best brotp on tv


Right, um, I wouldn’t say any of those things about Frank, mainly cause he scares the shit out of me, but also because underneath all the bravado and the pube sandwiches, I know that he’s a good kid.


Favourite Onscreen Relationship (01/∞)
Paul and Mac, The Fades (BBC)

I love him more then any other person in this world.

It’s a key. Am I supposed to break it off and–and give half to you and wear my bit around my neck… are we in love? Because I’m flattered, but…
It’s to my house. Anytime–anytime things at home, your mum or your dad, 3 a.m., whenever. You just come to my place. Sleep on the sofa, sleep in my room, whatever you like. You’re always welcome. Because you’re family.


Home Economics - S1 - E8

Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television - S6 - E13

One of the things I’ve gained from our collaboration is the working definition of ‘friendship’. Friendship, I’ve come to believe, is most accurately defined as two people moving towards the best aspects of one another. It is a relationship of mutual benefit, mutual gain.
—  Sherlock to Joan, Elementary (Season 3 Episode 19)

there’s some tapes for titus from columbia house.

If Agent Carter doesn’t get renewed, I will find comfort in the fact that the series is longer than six 2-hour movies. It is also my favourite MCU thing, so well done, and we are lucky we got a second season. 


Please get renewed!

  • I want to know what happens with Peggy and Daniel. I want to see their relationship and how Peggy gets over her fear of loosing those closest to her.
  • I want to see Peggy and Howard (and Daniel) make Shield (Which the end of this season could have a great lead up to that, if they pick up where they left off and find who shot Thompson and find the SSR is corrupt and they make shield.. yes please)
  • I want to know whats up with the Arena Club
  • WTF happened to Dottie that needs to be answered so yes come on now new season please…. please
  • Can Dottie join the gang?
  • More Daniel being 100% done with Samberly
  • Don’t take this amazing squad off TV
  • More Jarvis and Peggy AKA Best BROTP On TV Ever
  • Is Jack dead? I do enjoy him on occasion, he can be entertaining, especially when Peggy tells him what to do. But, I won’t be too sad if he’s dead.
  • More Joseph Manfredi because he is hilarious
  • This is a very import and amazing show don’t take it from me please
  • I’ve already converted 2 people and am working on another two…

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