best brother sister team ever

999 Character Descriptions:

i was introducing my friend to the characters and she thought these were funny so

To start off, every character has a number, and their name is a codename, which they came up with, for that number. 

This is Ace. Bracelet number 1. He’s okay I guess.

This is Snake. Bracelet number 2. i loVE HIM HE’S MY PRECIOUS BABY MY FAVE I CANNOT. He may be blind but he’s got really good hearing and can still beat you into next week so don’t fuck with him. Or his sister.

This is Santa. Bracelet number 3. He’s a little shit and drops the f-bomb a lot. You have been warned.

This is Clover. Bracelet number 4. I love her. She’s Snake’s little sister. Best brother-sister team ever. Don’t mess with her or bad things will happen.

This is Junpei. The main character wow. He makes really bad puns all the time and it’s glorious. His bracelet number is 5, but everybody calls him by his real name because SOMEBODY decided to tell everybody his name.

This is June. Bracelet number 6. Real name: Akane Kurashiki. Childhood friend of Junpei, and she’s the somebody who told everybody Junpei’s name. Sometimes she says the randomest shit you ever heard. Nobody’s really sure what goes on up in that brain of hers.

This is Seven. I’m sure you can guess his bracelet number. He’s very creative. He also has amnesia, if you were looking for that particular trope.

This is Lotus. Bracelet number 8. Boob game too strong. Don’t underestimate her math skills.

This is the 9th Man. His face describes his personality better than my words ever could.