best boyfriend

Why Donatello Would Make the Best Boyfriend.

Since Mami (@mamashelle80) and Pie (@foureyedturtle) have been sharing all the reasons why Leo or Raph would be the best boyfriend, I felt that I just HAD to put my two cents in on behalf of my favorite guy, Donnie. ;)
So, in no particular order, here we go!

1. He’s dedicated. In his eyes, the woman he loves is the prettiest, the coolest, the smartest, the sweetest… He believes she is perfection, faults and all.

2. He’s brilliant. Broken cell phone? No problem! Virus on the laptop? He’s got this! Need to stop an advanced piece of alien technology from destroying the planet? Donnie’s your #1 Handyman.

3. He keeps his promises.

4. He’s so tremendously adorkable.

5. You just know he has a dirty mind.

6. He will catch you when you fall (very literally).

7. Tongue!

8. His kindness. He loves even the smallest (and ickiest) creatures in existence, has true affection for his own non-living creations. He also continued to care for Timothy after he mutated himself (despite Donnie’s many warnings and efforts to save him).

9. Speaking of heroic efforts, Donnie can be a terrifying badass when he is fighting for something he cares about.

10. He’s the Sass Master (which is somehow ridiculously sexy).