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Hey! I'm new to the clexa fandom and i was wondering what blogs I should follow? :)

OMG I’m soooooo exited to answer this!! Welcome to the dark side, nonnie!!

Okay here are my favs!

Congrats on joining THE BEST BOAT EVER!! Enjoy your stay:)

(Sorry if any of these blogs mentioned take offence of being called Clexa blogs) PS. This isn’t even NEAR the amount of amazing Clexa blogs on tumblr, I’m 100% sure there are many other amazing ones!

So I’ve had a few very similar prompts asking this sort of thing:
”please write a prompt about what you think might’ve happened in that picture that kev posted with caterina”
I’ve also seen a lot of other writers doing a wonderful job fulfilling this prompt so I thought I’d do a different spin on it…

“Grandad, pleeeeaaaase,” the small child begged, holding the photo album out. He clearly looked like he was struggling with the weight of it as his weak arms started to wobble.

“I tell you what, Derek,” the elderly gentleman replied from his armchair near the roaring fire. “Tonight we can go through five of the pictures, that way we still have lots left for other nights. Deal?”

“Deal!” the small six-year-old climbed up onto the armchair, managing to snuggly fit in next to his Grandfather.

“Can I see?” a little girl’s voice piped up.

“Of course you can Leah,” the arms of the adult lifted her four-year-old body onto his knee.

Amelia entered the room but stopped in the doorway, leaning against the frame. She saw her grandson tucked in next to her husband, and her precious granddaughter on his knee. None of them could see her from her position so she thought she’d silently soak in the perfect moment.

“Ok, Derek, first picture. Flick open on any random page and I’ll tell you the story behind the photo,” Owen told him. Derek’s little fingers held the book out for all to see.

“That is Grandad’s good friend Callie. And her daughter is your mummy’s friend, sofia.”

“So that’s Claudia’s grams?” Derek worked out.

“That’s the one. Except Claudia calls Callie Granny and Arizona Nanna. Well this day was one of your grandmother’s first days at work when she moved to Seattle.”

“And did you take the picture?” Derek asked.

“No, I think it was a selfie,” Owen pondered.

“Did you fall in love with her that day?” Leah asked.

“No… I didn’t even know her at that point,” Owen told them.

“Was it not love at first sight?” Leah frowned, confused as to what the other option could possibly be.

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