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SEVENTEEN’S Reaction to Finding out Their GF’s Brother is in EXO {Requested}

“Okay this might be a bit complicated seventeen reacting to meeting their girlfriends brother who is from exo. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. - shy anon”

Here you go anon! :)

S.Coups.: “Chanyeol is your brother!” He would scream and grab you by your shoulders. “Um yeah I thought you knew.” You answered shrugging his hold off and reassuring him that it’s not a big deal. “It’s a huge deal!! Ahhh call your mom and tell her you want a family dinner tonight! I’ve got to meet him!”

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Jeonghan: “Shh, shh shh” He would tell  you stroking your head I think you have a fever saying crazy things like Luhan is your brother.” You took his hand off of your forehead “But he is! Look I have a picture!” as you showed him a baby photo of Luhan and you on your phone, he would mutter “The only one who rivals my beauty….” under his breath.

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Joshua: His eyes would widen as Xiumin opened the door and shook his hand. “Y/N told me a lot about you, I hear your group is doing really well, maybe we can even hang out sometime.” Joshua would freeze, then pass out on the floor from pure joy.

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Jun: “Please teach me your ways” He would say shaking D.O’s hand “I always wanted to meet someone like me who lived served the dark master of all things passive aggresive.” You would just roll your eyes and leave them to their evil schemes.

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Hoshi: “Hey let me introduce you to my brother you would tell him as you took his hand and guided him through the house to the living room. Once there he would jump in shock at the sight of Baekhyun sitting down putting lotion on his hands. “Baekhyun is your brother! Ahhh!” He would scream and then mentally try and think if he ever did anything wrong to you that you may have told your brother about.

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Wonwoo: Would yell in surprise as he drove to your house to pick you up and Kris walked to the car door to greet him. “Take care of my sister okay?” Kris would tell him and Wonwoo would only be able to stutter out an “O-o-okay…Sir!”

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Woozi: “Hi Suho! I’m your sister’s boyfriend Jihoon! It’s so nice to meet you!” He would say as your whole family piled into the van for a road trip. “Nice meeting you too” Suho would respond thus making that day the best of Woozi’s life.

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DK: “Wait tell me one more time how you’re related to Chen.” He’d ask you scratching his head. You’d give him a long stare before going over it again. “Our mom and dad had a baby and that baby was him. Then they had another baby and that baby was me. We’re brother and sister. Do you get it?” He’d still shake his head and scream “But hoooowwww???!!” 

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Mingyu: “Oh sorry man I did not know you were in here!” Mingyu would say as he opened the bathroom door to Lay washing his hands. As he tried to scurry away he would come back to ask for some quick tips on the perfect pelvic thrust.

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The8: “He’s like the best dancer ever and he’s your brother! Ahhh does this make me like the future bro-in-law to the best dancer ever???” “Bro-in-law?” You’d ask raising an eyebrow. “Well yeah we definitely have to get married some day now!”

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Seungkwan: “Are you kidding me the man who brought us such iconic lines like “Never don’t mind about a thing” and “Shawty we gon party til the sun down” is your brother?! Whew i’m going to need a glass of water and a chair before i faint!”

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Vernon: “Well this is slightly awkward..” he would say as Tao stared him down from across the room. ‘Yeah you probably shouldn’t have had that diss about him being a scaredy cat in your last song” You laughed watching him squirm under the scrutiny. “Okay Tao, you can stop glaring now i think he learned his lesson.” Vernon would sigh with relief as Tao told him that he wasn’t mad at that he actually liked the song and if they should collab on his next single called “Gucci Loaded Macs.” 

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Dino: “Ahh okay I can’t believe that this is happening!” He would say as he shook Chanyeol’s hand at your graduation “It’s real” Chanyeol would reply laughing. “Don’t worry I promised her that I would be nice to you, so welcome to the family kid.”

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