best bros ok


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead


Making a long post because Killer and Penguin deserve so much love.

Credit to EC for correcting grammar <3
(now go read her fic because she’s faboulous)

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watch as their separate decorations and nick nacks from their bedrooms get put in one box and placed all around their house in a move of solidarity

it’s just best bro things ok

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What's your take on Smash Bros' more... slightly out of character win quotes? like Lucina's "This is the Hero-King?" vs. Marth or Robin's stern "How can you protect Chrom if you can't protect yourself?" vs. Lucina?

what do you mean “out of character”, to be in this game you have to be super sassy

Lucina may be daddy little princess, but it’s clear where she got her behavior from…

(like Morgan is like a younger version of Chorm, c’mon)

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okay but in your accidental age swap AU would Coran still have been an advisor type or would he have been put in a cryopod for some other reason? (ie like trying to force Prince Alfor into a cryopod but alfor turning the tables last minute and pushing him in bc he won't allow his Best Bro to die)?

Ok so in this AU I’m thinking of having Coran either being a young bodyguard or adviser apprentice, or both. Maybe after the war started he got prompted to legit adviser (cause the position was opened up, by someone dying in the war. Not the way he wanted to get the position.)

Also how I imagine Queen Allura getting put in the cyropod is that there was an assassination attempt of Prince Alfor. Zarkon is also younger, similar to Alfor, a young king, but over the 10,000 year period becomes the current looking Zarkon. Queen Allura was getting the upper hand in the war. So her weak point was targeted, which is Prince Alfor. She protected him and fell into a coma. As she was healing, they discovered that Zarkon was able to find her location. Afraid that Zarkon could find Allura in her vulnerable condition, they decide to put her in cyropod which would still heal her over time but also hide her signature.

When Allura fell into a coma. Prince Alfor is left to take her place in charge. Poor young Paladin Prince, leading an army to stop Zarkon from taking over the universe. Sends the lions away and his mother into hiding so they don’t fall into Zarkon’s hands.

Coran is either tasked to watch over her or maybe like you said Alfor puts him into a cyropod. (we still have no idea either in canon, so it could be anything~)

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im crying inside that person who made the raquaza joke has a robin amiibo hooooowwwww

Ah, Robin(scientific name Taktikos Erithacus rubecula). Known for their distinctive coloring and desired for their rarity, they were hunted to the brink of extinction around 2015, and are thus rarely seen in the wild.They are withdrawn, yet intelligent and subsist on a diet of mostly bear meat. Capturing one may seem difficult as they are near impossible to outsmart, but once you learn how the Robin thinks, they are surprisingly easy to attract.

A crude Robin trap can be made like so. Open fields are the best place to find Robins in the wild, so it is suggested you look for them there. Make sure that the text in the book is not too big or the book is not short, or the Robins will be uninterested.

It doesn’t take long to attract a Robin.

Robins have been known to pair up, so where one is, more will surely follow.

A simple trap can distract the Robins for hours at a time, but for their own safety, so not let too many gather in one place, or it will attract one of their natural enemies.

Who is known to indigenous peoples as “Tharja”

(seen here in the famous 1967 film)


It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Lardo is outside in the reading room. She’s wearing one of Shitty’s hoodies and her mitten flaps are folded down so she can light the joint she’s holding. The air feels crisp, like it might snow tomorrow. Normally she’d just smoke in her room, but she’s just here visiting Bitty and it’s not her room anymore, it’s Tango’s, even if she is sleeping in it for the weekend.

Bitty crawls out onto the roof beside her. “Sharesies?” he asks. “Bro. Of course,” Lardo says as she inhales and passes him the joint. Bitty’s got a mug of hot chocolate and a blanket; Lardo tucks herself into Bitty’s side and gets cozy beside him. After a few more passes, Lardo turns to him and says, “You really love Jack, yeah?” Bitty sighs. “Yeah. I really, really do.” 

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