best bra ever

Same small mall, better tactics. I’ve never taken any clothes with tags on them before! Took gator tags off with a rubber band, dispersed in halves around the stores. Taking them off was easier and louder than I thought!!!

RU3 21
💚flannel shirt- $17
🖤black tshirt- $15

B@TH + B W
🍋 white citrus lotion- $13
🐝 lavender and honey mini lotion- $6

V$ !!!!
👙Grey tshirt bra- $43

The salesgirl was so nice omg she actually fitted me for the bras before I took one 😅it’s literally the best bra I’ve ever owned- now i see why people love v$. next time I get paid im def going to buy something from her, since they make commission! Remember, hate the company, support the employees 💕

Total- $94

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Hi best of luck to you 😊 can I ask for a scenario where Lev Bokuto, akaashi and Kuroo so is having back aches due to her chest & she asks if they can help her by holding them? If you want to make it sfw or nsfw it is all up to you 😊plz & thank you

Thank you so much!!! If only I had boys on standby for that. My chest isn’t that big but it sounds pretty nice! Best bras ever, yeah?


“You want me to what?!?!”

Poor Lev wouldn’t really understand what you were talking about at first, but when you’d make the motion he got the picture. Embarrassed beyond belief, he stuttered and just stared at you. He wasn’t sure what to say. You explained that it was because your back was aching and it would only be for a moment. He shakingly cupped his hands underneath your breasts, staying frozen for only a moment until the joy hit him. He’d comment on how squishy they felt and how he REALLY wanted to squeeze but he wasn’t going to, not now.



The most eager to go and get grabby. The moment you say what you want, he’s already got his hands grabbing and squeezing them with happiness. You remind him it’s only for a moment until your back loosens, but he doesn’t care. He continues to play with them, making little comments like “so squishy” and “damn babe, you sure your bras don’t break when you wear them?” Anything to get you to pay more attention to him than your back pain.


“Am I hearing you right or…?”

He stares at you in shock, not much expression to him but you could definitely tell that he was a little off put by what you had asked him. Even after you explained it still didn’t make much sense. “Wouldn’t fixing your bra make it better? Maybe stretching?” he’d press, finding ways to try and not invade your personal space in a lewd way. But after all of the insisting, he gave in. There was no way that he could tell you no. He grabbed a hold of your chest, his face as red as a fire hydrant. You loved when he got like that. His face was too adorable. Akaashi would sit there in embarrassment as you talked him through it all.


“Really? Are you serious?”

A little shocked and nervous at first, but Kuroo does it anyway since it’s what you want. He loves making you smile and thinks more of it as an assisting sort of thing then a pleasure sort of thing. But once he gets his hands around your girls, oh boy. He gets really close to you and starts whispering sweet nothings in your ear, trying to get your face burning. You immediately regret giving him the power to grope you like that. You only wanted comfort. But here was your boyfriend, making it a little more dirty than it needed to be. “Isn’t this why you asked?” You whined and hit him, his lips just curling into a shit eating grin.

Request: Dragging Crowley along to Victoria secret

“Dean I need to go shopping!” You shouted at him. Dean didn’t want anybody leaving the bunker by themselves, and he didn’t want to go out, which meant you couldn’t go out. 

“Too bad! You’re not allowed!” He yelled back, throwing his hands in the air. 

“Dean Winchester, I need bras!” You shouted. He instantly put his arms down, and looked at you. “Yes, bras. Mine keep getting ripped up in fights. Now, unless you want me to walk around with my breas-" 

"Okay!” Dean interrupted you. You were like a sister to him, the last thing he needed was you talking about your boobs. “But there is no way I’m going." 

"Then figure something out, because I am definitely going.” You replied, folding your arms. 

Dean was silent, thinking. Then he ran to the library. You followed him and he started a conjuring spell. In an instant Crowley was standing in the middle of the floor.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” He asked.

“Remember how you owe us a favor?” Dean asked, and Crowley nodded. “Want to pay up?" 

Crowley thought for a moment, and nodded, "I’d rather not owe you anything. What’s the favor?" 

"Take Y/N shopping.” Dean instructed. 

“That’s all?" 

"Keep her safe, don’t kill her, don’t kidnap her. I want her to get everything she needs, then be brought back here.” Dean elaborated. 

Crowley nodded and walked over to you. “Ready, darling?” He asked, and you nodded. 

The next second you were standing in a mall. You looked around and found a directory, Crowley walking behind you. You found the store you needed, Victoria’s Secret, and headed in that direction. Crowley didn’t try talking to you, just quietly followed. 

When you started heading into the mall you heard a moan of disapproval. You spun around, unable to contain the smirk, “What’s the matter? Scared of a little underwear?”

Crowley eyed you, “No. Just don’t like the woman wearing the angel wings.” He said, pointing to the model wearing wings. You laughed and walked in, Crowley reluctantly at your heels. 

You picked up various bras and examined them, Crowley averting his eyes and trying to disappear. But he couldn’t, Dean’s instructions were very specific. You finally decided on a blue one, one with green and red flowers, and one with Batman symbols all over it. “I have to try these on.” You informed Crowley, who nodded and tried to keep his eyes from glancing at your selections. He failed. 

In the fitting room you put on the blue bra first. Just as expected, it was super comfy. “Praise Jesus.” You muttered, taking it off, and putting the flowered one on. It was comfy as well, but you weren’t crazy about how it made your boobs look. You eyed your breasts in the bra, trying to decide. Then, you thought of making Crowley’s day worse. Hey, you weren’t a saint. 

“Crowley!” You shouted.

“Yes?” He replied, outside the door. 

“I need your opinion.” You stated, “Come here.” You could feel his reluctance, but after a moment he was in the small room with you. “What do you think?” You asked.

“For God’s sake!” He exclaimed, looking anywhere but you. 

“Hey, you owe us a favor, and this is the favor! You can leave now, but you’d still owe us one. And maybe next time it’d be worse.” You warned, and he slowly brought his eyes to you. 

“Jesus. No. It looks bad.” He commented after a moment. 

“Was that so hard?” You teased, reaching for the strap on the back. 

“Can I go?” He asked, fear leaking into his voice. 

Containing your laughter you nodded, and he quickly left. Smiling, you tried on the Batbra, and loved it. “Oh my God, Crowley you have to see this!” You exclaimed. He poofed into the small room again, this time his hands over his eyes. “Crowley, this is the best bra I have ever seen. You need to look.” You ordered, and he slowly lowered his hands.

He stared at you, and gulped. “It looks good.” He commented, then looked away. 

You couldn’t hold the laughter this time. “Oh my gosh! You’re like a teenager!” You teased, “Go ahead, I won’t make you look at my scary boobs any more.” He visibly relaxed and left. 

You left the changing room, grabbed a few extra pairs of the bras you liked, and paid. Crowley teleported you home, happy he was done. 

“How was it?” Dean asked.

“I thought I was good at torture.” Crowley muttered.

Dean chuckled and looked at you, “Got everything you need?”

“You mean bras? Yes, she got plenty of bras.” Crowley blurted out, annoyance in his voice. 

You rolled your eyes and left the room. Boys.

(I hope you like it!)


still need to paint spatter the overalls, make the necklace, and do the hair, but I JUST GOT HOLTZMANNED, BABY 👍

attention ppl w/ big boobs/weird bra sizes

this is the best sports bra ever. i’m serious. i’m a 30G and my boobs do not move at all in this thing. i jumped up at and down and my boobs did not budge one bit. no jiggling or anything. and no compression!! a lot of sports bras i’ve tried basically function as binders, and this bra will keep you in place without completely strapping you down and making you feel like your ribcage is going to collapse. they’re not cheap but they’re not super expensive as far as bras go, so if you have some extra cash and a size that falls between 30D-40I, buy this bra.

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hey sam, I was just wondering if you put the fic drabble where 616!Tony watches Natasha Stark get married on AO3? And did Natasha invite MCU!Tony (and maybe MCU!Steve?) to the wedding? (sorry for all the questions, I just love that ficlet so much :D)

It’s up now, Anon! I wanted to make sure I had permission from the artist before I posted, and then it kind of went out of my head because March was A Little Intense. :D

Natasha probably sent invites to all the Tonys she met, and to the Antonia as well (Ironsides was one of the twelve Tonys that got swept up in the quantum event and the only other woman). MCU Tony brought Pepper as his date but totally took a million pictures to tease Steve with, which seemed WAY LESS FUNNY after Civil War.

Other Tonys attending and not attending include:

Anthony “Tones” Stark - Attended and is also the one who built the camera rig so 616 Tony could attend. (Tones is not from a specific canon, he’s the only one of the Tonys that I made up specifically for Monitor.)
Armored Adventures Tony - Attended but had to leave early because it was a school night.
Antonia Stark - Attended LIKE IT WAS HER JOB, brought Steve and little Jem with her, gave Natasha the best bra she’s ever owned as a wedding gift.
Avengers Academy Tony - Did not attend but sent a lovely cheese tray.
1992 Animated Cartoon Tony - Attended in drag. Nobody knows why. Brought the funniest Clint Barton any of them had ever met. The Clints became instant bros.
Iron Man Noir - Could not attend, was exploring a rainforest, sent a very elegant card.
Iron Man Anime Tony Stark - Attended, was super dramatic.
EMH Tony Stark - Attended, spent a significant amount of time discussing hair product with Anime Tony Stark.
Foodieverse Tony Stark - Catered the reception, ate most of AvAc Tony’s cheese tray, has no regrets.

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For those AFAB people who can't get a binder but have the cash: Nike. Nike, Nike, Nike. They have some of the best compression sports bras I've ever come across (especially when you take the cup inserts out). I'm a B cup and one small Nike compression sports bra gets me almost as flat as my binder. I still suggest wearing looser clothes or layers over it, but holy hell does it work in a pinch.