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What are your top 5 brushes you can't live without?? (:

i think i cant live without the brushes that i can use for soo many different products😊

elf small stipple: i use this for foundation, primer, concealer, cream bronzer, cream highlight
elf blush brush: love this for under eye setting powder, highlighter, contouring, and blush
MAC 217: for concealer, crease color, lid color, blending
MAC 109: for foundation and contouring
Nars ita: the best brush to contour with

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Hi :) do you have any tips for contouring??

I sure do! Before I get into that though I just want to say a few things about contouring and this is completely my personal opinion and you don’t have to listen to me,  but I feel like it needs to be said. I think recently contouring has gotten a little out of hand. I feel people want to use it to try to change the shape of their face or features, and it can to a certain point. It’s best used however to enhance the features you already have rather than trying to make it look like you have features you don’t have. The more contour + highlight you put on in an attempt give give yourself features you don’t really have the less natural it’s going to look and it will look like you just put on a lot of makeup.

That being said If you like that look then go for it! More dramatic contouring can be really good for photos or more theatrical types of things. I just don’t think it’s as good for an everyday application.  

So now that I got that out of the way lets move on to the tips: 

- Cool toned contour shades work best and will look more like a natural shadow rather than something that is very warm or orangey ( this is why bronzers don’t tend to work great for contouring)

-Contours should not have any shimmer. Shimmer reflects light and brings things froward and the point of contour is to push things back.

- your contour should only be a few shades darker than your skin tone using a contour that’s too dark won’t look natural.

-Powder contour+highlights will be more subtle and natural looking while cream contours+ hightlights will be a little more dramatic.

-Personally I think to get the best results but still look more natural is to use a powder contour and cream highlight product. 

- Beauty blender/ makeup sponges work really well for applying and blending cream contour products.

- Angled brushes, flat brushes ( like the Nars Ita brush), or pointed contour brushes work best for powder.

- How you apply your contour and highlights depends on your face shape

Helpful links: 

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Face brushes: there are thousands of different brushes out there for use with powder, blushes, bronzers, contouring products and highlighters. Obviously you don’t need all of them but each one will produce different results. All the everyday gal really needs is a good powder brush and blush brush, you CAN just get away with a powder brush but a blush brush is great for a perfect application of blush, bronzer and contouring powder.

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“What are your favourite brushes for creating a flawless and well blended face? (like foundation, blush, highlighter etc)”

Without the right tools your makeup isn’t going to look the best that it can possibly be. Good quality brushes are essential for creating a flawless face and the right ones should help make your makeup application process quicker and easier. Now good quality brushes don’t necessarily have to be expensive ones, in-fact some of my all-time favourite brushes come from the very affordable Beau-Make brand.

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1920s Gatsby Flapper Girl Makeup Tutorial

The 1920s are one of my favourite era’s, simply for the fashion , hair and makeup.

The makeup was so elegant and anything but natural looking. The face was matte, the eyes were smoky and the lips were deep red. The hair was short, finger waves were the norm and hairbands were an absolute must. 

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We break down the tools of the trade.

We can all agree contouring is having a moment. With all the tutorials out there, anyone can achieve this look seen all over the runways. In fact, contouring is a lot like fashion: Even the most gorgeous fabric can’t become a dress without the proper stitching and tailoring. Choosing the right brushes is key to creating your look, and it’s important to note that some are made better for specific areas. Here are a few of our favorite contouring tools that make this technique easier (and quicker!). KATE HELFRICH, SEPHORA COLLECTION SENIOR PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR

THE AREA: Cheekbones.
THE BRUSH: Tarte The Slenderizer Bamboo Contour Brush.
THE REASON: This brush works double duty on your sculpting effect. The shorter, denser side contours under cheekbones, while the angled side helps buff away harsh lines.

THE BRUSH: BECCA The One Perfecting Brush.
THE REASON: This large multitasking brush can be used with creams and powders, making it the go-to brush for defining the jawline.

THE AREA: Eyes or nose.
THE BRUSH: Hourglass Crease Brush.
THE REASON: This medium-sized eye shadow brush is perfect for applying product to the contour of the eye. It also fits in the small creases on the nose, which can help give the area dimension.

THE AREA: All over.
THE BRUSH: SEPHORA COLLECTION Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set.
THE REASON: This professionally inspired complexion and contour brush set includes all the tools you need to sculpt your cheekbones, forehead, and nose. Bonus: This kit also comes with a Sephora PRO Team tutorial to guide you through the process.