best bromances ever


With Yuzu, we are everything, we are friends, we are team mates, at some point we have to be rivals.” – Javier Fernandez

Javi is like a very thoughtful elder brother for me” – Yuzuru Hanyu

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When the bromance jealousy kicks in.

BONUS: “Hoony is mine.”

Just to change your and my mood ….look at louis in the mirror… Tiny son always up for some mischief 😍

Tacky, cheap, ugly. The writers will regret the fuck out of this. If this was always the plan, it should have been done in S2, there was no need to fuck around with a wedding. They actually killed off the one person who’s absence would irrevocably alter the very foundation of the show & for what? A three second cheap twist that the audience will resent forever? Ended the best written relationship/marriage on TV right now so Jane can get back with her ex? Be miserable for two seconds before a time jump? Start from the beginning & redo the same things we’ve already seen for 3 seasons? OH, AND RUINED THE BEST BROMANCE TELEVISION HAS EVER SEEN?

Ahhhh. I can’t believe I thought Jane The Virgin was the one show that wasn’t infested with the usual CW stupidity & garbage tropes. You almost had me, fuckers.

ATVfest - Ouat Panel (2)
  • Adam and eddy didn’t give a straight answer if there will be a season 7 (x)
  • Colin said there will be more interactions between hook and charming (x)
  • There will be a musical. They haven’t shot the musical episode yet. All the songs in the musical episode will be original songs (x) (x) (x)
  • Colin told jen I never tried to kill you but I did threaten to jab you with a Sword (x)
  • The red jacket will be back but it will be a new one, it’s just gonna be a warmer version of it (x) (x)
  • Colin on Jen laughing while watching him film in his other-world costume: “I thought she was going to pee herself” (x)
  • Ed & Adam on reintroducing Robin’s feather: “It was a sign of faith..that she should be faithful about bringing this Robin back” (x)
  • Ed reveals that “there will be a lot of #CaptainSwan-age in the second half of the season… ‘Captain Swan’ fans will be happy!” (x)
  • Colin teases that there will be more interactions between Charming and Hook. “The best bromance that ever lived!” Adam adds. (x)
  • The producers confirm there will be a musical episode (hasn’t been filmed yet). Jen is not as excited about it as the fans! (x)
  • Colin and Emma(Jen) tease each other about the ups and downs of #CaptainSwan. Colin says “Ah, true love!” in his charming accent. (x)
  • Producers announce that the new season will see Tinkerbell, Ariel, more of Aladdin/Jasmine, & the Black Fairy’s backstory (x)
  • Adam & Ed show appreciation for the fanbase, from the fanart, to the social media community, and in-person interactions (x)
  • The writers considered letting Hook keep Colin’s Scottish(Irish) accent!! (x)
  • Q: Will we ever see Moana in Storybrooke? Ed: “We have a great relationship with #Disney and are always open to adding new characters” (x)
  • Though he admits it might be difficult to get @TheRock on the show! (x)

Part 1

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Book of the Fallen is great and worth reading.

Tl;dr: You should read the Malazan books because they are a sprawling epic (in the literal sense) replete with great representation, complex and interesting characters, heart-rending tragedy and uplifting victories, and because the relationship between Tehol Beddict and Bugg is great.

In a few more words: Malazan Book of the Fallen is a lengthy fantasy series (ten entries) by Steven Erickson, a Canadian archaeologist and anthropologist. It weaves together dozens of individual stories across hundreds of characters and (at least) seven continents, leaping back and forth between apparently unrelated arcs before tying them together unexpectedly; the convergence of narratives and the power of designated protagonists (ascendants) is actually written into the setting as a major force that drives many of the great disasters and world-changing events of the series. I’m not going to spend a huge amount of time lovingly praising the series as I’m not very good at it so instead I’m going to list a few semi-random features of the series:

  • Villains with believable motives beyond revenge! Protagonists with complex motivations beyond duty or honour! Kallor being a huge dickhead for little to no evident reason other than the fact he’s a douche!
  • A depiction of military life and culture that praises and showcases the camaraderie of people who will die for each other without exalting war! Stories that spin on what war does to people and what a soldier has to do to survive it! PTSD! Self-sacrifice! Grief! People opening a tavern! Basically every exchange between Whiskeyjack and Dujek One-Arm!
  • A magic system and mythology that is both internally consistent, marvellously complex, believable and supported by the history and nature of the setting! Gods as flawed and tragic characters whose power doesn’t invalidate the impact of the mortals the stories are largely about! Crone the Great Raven!
  • Itkovian’s gift!
  • Actual female characters existing outside of the shadow of the dudes! Adjunct Lorn (and Tavore), Surly, Olar Ethil, Lady Envy, Nightchill, the list is huge. Better still, none of them are just ‘male character archetype, but a woman’, none of them are two-dimensional harpies written in to give the male lead something to rail against, and many of them are directly responsible for starting or perpetuating the events described in the narrative, rather than passively watching.
  • LGBT representation and body-positivity! One of the earliest protagonists is a plus-sized lady (and also amazing)! The major protagonist of the last five books has a lady consort who is themselves a fairly significant actor! Kruppe of Darujhistan is both spherical and one of the most important and compassionate characters in the early books! Also Picker and Blend OTP.
  • Everyone isn’t transplanted European or Mediterranean! There are seven continents worth of civilizations, most of them human, and they vary realistically in appearance and behavior!
  • Soul-destroying tragedy! Believable pathos! Triumphant, bloody victories snatched from the teeth of fate at a horrendous cost! The best bromance ever depicted in fiction!
  • Rich and interesting cultures! The undead, ancient T'lan Imass and their endless war with the tusked Jhagut, the scattered Thelomen Toblakai, the weird as shit K'chain Che'malle, even the 'boring’ Malazan Empire - all have interwoven backstories, historical figures, gods, religions. The setting was written as a world building exercise for GURPS and that really shows in the detail, you can dig as deep as you like and keep finding more info.

The first five books can be read somewhat independently, but they’ll be very confusing in the fine details if they aren’t read in order. Gardens of the Moon, the first book, is really kinda crap - it was written ten years before the rest of the series - but Deadhouse Gates and Memories of Ice work fairly well as independent starting points, and contain some of the most heart-rending and moving moments in the entire series.

If you like fantasy at all, particularly the kind of fantasy embodied by A Song Of Ice And Fire, you owe it to yourself to give Malazan Book of the Fallen a shot.