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today in OW i learned:
  • only main mercy if you have the patience of a saint, and are actively looking to cure yourself of basic human compassion 
  •  just fucking play against ai. just do it. just. have fucking fun for once in your life and play against ai. who cares if its weenie hut jrs at least u wont die seven times in one match as mercy
  • if a lv 60 player stumbles onto your team of 20 and unders and is nice, adopt him. he is your dad now. your father is genji. accept it. he is here for you when no one else will be

Anonymous prompted: 

Person A, noticeably disheveled as they enter the room: Sorry I’m late, I was doing stuff.
Person B, also disheveled and grinning smugly: I’m stuff. 

Aside from daily, two hour rehearsals and tri-weekly hour-long cardio sets, the Bellas met every Sunday night for an hour and a half to discuss everything from costumes to set lists to gossip from last night’s Treble party that they wanted to set straight. 

Well, in some Bellas’ cases, set “straight” might not be the best kind of wording. 

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When he loves you he will call in the middle of the night at 4am to say “I just miss you”. When he loves you he’ll say things like “you make me a better man” or “you are something else”. His words will have merit. You will know. He will say and do things he’s never said or done before. When he loves you, he’ll go out of his way to blow your socks off. He’ll plan amazing dates, do everything he can to impress you. He’ll buy you your favorite drink that you barely mentioned on your first date. He’ll remind you of something you said or thought that contradicted something else. He’ll take care of you and say “watch out for this” or “remember this” or “hey you should know this”. He’ll iron and wear his best button down shirt in the color blue because he knows you love that color. He’ll make you smell all of his cologne bottles so you can pick your favorite, then he’ll douse himself in it. He’ll take you to a place he only used to go by himself. He’ll drive around downtown all Friday day to make sure he’ll find a parking spot for your first date on Friday night. He’ll plan to “accidentally” see you or be in the same place as you. He’ll plan ahead in the future with confidence- “when we go on our first vacation” “when I propose” “when I make a life for us”. He’ll keep track so you don’t have to. Important dates, times, places. I asked her out on April 15th, on our fourth date we went to the rose garden, she told me she liked me back on this bench, she waited four days to text me and I couldn’t contain myself, the first time we saw a movie together was at midnight. The details. He’ll want to remember. He’ll keep track of you too. He’ll say TEXT ME MORE I MISS YOU even when you’ve texted him six messages in a row and stayed up until the late hours talking about anything and everything. When you talk to him, it’ll be like there is never enough time to say everything. When a man loves you he is intentional, he is active. He will say what needs to be said, not what you want to hear. He will give the honesty you deserve. When a man loves you, he will always want you back, even if he secretly will never admit it. When he sees you, his whole expression will soften. Stress, anger, madness, it will all go away. When a man loves you, his presence feels different. You can vibe it off his body when you walk down the street. A silent protection, even if he is not controversial, muscular, or a fighting type guy. A “she’s mine and I love her” vibe. He’ll always let you be right. He’ll try to make the world beautiful for you, and not let you see or dwell on the bad. When he loves you, he’ll race to your side when something is wrong. He’ll do anything to protect you. He’ll hold you when you cry. You won’t have to ask for anything, you’ll just get each other. He will always remind you of where you met and when he fell in love. When he loves you, he will do anything to prove to you that love exists. You’ll feel him look at you from the corner of you eyes, you’ll feel his smile, you’ll know that he has never looked at another girl the same. You’ll know from that little glance that love the the realest, cleanest, most raw depth this earth has and you’ll never question it’s existence again. That’s why they say that phrase, ‘When he loves you, you’ll know.’ You will.
—  How do I know if he loves me?

So I was in Florida for Spring Break and headed to Forever 21 in a shopping mall while looking for my prom dress


A magenta ascot scarf thing!

I am one step closer to my Lewis cosplay 

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All I need to do is make it a bit shorter, keep the ends, and work on finding purple jeans, purple vest, the best white button down shirt, purple sneakers and a wig

Since I’m going to college in the States ( I’ve never lived there sooooo I’m kinda excited? ) I am SO GOING TO A COMIC CON!

It’ll be my first time with cosplays and comic cons so I have no idea what to do! Hopefully, I can let y’all know how the cosplay is going /OWO/

Imagine a 17 year old Daryl saving up four months of paychecks to surprise Michonne with tickets to an opera, a little red dress, and a limo. And once he gets everything together, he realizes he doesn’t have a tux so he meets her in the only jeans he owns that doesn’t have holes in them and his best button down shirt.

And Michonne giggles and tells him that he looks perfect and they get in the limo and drive off not noticing Rick running behind them with a tux and shoes in hand for his brother.

Meeting The Teenage Daughter

Dean was nervous. It had taken him weeks of casually bumping into the adorable accountant at their favorite coffee shop before he had the nerve to ask him out. After that they went on a couple dates before Castiel had admitted to having a teenage daughter. Now, Dean wasn’t the type of guy to dump a single parent just like that. But he was worried beyond belief because Claire was a teenager. He had no idea how this young girl would react to her father dating a man, let alone a mechanic with nothing but a GED and six bucks in the bank.

But Dean cared for Castiel more than he ever imagined he would. He didn’t want to lose the gaze from those blue eyes just because he was a little terrified of meeting Claire. So he did what he had to do and was now standing on the footsteps of the Novak residence with the best looking tie and button down he had in his wardrobe. Idly he wondered if the flowers in his hand were stupid.

Just as he was about to knock his knuckles against the door, it opened to reveal a beautiful young woman with blonde hair braided down her back and darkened eyeliner making her eyes pop out at Dean. She looked him over as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“So you’re Dean, huh?” Claire brought her eyes back up to his and seemed to scrutinize every expression that came across his face.

“Yeah. You must be Claire. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Dean felt his entire body break out into a sweat as he was stared down by this teenager. She held all the power and she knew it. If she didn’t approve Dean knew that Cas would graciously break things off.

Claire paused before stepping aside to let him in. “Look, I don’t really care what gender my father brings home. As long as he is happy I am happy. But I sweat to whatever God is listening, if you dare hurt him I will bring down upon you a wrath of hell no man would ever imagine the pain of. If you make him happy, we will get along swimmingly.”

Dean’s jaw slacked a little as his eyes widened at the threat.

Claire plastered on a smile. “Come on in, Dean. Dad’s in the kitchen making some meatloaf. He told me you like Def Leppard, that true?”

“Yeah. They’re one of my favorites.” Dean still felt tense as he walked across the threshold but when he saw Claire send him an impressed smile he eased up a bit.

“No shit. They’re one of mine, too.” Claire looked over the flowers with a small smile. “I think we are going to get along just fine, Dean.”

As Dean sat at the table with Cas by his side and Claire seated across from them, he saw a life carved into his future. And as the years passed he grew to call Claire his own. The day Dean will never forget will be the day he married Castiel… which was also the first day Claire called him Dad.

This is my first attempt at a ficlet, but i saw this post and couldn’t resist

Dean exhaled and slammed his textbook shut. “Screw it, I’m done for today.” A few of the students at the surrounding tables shot Dean a dirty look at the noise, and across the table from him, Castiel sighed.

Dean and Castiel sat at the small, two person table in the back corner of the library, exactly like they had done every Friday since starting college three years ago. The library had been crowded, and Cas, faced with having to return to his noisy roommate, had asked if he could take the last empty seat and share the tiny table with the green eyed stranger. After three hours of hushed conversation, and discovering a shared love of Star Trek, Vonnegut, and Burgers, Dean and Castiel had agreed to meet again the next week to study. Three years later, it was well known that where one went the other followed.

Dean shoved his textbook into his bag and scooted his chair closer to Cas, who was currently biting his lip and scrunching up his eyebrows in a way that was purely adorable. Dean almost sighed. Cas was his best friend, but recently Dean had thought it had become something more. Which was why he had gritted his teeth and asked if Cas wanted to grab dinner and a movie last Saturday. Cas had agreed, and Dean had been psyched. He had worn his best button down and taken Cas to a nice restaurant. Dean had even let Cas chose the movie. Everything had gone great, until the end of the night, when Cas had jumped out of Dean’s impala at his dorm.

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Alan and Isabelle | Real First Date

Alan wanted to impress Isabelle. She was actually giving him a second chance, and he wanted it to count. He got dressed in his best button down and khakis. He drove over to her house and knocked on the door, flowers in hand.

Begin Again

Title: Begin Again

Summary: After a horrible break up Phil is crushed, he spends the next eight months sulking around his apartment, coming out only when needed. His friend PJ gets worried and sets him up on a date with a friend of a friend. Can love blossom between the two? AU where Dan and Phil never met, but Phil is still a YouTuber.

Word Count: 1k

Rating: PG

Warnings: Cursing.

Genre: Romance and fluff.

A/N: I got this idea while listening to Begin Again by Taylor Swift, I hope you all like it.

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Finn Fancies The Bus Girl: Chapter 4

Finn was on cloud fucking nine when he woke up on Sunday. Saturday hadn’t mattered because he wasn’t able to see or even talk to Rae. His headache didn’t matter, and the bright sun worsening his headache didn’t matter, not eve the early morning matter because Rae Earl, girl from the bus with wild blue hair, master of music, beautiful, lovely, Rae Earl liked Finn back.

He was shampooing his hair in the shower when he remember she had given him her number. Well, she gave the lot of the group her number, but only because she was about to give it to Finn anyway. He debated jumping out to shoot her a text, but even in the privacy of his own bathroom that sounded desperate. Instead he quickly washed his body with the soap that dripped from his head. Once he was rinsed he rolled the towel around his hips and ran for his phone.

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