best brother ever award

[♫] As I’m having kind of an emotional evening, 
and usually my twin is the one telling me all this 
cute shit, I want to dedicate this post to him, 
speaking my heart out. Being sick is not good at 
all, but being sick on the stage, I’ve never experienced 
that, I was only kind of sick while doing promotions 
back in 2014, but looking at my brother being on 
stage at condition of barely standing on his feet, but 
giving his all and more while performing, I can’t even 
find the right words to describe how proud I am, and 
the way he shows me what the real passion looks like 
is just incredible. So my point is, I’ve never in my life 
saw someone so professional about his job and yet so 
passionate, so strong. If one of us does, Tom is definitely 
the one who deserves the award for the best producer, 
musician, and twin brother ever.