best buddies

“hmm… doesn’t look good, boss. I think we’re going to have to amputate”

“it’s a head wound, Deacon…”

“Yeah, definitely amputation.”

Thanks Dr. Deacon but I think I’ll get a second opinion.

imagine Grog and Pike growing up in Westruun but in a Disney Jr kinda way, where they get into shenanigans but there’s always a Lesson to be learned and Wilhand is their kind but scatterbrained guardian and there’s a rotating cast of characters that includes That Nice Old Woman Down The Street and Those Neighborhood Kids who get outsmarted by Pike and Grog every couple of episodes and the Temple Cleric with words of wisdom about particularly difficult problems and moments

and they deal with like, adoption and families of choice and loyalty and Doing The Right Thing and all that jazz

Someone: Lol Kyungsoo hates Chanyeol

Me, Kyungsoo stans, Chanyeol stans, Exo, Chanyeol’s Family, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, literally anyone who knows anything at all about Kyungsoo and his personality:

signs' best cuddle buddies

aries: scorpio
taurus: aries
gemini: pisces
cancer: virgo
leo: capricorn
virgo: aquarius
libra: taurus
scorpio: cancer
sagittarius: aquarius
capricorn: leo
aquarius: gemini
pisces: libra

NOTE: these are not the best matches but you will be very comforted by each other while interacting intimately.


[JAEHYO] Hey Taeil who came to visit me in the hospital then took over my crutches, my bed, the tv, and everything back when I had my surgery, thanks for visiting me even though you were late

[TAEIL to JAEHYO] V ^_^v

[FAN to JAEHYO] At least he didn’t take your wheelchair from you.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[JAEHYO to FAN] It’s not in the picture but he played while riding that all day

trans: @bontheblock