best boyfriend ever

boyfriend~ himchan
  • firstly, there will be a lot of selfies.
  • secondly, these selfies will range from serious faced selfies to derpy selfies.
  • thirdly, he will insist on posting them up on instagram.
  • he will cook you breakfast if he wakes up first.
  • is really into waffles and fruit for breakfast and always makes the same exact thing whenever he does make you breakfast.
  • before he leaves the bed, he makes sure to give you a soft kiss and whisper good morning in your hear.
  • loooooves shopping with you.
  • he’s super chic and if you two are going to match clothes, they have to be chic clothes.
  • that means really nice coats, hats, boots, scarves, etc. just think chic.
  • gets jealous easily.
  • if he sees you taking care any of the younger member (i.e. giving them water or putting food on their plate), he will get extremely jealous and will ask you why you’re not doing that to him.
  • but you were, he was just seeing things he wanted to see.
  • suuuuper cuddly!!!
  • he’ll use his super greasy cutesy powers to get what he wants.
  • if he wanted to cuddle, he’ll complain in a childish voice and wiggles around in bed until you agree to cuddle.
  • i mean it’s not really difficult for you to agree to cuddling, it’s just that when you two don’t cuddle right away, he gets impatient and starts doing the wiggling and complaining thing.
  • when you two do start cuddling, you can literally feel his smile on the back of your neck.
  • gives you random soft kisses on the nape of your neck and sometimes he’d get carried away and start traveling to your jaw and lips.
  • if you’re sitting on the couch together, he’ll insist on sharing a blanket.
  • likes to rest his head on your shoulder.
  • and he has this urge to always kiss your jaw when he rests his head on your shoulder.
  • sometimes he’ll travel down to your neck and to your shoulder and then just back up again.
  • anywaY, he’s the type to take you on dates he’s seen on tv.
  • i.e. cafe dates, namsan tower dates, han river dates. if it’s been on a drama, you best believe, he’ll take you on a date like that.
  • but he still plans really special dates too.
  • like he’ll tell you to dress really nicely and then he’ll drive you around the neighborhood until you reach your house again.
  • you’ll be like “did you forget something?” and he’ll reply, “no, this is where our date is!”
  • next thing you know, the dining room is fully decorated with candles and rose petals.
  • you’ll see jongup and junhong standing in the kitchen all suited up like waiters.
  • he made them do it, promising to treat them out afterwards.
  • if you feel down, he’ll go out and buy your favorite ice cream.
  • he’ll try his best to put a smile on your face through jokes and funny stories.
  • if you still feel like poop, he’ll just be there in silence with you because he knows that sometimes silence is the best therapy.
  • he know when to give you space and is very intuitive about this kind of things.
  • pushes you to go outside with him for a walk even when you don’t want to do it.
  • likes to play games and whoever wins has to give the other a piggyback ride.
  • once in a while, he’ll randomly buy you a present like a key chain or a new hat just because.
  • if you’re in the kitchen, he has the tendency to give you a back hug.
  • he won’t let go for a long time so you literally will have to drag up around the kitchen.
  • is really quick to holding onto your hand when you’re in a crowded place.
  • he gives you his scarf if you’re ever cold.
  • he’ll lend you his hat if the sun is ever in your eyes.
  • is really into surprise kisses because he loves the look on your face afterwards.
  • knows how to knit and will knit you a head wrap because he thinks it looks fashionable and knows that it’ll keep you warm.
  • he can be extra sometimes, but he’s extremely romantic and thoughtful. everything he does is because he wants you to be happy.

more bap scenarios

Last night my boyfriend and I stayed up all night talking. He confessed he told his friend something very personal. I was worried, but after he told me I started crying because he’ll never understand how much it meant to me. He told me he told his friend that I was depressed and a cutter and was suicidal. But the day I fell asleep in his arms smiling he looked around my room and read the quote on my wall that said “I have a million reasons to be here, and I won’t let one be the reason I leave.”. He truly felt so happy and lucky to have me and he wants to be the reason I stay. He told me how he would be absolutely devastated if I ever ended my life. And every time we say always and forever, he really hopes I’ll stick around to spend it with him.

If that doesn’t mean I have the worlds most amazing boyfriend, then I don’t know what does. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t have wished for a better boyfriend. He makes me happier than I ever thought. Last night we talked about a lot. We got pissy with each other, cried tears of happiness, smiled and laughed a lot, and fell more in love with each other. This is a relationship I’ve been waiting my whole life for, and I couldn’t be happier with the guy I’m spending it with♥


My best friend Michelle got the best ‘good morning’ text I have ever read. Bryan even left me instructions lmao (I’m Kat).

Apparently the story is he went home for the weekend and decided to go see a friend last night. He fell asleep on their couch and then woke up and went home at 5am. He didn’t have a house key so he was waiting outside in the cold for someone in his family to wake up and let him in. Why he didn’t just turn the car on, I’ll never know… But that boy is a bag full of cats: completely hilarious but strange.

These are his last words. Actually, he got let into the house at 7:45 so he’s alive and well now. Apparently his mom finally answered the phone and sent his sweet little niece, Sloan, to answer the door. She opened it wearing her pink polka dotted robe and everything was better.