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Entire AU by the oh so amazing, sweet, and FRICKING THE BOMB ARTIST THAT I LOVE VV V V V V MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<< @ask-cyborg-squip! I love their blog to death. go follow them. n o w

A/N: I think i broke my back from leaning over my computer but i mean thats just usual writing position..

Jeremy was walking home. He was actually.. happy. He was rid of that evil iPod nano inside his head, he had all the friends he could ever want, and he was semi-popular! 


Jeremy stopped in his tracks. Who was that? 


“Who’s there?” Jeremy asked, rushing towards the sound.


Jeremy turned the corner and let out a gasp, to see the owner of the voice. They were dressed in a hospital gown. They had a single gray streak in their hair, that was slightly covered in blood. The side of their head was dripping with blood, along with a few other parts of their body.

“JER..EM..Y..PLEASE…” they said weakly. Jeremy knew he had heard the voice somewhere before. The person fell onto the hard concrete, but didn’t take as much damage due to only lifting themselves up to look at Jeremy with one arm, still laying on the ground.

“Oh.. my.. god!” Jeremy panicked, hoping they weren’t dead. He lifted them up, the best he could, being so scrawny. He felt something around their chest area, guessing they had some hospital things on them. He saw a tag, ripped it off and left it on the grass behind him. 

He ran home, holding the kid in his arms. They looked.. around maybe 13 or 15. Or his age, and just really short. Their chest lifted up, and then went back down that let Jeremy know they were alive and breathing. He rushed inside, trying to open the door with one hand. He rested the kid in his bed, and grabbed some bandages. 

He wrapped the wounds as best as he could. The kid opened their pale teal eyes and looked up at Jeremy.

He was very concentrated, trying to wrap their leg that didn’t look that bad. He didn’t notice the child awake.


“Wuh?!” Jeremy was so shocked about the sudden sentence he dropped the box of band-aids.


“Wait, what?! Who are you?!”



“WHEN YOU DRANK THE MOUNTAIN DEW RED.. I WOKE UP… UNGH.” They let their head fall back onto the pillow with a grunt.

“You’re my SQUIP?! Prove it!”


Shit. This was real.

“I thought we weren’t telling anyone that.” Jeremy snapped, walking downstairs to grab a bottle of Mountain Dew. Suddenly the doorbell rung. Jeremy opened it to see Michael.

“Heya, man.” Michael  smiled.

“I-uh! I’m busy! Emergency! My.. dad… uh..”

“You’re dad’s out of town-” Michael started, but Jeremy shut the door in his face.

Jeremy rushed upstairs, but only to see the kid fast asleep.

The SQUIP opened their eyes.

“Oh. Finally you’re awake. It’s been days. I was afraid you were dead.” Jeremy didn’t look up from his paper. He was working on homework.

“JEREMY…?” They sat straight up.

“What the hell?” He pointed to the glowing on his chest.


“Are you a SQUIP or not?” 


“You don’t remember?”

They shook their head.

“I found you on the side of the street. I took you here, cleaned you up, and you told me you were my SQUIP and woke up when I killed you. You know I killed you for a reason, right?! You almost ruined the entire human race. You hurt some of the most important people to me. I had every right to kill you! I have every right to kill you now!”


“Just give me an explanation!”


“Are you human or robot?”


Suddenly a rumble echoed from their stomach. 


“Eat something, you floppy disk.”




“Now you can feel pain? So you’ll feel my pain from all the times you electrocuted me?!” 


“Yeah, whatever. Just.. let me get you some food.” Jeremy went downstairs and grabbed some Mountain Dew.

He handed the bottle to the kid. They couldn’t get it open. Jeremy sighed and popped it open with ease and handed it back. The SQUIP started mumbling the ingredients between drinks.

“If you’re going to whisper, at least whisper me the answers to my history essay.”

“I’m going to sleep. Get in.” Jeremy opened up the closet door.


“Well you aren’t sleeping anywhere else! I don’t want you wandering around the house.. so goodnight!”

The SQUIP kind of.. awkwardly crawled over. They couldn’t walk yet. They were like a toddler trapped inside a robot.. trapped inside a kid’s body. Yeah, that’s a way to say it. Not the best way, but it’s a way.

The SQUIP laid down on the messy closet, curling up to kind of ignore the never-ending darkness.

They tried to make their breathing noisy, but without making any actual sound, so they didn’t have to listen to the scary darkness. 

Voices in their head started to ring. “You deserve to die!” “Jeremy should’ve left you!” “You’re awful!” and tears, that were made up of water, mucin, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, lacritin, immunoglobulins, glucose, urea, sodium, and potassium, fell down their face. They looked around to find something that would distract the bad thoughts.

Something drifted in their head.. the awful night.. the play.

More  lysozyme fell from his eyes.

The door was pulled open, waking up the SQUIP. It must’ve cried itself to sleep. Jeremy stood in the doorway.

“Ack! I forgot you were here! I thought it was a dream… I guess I’m blowing off school today. Were you.. crying?” Jeremy asked, looking at the SQUIP’s tired face.


“Your eye gl-”




“It means your hungry.”

“STOP IT PLEASE!” Jeremy couldn’t tell if the boy was talking to Jeremy or it’s own stomach.

Jeremy tossed a blanket at their face, making them fall onto their back. They wrapped themselves, and laid on their side. Thy safely rested their eyes for the first time in hours.

“You’re hungry. Let’s eat.”

“Sounds from my stomach don’t necessarily mean hunger. It could mean signs of infection, a tumor, intestinal obstruction, an hernia, abnormal calcium and potassium levels.”

“I doubt all of the above.”

A silence hung in the air for a moment as Jeremy grabbed their backpack.

“Were you having nightmares?”

The SQUIP pretended to be asleep so they didnt have to answer.

“I can see your eyes glowing through your eyelids. I know you’re awake.”


“Saying the word ‘Snore’ doesn’t make you asleep.”

The SQUIP sat up and one of the band-aids ripped off their arm.. Blood slowly leaked out. The SQUIP let out a stifled scream and stuck their arm out as far away as possible from themselves.

“Don’t like blood?”


Jeremy sighed and grabbed another band-aid and stuck it on their cut.


“I’ll be right back.”

Jeremy left and grabbed a bowl of cereal and a bowl of strawberries. Upon walking back in he handed the bowl of fruit to the SQUIP, who hesitated due to the color. Jeremy sat at his desk, munching on the Lucky Charms.

“The sooner you eat them you won’t see their color and your stomach won’t hurt.”


“Just eat it.”

“FINE.” They popped one into their mouth. “OH.. THIS IS GOOD.”



“Oh shitshitshitshit!! It’s Michael! Get back in the closet! Now!” 

The SQUIP scrambled back into the tiny closet as quickly as possible, bringing the strawberries, of course.

“Hey.. Michael.” Jeremy said awkwardly.

“What was yesterday about? You didn’t get another SQUIP, did you?” Michael joked. Jeremy let out the most noticeable and awkward nervous laugh possible.

“I was kind of worried about you at school today. Do you wanna hang out tonight? You can’t weasel yourself out of this one.”

“I.. have stuff.. I’m sorry Michael. Some.. family stuff.. Don’t really wanna talk about it.” Jeremy was mouthing “what do I do?!” To the SQUIP, who sat in the closet mouthing back instructions that were pretty lengthy and Jeremy wasn’t the best lip reader.

“Oh. Well I’ll see you soon, OK? Don’t forget about us!”

“I won’t, Michael! See you!” Jeremy’s heart fluttered. “You can come out now.”


“Oh, shut up. Very funny, ‘I’m Bi.’ ‘I’m a furry.’“ Jeremy said in a mocking tone.

The SQUIP stood up, by sliding their back up the wall. He wobbled a couple steps and landed with a thud.

“This is going to a pain..” Jeremy face palmed.

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Go kill yourself. Is it too hard to understand?

My dude, it is like the 7th message you send me in a row. I think I get it, you don’t like me. Why are you still here if you hate me that much to the point of telling me to kill myself? I don’t get it. Anyways, Goodbye I guess. 

Silly Daddy: Waking up

*Woke up first*

Me: *playing games on phone*

Daddy: *makes rustle noises and a small groan*

Me: *stops what I’m doing and waits*

Daddy: *sleepy voice* Baby

Me: Good morning Daddy! How’d you sleep?

Daddy: *yawns* Fine, how’s my little girl?

Me: *giggles* I’m good how are you?

Daddy: I’m fine, I love you

Me: Awe! I love you too Daddy!

Daddy: *very sleepy voice* You’re the most perfect, amazing, and beautiful girl in the world. I’m so lucky to have you.

Me: *squeals and melts into a shy puddle* AWE! I love you so much Daddy! You’re my Prince Charming!

Daddy: *stretches* I love you too kitten. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

Me: *wiggles* I’m the luckiest girl in the world to call you my own!

Daddy: *makes sleepy noise* Cutie

Me: *makes sleepy noise back* NU! That’s you!

🌼 You are a daddy and you are available to say: 🌼

🌱 I’m not so dominant
🌱 It hurts
🌱 I can’t
🌱 I feel sad
🌱 I feel alone
🌱 I need you
🌱 I don’t like it
🌱 I don’t feel comfortable
🌱 I want to be loved
🌱 I deserve to be loved
🌱 I must be respected

been rereading some of the later watch books, and it just strikes me, sometimes, how real the relationship between sam and sybil is, and how much i appreciate that? 

like, they’re good for each other, but neither of them are perfect – they do things that irritate one another and that the other just does not understand or wishes they would do differently, and they talk about the things that they actually think they can discuss and come to an agreement on, but just sort of set aside the rest because, well, it’s not a big deal and it’s sort of what you sign up for when you marry a dedicated watchman/a wealthy aristocrat. 

and she does things like darn his socks, because she thinks that’s what a wife is supposed to do, and she’s terrible at it but he wears them everyday all the same because she did it for him and nobody in his life ever did anything just because they wanted to do something nice for him. 

(and also i kind of really appreciate that all the Traditionally Female things that women do in history and in fantasy stories – follow the soldiers into battle, cook for them, care for them, etc – are portrayed as strengths. like, you don’t have to carry a sword into battle in order to be strong and necessary. it’s explicitly stated that women like that, who would give birth on the back of a camel and tend to “the pieces of her husbands and sons” that came back from war, are a breed that, when called upon, turns into solid steel.

because it takes extraordinary strength to care. sybil certainly has her badass moments, from taking a sword down from the wall and charging the guards who came to arrest her, to siccing her dragons on an assassin and literally vaporizing him – but she also has her badass moments in singing a dwarf opera and the simple fact that her faith in the night watch is what gave them strength and courage when they felt “several letters of the alphabet away” from bucked-up. sybil cares, and that is what makes her strong.)

and the relationship between her and sam isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have to be, in order to be happy and loving. i just think it’s a lot more beautiful, and realistic, to have a couple who do get irritated with each other and exasperated and who both swear that only the other one snores – and have that portrayed as happy. because the butterflies and “oh they’re just perfect for me in every way!” fades with time and leaves you with whoever the two of you simply are. and sometimes there are edges that don’t quite fit but you shouldn’t file them down, you just… find ways to make it work, because you want to.

because love is a choice, at the end of the day. and love isn’t perfect and sometimes it’s messy and sometimes you argue, but it’s still good and it doesn’t have to be perfect to be happy and worth having.


twenty one pilots phone wallpapers

(no photos mine, I only cropped and edited them)