make you feel pain? She is going to fite them. But if your feeling really badly she will compliment you and promise that it is going to be better. Dont worry she is here for you.

🐰 Basically you are the coolest kids around.

oh my god i am about to tell you a fukcking story of the best thing that has happened to me all week i am still laughing

so my 10yr old sister was trying to ask my dad if he can buy lentils the next time he goes to the store but for some fucking reason, she couldn’t remember the word ‘lentils’ so what she ended up saying is “dad next time you go shopping can you buy lesbians?”

and my dad just slowly looked at me, then back at her and goes “why would i need to buy lesbians when your sister is already one?”

and i am deceased

Champagnepapi!harrison (haedcanon)

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Champagnepapi!Harrison spoils you:

- Champagnepapi!Harrison just wants to save the best for his baby, that’s why he’s always very attentive at every gift he buys you;
- His favourite gifts are clothes and food;
- In your kitchen you have food coming from all over the world: coffe from Brasil, wine from Italy or France, Italian pasta, Greek oil, French macaroons;
- He likes to give you his credit card when you go shopping with your friends because he wants to make sure his little angel has all the clothes she needs;
- Colours of lingerie: red, black and occasionally withe.
- Every time he has to leave the country for work, he buys an extra ticket for you;
- Five starts hotels because it’s a must for him;
- As soon as you arrived he would open a bottle of champagne and run a hot bath for you;
- Buying you all Huda Beauty liquid matte because he loves your lips especially when they are wrapped around him;
- “Baby girl, I have to go to a meeting”;
- “Can’t you stay in bed with me?”
- Struggling because your doe eyes are just so beautiful and he’d do everything to make you happy but he has duties and can’t skip the meeting;
- Sending him explicit pictures because how could he leave his baby doll alone in the hotel?
- I can picture Harrison running away from the meeting and getting into the first cab;
- “That wasn’t funny, babygirl”
“But I was having fun”
- “You’re making everything worse. Should I teach you again the lesson?”
- Your sexual life would include expensive withe wine and Belgian chocolate;
- Making pouring wine down your body, between your breast until your belly or even downer  and him licking it away from you;
- Doing the same with him and licking the wine on his toned torso;
- Going down on him on a daily basis;
- Lots of praising;
- Drunk sex;
- Lots of sexting;
- Making love with listening to R&B music;
- Especially Drake;
- Worshipping you like a fucking Goddess;
-His fav thing to do is fingering at the most impropriate moment;
- I think he loves taking you from behind when you are on your knees;
- Spanking, because I say so;
- Making you cum at least twice;
- Showering together after;
- Treating you like you were porcelain;
- “Is it enough cold for you the water? Do you want me to wash your hair? Wait, I’ll take an extra towel for you”;
- Massaging your butt/breast;
- Lots of cuddles;
- Morning sex;
- Breakfast in room everyday because after a rough night you can’t move properly;
- Harrison is super jealous, everytime you go clubbing his hand never leaves your hip;
- Whispering at your ear how beautiful you are;
- And what he wants to do to you later on;
- When he wakes up early he always leaves a note like “Good morning, princess! Remember that I love you”
- My heart is aching :(
- Should I make one similar with Tom?

Christmas Time - Sebastian Stan x Reader

A/N: I wrote this for me and @hayleybxrnes because 1. I love her 2. I love Christmas and 3. We both deserve a cute Seb fic rn (also sorry the title is so lame but I couldn’t think of a decent one oops) (and yes I am aware it’s November but I LOVE CHRISTMAS LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY) (one more thing, this will be v short and probably have mistakes I’m sorry but I don’t have time to write a lot or check for errors DONT ATTACK ME FOR IT AHHH)

You crossed off the little box on your calendar as you padded into the kitchen. From the 1st of December you had been on a Christmas countdown, like always. You hummed you favourite festive song and slid along the tiled floor. Seb wasn’t awake yet and you tried your best to be quiet and not wake him. You knew how much filming tired him out, and you wanted to make sure he got all the peace and quiet he deserved.

You flipped the kettle on and pulled your favourite mug from the shelf, making yourself a warm drink. Your central heating had been a bit dodgy lately and it always seemed to be a little chilly when you woke up. You smiled to yourself as you took a small sip from the beverage, doing your best not to burn your tongue.

Padding into the living room, you kicked the door closed behind you and turned the TV on quietly. You flicked between channels, had a quick glance at the news, and finally settled on one of the obscure music channels that was playing some Christmas tunes. You hummed along to yourself, sipping your tea and looking through a magazine.

You made a list in your head of all the people you still needed to buy presents for. You were a bit terrible with Christmas shopping, Seb was more the prepared one when it came to gift giving. He always seemed to know the perfect thing for every person, he knew exactly what they’d like.

You heard some rustling upstairs and assumed he was awake now. You picked your phone up and texted him.

To: Seb

[Want to come bake cupcakes? 😋]

He read it almost immediately and you waited for his reply.

From: Seb

[Would love to. Be there in a min, princess 😘]

You giggled and turned the volume up slightly on the TV, bouncing around to the beat of the music. You made your way back to the kitchen as you started to get all the ingredients out. You were just pre-heating the oven when you felt a warm pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“Good morning,” Seb mumbled, his face pressing into your neck.

You turned around in his arms and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Good morning.”

Seb smiled, “Are we making your famous Christmas cupcakes?”

Every year the two of you would make these special festive cupcakes, and you would have a Christmas party so that everyone could try them. Your secret ingredient was a pinch of cinnamon, and your friends and family always said they were delicious.

“You bet,” you chuckled, leaning forward to properly press your lips into Seb’s. He hummed and happily kissed you back. You pulled away when you needed air, and turned back to the ingredients you had laid out.

“Right,” you smiled. “Let’s get to work.”


An hour later your kitchen was a mess, both you and Seb were covered in flour and the cupcakes were in the oven. You both flopped down on the sofa with a sigh, practically exhausted.

Seb pulled you into his lap.

“That was fun,” he chuckled, kissing your nose.

“It was,” you agree. “I think this is going to be one of the best Christmases ever.”

“And why do you think that?”

“Because I get to spend it with you.”

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since you did a forensics course, can you tell us accurate murder tips? ALL DEM MURDER TIPS i need this for my creative writing coursework of course

my time has come

So I’m not going to go into extreme detail as I don’t want the police knocking my door down this weekend because some psycho got on the internet, but I will give some helpful tips.

  1. The store clerk is more likely to remember someone buying 15 balls of twine than someone buying DIY ornament supplies.
    Buy your tools with cash over a period of time from different places. Make sure you throw other inconspicuous items in to make your shopping list look as innocent as possible.

  2. Never use your own computer in your plan
    No matter how careful you are to make sure you’ve deleted all google map searches for best body dumping sites, the dudes down in computer forensics will be able to dig it back up. If you need a computer use the one at the public library.

  3. Change your gloves
    After about 15 minutes, the oils secreted from your fingertips will start to leak through the gloves, making you start to leave finger prints. I recommend buying a box of latex gloves from the grocery store and taking them with you

  4. Don’t use a gun
    As tempting as it is to grab your grandpa’s favorite rifle Charlotte and use her to do Aunt Edgar in, it’s not you’re best idea. Due to rifling leaving unique markings on the bullet, it is very easy to trace the bullet to the gun.

  5. Memorize your alibi
    If the po-po need to take you’re statement (and they will), you’re going to want to have a solid alibi to throw them off your scent, and making something up on the spot just isn’t going to cut it.

Hope I was able to help with your “creative writing” *eyebrow wiggle*

please note that the information given is by no means meant to be taken and used to harm others; I have provided it as an aid for writers and the curious and have not inteded it to be put to use anywhere except on paper

if anyone wants more info feel free to message me I love doing this

Master Post

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Head canons for the boys proposing to Gardienne? yes? no? pretty please?

A/N: Hello my dear. Is this good?? :´)


Nevra will want to be extravagant for this occasion:

A path of rose petals that goes to the place that is so very special to the both of you and where the only illumination comes from the sweet perfumed candles that he placed carefully around, together with your favorite dishes, he will take you to.

It is after eating and flirting with each other that he finally proposes to you as he gets up and knees infront of you, opening a small box with a beautiful ring made of white gold and small diamonds that he speaks the words he so much whished to say for sometime now.

“Will you be by my side for our own kind of eternity?”


Valkyon may not propose to you in a very extravagant way, but it will be make your heart melt:

He took you to a cute date where you both enjoyed yourselves and had lots of fun, At the end of it, Valkyon takes you to the beach where you sit beside him and let be embraced by his body, as his arm delicately surrounds your waist and pulls you closer his body, making you feel protected and loved.

His free hand goes to his pants´ pocket to grab the box that made him feel all anxious that day, afraid of losing it.
Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he looks deeplyinto your eyes and gives you such a sincere and honest smile with red painting his cheeks that you melt inside with such a sight.

Picking you up and then keenling to you, he finally proposes to you:

“You´re the only one that makes me feel so happy and blessed. I can only be with you, please, marry me.”


Ezarel was in a pinch. How should he propose to you? He already had the ring for some time now but all the plans he tried to create seemed to fail over and over again

It´s only when, after coming back from a long mission that you had and where he became afraid of losing you as the misison was a very dangerous one, that he finally man up and picked the ring, ready to propose to you. He would find a way.

And he did.

Once you had settled everything down and you both picked a honey pot to eat together since you were craving for something sweet, Ezarel guidded you to the Cherry Tree where you both laid down on the grass, with your head on his torso.

The cherry tree´s petals danced around you both as the wind took them away and everything looked so magical that Ezarel knew it was the time.

Making you both sit up, Ezarel took the box out of his pocket and passed his free hand through your face, surprising you.

“I may not be the best with romantism but…will you marry me?”


Leiftan knew that everyhting need to be perfect to propose to you. And it was.

He pampered you all day long, beginning by bringing you breakfast to bed, buying you the pretiest dress you had ever seen, paying you to go to the salon to have your hair styled and your make-up and nails done, shopping with you, bringing you to a very fancy picnic that he prepared with your favorite foods and walking around hand to hand, giving you all the affection that you so much deserved.

It was now night and you both had such a great time and when you thought that it was time to go back to the Guard, Leiftan guided you to where the music garden was. 

Hipnotized by the lake´s beauty as the moon´s light reflected in the water, you didn´t see Leiftan kneeling behind you, with the ring already in his hand.

It was only when he called you that you turned around and looked surprised at him.

“My love for you grows every single day and my wish is for you to accept this selfish request of mine. Please, marry me.”

Masks and Onesies

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Requested by anon: ”Hi there!!! Maybe could you do a night skin care routine with your boyfriend Kihyun! Like two dorks with face masks and ugly pjs! Thanks for sharing your writing! Lots of love <3!”
Thank you for the request, anon! I hope you enjoy it, this was so much fun to write! :D

Characters: Kihyun x You (OC)
Genre: Ultra Fluff with some suggestive jokes
Summary: When you and your boyfriend Kihyun have a “skincare night.”
Plot: Skincare time with your boyfriend, Kihyun.
Word Count: 2.2k words.

“Kihyun, do you really need all of this stuff?” You huffed, lugging three large shopping bags in your arms. It was nearly 8 pm, and the two of you had been shopping since the late afternoon. You were exhausted and far from ready for the commute home.

Kihyun looked down at you, a strand pf his raven black hair falling to frame his cheeks perfectly. “Yes, we do, baby. Do you know why?”

You sighed. You knew where this was going. “Why, Kihyun?”

He suddenly stopped walking altogether, nearly knocking over some people behind the two of you, as he grinned. His teeth were a bright white and his eyes curled into crescents as he winked at you. “Because beauty likes mine needs work.”

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Cheap Vegan Grocery List 

Since the Cheap Vegan Pantry article has been so popular, I am (by request) following up with a Cheap Vegan Grocery List. Here I’ll explain the different strategies I use and items I buy to stay healthy on a budget.

When you go to the grocery store, have in mind what percentage of what types of food you plan to buy. This should mirror your ideal plate of food. My goal is to eat mostly whole foods (foods that have not been processed), as many organic foods as I can afford to splurge on, and as little sugar and processed foods as possible. Besides obvious sugar like corn syrup, sugars also include white bread/pasta, anything made with white flour.

Once you have mentally prepared yourself for grocery shopping, you start from the bottom up. I shop at a few different sources to get what I need for the best bargain. Luckily, all of these places are walking distance to my house. But do what works best for you! If you’d rather only go to only one place, that might be more valuable than the $10-20 bucks you save a week going to multiple stores.

Start Literally Dirt-cheap
To start, check your garden. Whether you’re just planting some herbs or you have a whole veggie garden, there’s nothing better than home-grown food. As Ron Finley says, “Planting your own food is like printing your own money …plus you get strawberries.”

If you happen to get to a farmers market, check out their $1 rack. Often times they’ll have good deals of food they have too much of.

Figuratively Dirt Cheap
Next I go to the 99cent and up store—and I know what you’re thinking, we just went from the garden to the dollar store, but I’m broke people! …plus they’re really not all that bad. Especially here in Los Angeles! People tend to get sketched out by the dollar store but you just have to use common sense. If something looks a little suspect, don’t buy it. A lot of the food is even the same brand as what you’d get at a grocery store, just overstock.

At the 99c store I buy:

  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Any pre-cut, easy to prepare veggies that look good (ex. Shredded purple cabbage, carrots, etc.)
  • Salsa
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Canned beans (at my location they have a variety of organic beans for a buck!)
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Canned Tomato Sauce/Diced tomatoes
  • Random canned goods I might need
  • Soy Milk
  • Brown Rice
  • Oatmeal

If I needed anything else I couldn’t find at the dollar store my next stop is usually my local…

The Mexican Super Market!
In LA I go to JON’s in Chicago I went to Devon Market, but most cities have their own Mexican supermarkets where you can get produce for a little cheaper.

Here I buy:

  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Any other produce I have a recipe in mind for
  • Frozen Veggies
  • Almond Milk
  • Cereal
  • Nuts
  • Baking Items
  • Whole grain pastas

 Lastly, if I’m feeling a little fancy, having a craving, or just can’t find it at those two places, I go to…

The Bougie spots: Trader Joes and Whole Foods

Where I get…

  • Tempeh
  • Tofu
  • Low sugarGranola (a lot of times granola has just as much sugar as cereal like frosted flakes or cocoa pebbles)
    Dr. Praegers veggie burgers (where their motto is making the ingredients recognizable)
  • Trader Joe’s Tomatillo and Roasted Yellow Chilli Salsa (because it’s BOMB)
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Natural Peanut Butter
  • Natural Almond Butter
  • Ezikiel Bread

…any little things that I can afford to splurge on

Extra tips…

Always look for bargains. If there is a discount rack, start there, then move to the sections you would usually go to and keep looking for deals. If you’re afraid you can’t eat the 2 for 1 case of fruit, remember freezing. You can always save it for a smoothie or banana whip later! Same goes for canned goods and non-perishable foods. Sometimes buying in bulk can save you some cash in the long run. 

I thought vegan food was expensive…
A big misconception about being vegan, and why many think it’s so expensive to eat a plant-based diet, is because of the processed foods that are catered to vegan consumers. Foods like Tofurky, Boca Burgers, Amy’s frozen dinners, daiya, and other pre-made vegan “meats” and “cheeses” are simply more expensive than produce AND worse than that, they’re not as healthy! It’s easy to be a healthy cheap vegan, but start throwing in processed foods and sugars and you start to dive into expensive territory. So make the healthier and less expensive choice and eat your whole fruits and veggies!